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 Darwin's Soldiers characters
Posted: Jun 18 2010, 10:40 PM


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Hi all. Here's a complete list of the character profiles for the three Darwin's Soldiers RPs:


First RP debuts

Name: PX-0715-91
Alias: Neku
Creator: StarfallRaptor
Age: 6 Since Creation (Physically and mentally 17)
Species: Anthro Reptile
Faction: Scientists
Specializations: Psi-Powers
Powers: Kinesis (Can move most anything with his mind. Limited to approx. 600 lbs)
ElectroKinesis (Can generate and control electricity from his body, as well as "charge" objects)
Innate ability: Regenerative Factor (Can regrow lost limbs, albeit slowly)
Empath (Can sense strong feelings from others)
Psi-Pin-Lock (Using pins with certain markings, can use unique powers, but requires considerable time to recharge, and is limited to six pin types

Personality: Neku is a kind, though somewhat sarcastic young reptilian psi-experiment. He can usually be found rocking out to his headphones that he got from a researcher, and when he's not wearing them, keeps them around his neck. When the terrorists attacked, he revealed a second, darker persona that is reserved solely for those who have hurt him, and as such is utterly devoid of mercy. He has a basic knowledge of martial arts, which he can use to defend himself as a last resort.

Name: Dr. Rudyard "Rudy" Shelton
Creator: LettuceBacon&Tomato
Age: 40
Species: Human
Faction: Scientists
Specializations: Great understanding of physics, technology, and (to a limited extent) ufology. He often uses analogy and historical references in his dialogue.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: none
Personality: Marginally sarcastic, but usually doesn't talk unless he sees a reason to. Attempts to solve any problem with logic, almost to a fault. Has no intention whatsoever of risking his life for anyone or anything, thank you very much.
Equipment: Other than standard lab equipment (and no weaponry), also carries a chargeable flashlight that doubles as a radio.
This image shows the flashlight in retracted form, and being opened into talkie mode. The crank doubles as a mouthpiece.

Name: Hans Donitz
Creator: f-22 “raptor” ace
Specializations: Ex German army experience with explosives and heavy weaponry has connections to several arms dealers.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: none
Personality:self centered,cruel when it takes a long while with many casualites inflected to suceed in a mission,annoyed with the anti technology group and their ways but keeps it to himself,has been think about defecting so he can see his family again.
Equipment:50 cal Sniper rifle,AK-47,RPG,MG-3 and 2 PPK's, 1 Luger,1 ColtM1911,and a remmington Shotgun

Name:Werner Donitz
Creator: f-22 “raptor” ace
Specializations:Degree in physics,biology
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: none
personality:kind,meek and shy because of being the youngest human on the base
Equipment:two Beratta's and two daggers.

Name: Siberys
Creator: lbt/cty_lover
Age: 25
Species: Anthro Dragon
Faction: Psi-Experiments
Specializations: psychokinesis (up to a ton)
Psi-Powers: telekinesis (mind-reading)
Personality: Siberys has kept his past secret. Until he was chosen as an experiment, he was a researcher on genetics. He used to work out daily, building up his physical strength. He now somewhat resents his experimentation on, though.

Name: James Zanasiu
Creator: Serris
Age: 25
Species: Human
Faction: Scientist
Knowledge: First aid, some weapons familiarity, knowledge of facility layout.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: James is a jovial and friendly man. He appears carefree and irreverent but he can turn serious when the situation demands. He works mainly in the biologic enhancement department but he has spent some time in the weapons department.
Equipment: Colt .45 pistol with 2 15 round magazines.

