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 2K vs. O&G
Noisy Assassin
Posted: Nov 1 2011, 10:53 PM

Greater Daemon

Group: Members
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Joined: 8-November 10

Decided to head down to ye olde hobby shop to get in some warhammer for the first time in awhile tonight. Matched up with an O&G player who had 2K prepared, so that's what I threw together. I don't have enough units to make an ideal 2K list, so this is what I came up with:

Lords (495 - 25%)
495 - Great Unclean One: Level 2

Heroes (400 - 20%)
140 - Herald of Tzeentch: Master of Sorcery (Light)
140 - Herald of Khorne: Armor, BSB
120 - Herald of Slaanesh: Torment Blade, Siren Song

Core (757 - 38%)
258 - 19 Daemonettes: FC
439 - 33 Bloodletters: FC, Icon of Endless War
60 - 5 Furies

Special (105 - 5%)
105 - 3 Nurglings

Rare (250 - 12%)
140 - 4 Flamers
55 - Fiend
55 - Fiend

With 45% of my army in characters, I knew this would be interesting...

He took:

Lvl 4 Orc Shaman (had +D6 power dice one use item)
Lvl 2 NG Shaman
Lvl 2 NG Shaman
Gobbo BSB (had 4+ ward talisman)
Gobbo Warboss
2x Night Gobbo Big Boss w/ great weapon
2 Big blocks of Night goblins with hand weapons, shields, full command, and nets. I think one was 40 and the other 60. Each had 2 fanatics.
19 Orcs boyz with choppa and shield, full command
20 model squig herd
4 trolls
doom diver
rock lobba

Thoughts and highlights:

Flamers rock when your opponent underestimates them. 4 Flamers killed 4 Trolls and the whole Squig unit (minus the 4 that the GUO killed with a magic missile).

2 Fiends charged the 60-strong NG block with the Warboss and BSB. One in the rear, one in the flank. First round of combat they killed the Shaman and a handful of goblins. Took a single wound in return, Steadfast NG held. Second round they killed the BSB and another handful of gobbos. Failed Ld test, no more BSB re-roll, unit run down. Delicious goblin meat! One of the Fiends had also killed the Rock Lobba the turn before. Single Fiends still my fav daemon unit.

Bloodletters spent the whole game looking threatening and dictating his movement, but never got into combat (okay, they would have if he hadn't conceded before they side-charged his last gobbo block that was engaged with Daemonettes. We were also out of time as the store was closing). He tossed every spell and warmachine he could at them, but they just wouldn't die! Misfires, scatter die, and MR all really helped there. Think I lost 12 all game.

GUO. Didn't do a whole lot. Looked big and scary (and almost had animosity-driven NGs charge him, but they failed that one). Used most of my casting and his dispel dice throughout the game with Plague Wind. Literally only thing he achieved all game was popping a few squigs with magic. Another small block would have been much more competitive, but this is what I had, and a it looked pretty. Good points denial too methinks. Not sure I'd go the caster option again though. I got lucky getting Plague Wind on a level 2, but I think one caster is enough, and LoLight is more versatile. Probably do Stream of Bile at this point level.

Pha's protection on 'Nettes against NGs is hilarious. Needing 6's to hit is really painful for them.

Goblin-based O&G armies really need fast cav and/or chariots (this one is relevant for me, as O&G are the next army I'm working on. And Nets are annoying, but not crippling. Warmachines...go all out or leave them be. With only two and nothing to divert/counter my hunters they were free points.

Overall I was able to outmaneuver his army almost the whole game due to its lack of speed, and scored some lucky animosity rolls on his part. Most of his punch was in the units the Flamers ate, and his Magic and warmachines, but his list didn't really commit to anything strongly, and I think that's what gave me the advantage.

Demons need love too...hugs for everyone!

When life gives you lemons, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

8th Edition W/D/L Records with Daemons:
- 7th ed book: 21/1/5
- 8th ed book: 11/0/2
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