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Posted by: lillychan Oct 1 2007, 12:18 AM
Well votes are in! Here is the result of the 2007 Tsuki Mubi's PGSM Music Video Contest!!!!

2007 Best Character Profile Video
H. A. P. P. Y. by Lady L Black

2007 Best Action Video
Angels by Lady L Black

2007 Best Romance Video
Listen to your Heart by Usagi-chan

2007 Best Drama Video
Goodbye by Maristarr

2007 Best Tribute(only for eps., specials, trailers or for the series)
Remember the senshi by Usagi-chan


2007 Best Video
Angels by Lady L Black

2007 Best Runners's Up Video
Remember the senshi by Usagi-chan

Congratulations to Everyone!!!!! I will be emailing everyone that send in a video and the winners very soon. Also I will make an update over at Tsuki Mubi later this week with the announcement.

Since this year's contest was small I'm hoping for better turn out next year. I do plan on starting the contest again in April 2008 (I will post more information about the next years contest closer to April 2008) and ending in September 2008, And this time (referring to 2008's contest) I will have prizes for all the winners. This year all the winners will receive a email with their certificates.

I wondering since PGSM ended back in 2004 that fandom isn't there anymore for the music videos like it was in the pass 2 years. Let me know what you all think?! I hope to continue with the contest in the future but if I do not reach 20+ videos in 2008 I don't know if it would be worth it enough though I love to run this contest and see what new videos are out there.

On to news about Tsuki Mubi's website
Starting this October I will be working on revamping Tsuki Mubi. At the begining on this year "" review Tsuki Mubi and pointed some things out about the layout. Yes in the pass year I have notice some errors with layout since it is a table layout that was made by DigiAngel aka Nikki-sama of I just haven't had time to work on it. I hope to have the new layout up by the first of the new year. If anyone has any suggestions or like to help out with the site your more and welcome to email me at with "Tsuki Mubi- Site Helper" in the subject line! Thanks!

Also another reminder about the is open and ready for any reviewers that like to take a hand of reviewing any PGSM music videos! If anyone is interest in being a reviewer please check out the page then contact me at with "Tsuki Mubi" Helper" and state in the message you like to help out.

Anyways thanks to all who enter and Congratulations again!

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