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Posted by: Serris Sep 18 2008, 03:06 PM
This is a science-fiction RP with a slight supernatural twist.

This is the premise:

There exists a large installation known as Pelvanida Complex out in the middle of the Nevada desert. This installation focuses on creating the next generation of soldiers as well as weapons research. The experiments run the gamut from cybernetics to biological enhancement and even psionics. But there has been a disaster, a radical anti-technology terrorist group has attacked the facility and cut it off from the outside world. The experiments and scientists are attempting to resist but they are being systematically killed by the terrorists. An elite group of soldiers have been sent in to deal with the threat, but they underestimate the resources of the terrorists.


Gameplay info:

You can play as the soldiers, experiments, scientists or terrorists.

Scientists - have access to all areas of the base and thus access to the advanced weaponry but they are physically weak and have no combat related skills.

Soldiers - have access to small weaponry (small arms, grenades and the like) from the onset and have access to many combat related skills but have limited access to areas in the base.

Psi-Experiments - have psionic powers but have almost no access to areas in the base and are not too good with technology. They also have no combat related skills.

Cyber-Experiments - masters of technology and have a cybernetic enhancement. But have almost no access to various areas. No combat related skills.

Terrorists - play similar to the soldiers except they have access to heavier weaponry from the onset and don't have access to as much combat related skills.

NOTE: Hybridization is not allowed. IE, you can't play as a combination of a Cyber and Psi Experiment.
NOTE: Scientists do not have access to heavier weapons from the onset. They have be armed with a pistol or an improvised weapon from the onset.
NOTE: Experiments have to be either unarmed or at most, armed with an improvised weapon from the onset.
NOTE: Experiments can side with the terrorists (resentment over being created, perhaps?)
NOTE: Soldiers and scientists are on the same side.
NOTE: All factions may use small arms (scientists and experiments included).
NOTE: Only soldiers and terrorists may use heavier weaponry (RPGs, missile launchers, etc.)
NOTE: Humans and Furries can be any faction.

Other notes:

This is a mixed human and anthro world.

You may have as many characters as you can control

An sample character profile:

Specializations: If playing as a scientist replace with knowledge
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: If not playing as experiment, put N/A or omit this category. Only 1 cybernetic enhancement OR 2 psionic powers are allowed.

And please, join only if you are going to be dedicated to this RP.

Finally, PM me if you have questions and have fun!

Discussion is

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Sep 30 2008, 07:21 PM
Okay! Count me in!

Name: PX-0715-91
Alias: Neku
Age: 6 Since Creation (Physically and mentally 17)
Species: Anthro Reptile
Faction: Scientists
Specializations: Psi-Powers
Powers: Kinesis (Can move most anything with his mind. Limited to approx. 600 lbs)
ElectroKinesis (Can generate and control electricity from his body, as well as "charge" objects)
Innate ability: Regenerative Factor (Can regrow lost limbs, albeit slowly)
Empath (Can sense strong feelings from others)
Psi-Pin-Lock (Using pins with certain markings, can use unique powers, but requires considerable time to recharge, and is limited to six pin types

Personality: Neku is a kind, though somewhat sarcastic young reptilian psi-experiment. He can usually be found rocking out to his headphones that he got from a researcher, and when he's not wearing them, keeps them around his neck. When the terrorists attacked, he revealed a second, darker persona that is reserved solely for those who have hurt him, and as such is utterly devoid of mercy. He has a basic knowledge of martial arts, which he can use to defend himself as a last resort.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Sep 30 2008, 08:26 PM
I've never been one to RP, but this one sounds really interesting, so I'm going to give it a shot!

Name: Dr. Rudyard "Rudy" Shelton
Age: 40
Species: Human
Faction: Scientists
Specializations: Great understanding of physics, technology, and (to a limited extent) temporal mechanics. He often uses analogy and historical references in his dialogue.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: none
Personality: Marginally sarcastic, but usually doesn't talk unless he sees a reason to. Attempts to solve any problem with logic, almost to a fault. Has no intention whatsoever of risking his life for anyone or anything, thank you very much.
Equipment: Other than standard lab equipment (and no weaponry), also carries a chargeable flashlight that doubles as a radio.
user posted image
This image show the flashlight in retracted form, and being opened into talkie mode. The crank doubles as a mouthpiece.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Sep 30 2008, 08:59 PM
I have two characters
Name: Hans Donitz
Specializations: Ex German army experience with explosives and heavy weaponry has connections to several arms dealers.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: none
Personality:self centered,cruel when it takes a long while with many casualites inflected to suceed in a mission,annoyed with the anti technology group and their ways but keeps it to himself,has been think about defecting so he can see his family again.
Equipment:50 cal Sniper rifle,AK-47,RPG,MG-3 and 2 PPK's, 1 Luger,1 ColtM1911,and a remmington Shotgun

