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 1000 point DoC vs Ogre, Quickie
Lord Tremendous
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 10:29 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 175
Member No.: 3,065
Joined: 23-February 12

Got a fast game in today at the local store. THe wife wasn't looking! SHHHHH!!!!

My list:

Hearld of Nurgle (General)
Slime trail

Hearld of Tzenntch

20 X Blood letters w FC

23 X Plague Bearers w FC
Icon of eternal virulance

4 X Flamers w UC

His list:
Butcher (No idea what... if any items he had)

Bruiser w BSB (No idea if he had any items)

7 X Ironguts with bellower

7 X Bulls with Standard and bellower

5 X Leadbelchers

Turn one. I manuvered my Bloodletters around the left flank about 7 inches. Not enough for him to charge me but enough to make him come forward. PB's went forward about 5 and the flamers moved up 4. Magic saw me roll 6 dice.... which turned up 5 1's and a 2... Needless to say magic phase was null. Shooting saw me out of range. His turn saw him do what ogres do... move forward. THe bulls were heading towards my letters as the guts went to play with my PB's. THe belchers went after the flamers. His magic saw trollguts go off at the big 12" range level his belchers put a single wound on the flamers.

Turn two. THe Letters charge into the bulls (Just made it), the pb's move up just a bit so that the guts feel the need to charge. and the flamers stay put because the belchers moved into range. Magic was another mess of 1s and twos which made for an easy dispell.... but shooting... oh man. 2 of the 3 belchers ate flaming death but made their panic. Combat saw the letters do what they do dropping a bull and putting 2 wounds on another as well as carveing a wound out of the butcher. Their counter attack took out 2 letters but gave me the combat. 2 quick failed breaks later and the bulls got run down as they tried to flee from such a superior foe. In his half the guts rolled box cars. (Eh well) and slammed into my PBs. The belchers tried to charge the flamers but failed and lost 1 more from my stand and shoot reaction. With the butcher run down there was no magic and his shooting had to reload. Combat saw me lose 6 PBs but take a gut and put 2 wounds on the bruiser in exchange. I lost combat but I rolled a 3 and was able to perserve my unit another round. (My dice luck is so random)

Turn 3. The letters turn to face the guts that are giving my PB's the buisness. nothing else moves. Magic sees me get flickering flame of tzeentch off with four 6s and 2 4s. for a whooping 4 STR 3 hits... 1 wounded... and my opponent promptly rolls a 6 on his AS. So my HoTZ rolls a 3 on the miscast chart, takes a wound and sends a flamer back to the warp... but rolls a four on the "Back to the warp for spell caster training" roll. I decided magic is kaput for the rest of the game.Shooting saw the belchers reduced to 1 and combat saw all but 2 guts get killed. I lost 5 more PB's but poisoned wounds with the Banner of virulence really saves my hide. They make their break test but at this point my opponent surrenders and we all get together to go over his list.

It was my first game against the ogres (Been out of the country for a bit) but I played them pretty competitively about 2 years ago... or maybe 3... I dunno. It was interesting to see how the new book really bolstered them with their spells and such but at the same time alot of what made ogres ogres was still there. Once my opponent gets some more experiance under his belt and a few more models I'm sure my next report wont be so one sided.

For now though... more glory for the demons of chaos.


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