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 [ S. T. A. R. S. T. R. U. C. K. ], Tag=KURT
Derek S. Love
Posted: Oct 13 2010, 08:27 AM

Posts: 109
Member No.: 82
Joined: 31-May 10

The day after his audition, Derek was basically on the top of the world. This reason being was because he had made the cut and was able to join the ranks of the people that were already part of the club. More importantly, he was able to join the ranks of Kurt. Now Derek wasn’t on to really say anything when he liked a person, but he definitely could find a friendship in Kurt. They were both gay and from what he knew, they were probably the only two open gay males. Derek didn't know what to really think about that except for the fact that he felt special and that he was happy to be one of the only two gay men of Lima. Well, at least that he knew of.

So that was what led Derek to asking Kurt to come to get something to eat after glee club. It wasn’t like him to actually do that, but he wanted to take the risk and see what would happen. Derek and Mercedes were already great friends but that was just a given. He loved that girl because of her spunky attitude and her in your face type of personality. It was just something that Derek could admire because he himself could be like that too if he wanted. He was sure that Mercedes and he could be great friends, then so could Kurt and himself. That was what he was hoping for as the night would go on, a friendship to actually be sparked between the two. If it went somewhere more, then so be it.

So as Derek was waiting, all he could do was smile, he was excited because of the possibility that he could make a friend and possibly even more at this moment. It was an exciting prospect the think about. Derek liked to meet new people and he loved to make impressions. He knew most of the people that were part of the glee club but for some reason, he really didn't know Kurt. That was probably because they just never really hung around the same circle. That didn't mean that he didn't want to meet Kurt or he was uninterested at all, it was just they really never had the time to talk about things.

Derek continued to wait in the pancake house, just waiting to see the bay that he was actually anxious to meet. Derek wasn’t falling all over himself but it definitely did look like it at the moment. Derek just sat there, sipping his coffee, waiting for something to happen. Anything.

user posted image

Kurt R. Hummel
Posted: Oct 14 2010, 03:22 AM

you mistake the game for being smart.

Posts: 50
Member No.: 158
Joined: 7-August 10

The invitation to go out and catch some dinner with Derek had been something of a surprise to Kurt. There was a part of himself that was telling him to refuse, to focus on the things that were important. Like Trig homework and next week's Glee Club assignment and of course, moving along to figure out the real puzzle that was bothering him. Those love letters that kept appearing in his locker. He was up to three now since they'd started almost four weeks ago and here Kurt was still no closer to unraveling the mystery of it all than he had been when he'd found the first note. So it wasn't unexplainable why Kurt seemed a little hesitant to go anywhere with anyone right now unless of course they were Mercedes.

But Derek did seem like a truly nice guy. Not to mention he had that spark and in your face attitude that made him love Mercedes. So it wasn't as if the two of them wouldn't get along. After all they had far more things in common with one another than Kurt had with most of the people in school. And well Kurt really couldn't find any logical reason as to why he shouldn't have accepted the boy's dinner offer, and after realizing that he couldn't talk himself out of going, Kurt merely resigned to throwing his bag over his shoulder, shutting his locker door and proceeding to exit the school in a safe manner.

After all Kurt knew from past experiences that the rest of Finn's football team still enjoyed lurking around corners. Slushie's waiting and this wasn't a day that Kurt really wanted to end up running home to change. That would probably feel too much like a date for him to stomach. Fate as it wasn't, didn't seem to be siding with Kurt today and the moment he stepped outside of the school he felt the stinging sensation of crushed ice hitting his face. Instinctively, Kurt's eyes crushed themselves shut to avoid anything getting in his eyes and he couldn't stop the sigh from escaping his lips. Thus would always end up being his life. Slushied after school, by a bunch of mindless imbeciles. Wiping the mixture of crushed ice, and corn syrup out of his eyes Kurt shot Azimo a hard look his blue eyes darkening with the spark of anger that was building within him. Although he wasn't stupid enough to do something, one day. He'd find a way to get back at them all.

With his head held high, despite the blue slushie that had cause half of his hairdo to fall flat, Kurt plotted his course right threw them, ignoring the lady taunts as best as he could. This wasn't a battle he could win right now. But at least now he truly wished to be with someone who understood the pain and humiliation. The trip to his house was painless, and after he'd changed and restyled his hair again. Kurt was back on the road heading for the designated spot to meet Derek at. The Pancake house wasn't his first choice, but since Derek had invited him out, Kurt wasn't going to complain. Slipping into the place, he noticed the seat yourself sign and glanced around hoping to find Derek. And after finally spotting him, Kurt made his way over slipping into the booth gracefully across from him. "Sorry about taking so long. I got cornered leaving the school."
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