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Title: new daemons 1500

wizuriel - October 20, 2008 04:47 AM (GMT)

New to 40k so debating if want to buy a few more models to make a daemon force. What i'm looking at in theory is something lke this

GUO + breath of chaos = 190

3 Flamers of Tzeentch - 105
3 Flamers of Tzeentch - 105
3 bloodcrushers = 120

10 Plaguebearers = 150
10 bloodletters + chaos icon = 170
10 daemonettes + chaos icon = 150
10 daemonettes + chaos icon = 150

soul grinder + full upgrades = 185
soul grinder + phlegm = 160

total = 1485

any thoughts on how it would play?

general idea is have in group a:
1 of the daemonettes group
the blood letters
1 soul grinders
blood crushers
and GUO

everything else in B

trying to make the list so not totally screwed if the wrong one starts on the field

lithium - October 29, 2008 12:18 AM (GMT)
Looks good to me...have you tried it out? I can only speak for what I've used so:

I don't like the soul grinders, I prefer Daemon princes and I've never played with daemonettes so can't talk about them.
You should change the Icon in the bloodletters to the plaguebearers, they're more resilient so you can get them in first and bring the close combat waves after and behind them so the get some protection when arrived.

Good luck with it ;)

Daemon King - October 31, 2008 12:37 AM (GMT)
Overall looks good, only things i would do differently-

1. Dont bother with two Soul Grinders, although not a tactic i've tried, i have heard that it does not work so well. Do not underestimate the ability of a Daemon Price with wings to turn the tide of battle, so i would try and make room for one tooled up DP (especially if going up against Nids at any point... eurgh... Daemons vs Nids...)

2. Give the PB the icon, fair enough if you dont have the models, but its a simple hack and slash conversion to give a PB a chaos icon.

Overall it looks good, and i would like to see how it fairs in games!

Cheers for posting


Btw, more Horrors. Always more Horrors. :P

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