Name:Werner Donitz
Specializations:Degree in physics,biology
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: none
personality:kind,meek and shy because of being the youngest human on the base
Equipment:two Beratta's and two daggers.

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Sep 30 2008, 09:54 PM
I might join. If I do, here is my character.

Name: Siberys
Age: 25
Species: Anthro Dragon
Faction: Psi-Experiments
Specializations: psychokinesis (up to a ton)
Psi-Powers: telekinesis (mind-reading)
Personality: Siberys has kept his past secret. Until he was chosen as an experiment, he was a researcher on genetics. He used to work out daily, building up his physical strength. He now somewhat resents his experimentation on, though.

Posted by: Serris Sep 30 2008, 09:54 PM
Name: James Zanasiu
Age: 25
Species: Human
Faction: Scientist
Knowledge: First aid, some weapons familiarity, knowledge of facility layout.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: James is a jovial and friendly man. He appears carefree and irreverent but he can turn serious when the situation demands. He works mainly in the biologic enhancement department but he has spent some time in the weapons department.
Equipment: Colt .45 pistol with 2 15 round magazines.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 1 2008, 08:46 AM
I have an idea. What if the the leader of the base, Commander John Shelton, has left for a hearing with the UN? That means the base is vulnerable, with nobody in official command, which is why the terrorists are attacking now.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 03:00 PM
QUOTE (LettuceBacon&Tomato @ Oct 1 2008, 08:46 AM)
I have an idea. What if the the leader of the base, Commander John Shelton, has left for a hearing with the UN? That means the base is vulnerable, with nobody in official command, which is why the terrorists are attacking now.

That seems like a good idea.

Posted by: Serris Oct 1 2008, 09:45 PM
(OOC - I'm starting now)

James Zanasiu heard shouting and gunfire outside his lab. He ran to the office, opened a drawer and retrieved his pistol.

His assistant, an Anthro Clydesdale simply seized a large pipe from the utility closet and crouched behind a lab table.

He heard pounding on the door, after a few seconds a Human terrorist armed with a 9 mm Beretta kicked the door down and started shooting. James immediately shot the man in the chest and killed him. Another man, also armed with a Beretta entered and saw only the body oh his companion. As he turned to leave, the Clydesdale swung his pipe at the back of the man's head and killed him.

"Let's go!" James shouted.

The Clydesdale grabbed the man's pistol and went through the dead terrorists' equipment. He came away with 3 15 round magazines for the Beretta.

"Ready?" James asked. The gunfire had ceased

The Clydesdale nodded and he followed James into the hallway.

(OOC - A physically weak Clydesdale is still extremely strong by human standards)

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 09:49 PM
Werner was in the office when he heard gun fire he grabbed his Walter PP9 and pointed it at the door he ran out side to come face to face with james. He lowered his gun "James what is going on here,' Werner asked.

Posted by: Serris Oct 1 2008, 09:50 PM
"Werner, there has been a terrorist attack. We need to find as many experiments and scientists as possible and hold out until the military arrives. As long as you can shoot a gun you are fine." James replied.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 09:55 PM
"Yeah I can still shoot,' Werner replied. As soon as he did bullets began wissing by. "Running time,' he said out loud.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 1 2008, 09:57 PM
In the control room, Dr. Shelton frowned as he saw hundreds of red dots converging on the radar. Checking the security cameras, he saw the first of the attackers converge on Dr. Zanasiu's office, where he and a young scientist were under fire.

Shelton hit the intercom hurriedly. "Security Team B, this is Rudy Shelton. Report to Zanasiu's office. This is not a drill."

Posted by: Serris Oct 1 2008, 09:58 PM
"I agree!" James said.

Both he and the Anthro Clydesdale fired back at their attackers as they ran.

