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 Couple of 1K games
Noisy Assassin
Posted: Aug 25 2011, 10:53 PM

Greater Daemon

Group: Members
Posts: 1,876
Member No.: 2,601
Joined: 8-November 10

Finally got to play a few more games with the Daemons (only ever actually played one game with them/with 8th ed before). Club I found has been focusing on small 1K games, which is a little less than I'd like, but does mean that I got in a pair of games in less than 3 hours. Anywho, here is my list:

HoT: MoS (Metal), Winged

20 Bletters: FC, IoEW
19 'Nettes: FC

4 Flamers
1 Fiend

First game was against Dwarves. He had 20 Quarrelers, 18 Ironbreakers with a Runesmith and somebody with the BSB, a Grudgethrower with an Engineer, and an Organ Gun.

He set up the Organ Gun on his right flank, then Quarrelers behind an obstacle, Ironbreakers next to them with a building holding the other flank and the Grudgethrower in back. I had my Fiend opposite his Organ Gun, Bletters and 'Nettes set up in the middle with Bletters opposite his Ironbreakers and 'Nettes lined up with the Quarrelers. Flamers were in between the two units and the Tzerald was chilling out behind the Bletters.

I got first turn and moved everyone forward. Fiend went off to line up a charge on the Organ Gun (and hopefully distract it from the 'Nettes!) while the Flamers took cover at the edge of the woods. Magic phase was uneventful, with a mighty three power dice. My attempt at Enchanted Blades on the Flamers was dispelled (barely). Shooting saw the Flamers take out two Ironbreakers.

His turn one involved the Organ Gun failing to put any wounds on the Fiend and the Grudgethrower losing it's shot to a misfire. Ironbreakers moved up an inch and the Quarrelers killed three Bletters.

My second turn I surprised him with the IoEW and easily charged the Bletters into the Ironbreakers and the Fiend charged the Organ Gun. Magic was again uneventful. I threw all five dice into a Final Transmutation on the Quarrelers, but it was easily dispelled. Flamers moved away from the action to line up a side-charge to aid the Bletters if they needed it next turn, and took a few pot-shots at the Grudgethrower, not even scoring a single hit. Combat saw the Fiend kill one dwarf crewman, but the other two didn't like the look of that and high-tailed it out of there. Fiend overran off the board directly behind the Quarrelers and Grudgethrower. Bletters killed three Ironbreakers and lost three models in return. Lost the combat by 1 (I had the charge, he had a rank on me and a BSB) but passed instability easily.

His turn two the Quarrelers opened fire on the 'Nettes and killed four, while the Grudgethrower misfired again. During combat things took a turn for the better once I remembered that I could target characters and promptly KB'd his BSB and Runesmith to death. The Ironbreakers found this very disheartening, failed their Ld check, and were run down. My opponent conceded with his Quarrelers and Grudgethrower facing down practically my entire army.

Second game was against Empire. His list included a Cannon, a Mortar, two units of 20 Handgunners (one with a BSB in it), and two units of 5 Pistoliers (one with a Captain).

I won't go into a turn-by-turn on this one, as it lasted a bit longer and bit more happened.

Highlights included: his Cannon never hit anything because it misfired or grounded the cannonball all three shots. The Mortar wreaked bloody havoc on both the Bletters and 'Nettes, killing 5 and 7 respectively I think (giving it the honor of killing more than the entire dwarven army had the game before).

My Flamers ended up killing and/or routing a unit of Pistoliers, a unit of Handgunners, and the Captain. Magic was a little more eventful this game. Only spells I ever tried to cast were Enchanted Blades (which allowed a wounded Fiend to win a combat by itself against 20 Handgunners, holding them long enough for the 'Nettes to pile in and start the slaughter) and Final Transmutation (which either failed to cast or was dispelled every time). Honestly nothing too splashy Metal can do against an army with no armor saves.

Summary of the game though was pretty much that getting to his lines hurt a bit, but it was over the second I got there. He just had nothing that could compete with even a weakened unit of 6 'Nettes plus Herald. Wiped him out on the end of my turn four.

General Impressions:

I really miss the low casting costs of LoLight. Metal's average of 9 isn't that high, but enough that you can't just casually toss a few dice...every spell needs at least 3. Also think I'll try Beasts or Shadow. Something to buff the 'Nettes would be nice.

I really like the wings on the Tzerald! Especially with the short ranges of the Metal spells. Mobility is nice.

I kept wishing I had Siren Song on the HoS. Oh well, any higher point game and I'll have it.

Bletters are awesome (already knew that), and the IoEW is also awesome.

Single Fiend is still one of my fav units.

Flamers are really good, but with only four you have to get lucky to do serious damage. Converting and painting more is a new priority.

War machines hurt! Definitely need to prioritize keeping hunting units in my bigger lists. And bigger core units to absorb casualties. Not sure which is better if I have to pick one or the other though.

And finally, congrats if you managed to make it this far through my rambling account. Go Daemons!

Demons need love too...hugs for everyone!

When life gives you lemons, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

8th Edition W/D/L Records with Daemons:
- 7th ed book: 21/1/5
- 8th ed book: 11/0/2
R.J. Dio
Posted: Aug 25 2011, 11:25 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 69
Member No.: 2,816
Joined: 4-June 11

Congrats on both wins. Good reports. I have battle teice at 1,300 pts but haven't won yet.
Posted: Aug 26 2011, 03:35 AM

Lovely Fox Spirit

Group: Moderators
Posts: 2,460
Member No.: 2,592
Joined: 1-November 10

Sounds like fun and graz for the wins. Smaller games are not as exciting as bigger ones can be and there wont be that much blood flowing but they can be entertaining as you can battle several opponents in short amount of time, as you said =)
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