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 40k Chaos Daemon Units, Chaos Daemon Units
Posted: Jan 19 2009, 10:07 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 31
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Joined: 12-December 08

Ok, Nice write up, although I'm shocked at the HQ+DP hating going on...

Deamonprinces of Nurgle... Noxious Touch? How is that bad? worse than a wraithlord my arse... hit it on 3s, wound on 2s... ur likely to kill it in a turn, and if not, it can't kill you... also, you can fly... FLY!!!

As for the HQs, a Khorne herald, or 4, on juggers with str upgrade are obscene... I'm also a fan of the greater deamons... more so the lord of change, who can dish out a world of hurt, as he lands, then get stuck in a destroy a whole heap of enemies... (only time they'd suck is if you were stupid with the DSing..)
Posted: Jan 19 2009, 09:34 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 14-September 08

The Khorne Jugger herald is close to a 130pt Bloodcrusher. I'd rather take 3-4 bloodcrushers for his cost.

I think for HQs, you can go three ways...
1) Bring heaps of chariots.
-they're durable with the numerous wounds.
-Tzeentchian ones have nasty shooting.
-Khornate ones are MURDER if/when they get to melee, and get 3+ saves
-Slaaneshi ones are swift and deadly, but need hit 'n' run to really pull it off.

2) Bring a single low-cost herald
.Nurgle heralds are still pretty craptastic, but if you're for a pure Epiedmius list, here's where you get it
-Khorne heralds are decently assaulty without a lot of work
-Overall, this is kind of an 'eh' option for me, since chariot heralds or option 3 bring something to the army.

3) Bring a couple of monstrous creatures (and play Daemonzilla)
-Skarbrand pumps up your melee-oriented army. Bring more initiative than the other guy, or more durable targets (IE: Soul Grinders) and pummel the other guy into dust.
-Fateweaver is what you want the thunder-chicken to be. Either build it all around him, or don't take 'im. (and feel free to cry if the other guy brought psycannons. No, it's ok...)
-If you'll stomach 270 for him, Bloodthirsters are nasty (Take +S, and the save vs. psychic powers. Really, do.)
-The Keeper of Secrets is a nasty melee opponent with numerous attacks. Pay 235 for +S and Hit 'n' Run on it. Watch it bounce around the board and do obscene things to its targets.

I'm not too big on the Lord of Change, Calious. For 250, he lands, fires one anti-tank shot (...that is not actually that likely to do much to a tank with AV11 or better...) and three anti-infantry shots. If you don't want to waste the anti-infantry shots when trying to pop vehicles, then you pay another 20-30ish for the ability to multi-shot. You'll never really get a high number of shots off (the best you can do, if you buy We Are Legion and Master of Sorcery, along with Breath of Change) is come into close quarters, Gaze/Breath one target, and Bolt another. Then you might charge the infantry.

But, you don't want to buy Breath because you have to get close, and that's assault-range close, and you're not really capable in melee. (3 attacks means you might nail 1-2 guys on average in melee.)

The other thing to consider:
For 220 points and the same HQ slot, I can get a pair of Tzeentch chariots with Gaze, Bolt, the ability to fire both, and the ability to fire at different targets...why would I want to take the thunder-chicken? Plus, the enemy has to target them separately, and I have the speed to avoid rapid-fire range if I work at it.

"It's not rocket science. Do what you must, or curl up and die."
-Mr. Blues
Posted: Jan 20 2009, 05:28 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 31
Member No.: 1,859
Joined: 12-December 08

Didn't want to come across as making it out that you were wrong... I'm purely going from personal experiance (mind that it was last edition with Deamon Princes)

I always found a T6 MC to be a pain for my enemies, no matter the CC ability... only 3 attacks? thats likely 2 dead opponents, which in all honesty isn't bad at all.. they'll get few attacks back (especially if you've just Breath-ed them) and you can probably win combat and maybe not break them, but be safe for their turn from shooting...

If the Deamon Prince kit was out i'd be soo tempted to run a winged 'Zilla list... as it stands, I like the LoC due to it being fast enough to make up for a poor DS, and being average in combat so it can stand up on it's own.. Also brings with it Soul thingy, so may even (dont rely on it) take out a character now and then...

Don't get me wrong, the bloodthirster has wings too, but not much to do on the turn it lands, which is why I like the LoC... Even a bit of shooting is a bit of shooting, and i personally wouldn't use Bolt if i could take a better upgrade... leaving tanks for the deamonettes or the screamers...
Posted: Dec 14 2009, 03:05 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 16
Member No.: 2,272
Joined: 10-December 09

Personally I've found that fiends of slaneesh work well agaisnt vehicles, with a unit of 6 that charges your getting 36 rending attacks= at least 1 rend on a vehicle that moved 6" last turn, 6 rends on a stationary one. They also scare people with their potential 24" charge range, and HaR (from sopofiric musk) helps to keep you from getting bogged down in protracted combats, which the fiends dont excel at.

Personally I dont rate daemonettes, seem overpriced, had they have been 11 or 12 points then maybe but 14 is too much considering that for 2 points more you can get a bloodletter who is superior in every way except initiative and lack of fleet. Plaguebearers are great for objectives, a bit :s for any killing that actually has to be done. I do run 2-3 5 man units, depending on the game's point size just for their objecive claiming ability. Stick 'em in cover next to the objective and go to ground, and youve got 3+ cover with FNP to back it up.
Posted: Jan 19 2010, 06:48 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 29
Member No.: 2,305
Joined: 13-January 10

hmmm I am now wondering if my choice of going on a Nurgle intensive list is such a wise choice, seeing as the PB's have been nerfed. This read was possibly too informative for it has now seeded doubt into my mind as to wether or not the list I have been pondering on is worth building or not. I will have to ruminate on this matter later. Thank you Ramon for this informative breakdown on the army list and upgrades.

user posted imageuser posted image
Posted: Apr 6 2010, 05:42 PM

Lil' Nurgling

Group: Members
Posts: 11
Member No.: 2,331
Joined: 18-February 10

Very good smile.gif

We're happy that most Khorne units turned out to be viable, let alone awesome biggrin.gif

The critique on the lesser powers was nice too tongue.gif

We are Legion
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