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Title: grr
Description: its just my luck

Khabuldashudeth - November 1, 2005 05:14 PM (GMT)
Ok so I finally get a digital camera, finally start working on my miniatures again (life, its a pain sometimes...), and my monitor goes and messes up. So not only can't I see my own pictures (properly) to decide which are worthy to post, I can't see anyone elses either.... its done it before though so hopefully will sort out before I take a sledgehammer to it.... now where's that one year guarantee...?

/rant over/

Kristov - November 7, 2005 06:32 AM (GMT)
ARGH! I know exactly how you feel, my first computer I built myself I bought a 19 inch monitor and it died on me after a year and a half, had a three year warranty but I couldn't find it:( Was pissed so I was going to buy the same one and switch the outside casing on the moniter (it's there fault, why should I have to keep the records for my warranty if I'M the one whose going to benefit from it? :) ) Anyway, I opened up the old moniter and BAM! Serial number inside too :(. I was going to just switch the serial stickers too but my conscious got teh best of me (I was 16 and thought I'd go to jail if they caught me) Anyway, I ended up eating the cost of the moniter AND I WILL CURSE THAT EVENT TILL THE END OF MY DAYS!!!!

Sorry for the rant, love your pics you put up though, hope the guardian angel of moniters gives you a new one.


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