Name: Victor “Vic” Summers
Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: 32
Species: Human
Faction: Soldier
Specializations: Medical & small arms, minor in engineering
Personality: Cunning, observant, resourceful, rather cautious as he has had no true combat experience

Name: Professor Josephine “Dr. Joe” Smithson
Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: 31
Species: Human
Faction: Scientist
Knowledge: Biochemistry, physics, & psionic research
Personality: Hard-working, independent, devoted to research and care of the experiments

Name: Snow
Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: 6 (maturity of 20)
Species: Anthromorphic White German Shepherd Dog
Faction: Experiments
Specializations: Psionic powers
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: Telepathy (communicate with others to an extent), Pyrokenesis (create and control fire)
Personality: Shy, very cautious, reluctant to be with the scientists and other experiments, now frightened as the terrorists attacked the base

Name: Dr. Yuri Kerzach
Creator: Serris
Age: 34
Species: Cassowary
Faction: Scientist
Knowledge: knows his way around the sublevels, knows about the sublevel inhabitants, has EMT-B level first aid training.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: Fearless, though sometimes crude and acidic. Has a twisted sense of humor.
Equipment: Handheld radio, small swtichblade style pocket knife (not a weapon).

Second RP

Name: Aisha Tennes
Creator: Nick22
Age: 18
Species: Human
Faction: Scientist
Appearance: 5'6, 125 pouns, blue eyes, brown hair, wears reading glasses
Knowledge:Molecular studies, is a student of molecular construction and combination.
Personality: Is a brilliant student, graduated 3 years from Stanford with a PH.D is Biology, which special emphasis on molecular structure. Is currently working as an understudy to Dr. Zaniusu.

Name: Dr. Keith Bailey
Creator: Serris
Age: 53
Species: Anthro Monitor Lizard
Faction: Scientist (Allied)
Knowledge: has access to the base's computer system. Capable of hacking.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement:N/A
Personality: Quiet and reserved. Has no sense of humor. Somewhat cold in personal interactions.
Appearance: A solid dark gold Australian Monitor Lizard with amber colored eyes.

Name: Dr. Ian Branston
Creator: Serris
Age: 40
Species: Anthro Thoroughbred
Faction: Scientist (Dragonstorm)
Knowledge: Facility layout, hacking, skilled at using the Pelvanida computer systems.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: Amoral, clever, sadistic sense of humor, charming and charismatic.
Appearance: A bay Thoroughbred with brown eyes.

Name: Aiko
Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Anthromorphic Akita
Faction: Soldiers
Specialties: Communications, Intelligence, Hacking
Personality: Optimistic, encouranging

Name: Feral Jones
Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Species: Anthromorphic Panther
Faction: Soldiers
Specialties: Intelligence, Small Arms, Hand-to-Hand Combat
Personality: Stern, wry sense of humor, blunt

Name: Ariol
Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: Unknown (mid 20s - 30s)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Dragonstorm?
Specialties: Assassination, Espionage, Explosives
Personality: Cold, ruthless

Name: X-278
Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: 2 (maturity of 18 years)
Gender: Male
Species: Anthromorphic Fennec Fox
Faction: Experiments
Specialties: Kinetic energy discharge (creates explosives out of nothing)
Personality: Isolated, very fearful of everyone

Name: Deathwind
Creator: Mirumoto_Kenjiro
Age: 6 (maturity unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Anthromorphic Wasp
Faction: Dragonstorm
Specialties: High speed (flying), Strength (lifts up to 1 ton), Sonic boom (use of wings), poison sting
Personality: Cruel, merciless

Name: Sgrt Fredrick Rodger Clyco
Creator: Cautizer
Age: 24
Species: Human
Faction: Canadian Military - presumably Allied with good guys
Appearance: brown hair blue eyes and somewhat short. No beard or mustache.
Specializations: Combat and Escort duty.
Personality: Obidient and Silent - rarely speaks directly.

Name: Thomas Stern
Creator: Noname
Age: 23
Species: Human
Class: Soldier (Corporal)
Faction: Allied.
Appearance: White, green eyes, brown hair, 6'5, military fatigues, boots, helmet, gloves, sub-machine.
Specializations: Firearms, explosives.
Personality: Tough, good, quick to fight but quick to trust under the right circumstances


3rd RP debuts

Name: Aimee
Creator: MrDrake
Age: 19
Species: Fox
Faction: Cybernetic Experiment/Good (I think that's correct on how to do it)
Specializations: Hand to hand combat mainly, of course, not as good as how soldiers get them, but still fairly good anyway.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: Both arms are Jax on Mortal Kombat, or that female rabbit on Sonic the Hegehog
Personality: She is rather friendly, yet, fightwise, she gets more serious, but of course, she wouldn't kill, unless need be sort of thing

Name: Shakila
Creator: MrDrake
Age: 17
Species: Feline
Faction: Good
Appearance: She wears pants and a shirt. Her fur is more black than anything else.
Specializations: Hacking, theivery
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: She takes more of a relaxed approach to everything else. Her voice does sound a bit bored at times, but that's just how she is, even if she doesn't mean to. Think of her voice being similar to that of, say, Raven from Teen Titans.

