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 Update from warmakers
daemonic badger
Posted: Jul 6 2005, 02:19 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 17-February 05

Update from the Warmakers Campaign
Hello again!
I have come with news from the development of the Warmakers campaign. The first suggestions for the factions and general background of the campaign is now completed, and its time for you, the player, to determine if they meet your demands.

Below, I will present not one but three different versions of factions; we decided to make three this time because we want to show you many different ways of having factions. In the first we have three factions, and have created them be simple and balanced for the game mechanic, while not trying to go against people’s wishes. In the second we have four factions, and we have tried our best to fit people where they have said they wanted to go. In the third one we have five factions, and we have been a bit more liberal with the placements, trying to find different ways to put things together without actually going against peoples wishes.

But before we go on to the factions themselves, lets talk a bit about balance and scaling. One of the first things people will consider when they see the factions are if they are balanced or not. Is one faction to big or too small compared to the rest, is there any risk of anyone dominating just because of size? This has been the topic of some discussion on Warmakers, and we have realized that it will be almost impossible for us to create balanced factions. First of all, we don’t know how many people from each race that will play, and secondly, even if the numbers are the same it also depends on how active each person is. One person who post once a day is as powerful as seven people who post once a week. Getting things totally equal will be almost impossible.

To solve this problem we have been looking at two things. The first and most important one is of course making a system where tactics and cunning can outweigh brute force, to make sure no one can win just by weight of numbers. The second one is scaling. The concept of scaling is simple, each turns wins are automatically scaled so that wins from smaller factions count for a bit more, so that the differences are evened out and they get closer to being equal. A scaling would probably not be total, the one with more wins would still be a bit better off (otherwise it would defeat the point of playing games and winning), but it gives smaller factions more of an even ground to compete on, and coupled with a good system, it will be the faction with the greatest organization and skill that wins.

So when you read the suggestions for factions, keep in mind that factions do not necessarily have to be the exact same size, some difference is acceptable, and quite frankly inevitable. Now let’s get on with the actual suggestions, but I’d just like to point out that these are suggestions, and are not final. If you do not like things, they can be changed. At the end of the post there are a few questions that it would be good if you answered, so that we know where to take it from here.

Additionally we are creating a system of wagers that we will go into with alter post after factions are created. Each race will ask for so much if they accomplish their goals in the campaign and as the story designers we will balance that with things each race can lose. Needless to say, the more you ask for if you win, the more you’ll lose if you lose. The system will be such that any gains you could receive will equal any losses you’ll incur. Please keep that in mind as you solidify your final race goals.

Three faction system:
1. High Elves, Wood Elves, Brettonians, Lizardmen, Tomb Kings
2. Empire, Dwarves, Dark Elves, Chaos Dwarfs, Ogre Kingdoms
3. All Chaos, Orcs & Goblins, Skaven, Vampire Counts

This system is our main option and is fairly simple, the races with fairly noble motivations have allied together in faction one. Faction two consists of race out in one way or another for money, and those wishing for conquest are in faction three.
Faction 1:
Take the stone and mummies from faction three and keep faction two from opening the road.

Faction 2:
Defeat faction three to open the road and expand control on it and keep faction one from closing the road again.

Faction 3:
Defend the stone from faction one and assault the CD and OK to gain territory, fortresses and prevent any race from decisively winning at the road, thus maintaining the status quo.

The goals above might seem very incompleat, but to make sure this post didn't get to long, we have kept it short. The list of overall goals for the races at the bottom should explain most of this. If you have any questions just ask, and as soon as we know more about which variant people like, we will specify things more.

Four Faction system:

1. HE, WE, brets, lizzies
2. Empire, Dwarves, Druchii, CD
3. O&G, Skaven, VC
4. All Chaos, TK, OK

Faction 1:
*Seize the stone in the vale
*Block the silver road

Faction 2:
*Clear the silver road
*Make the trade route safer by building settlements.
*Keep Chaos from seizing the stone

Faction 3:
*Occupy swaths of the darklands for settlements.
*Raid the CD for armaments and slaves.
*Keep any one faction from claiming the road.
*Seize the mummies.

Faction 4:
*Keep any one faction from claiming the road.
*Seize the mummies
*Seize the stone in the vale

Five faction system:

1. Empire, Dwarves, Brettonians
2. Lizardmen, Tomb Kings, Wood Elves, High Elves.
3. Orcs&Gobbos, Skaven, Beastmen
4. Chaos Dwarves, Ogre Kingdom, Dogs of War
5. Vampire Counts (the Cabal and all that), Chaos, Druchii.

