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Title: Discussions about the Special Act and Zero Act!
Description: Talk about anything you like!

lillychan - November 12, 2004 02:38 AM (GMT)
Here you can talk about your thoughts or anything dealing with the Special Act and Zero Act.

Special Act will be release to DVD/VHS on November 26 less than 2 weeks away! It takes place years after when Usagi and Mamoru about to get married when Mio returns as Queen Mio and tries to re-forum the Dark Kingdom not before the senshi can do something about it.

Zero Act will be release to DVD/VHS sometime in March of next year (2005). Its the story before Sailor V awakened.

For more information on where to get these products you can check out Sailor Jupiter's Buyer's Guide or if you like you can view my DVD Information Page on my site^.^


vistali1 - November 27, 2004 03:11 AM (GMT)
I just downloaded about 35 eps now. I will dl the rest. I found it is very cute. The girls are cute too, of course. I am also looking for more updated info. for them, the actresses too. Do you think they will come to the united states. about special acts or some other extra stuff. I also would like to know more if you have some ideas. why don't I show u what I have first.

what u talkig about is maybe here:\
s/) - New Legend
s/) - Legend of Kaguya Island

I also found one place to dl the song, right click on the song and save link as. OK? :rolleyes:

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