Name: Jayden
Creator: MrDrake
Age: 26
Species: Human
Faction: Police/FBI
Appearance: He wears a suit usually, has short black hair.
Specializations: He's a marksman and a negotiator normally
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: He is rather friendly, but does tend to up hold the law in his own hands

Name: Trinity
Creator: MrDrake
Age: 27
Species: Human
Faction: Unknown, but is evil
Appearance: She usually wears pants, shoes, a shirt and a coat on to keep weapons and what have you inside. She has long black hair as well.
Specializations: Marksman, agility, computer knowledge, hand to hand combat
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: She is rather cold hearted, has no care for human/animal life at all, will shoot and kill anyone without hessitation.

Name: Kain
Creator: MrDrake
Age: Unknown
Species: Reptile
Faction: Scientists/evil
Appearance: He wears shorts and a scientist's jacket over as well. He also has green scales as well.
Knowledge: He has knowledge of how to create Dragonstorm experiments
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: He's a cold hearted, ruthless criminal so to speak, but keeps the location of his facility a secret with the help of Trinity. He, much like Trinity, but on a deeper level, cares nothing for human/animal life at all, especially with always calling Aimee by her "producation" name Subject #17

Name: Subject 19
Creator: MrDrake
Age: Unknown, looks to be about the same age as Aimee
Species: Vulpine
Faction: Dragonstorm Experiment
Appearance: Looks much like how Aimee looks like, except for having normal arms instead of cybernetic arms and the face of it has cracks in it, much like how, say, corruption of darkness or something like that would have as an affect on the skin....well, what one would see in fiction anyway along with a darker fur colour.
Specializations: Killing, blending in to crowds
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: Enhanced Strength, enhanced healing factor and artifical limbs that are able to turn into claws for slicing and dicing people up *dances*
Personality: Shows no remorse at all for who she kills, just basically, gets the job done, one way or another. Why she has the name Subject 19 is because quite simply, Kain cares not for proper names, just giving his experiments numbers instead.

Name: Ethan Garner
Creator: Belmont2500
Species: Human
Faction: Soldier
Appearance: light skin, dark brown spikey hair and blue eyes.
Specializations: Stealth,hand-to-hand combat, firearms, knives and swords.
Personality:Calm and easygoing, Cody always focuses on getting the job done.

Full name: Aydin Marcos
Creator: Noname
Age: 24
Species: Vulpine (like Aimee)
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches. (may be modified)
Weight: Unknown, but greater than a female Vulpine's.
Clothing: Typical human clothing, minus footwear.
Skills: Decent marksman, some knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.
Background: Born on a Vulpine colony, Aydin grew up in an environment typical of his people; little work, much poverty, substandard government services, and few opportunities. He was approached by Dragonstorm agents at the age of 22 to take part in an experiment using stolen telepathic technology. The experiment worked, and a chip was implanted in Aydin's head, granting him the ability to communicate with others with similar chips from a distance. After a while, it was apparent that Dragonstorm was an evil organization, and Aydin defected from them.

Name: Dr. Anne Williams
Creator: Cancerian Tiger
Age: 24
Species: Anthro Red Fox
Faction: Against the Dragonstorm
Specializations: Knowledge of biology
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: (omit or leave blank if not playing as an experiment)
Appearance: 5'2" anthro Red Fox, in good shape. Wears a white lab coat, light blue shirt, and khaki pants.
Personality: Good-natured, though she can have a bad temper if provoked. Has knowledge in martial arts though she normally prefers to fight only as an absolute last resort. Scares easily but will put fears aside to help others. May come across as nerdy or random.
Equipment: (optional)

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