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 Borderwars Indy GT, Pennsylvania USA November
Posted: Sep 15 2011, 05:33 AM

Lord of the Skull Throne

Group: Admin
Posts: 6,237
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Joined: 8-February 05

Armies are on the march and Generals seek to match wits with old foes!

Do you have what it takes to muster your army and be victorious over all contenders! Might of arms alone won't do it, you'll need to show Chivalry on and off the field, as well as have your army outfitted in spiffy uniforms.

Border Raids is a two day Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament. The event will take place in Media, PA. and is hosted by Showcase Comics and the BigGunz-NE gaming club. We'll be holding the tournament iin our store at the Granite Run Mall. The new store is large and spacious, with ample air conditioning, and filled with gaming tables and scenery. And it's close to food and snacks, (or a cold beer at the bar.)

Keeping with the theme of War across the Old Worlde, and the new scenery rules for 8th edition, we will be putting together themed scenery for each table. Will you play against Brettonians in the Chaos Wastes of Khorne? Or battle against Vampire Counts near the ruins of a Dwarf Hold? Each table will have a set of scenery using some of the pieces from 8th edition. There will be a sheet on each table explaining each piece of terrain, with the rules from the 8th edition rulebook. We'll be adding new tables this year, specifically Ogre Kingdoms will get some attention.

As always, we'll be putting out an ample spread of food for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and playing silly drinking games until way too late down at Rubies, on Saturday night. There will be late night gaming in the store Friday and Saturday nights.

The specifics:

-Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy Rules using our homebrewed "LowHammer" variant. (Below)

-2500 pts.

-5 Games, with 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

-2 hours and 30 minutes per game.

-Scenarios will be fairly basic, and drawn from the 8th Edition book. Scenarios will be posted ahead of time, two weeks or more before the tournament. Of note, please look at the scenario on page 148, Blood and Glory. There will be a scenario that uses some of these rules, where the first person to break the opponents army will recieve a sizeable VP bonus. There will also probably be one scenario where magic is a bit more variable than normal.

-All current GW FAQ's will be used.

-Scoring will have 24 pts for each game, giving a total of 120 points possible. Painting and modeling will be worth 60 pts. This gives a maximum score of 180 points possible.

-There is no composition score of any type. Make the hardest list you can, under the restrictions posted.

-The following change is made to the magic phase:
Regardless of how those dice are generated, players may not use more than 12 dispell or power dice in any magic phase. Excess dice are lost, except in the case of a special rule allowing the player to somehow store them for a future phase.

-The following change will be made to the set up phase:
Players may not set up units within 1" of a friendly unit. Treat the restrictions for moving within 1" of friendly or enemy units or impassable terrain that are laid out in the movement phase as affecting setup as well.

-There is no sportsmanship score. However, slow playing, beligerent attitudes, and other bad behavior may result in a warning by the TO, forfeiting of the current game, or being asked to leave the tournament. No score for sportsmanship does not excuse bad behavior. We are debating having a system for players to report opponents that they felt were across the line in one or more criteria. Having a bad game with someone won't have an effect, but two might, and if three or more opponents are that upset with you, then somethings obviously wrong.

-All models must be fully painted to a 3 color minimum. This means you have used at least 3 colors to paint the entire model, in addition to a primer coat.

-All models must be based. This means at the minimum a painted base.

-All models must be WYSIWYG, with some leniency for cool conversions.

-Proxy models are not allowed. 'Counts as' armies are somewhat frowned upon and you should probably get the OK of the TO. If you have a question, please call or email the TO ahead of time. Armies that are confusing for players to keep track of will not be allowed. While your own gaming group may be ok with your "blue goblins are horrors, red goblins are bloodletters" army, it's going to cause problems with people that you don't play on a regular basis.

Prizes: Players may win prizes for Painting, Best General (Battle Points), and Overall (Battle Points and Painting.) Best Overall will recieve an invitation to the Throne of Skulls tournament in Memphis in 2012. Other prizes include a heap of stuff from Games workshop, along with cool stuff from GF9, Battlefoam, and other nice folks.

