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Title: Round #2 of the Ard Boyz
Description: GoC battle report

GeneralofChaos - May 23, 2011 04:44 AM (GMT)
This past weekend was the Ard Boyz semi finals, I almost passed on the event. As I came down with a nasty head cold and between the medicine, it made me feel a bit out of it. But I ended up going and took the 95 min drive to Rochester NY. [almost did not go] There was a total of 22 player's who signed up at the store. Even some Canadians made the trip down. I knew about half the field from tournaments in the past. If I could shake off the nasty head cold, I felt I could have a good time.

My list:

Fateweaver [General]

Khorne Herald [BSB] w/ Armour of Khorne & Banner of Sundering
Nurgle Herald w/ Stream of Bile
Slaanesh Herald w/ Torment Blade & Sirens Song
Tzeentch Herald w/ Master of Sorcery & Spellbreaker
Blue Scribe

38 Bloodletters w/ Icon of Endless War & full command
26 Daemonetts w/ Banner of Ecstasy & Champ
18 Plaguebearers w/ Banner of Seeping Decay & Champ
5 Furies
5 Furies

6 Flamers
6 Flamers

Game #1 Carl Winters High Elves, I meet Carl before at a Syracuse Event. He ran a fully painted 3,000 point army.

The scenario was The Changer of Ways, every time a caster cast a spell or use a bound item. [roll a D6] On a 1 model must roll on the miscast table. For victory points a enemy general 5 pts, enemy character 2 pts, core units 2 points, special units 4 points and rare points 8 pts.

His list:


Noble [BSB] Dragon Armour, Shield & Banner of the World Dragon

30 Spearmen w/ FC
20 Archers w/Musc
20 Archers w/Musc

5 Dragon Princes
25 Phoenix Guard w/ FC, Armour of Caledron & Banner of Sorcery
25 Swordmasters w/ FC & Ironcurse Icon
27 White Lions w/FC, Gem of Courage & Banner of Eternal Flame

Great Eagle
Great Eagle

Battle Summary: It looked like it was going to be a magical battle of Teclis Vs Fateweaver but it did not turn out that way. My opponent used the Lore of Shadows, but thanks to the Banner of Sundering. A few times Teclis did not make his casting total. I was nervous about Pit of Shades, I took wht my opponent gave me and threatened his Teclis unit with my Horde of Bloodletters. My 2 units of Flamers took control of a building in the middle of the table. So I did what my army did best, shoot and blast away with magic. I tried to cast Final Trasmutation and Dwellers Below every chance I could. Knocking down his units and blasting away with Flamers shooting. It worked like a charm and the game finished pretty fast.

Massacre with 23/24 points

MVP of the game: Fateweaver

Final thoughts: Carl was fun opponent and good sport, I enjoyed our game very much. He wished me the best and felt my list was good and could go pretty far.

Game #2 John ???? [Da Boyz club] & Daemons of Chaos. Myself and a fellow Syracuse gamers was supposed to play and John was suppose to play another Da Boyz gamer. Since we had massacre in the 1st round, we where allowed to switch opponents. John said he played Brian [his club mate like 5 times that week] So I had no problem making the change. Plus it was time for Daemon on Daemon hate crime.

The scenario was Crazed Fanatic, you had to land on the Fanatic and pass a strength test for a extra 5 bonus points. Plus the mission was Dawn Attack!

His list:

Great Unclean One w/ Balesword & Noxious Vapours

Herald of Khorne w/ Armour of Khorne and Firestorm Blade
Herald of Nurgle w/ Staff of Nurgle
Herald of Tzeentch BSB w/ Great Icon of Despair, Wing Horror & MoS [light]

28 Bloodletters w/ Icon of Endless War & Champ
5 Furies
5 Furies
16 Horrors w/Standard
23 Plaguebearers w/ Standard of Seeping Decay & Champ

8 Fiends of Slaanesh

Battle Summary: I got lucky and stole the roll to go first, I knew I had to damage the Great Unclean One. So round #2 I parked a little over 17 inches from him, cast Withering -3 T then Firestorm and Bolt of Change at him. Was able to get off the Withering and Bolt of Change for 5 big wounds. The Flamers then took him out in the shooting phase, this gave me a huge advantage.

