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Title: Dragon Ball Z
Description: DBZU And Darkice Intro

Darkice - June 21, 2005 11:24 PM (GMT)
Hi am new Darkice is the name being evil is my game hmmm sorry that was bad wasn't it lol.

First off wow i never would of guessed a dedication site for my fav dbz char and a pretty damn good one at that actually existed :).

Ill get to the point i dont mean to be a pain to anyone on my first thread here but does anyone have any idea as to wheather or not dragon ball z uncut is coming over here to the uk ?
god i want it so bad...anyway if so date plz :D.
If no one comes up with anything is there a site you could recommend buying it off ?

PS: I had a scan through the site and those fan pics are No1 seriously talented and definatly not wasted on the saiyen prince ;)

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