"In here!" James said, hurridly opening a steel door.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 10:01 PM
(Ignore this post for now)

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 10:03 PM
"Where our support they should have been here by now,' Werner said to james.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 1 2008, 10:08 PM
Shelton frowned.

"Security Team B?"

He clicked the button again. The radio wasn't crackling. He suddenly realized what that means.

Posted by: Serris Oct 1 2008, 10:09 PM

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 10:15 PM
The terrorists were still firing when the recived a message from one of their commanders "Fall back,' they commander said. "Are you nuts we're fighting to the end,' the terrorist replied. "Fall back now we can deal with that experiement later there are others we can get to,' the commander replied. "Fall back to the rally posistion,' the terrorist yelled to the others as they ran from the area under fire from the security teams.

"We've got them on the run,' Werner said as he shot a fleeing terrorist.

Posted by: Serris Oct 1 2008, 10:18 PM
James got in one last shot to a fleeing terrorist.

"Well. The terrorists are gone but there is no security team." the Clydesdale said with a sigh.

"We'll have to make our own security team." James said.

James grabbed a M-16 and handed it to the Clydesdale, he grabbed a Remington 870 shotgun for himself and he took an AK-47 for Werner.

James and the Clydesdale went through all the bodies and came away with two extra 30 round magazines for each of the rifles and 10 shotgun shells.

"I guess if we are gonna hole up for a siege, then the Advanced Weapons Testing Lab is the place to go." James said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 1 2008, 10:21 PM
Shelton used his private radio-flashlight to contact Zanasiu and Donitz.

"Werner, I tried to get you security but the com's dead. I might be able to get it back up, but it'll take some time. Meanwhile, is there anyway I can help from the control room? I have access to all the base systems from here."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 10:28 PM
the terrorists arrived at their rally point. "Why did we just leave we almost had them,' the terrorist complained to the commander. The leader took his shot gun and fired blowing his head off. "any other questions,' he asked the other terrorists. "None good now go find the other experiements,' he ordered. "Hans I mean sir where do we find them,' another asked. "Just look at the signs on the wall,' hans replied. As the other terrorists ran down the hall hans was unaware that a experiement was behind a wall. "I hate this job the only reason why I joined this group is because they threatened to kill my family soon they will realise that they made a mistake when they did that,' hans thought to himself.

A programmer was watching the scene through a security camrea "So we are dealing with professionals,' the programmer said.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 1 2008, 10:29 PM
A voice from behind Werner and the others spoke up, clearly agitated by what had transpired.
"Wha-What the heck is going on? Who are these guys, and more importantly, why are they shooting at us?"
PX-0715-91, known as Neku asked, looking down the hall, a small spiral of electricity around his hand serving as a visible indicator of his nervousness...

Posted by: Serris Oct 1 2008, 10:29 PM
James grabbed the intercom and activated it.

"See if you can access the defensive turrets near the Advanced Weapons Testing Range. If you can you maybe able to keep terrorists from that area. We will be heading out there to arm ourselves. Also, see if you can call the US military." James said.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 10:33 PM
Hans looked behind the wall and saw the experiement that was watching him. He looked around to make sure no one was around. "I'm gonna let you go this time,' he said to the experiement. the experiement had a look of shock on his face as he turned and ran from hans as fast as he could.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 1 2008, 10:37 PM
"Roger," said Shelton, saluting the radio.

He had an idea. He broadcast a distress call over the international radio, knowing full well the terrorists would jam it. He then carved 'SOS' on a long-range probe droid, which was the same color as the Nevadan desert, and sent it off towards the nearest military base, smiling at his own brilliance.

"Now, onto those AWTR weapon turrets," he muttered, sitting down in a nearby computer console.

To his horror, when he logged into the remote-access mainframe, the screen erupted into color. He recognized the Zwings virus. The terrorists had injected the entire base's programming with bugs!

Shelton hurriedly contacted Zanasiu. "James, the military's been contacted, but the computer mainframe of the entire base has been compromised. I can't help you artillery-wise until you or another team gets to the Central Processing Unit. I'll tell you what to do from there."

Posted by: Serris Oct 1 2008, 10:44 PM
"Oh damn it!" James shouted.

"What?" asked the Clydesdale.

"Terrorists have hacked the Central Processing Unit. They may be able to lock us out of the AWTR or even turn the turrets against us."