-TO for the event is Mike Clark, owner of Showcase Comics. You can contact him by phone at 610-891-9229 and by email at

-Cost for the event is 55.00 if paid by November 1st, and 60.00 after that.

-There are 40 slots for the event. If we fill up fast, there is a possibility of expanding the tournament past that, if there is a large demand. The only reservation is a fully paid one. If you want to come, I've got no problem putting your name down on the list, but please realize that priority will go to people that pay ahead of time.

- Players can register and pay in person at Showcase Comics in Granite Run Mall, or by Paypal on our website at If you don't have paypal, and want to pay by credit card, contact Mike Clark, and we can send you an invoice through Paypal that will let you use yoru credit card to pay with.

The nearest hotel is The Quality Inn, across the street from the mall. Ask for 'The Granite Run Mall Rate' ... camp=local

LowHammer Rules:

General Army Restrictions:

1.) You may include only 1 of each rare choice in your army, and only 2 of each special choice. High Elves may take 3 of each special and 2 of each rare.

2.) An army may have up to 5 war machines and/or template weapons. Warmachines that use a template count as a single choice in this regard. All template weapons (from magic items, abilities, creature, banner, etc) count, but not spells. For purposes of this rule, warmachines that are bought as a pair and count as only one rare or special, will count as only 1 warmachine for the pair.

3.)A maximum of. 45 models with missile weapons with a range of 20” or more, (not incl. war machines, characters and chariots), may be taken in your army.

4.) All units, (except Lord and Hero choices), may only use a total of 400 pts, including points paid for champions, banners, muscians, magic banners, and all other upgrades.

Magic Restrictions

5.) No more than 12 power or dispel dice used in a magic phase. It doesn’t matter where they come from, or when in the phase, only 12 dice may be used. Exceptions to this are Skaven Warpstone tokens and Night Goblin magic mushrooms, as these have their own downsides.

6.) Only one model in the army may have the Loremaster ability.

7.) These spells are banned:

-Skaven: The Dreaded 13th

-Lore of Tzeentch: Gateway

-Lore of Metal: Final Transmutation

-Lore of Life: The Dwellers Below

-Lore of Shadow: Okkam’s Mindrazor

-Lore of Death: The Purple Sun of Xereus

8.) Banned Magic Items: The following magic items and special abilities may not be taken.

Folding fortress

Infernal Puppet

Favor of the Gods

Pendant of Khaleth

Sacraficial Dagger


Cupped Hands

Focused Rumination

Drakenhoff Banner

Storm Banner

Doom Rocket

Van Horstmans Speculum

Book of Hoeth

Vortex Shard

9.) Bonus Troops
Some armies are pretty universally recognized as getting a bad deal in 8th edition. We'd like to see more of these armies show up and play.
To Encourage this we are giving Beastmen, Woodelves, and Brettonians an additional 250 pts. Their lists follow all other restrictions, but they may take up to 2750 in points. When calculating VP against these 3 armies, total up the troops killed, and multiply the amount by .9, before adding in VP from any other sources. Example: A beastman players loses 1000 pts in a battle, and his opponent gains the 500pt bonus for breaking his army. His opponent would score (1000 x .9)+500=1400VP

10.) Army lists may be taken from any in print army book. Only main lists may be used. No ‘back of the book’ options, or armies from White Dwarf, without permission from the TO. Daemons of Chaos armies are not allowed.

11.) Army size is 2500 points.

12.) Teclis is banned.

Scoring Changes

13.) Units that are 50% destroyed give up 50% of their Victory points, similar to 7th edition.

14.) Characters that have lost half or more of their wounds at the end of the game give up 50% of their VP. In the case of a ridden monster, calculate VP for the monster and character separately.

15.) Models fleeing at the end of the game count as destroyed.

16.) We will be reviewing these rules, especially with respect to the new Ogre Army Book, and may make changes. If you have feedback on the rules, send comments to Constructive feedback welcome, and may or may not be taken. We will not make any changes past Nov. 1st

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