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 3000 Pt RTT List, Best supporting mage
Posted: Apr 7 2012, 06:40 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 264
Member No.: 108
Joined: 17-January 05

So I have played a couple of games against a really good opponent (myself) with this army and I like it but I think it needs tweaking. The first thing I have noticed is that I often don't have enough dice to have the three casters that I do. I would also like to say that I don't play my daemons often. Last time I played them was a GT in September 20011 and the time before that was the first round of 'Ard Boyz 2011.

So here is my list and then I will discuss what I like about the choices and some possible changes I have thought of but if you guys see anything that I don't please make suggestions.

Keeper Lvl4
Enrapture Gaze
Torment Blade
Siren Song

HoT (Death)
Dispell Scroll
Master of Srocery

HoT (Shadow)
Master of Sorcery

Banner of Despair
3+ AS

Siren Song


30 Bloodletters, Full command
+d6 Charge Banner

30 Nettes, Full Command
Stubborn Banner

2x5 Furries

3 Nurglings

2x3 Flamers

2x1 Fiends

4 Fiends

So obviously that's a lot of casters but when all the lores seem to support each other. The leadership shanaigins of Slaanesh is supported by Death Magic's Doom and Darkness. Get a unit near theBSB, hit it with the masque's ability and cast D&D and Slicing Shards and it's good bye unit. Or charge it with the keeper. The Shadow mage's hex's and buffs really help beef up the combat abilites and compliments the Death Mage as well. Fly the Death Mage down the flank and cast P Sun and it's a game changer. The point being the three lores can all be used together for an infinite amount of combo's that are if not deadly very handy.
Also I like the Lvl4 Keeper for defense and well I just like the lore. For me it's fun to try to control the opponet's army by affecting their leadership.
But I have found that often one of the caster's is sitting out and it's a ton of points on chars! I came up with the idea of taking one of the guys out and giving the HoS +1 lvl so she can help spam the Stupidity Slaaneshi spell and I would have the points to give her the Torment blade. If I did this I could also add another unit of 3 flamers and still have 10 points for something? But which caster would you get rid of to do this?
Right now I am trying to work inside the models I have but if you have any suggestions please LMK. Even if I don't have the models for this particular tourney I am sure they can be added in the future.
Thanks in advance! Hopefully this makes sense. I tried to write while attending to my two kids!!!
user posted image

Posted: Apr 7 2012, 08:33 AM

The Eternal Bloodletter

Group: Heralds
Posts: 3,333
Member No.: 2,658
Joined: 24-January 11

I'd drop the magic levels on the Keeper.
Give him Spirit Swallower while I was at it.
2 Master of Sorcery Heralds is more than sufficient!

Then there's some other minor tweaks I'd do to this list, mostly concerning tweaking some unit-sizes. Unless you're trying to be "ETC" there's never any reason for fielding Bloodletters in units of just 30 models. They should be closer to 40. The Daemonettes on the other hand are mostly there to deliver the Siren Song and you can make that unit a bit smaller to compensate for the larger Bloodletter-unit.
If you need the Daemonettes to fight you'll have to get Occam's Mindrazor off either way, in which case they won't need to be a full sized "horde" anyway.

Hilarious model you finnished off your post with. It looks like a home-modelled clay-figure Manga-inspired Keeper of Secrets. Pray tell, is that what it is?? biggrin.gif

God of war
Posted: Apr 8 2012, 03:06 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 525
Member No.: 1,570
Joined: 10-July 08

I'd drop all the levels on the kipper too. As daemonReign says, 2 MoS are more than enough. And you still have a level on your greater as it is. And 3 channels, and 2 breakers! You won't always roll 7+ on your winds of magic...

I'd go larger number of flamers and 3 times 1 fiend with a couple of fury units. Then I would try to have some more, and larger core units...

Greetz, Bjorn.
Posted: Apr 9 2012, 07:06 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 264
Member No.: 108
Joined: 17-January 05

I will see what I can do about letting myself drop the magic levels on the kipper. But I must say that I do love that lore!
Unfortunately my extra blood letters are tied up in a trade gone bad. Also,I am not overly crazy about the plastic models so if anyone has a beed on any sixth Ed metal for cheap lmk! I suppose I could use some war hounds painted all khorne as unit filler?

@ DR that is indeed my keeper. I find that she will win me games becaus ethe opponents can't concentrate.

I hope to have a new list up for tomorrow.
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