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 500 pt league, some reports
Posted: Feb 10 2012, 10:40 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 87
Member No.: 3,028
Joined: 4-January 12

I'm participating in a 500 pt league that will grow in the future (some more points..)

yesterday was my first game, I used this list:

herald of slaanesh
-siren song

12 deamonettes

11 bloodletters



the game was against ogres, with something like this:


5 ogres (firebelly in here)

20 gnoblar trappers

3 leadbelchers

ogres got the first turn, and the leadbelchers moved a bit forward to shoot the deamonettes (who were straight across the board) and all other units moved, but not very enthousiastic. in the magic phase, the firebelly cast his fireball (second level) on my bloodletters but their demonic patron quickly dispelled it. in the shooting phase, the leadbelchers fired on the deamonettes but only managed to kill one (was that luck?)

deamon turn! I moved my deamonettes with herald forward, just enough so the leadbelchers could charge them. one of the fiendssecured the flank of my bloodletters and the other marched towards the gnoblars. the bloodletters moved forward. no magic, no shooting, so it was time for the ogres again!

I used siren song on the leadbelchers and sadly he made the charge. he charged the fiend with his gnoblars, and the ogres with the firebelly moved a bit to the back. apparently the firebelly enjoyed casting fireball. so he did, the third level this time, and got double six. it only caused three wounds on my bloodletters, and he rolled a six on the miscast sofour out of the five ogres around him suffered a wound. (thus one dead ogre)
in combat the leadbelchers promptly forgot to do impact hits or stomps (me and my opponent both forgot, actually) and thus the deamonnettes won the combat by four but the ogres ran too fast and escaped. the fiend did no wounds, and neither did the gnoblars, but they won anyway and the fiend was left with only one wound

in the deamon turn, the deamonnettes charged the leadbelchers and overrunned them. the flanking fiend charged the gnoblars, and the bloodletters moved forward again, but watched for the charge of the ogres. this time the fiends killed a lot of gnoblars and the gnoblars didn't cause any wounds, and they fled and were caught by one of the fiends.

now the ogres were on the losing hand. but the winds of magic blowed weak, and deamons were lost to stupid mistakes on my side. in the end, the four ogres and firebelly managed to kill all the bloodletters and deamonettes and the herald, while I caused one wound on the firebelly and killed one ogre. now the fiends were to fight against two ogres and the firebelly. I moved both fiends to an opposite side of the unit, and he split it up, having his firebelly face one of the fiends and the ogre unit (with standard) the other. I charged. the firebelly managed to kill his attacker, but suffered two wound in the process. the other fiend managed to kill the first ogre, and broke the rest of the unit, which was a standard so effectively the unit was destroyed. due to the overrun the fiend came in the back of the firebelly, ticking off his last wound.

deamon victory!
close call, and I certainly would've lost if my opponent hadn't forgotten his stomps with the leadbelchers.
Noisy Assassin
Posted: Feb 10 2012, 11:24 AM

Greater Daemon

Group: Members
Posts: 1,876
Member No.: 2,601
Joined: 8-November 10

Very interesting seeing a report for such a small sized game. I usually think of 500 pts as being pretty unbalanced in terms of what various armies can take, but it looks like you and your opponent managed to make some decent lists and had quite the back and forth going on.

Demons need love too...hugs for everyone!

When life gives you lemons, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

8th Edition W/D/L Records with Daemons:
- 7th ed book: 21/1/5
- 8th ed book: 11/0/2
Posted: Feb 11 2012, 09:12 AM

The Eternal Bloodletter

Group: Heralds
Posts: 3,333
Member No.: 2,658
Joined: 24-January 11

That was a fun little read! And hey.. While it of course always sucks when one forgets stuff (like that stomp) there's no saying what could/would have happened if you guys hadn't forgotten about it. It may have rolled really badly, you may have passed those Wardsaves.

Sounds a surpricingly dynamic game given the size of it. Congrats to the win, of course.

Posted: Feb 11 2012, 10:17 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 87
Member No.: 3,028
Joined: 4-January 12

well I'm glad I have those fiends, theyre a whole lot better at moving than my dwarfs. finally I am faster than anything! tongue.gif

that does make it a more fluent game, i think.
Posted: Feb 27 2012, 11:30 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 87
Member No.: 3,028
Joined: 4-January 12

ok I played some more battles, one against wood elves and one against night goblins.

Wood elves:

-branchwraith (6+ to hit in challenges for me)

-9 dryads

-10 dryads

-10 glade guard

-great eagle

I dont remember the entire battle, but I can give a general overview:

turn one:
the glade guard get really lucky in the first turn and kill the first fiend in one volley, and the other one died in the next turn.

my other units move forward, while i position them for a siren song: my deamonnettes are 17 away from his dryads with the branchwraith.

sadly he rolls double six for the charge and makes it. sad.gif

a challenge arises, and my herald of slaanesh and the branchwraith both cause one wound (he loses his wardsave because i had magic attacks)

after several turns, the deamonnettes defeat the dryads, but the herald was killed in the process.

meanwhile, the bloodletters get swarmed by the eagle and the other ten dryads, and are killed quite thoroughly.

in the end, I managed to kill the glade guard with the remaining three deamonnettes, and the we called it a win for him tongue.gif (he had the unit of dryads and the great eagle, i had only three deamonnettes biggrin.gif

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