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Posted by: lillychan Jan 16 2006, 11:02 PM
Sorry for taking soon long to annouce the winners!!! But here there are!

Tsubi Mubi and ~liveactionsailormoon 's PGSM Music Video Contest Winners!!!!

Best Drama
Arctic Knight's Lonely Heart

Best Tribute
SoldierOfFlames's Always

Best Romance
Princess Kayla's Do What You Have to Do

Best Character Profile
Princess Kayla's Breakaway

Best Action
Blu-Cherri's Moment Fatal

Best Comedy
Princess Kayla's Spice Up Your Life


Best Video Over All
Arctic Knight's Lonely Heart

Runners Up Video
Princess Kayla's Our Lives

Winners if you could please email me I will email you back with your presentation certificates + categories certificates. Everyone that submited a video(s) will be getting presentation certificate + those who won will be getting certificates for their category + Best Video and Runners Up Video winners will get certificate along with a special prize.

Anyways congrats and very sorry for the long delay! I will work on that for this years contest! Maybe I'll ask for some volunteers this time and ideas for prizes.

PS: I posted a message about my BSSMLA site needing a new layout if any one can help me please check out this link---> (last posted) and email me back at thanks! ^.^

Posted by: lillychan Jan 29 2006, 06:01 PM
For those of you that were wondering were to download the winners videos and other entire's videos well I have put this list together for those of you!

Winners Videos:
Arctic Knight's Lonely Heart
Go to Artic Knight's website to videos under PGSM Custom Video. Lonely Heart is the 2nd video listed! Link-

SoldierOfFlames's Always
Go to

Princess Kayla's Do What You Have to Do, Breakaway, Spice Up Your Life and Our Lives:
You can download all her videos from her website (which at the moment seems to be down it should be back up soon) or your welcome to emai her at
Spice Up Your Life-
Our Lives-

Blu-Cherri's Moment Fatal
I can't remember what I did with her email but shes on Shingetsu board and Arctic Knight's forum
You can PM her on Arctic Knight's forum about her video thanks!

Other entires:
Twisted Butterfly's Metal Moon, Rainbow Connection, Piano Kirari and I'm Your Venus
Email Twisted Butterfly at (Note: I do not have any of her video so please don't ask me thanks)
I'm Your Venus-

SoldierOfFlames's Time of my life, Everytime and Stand my ground
Go to,
Stand my ground please email SoldierOfFlames at

Eternal Angel's Broken and Brilliance
Go to

Lizzie's Someone To Love, Over It, Sailor War and Reflection
Go to her website

Hope this helps everyone!

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