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Title: Sera Myu Newbie
Description: AKA: What?!? There's more than one???

HikariSenshi - October 16, 2004 04:01 AM (GMT)
So, I just got finished watching my first Myu! But, I hear they change it every year... Is that true, and if it is, where can I get them? Right now, I think I've watched the current cast's performance... *Shrugs* Thanx for your help! :)

azumi - December 19, 2005 03:46 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (HikariSenshi @ Oct 16 2004, 04:01 AM)
このホームページのコンテンツは、株式会社シーフォーテクノロジー の電子透かし

yes, they change it every year ^_~...ha ha ha i also luv watching
sere-myu....i'm thinking of buying it all but now i think i should wait until
the new one comes out first....*_*

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