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Title: "Knock Knock!"
Description: Seeking voices for a flash movie

Kyoko~chan - April 5, 2007 01:42 AM (GMT)
Greetings, all!

I've recently sent an audition to be on some dude's flash movie and he's been having problems filling the rest of the parts so I decided to help him find some people willing to help. Here be the info:

3 Voice Actor's Needed
A Banana
A Man
A Deep Voice

Title of Animation: Knock Knock!

Character Lines:

- Banaaana ( Kind of High Pitched - Say naaan in Banana kinda
long. ( Think you know
what I mean. )

Man: - Who's There? ( Calm )
- Who's There? ( Annoyed )
- Who's There? ( Angry )
- Who's There? ( Furious )
- Banana Who? ( Calm )
- Banana Who? ( Annoyed )
- Banana Who? ( Angry )
- Oh.. Orange Who? ( calm )

Deep Voice:
- Knock Knock

Send DEMO file to >
If I cast you, You can send to same email.

Image to ROUGHLY what animation will look like:


So, if you've got a mic and want to give this a try, by all means, DO IT!

Thanks for your time ^_^

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