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Title: I'm the new n00b!!!

CuteGoddess - September 8, 2004 12:25 AM (GMT)
hey everyone my name is Elina im 14. i like anime (yes still a DBZ freak) but now I'm more into owboy Bebop, Inuyasha, and Trigun.

For some reason I never really became Naruto obsessed but thats another story.

So yea... umm... welcome me?

lillychan - September 8, 2004 03:59 PM (GMT)
Welcome to my forum CuteGoddess! Yeah I'm short of a DBZ fan, but I haven't watch it for 4 years. (I've seen all the of Japaneses version of DB, DBZ, DBGT and the Movies/OVAs/Speicals) I'm also a hug Inuyasha fan too^^.....How many eps. have you seen? Just the dub or the sub? I've seen up to 160 fan sub (waiting for 161-165 and the last one hour ep. of Inuyasha 166-167 to be sub) and all 3 movies, but only a few of the dub (which I'm planning to get the first season dub on boxset, which is out!).

I went to your site earlier today and notice that your a Vegeta, so am I! I think he rocks. I don't know if you have seen my Vegeta Sanc site yet. But its a shrine just for Vegeta that I've adpoted from a friend of mine (Subu). Here's the link---> I'm currently working on the rest of the pages! I need to do an update sometime soon^^. Anyway if you like your welcome to affiliate with my Vegeta site if you like?

As for Naruto. I've been reading the manga (in Shonen Jump + online translations too^^) and I've seen up to 65 eps so far of the anime. I know there is 99 eps so far (with the 100 ep airing next week!) + 1 movie thats airing over in Japan. I can't wait to watch the rest of the anime...I let off where Gaara and Sauska are going to fight~!

Anyway feel free to start up any topic you like in any of the forums^^. Thanks for join and I hope you like it here?!


CuteGoddess - September 8, 2004 08:43 PM (GMT)
Inuyasha... well as I said i just started so i'd have to say only about 10 or close to it. Anyways I'd love to affiliate with you but just so you know I'm changing to the site name soon with a new layout. I love your site, I think its really good so far you should keep it up. If you need any help I'm always here, well most of the time. (the only thing i dont do is code layouts cuz I don't know how but graphics and other thing I'm pretty good at).

And thanks ^_^

SecretMoonPrincess - September 9, 2004 10:24 AM (GMT)
Hello! Welcome to the board! ^^

CuteGoddess - September 10, 2004 01:38 AM (GMT)
Tankies thank you ^_^

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