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Posted by: lillychan Mar 26 2006, 11:12 PM
Hi Everyone!

Well since I've notice that the forum is growing I figure it was about time to post some rules to clear things up/ keep the forum organize!

Please read all the rules before posting!
1)Stay on Topic! I've notice recently that a few of you are posting off the topics in areas they do not belong. Example any Sailor Moon message please post them under Anime/Manga - Sailor Moon forum not in Vegeta Sanc. Forum.

2)No Double Posting. Use the edit button if you need to fix your topic or update.

3)Please try to avoid posting replies with just one word or smiley.

4)No Cussing, No Arguing- if you have a different opinion, say it nicely, No posting profane pictures/words/etc.

5)Please be friendly.

6)If someone makes you an avatar/sig, please credit them

7)Feel free to start up new topics!

8)Enjoy it here! ^___^

I hope everyone will follow these rules.


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