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 2500 DoC Vs Lizardmen, Friendly game
Lord Tremendous
Posted: Feb 23 2012, 08:25 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 175
Member No.: 3,065
Joined: 23-February 12

Played my demon prince list.
lvl 2 wiz
Winged Horror
Trappings of Nurgle

Hearld of Nurgle
BSB (Unholy victory)
Stream of Bile
Slime trail

Hearld of Khonre
Firestorm Blade
Armor of Khorne

Hearld of Tzeentch
Spell Breaker
Master of Sorc (Life)

39 X PLagebearers w FC
Icon of Eternal Virulence

19 Bloodletters w FC

5 X Flesh hounds

5 Crushers W Musician

4 Flamers w UC

My opponent had Lizardmen.
From what I can remember his list consisted of:
lvl 4 Slann General
Cupped hands
Lore of fire

lvl 3 skink priest on a steg with that damn engine.
Skink had that legendary armor that grants a 4+ ward

24 X Saurus Warriors with spears and FC

30 X Saurus Warriors w HW / Shield and FC

Little steg with Giant bow

Ancient Steg with bad attitude.

4X Kroxigors

2X Salamanders

4 X terrordons

I got turn one and for the most part it was uneventful. My magic phase saw my Tzeentch Hearld get Throne of vines off but against a slann that was the only spell that went thru. sad.gif My shooting was out of range and obviously no combat... I hate turn 1... tongue.gif his turn one went better. He cautiously moved up but not at the rate I did. (Everything pretty much shot up the middle with my Crushers and Flesh hounds running up the flank.) THe slann vaporized about 8 bloodletters and his Giant bow hit my Crushers but the ward save kept em from popping. *Whew!*

Turn 2 saw me try to charge with my Plaguebearers. I needed 7 to hit his brick of Warriors with spears.... and I rolled snake eyes.... and then proceeded to curse the dice gods. My magic phase saw shield of thorns go off on my PB's (I was worried about the counter charge) and I was about to get regrowth off on my Bloodletters. I was able to rez 2 bloodletters thanks to another die roll of a 1. Shooting was a little better as I put a wound on a salamander and torched a skink handler. His end of turn 2 saw the countercharge on my PB's. The ancient steg without the priest slammed into them as well as the Warriros with spears. He tried to flank charge em with the unit of warriors with HW & Shields but fell short one inch. *WHEW!* He dispelled the Shield of thorns and took down another 3 or 4 bloodletters. I just couldnt roll those 4+ wards... I'm sorry khorne!!!! Anyway his shooting consisted of plelting my Flamers with rocks from the terrordons and the salamanders spitting fire on my letters killing 2 more as well as one eating 3 skinks. Combat saw my PB's win by 2 (TY +D3 CR!!) but with coldblooded both the steg and the warriors stuck it out. (I rolled like crap)

Turn three saw my Demon prince get pissed. I got a charge off on the Slann and needed to roll a 10. Which I did and slammed into that toad with all the fury that Nurgle could instill in him. The crushers hit the little steg and the flesh hounds slammed into the kroxigors. Also, the bloodletters got into combat with the ancient steg with the skink priest. MAgic saw the slann stop everything but regrowth bring back 5 bloodletters and shooting saw a terrordon take a wound. ( DICE GAWDS!!! ARG!) Combat however was pretty one sided. The Crushes put 4 wounds on the steg and take out all but 2 skinks. In return they took one wound. Only the stubborn rule saved the steg. THe Flesh hounds did well enough doing 4 wounds to the krox (I didnt expect much) but they took 3 in return. The combat was a stalemate but it stopped the krox from counter charging my Crushers. The PB's took down another 8 or so Warriors as well as putting two or three on the steg and downing 2 skinks. (THank you poison!!!) I lost about 7 PB's in return but the banner that gives me extra CR for poison put me over the top. THey stayed... but barely. The bloodletters flubbed hard and in the end all but the UC was dead. sad.gif It was the Demon prince that really shined. He put 3 wounds on the slann and looked bad ass while he did it.THe slann made his break check but he was knocking on deaths door as it was.

My opponents 3rd turn saw little movement. THe Terrordons shot at the flamers and missed. Magic saw the slann miscast and then roll a 1 for his cupped hands item. He rolled an 8 on the miscast chart. Took another wound for a total of 4 and I rolled a 1 to wound the skink... Eh well. Combat saw the Crushers finish off the Ancient steg with gusto, THe Flesh hounds flubbed and were obliterated when I rolled box cards for their break test (Not worried though, the crushers had turned to face the Krox and charge em next turn) My PLaguebears got charged in the flank by the warriros that had missed them a turn before... Before the slann had miscasted he got Flaming sword of rhuin off on the spear Warriors and I won't lie. I tohught my PB's were dead. Kinda dissapointed as its my favorite unit. Combat saw my Demon prince put 2 wounds on the slann but he 4+ ward saved both and I lost combat by 1 due to his BSB... I made my break test easily enough. The remaining bloodletter killed off the skink priest on the steg but died as a reward. It was the plaguebears that really shocked me. (My opponent too) The Warriors went first and the Spear Warriors negated my Regen save thanks to the flaming sword of Rhuin... HOWEVER, the 8 wounds he put on me... I ward saved 5 of them! (Thank you Dice Gods!!!!) Then, the HW / S Warriors put 6 wounds on me which I Ward saved 3. The ancient steg went after my Hearld but to no avail putting only 1 wound on him after saves. The counter attacks saw me put eight more wounds on the Spear Warriors 4 of which with worth double CR thanks to poison and my banner. Slime trail stopped him from getting flank CR and in the end I won combat by 7 making both bricks of warriors break as well as the stubborn Ancient steg. I pursued but only caught the steg but the Spear warriors only had 5 models left and the HW / S Warriors were running for the hills.

Turn four saw my Crushers avenge my Flesh hounds, My PB's charge and catch the Spear Warriors, and my demon prince take, weather, and win a charge from the Ancient stegadon that used to hold the skink priest. It was at this point my opponent concieded the game.

I must say I was very happy with how my army performed even with poor die rolling in the begining. I was lucky my opponent played defesively and allowed me to surround and corner him as I like to do with demons. (I play my armies aggressively) However I'm not overly impressed with the fleshhounds. I'm thinking of replacing them with a 15 X brick of Demonettes with a Musician and standard bearer. Just to get another brick on the table.

Anyway, thats my first battle report for this forum. Hope ya liked it. If not, let me know how I can improve them or just tell me to flat out stop period. lol!


user posted image

user posted image
Posted: Feb 24 2012, 11:37 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 268
Member No.: 3,010
Joined: 6-December 11

Not a bad write up. I hear people all the time say 6 flesh hounds are much better than 5.. maybe you should give that a go.
Posted: Feb 24 2012, 01:40 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 479
Member No.: 2,989
Joined: 15-November 11

I would advise against Daemonettes w/o a Herald. The only reason I take them in a mixed list is for Siren Song, if your missing the Herald Locus aswell you will find them to be rather magnificent under performers. I would recommend more Bletters before the nettes...

Max Aggression Gaming, for all your Warhammer, Conversion and Commission painting needs!
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