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Title: What is PGSM?
Description: Information about where to get PGSM!

lillychan - July 17, 2004 01:30 AM (GMT)
What Is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon?
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, aka PGSM is the newsest version of Sailor Moon in Japan. It is a Japanese Live-Action Drama that started airing on TV in october 2003.

Who is the Cast of the Live-Action Sailor Moon TV Show?
Miyuu Sawai - Sailor Moon
Chisaki Hama - Sailor Mercury
Keiko Kitagawa - Sailor Mars
Mew Azama - Sailor Jupiter
Ayaka Komatsu - Sailor Venus/ Sailor V
Jyoji Shibue - Tuxedo Mask
Aya Sugimoto - Queen Beryl

Where Can I download the Show?
If you have Bit Torrent you can get the show on torrent from the following sites:

RAW --
RAW --
SUBTITLED [CoronaVista] --
IRC -- #pgsm, #tv-nihon ZiRC-server
IRC -- #sailormoonlive, IRCHighway-server

Information above came from Justin-chan ^^ Go Justin-chan^^!

Some sites you should check out!
Sailor Moon SoapBox "Genvid">
Serecindra's "Sailor Moon Live" Page>
Sailor Dream- A Guide to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon>
PGSM Live Action Page>

to name a few you can also check my site> for info too^^.


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