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Title: New member here
Description: and I need some help

Muhahapu - September 2, 2011 09:48 PM (GMT)
Hi everyone,

I've been a wargamer for half my life, but never seriously gamed until recently. I am coming from playing Warmachine/Hordes (great game) as I recently was interested in the models of warhammer.

After trying warhammer 40k recently, my opinion of it is negative. It seems like a game of dice rolling, and despite how good the models look, I couldn't continue with it. Now I am looking at warhammer fantasy which is hopefully more tactical, and Chaos daemons in particular as I have old models from the past.

One thing that discouraged me from starting warhammer was that there was that my friends didn't play it, only warmachine. Apart from playing with people I already knew, the whole "walk into a store and play with a stranger concept" is weird to me.

Maybe you guys can help me with starting off chaos daemons with the models I already have (from chaos space marines) in the thread I started in the list discussion forums, or tell me about Warhammer fantasy and it's community in this one.

Anyways, I hope that you guys can help me out.

DaemonReign - September 4, 2011 11:42 PM (GMT)
I don't play 40k all though I know a fair bit about it, concerning Warmachine I only have the most rudimentary knowledge - basically, I'm 100% Warhammer Fantasy. hehe

I say this, because it's needed as a sort of disclaimer for what I am about to say next:

As of your dilemma with having few people to play against - because I agree and I'm just like you: I never play pick up games, tournaments, or any games what-so-ever outside of the closely shut group of (4) guys that is our gamning group. ... Well, I don't want to discourage you but basically if you can't get at least one of your friends to tag along for some Fantasy Battles then I would personally probably not get into a new system (all by my lonesome).

That being said, I also think you should be looking for something a little different in Fantasy (as well as 40k) compared to what you get when playing Warmachine. I believe these "tactics" that you mention as a requirement for fun is something that you probably need to reassess.

Warhammer is more the kind of game where you set things up and then "lose yourself" in the crazy stuff that happens down on the game-board. You cannot win a game of Warhammer by "calculating every risk" and "making every right move" - if the dice are against you, if you're deployment gets funny, if there is a scenario you haven't planned for, wierd arcane structure popping up while generating terrain.. well.. just about anything can happen..

The balance - which I believe you are used to from Warmachine to a greater extent - is still There in Fantasy - in the shape of Chaos rather than point-for-point fairness.

I mean, all the above is why I love Warhammer, in fact, I should say Fantasy because Fantasy alone is so much fun I never play 40k unless we're talking Dawn of War (or the coming Space Marine game of course).

Here and Here are two battle reports that displays exactly what I am talking about. Two epic Warhammer battles that were oh-so-much fun to play, that had little or nothing to do with what I think you would describe as "tactics".

Of course there are tactics, that's not the point, the point is that you are much less in "control" - and my assertion is that this is actually one of the best things about Warhammer (aside of the vast model range, the depth of the fluff, the tradition that comes with being the Biggest Original (&Best?) )

Just some thoughts...

Welcome to the forum!

squalie - September 5, 2011 02:23 PM (GMT)
Welcome to the site!

zhambah - September 5, 2011 03:07 PM (GMT)
while what reign said is all true, i would like to say that fantasy is more tactical that 40k

also, welcome :)

DaemonReign - September 5, 2011 07:33 PM (GMT)
Yeah Zhambah and I should underline, put in bold and italic text that while I've read alot of fluff I've never played a single game of 40k so.. haha.. When I said that I know a fair bit about it, I meant just that - and only compared to someone who basically knows 'nothing'. ;)

zhambah - September 5, 2011 10:21 PM (GMT)
heh, well i come from playing 40k, so i thought i would put my 2 cents in :)

LAV-Kitsune- - September 12, 2011 05:07 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Muhahapu @ Sep 2 2011, 11:48 PM)
After trying warhammer 40k recently, my opinion of it is negative. It seems like a game of dice rolling, and despite how good the models look, I couldn't continue with it.

As one particular guy in our gaming group said, "40k is just a bling bling kimble, not a strategy game". I have to agree what he said, 40k is more of casual dice rolling no matter how I try to force myself on thinking that it requires tactical eye *laughs*. Anyway, welcome to the forums, I hope you like it here =)

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