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 " Vice Faction "
Posted by Kyoko~chan - 12-24-07 01:01 - 0 comments
This is an online flash series about people with "special powers" and I think it's pretty awesome considering I get to play a character in it. Her name is Alana Williams and her powers are pretty sweet as you'll first get to see in more
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 My first post
Posted by Iorrniuno - 10-15-07 10:39 - 0 comments
Hello all.
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 "Dark Realms"
Posted by Kyoko~chan - 05-21-07 02:47 - 0 comments
Hola, everyone! I would like to share something with all of you. One of my hobbies is amateur voice acting and I'm involved in a good handful of projects. My very lastest is this:

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 "Knock Knock!"
Posted by Kyoko~chan - 04-5-07 01:42 - 0 comments
Greetings, all!

I've recently sent an audition to be on some dude's flash movie and he's been having problems filling the rest of the parts so I decided to help him find some people willing to help. Here be the info:
read more
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 Warning to members and views!
Posted by lillychan - 03-31-07 16:25 - 0 comments
Hi Everyone!

Recently the forum has been getting along of spammers posting here. I've been trying my best to keep it clean from all the spam links/posting. If anyone of the members would like to help with cleaning/deleting or have more
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 Anime Calendars for 2007
Posted by Kyoko~chan - 09-8-06 03:10 - 0 comments
Check them out!

I bought three of the eight DBZ ones! read more
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 What type of dragon are you?
Posted by Kyoko~chan - 05-21-06 21:13 - 0 comments
Hello, friends. happy.gif

Have you ever wondered what type of dragon you would be? Well, now is your chanc more
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Posted by lillychan - 03-27-06 04:12 - 0 comments
Hi Everyone!

Well since I've notice that the forum is growing I figure it was about time to post some rules to clear things up/ keep the forum organize!

Please read all the rules before posting!
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 Dragon Ball Z
Posted by Darkice - 06-21-05 23:24 - 0 comments
Hi am new Darkice is the name being evil is my game hmmm sorry that was bad wasn't it lol.

First off wow i never would of guessed a dedication site for my fav dbz char and a pretty damn good one at that actually existed < more
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 Another update soon!
Posted by lillychan - 06-22-04 01:26 - 0 comments
Sorry I haven't been updating in a while. I've just been so busy and haven't had time to update VS! Once I finish up updating my PGSM Fanlisting Site I will be workin more
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