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Title: WHFB 2500pt Mono Nurgle
Description: Tournaments & Social, once more

Haamphri - February 12, 2012 09:08 AM (GMT)
Around about 9 years ago I had a bit of a purple patch where I won a great string of tournaments here in Sydney over an 18 month span (due, I should emphasise, to an awesome amount of luck), starting with an Undead army but played for the latter 12 months of that time with a Nurgle daemon army (which even back then, was entirely comprised of OOP miniatures):

The Children of the Regurgitation

I basically faded away to the pont of stopping playing almost everything around three years ago, and have had a string of flirtations with other gaming systems before recently returning back to the GWiverse. I decided that I wanted to do a common theme across all gaming systems, and after a pretty deep & meaningful bit of naval gazing along the lines of Orcs/ Orks, I've basically come home to the arms of Papa Nurgle.

I am very slowly raising Plague Marine, Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl & WHFB Chaos Warrior forces (when I get bored doing one, I switch), and I've decided to dust off the blessed Children & have some fun with them in the interim.

What I'm looking to start with in Ye Olde Standard 2500pt Gayme is:

Great Unclean One: L4 caster, with Vapours + Slime Trail

Herald: BSB, with Great Standard of Sundering + Slime Trail
Herald: L1 caster, with Staff of Nurgle

34 Plaguebearers: Plagueridden + Standard Bearer with Standard of Seeping Decay
34 Plaguebearers: Plagueridden + Standard Bearer with Icon of Eternal Virulence
14 Plaguebearers
7 Furies

5 Nurgling mobs (which I originally had shelved for another 14 strong Plaguebearer host, but what's a Nurgle Daemonic Host without the wee scamps? :rolleyes: )

When the Heralds dive into the main Plaguebearer mobs (making them divisible by 7) there'll be 7 units on the table, and the total number of stands is 98 (again, divisible by the blessed #7). There's nothing unfluffy about being anal concerning Papa, is there? :P

I'm not hung up by any silly notions of tournament domination (that sort of luck is well & truly over), but the ole Children still look OK (I have them marching across a sea of vomit, with various other sentient beings drowning in the mire at their inevitably pongy feet), and I do have a sentimental spot for them. I'm just hoping for challenging games, lots of laughs, and a chance to once more top up my supply of outrageous lies, exaggerations & boasts.

Will they be fun to play and resonably balanced/ competitive?

(Any and all suggestions gratefully ingested.)

LAV-Kitsune- - February 13, 2012 11:06 AM (GMT)
Now this is fun fun! Nurgle theme is always so much fun to play and I really enjoy this theme the most. I would switch some gifts on the characters though. Vapous isnt that special gift for GuO since he can drop opponents I to 1 anyway with his signature spell but instead you could give him and heralds breath weapon. For 25pts thats quite magnificent and easily adds more points to your toll of pestilence, making everything more powerful. It also helps big time in breaking steadfast units, as not only it reduces numbers greatly but also gives you good amount of killpoints. Slime trail is pretty useless gift, as you really do not care that extra point of combat resolution most of the time. I would also drop the standard of sundering and get 7 more plaguebearers to your smaller unit for example. Then the unit would be big enough to do atleast some fighting of its own and you already have level 4 dispeller in there. And if you had points, you could split nurglings to 2 units of 3 to pester war machines and enemy flanks. But with epidemius buffs, unit of 5 will also work great. Your biggest threat will be shadow and death lores initiative test instant death spells, so bevare of those...

und_ed - February 13, 2012 12:57 PM (GMT)
I'd probably turf epidemius. He's one of those pieces that looks pretty, but if you're honest about him you're only taking him for the Tally.

The problem with the Tally is that once you've gotten it up to a solid count, you've won the gae already with that many casualties.

smaller things like the level 1 Herald and the Staff you'll soon find are just no real use in 8th Ed, but that is easy enough to change out.

I actually really like the sundering standard, and in an army without a spell-breaker I think it's almost essential. Magic can do nasty things to you in a damage sense, but well-placed buffs can completely ruin you, so I like some real protection against that one all-important buff turn.


LAV-Kitsune- - February 14, 2012 10:01 AM (GMT)
I disagree with this. Toll can be activated really easily on early stages of the game where victory is not yet certain. Considering that one could use breath weapons to steadfast unit and kill ~10 in one turn and up the toll quite much. Also spells like Plaguewind and breath can really make the toll jump up quickly. Brute force Plaguewind through with 6 dice to opponents horde of 40 models and suddenly you got yourself toll of 20 with 6 extra dangerous nurglings.

Also level 1 mages and wand work fantastically with epidemius since they both benefit from toll boost. In the end herald will be casting with +4 and using his rod with +3 bonuses, so both can work with one dice only. For this reason even army with several rods of nurgle and epidemius can work great. Also rod is actually quite reliable way of killing things if herald is in a unit where he gets rerolls to wound.

In general Epidemius list works very differently from normal lists and things that are usually pretty avarage or even bad can work quite decently on epidemius list. Toughest thing is protecting Epidemius from all the harm though...

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