*Clear the road
*Crusade against the kurgan tribes entering the dark land from the north

*Get the mummies and the stone to stop their influence in the Dark Lands
*Stopping the incursion of the Old Worlders, to keep them from meddling in things they do not understand

*Invade the Chaos Dwarf realm, Orcs want to pick a fight and free slaves to build a Waaaagh! Skaven want to steal CD technology and uses the orcs as a divertion. Beastmen have allied with the Skaven since helping to keep the CD occupied helps chaos.

*Defend against the new threads
*Destroy the necromancer cabal
*Take the stone to increase the sorcerers power

*Defend the stone and mummies
*Stop the Old Worlders from taking the road so that the kurgan tribes will not be cut of from coming down from the north
*Take over the Desolation, where a large amount of old and huge bones make the ideal breedingground for an undead army.

Race goals:

* Clear the Silver Road
* Set up border prince style towns on the road to promote more trade.
* Clear the silver road.
* Reclaim a lost hold in the world’s edge mountains bordering the darklands.

Ogre Kingdoms:
*Clear the Silver Road
* Set up armored settlements along the road to make it safer for trade.

Dark Elves:
*Reopen the Silver road to increase ties to the Empire and Ogres, while avoiding any contact with the vile Dwarves. Use these ties to increase trade between Druchii and the Empire/Ogres so that Druchii coffers are filled and a slave trade may be begun in the Empire to further Druchii principles and slaving.
*Seize the city of Pigbarter and create a Druchii trading colony able to attack the city of spires.

High Elves:
*Seize the stone in the vale to keep it away from Chaos.
*Block the silver road and seize pigbarter to make High Elf sanctioned trade the only link between Cathay and the Old World.

*Create a jungle in the darklands using the stone to expand territorial reach and build a new temple city for the first time in centuries.
*Keep the stone out of the hands of Chaos.

*Further Bretonnian honor, or dishonor depending on events, via a crusade in the darklands.
*Block the silver road to use the vast Bretonnian maritime fleet to trade with Cathay using paid High Elf escorts, thus usurping trade from the Empire and creating favorable circumstances for Bretonnian colonization to find good harbors to support this fleet.
*Keep the stone out of the hands of Chaos.

Wood elves:
*Keep the glade in the vale, where the stone is, from dieing.
*Seize the stone so that a forest can be created in the darklands thus expanding Wood Elf reach for the first time in centuries.

Chaos Dwarfs:
*Seize the silver road and fortify it to increase weapons and engineering trade with the rest of the world.
*Gather slaves from the invading races.

*Free greenskin slaves from the Chaos Stunties. In the four faction system where the CD and greenskins are allied this is done by setting the condition that greenskins helping the CD will result in the freeing of slaves. To ensure this, as the greenskins win victories a greater Waagh! will form that could be directed against the chaos stunties if they don’t keep their word.

*Expand from the haunted forest near Ind into the darklands.

Vampire Counts:
*Keep the mummies from TK control and keep the Empire from a decisive victory.
*Create settlements in the darklands to create an undead realm for the Vampire counts.

Dogs of War:
*Secure prestige and plunder for the preeminent mercenary captains in the war.

*A band of Chaos daemons goes to the dark lands for power to usurp the Gods in the form of more worshipers and the stone in the vale. If they capture the stone they could build an entire new beachhead of chaos in the darklands.
*Promote disorder to weaken all sides and gain power from the bloodshed and chaos in the area. To do this they will keep anyone from a decisive victory at the road.

*Gain some powerful poison from mummies for clan Eshin.
* Gain some powerful disease by using the stone to create it for clan pestilens.
*Bring prestige to a beleaguered clan Moulder in the SoC aftermath
*Invade Chaos Dwarf territory to steal Chaos Dwarf artillery for clan skyre.
*Grab some slaves for the other clans, Chaos dwarf slave pits are quite tempting for this.
*Seize territory in the Dark lands by expanding tunnels in the area by winning enough victories to keep the other races busy.

Tomb Kings:
*Reclaim the mummies from the necromancers.

Now its time to have fun, please decide which faction system you like or create your own and contact other forums and see if they want to go along if you want. Also please finalize what race goals you want to accomplish and we’ll determine what your losses could be in a later post. Please feel free to ask any questions about motivations, why certain race are together, etc. if you feel the need to.

Thank You
daemonic badger
Warmakers ambassador
Posted: Jul 6 2005, 02:47 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 112
Member No.: 271
Joined: 24-June 05

I have to say this is looking very good!

I think the 5 faction sistem is best at the moment as in all the others the DE seem to be too 'good'. From what I can tell theyv never been intrested in trade with the old world before, not even for slaves. I got the impression they regarded humans as animals and so tradeing with them would be far bleow the mighty Drutchii, etc. Id have thought theyd be far more ainty High elfe, or lets grab sum magic artifacts for us.
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