After that I moved the flamers into a building and had fun blasting away at his large unit of Fiends. John was then forced to take some risks, moving his units forward. So my Bloodlettters charged his unit. Won the combat and he was now fighting a uphill battle. Plus my dice where hot and I was blasting away with Fateweaver over and over again. Cast Final Transmutation to kill off Epidemious, that pretty much sums up the game.

Massacre with 26/26 points

MVP: Withering and Flamers to take out the Great Unclean One

Final thoughts: John was a fun opponent and never complained once. If I could give out a sportsman vote? It would have went to him. He represented Da Boyz very well.

rest of the report to be cont...


GeneralofChaos - May 23, 2011 12:55 PM (GMT)
Going into the final game, I'am tied for 1st place with my next opponent. So my game plan was to secure the win and get a few bonus points. My opponent Frank was thinking the same thing. As we both knew we had a nice lead on the rest of the field.

My opponent was Frank Delangle and his Lizardmen army

I meet Frank first about 5-6 years ago, up in Ottawa at a Canadian Conflict. Real good guy and we played once before. Back when I playe my Super Herd Beast army. So I knew he was a top notch player.

The scenario was Wez is Betas Dan Yoz, with the mission being Blood & Glory.

His list:

Slaan Mage-Priest w/Crown of Command, Diadem of Power, Banner of Eternal Flame, Obsiden Amulet, Focus of Mystery, Focused Rumination & Becalming Cogitation

Saurus Oldblood w/shield, Sword of Antihero's, Dawn Stone, Armour of Fortune & Potion of Speed

Skink Priest w/Cube of Darkness & Ironcurse Icon

40 Saurus Warriors w/ FC
23 Skinks & 3 Kroxigors w/ FC & Javelin
23 Skinks & 3 Kroxigors w/ FC & Javelin
15 Skinks & 2 Kroxigors w/ FC & Javelin
15 Skinks & 2 Kroxigors w/ FC & Javelin

10 Chamelelion Skinks

3 Salamender Hunting Packs & 11 Skink Handlers
3 Salamender Hunting Packs & 11 Skink Handlers

Battle Summary: The game went back and forth with lot's of shooting and very few combats in the first few rounds. He rolled a lot of Poision Ataacks and shot out my Blue Scribe. I smacked them with a nasty Bolt of Change and did damage back knocking the unit down to 2 models. His magic with Shadows had little effect, his cube of Darkness cost me a big turn with a lot of casting dice. I target his Krox units w/Skinks and should have targeted the Salamander Hunting Pack. When comat did come, My Daemonetts took on his Saurus Warriors, I had won the first few combats [thanks to combat buffs] But the Crown of Command kept the unit safe. In the end the unit of Daemonetts lost and got destroyed. I ended up losing my Flamers and Tz Herald in a building thanks to his Salamanders flaming breath weapon. [flame + building = bad thing for unit inside] I round 5 & 6 my dice failed me for rolling for Casting Dice, I rolled double 1's and in the last round of the game rolled a 1 & 3. Back and forth crazy game of Warhammer.

Final result a 10/25 points [only way both of us, could have been knocked out of 1st place] My opponent scored 11/25 and took 2nd place.

MVP: Building and Flaming attack

Final thoughts: Went 2-0-1 and finished in 3rd place. So I move on to finals of the Ard Boyz. I was lucky and got to play against 3 fun opponents. Plus it's nice to win free models at a free tournament. Just wish I did not have this nasty head cold. Between the Head Cold and medicine. I was a little out of it, after 9 hours of gaming.


gjnoronh - May 25, 2011 12:00 AM (GMT)
Congratulations George nice showing.

I've been thinking about fielding Epidemius - I haven't done so yet. What did you think about him? Seems like the list could have had more nurgle models to make better use of him.

GeneralofChaos - May 25, 2011 04:03 AM (GMT)
I took Epidemious out with Dwellers Below, so he had no effect on our game. But I was told he pretty good and with a army with two units of Plaguebearers. He is very good.


Finnigan2004 - May 25, 2011 11:56 PM (GMT)
Once again, well played sir. Hope things go great in the next round.

GeneralofChaos - May 26, 2011 03:51 PM (GMT)
Do not think this is my year, two events and both time 3rd place. I just might be a victim for the next round of the Finals of the Ard Boyz.


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