"It's too dangerous to head to the Advanced Weapons Testing Range, those turrets will rip us apart." the Clydesdale said.

"Agreed. It's not like we can simply shoot them down either, it takes something like an RPG to destroy them." James said, "Our best bet is to go to the Central Processing Unit and see if we can reestablish control."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 10:44 PM
"Sir,' the programmer said to Shelton "You may want to look at this'. The programmer played the video feed from the hall where Hans was from the minute when the other terrorists arrived to the point when he freeded the experiement that was watching him.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 1 2008, 10:48 PM
From behind Werner, Neku spoke up again.
"Pardon my intruding sir, but I might be able to disable those turrets, if you need me to. Name's Neku. PX-0715-91, by designation. Psychokinetic and Electrokinetic, at your service, sir!"
Neku said, snapping a sharp salute...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 10:50 PM
The experiement that hans released was a psy experiement known as joey to everyone ran up tho the group. "Joey what were you running from,' werner asked. Joey stood there trying to catch his breath "Some terrorist in hall 32B,' he said in between breaths.

Posted by: Serris Oct 1 2008, 11:03 PM
"Excellent!" the Clydesdale said.

"Uh, I don't think electrokinesis is going to help. These turrets are shielded from electromagentic interference." James replied, "However, battering them with a heavy object may disable them."

"So, what's our first target?" the Clydesdale asked.

"The AWTR. The terrorists may be very heavily armed and we need some weapons." James replied.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 1 2008, 11:06 PM
After viewing the video feed, Shelton raised one eyebrow. He contacted Zanasiu.

"Also, if you come across a terrorist that looks like a 30-year old version of Warner. Don't kill him. He might be on our side."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 11:06 PM
"Tells us about him,' werner said to joey. "Well I was watching him give orders to the others well he noticed I was there but he let me go for some reason,' joey told them. "That is strange,' werner said.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 1 2008, 11:14 PM
"Copy that,' a security team member replied.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 2 2008, 12:29 AM
(Note: If anyone ever needs Shelton to do something for them from the control room, just contact him, and you have my permission to make him do what you need. Just phrase it something like this:

The soldier activated the radio. "Shelton, get the lights on in Hallway 3-D!"

After a few seconds, the lights flicker on.


Just so the story can continue easily.)

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 2 2008, 05:36 AM
"What on Earth is going on?" Siberys thought to himself as he heard the gunshots.

"What is going on, Neku?" He asked one of the other experiments. HIs wings flapped in concern.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 2 2008, 05:34 PM
Neku looked at Siberys, momentarily startled, then replied...
"We're under some sort of attack by Terrorists! I'm not sure how they got in here, or what they're after, but they're dangerous! We're heading towards the Advanced Weapons Testing Range, but who knows how many guys are between us and there. You gonna come with us?"
He then turned towards James.
"I was thinking option two. Are they shielded against being pulled out of the walls?"
He said, grinning somewhat...

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 2 2008, 06:21 PM
Siberys closed his eyes to think about it. On one hand, he could be injured by the terrorists. On the other hand, he could help to secure the base.

"Sure. I'm coming." He said after a few moments of thought.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 2 2008, 08:08 PM
werner checked the clip in his AK and reloaded it. "I was running low anyway,' he muttered to himself.

Posted by: Serris Oct 3 2008, 04:37 PM
James turned to Neku. "I don't know how much force it takes to pull them off the ceiling. The turrets weigh a half ton, at least, thanks to that armor. If you can weaken the bolts securing the turret, gravity should pull them down."

"Shouldn't we take radios, so we can contact Shelton?" the Clydesdale asked.

"Yeah." James replied. He took 5 radios and handed them to the Clydesdale, Werner, Siberys, Neku and kept one for himself.

"Are we ready now?" James asked the assembled group.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 3 2008, 04:51 PM
"Good to go,' werner said giving james a thumbs up.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 3 2008, 07:30 PM
(OOC: Nuts...missed the opening... But I got most of my chars ready! Here they are:

Name: Victor “Vic” Summers
Age: 32
Species: Human
Faction: Soldier
Specializations: Medical & small arms, minor in engineering
Personality: Cunning, observant, resourceful, rather cautious as he has had no true combat experience

Name: Professor Josephine “Dr. Joe” Smithson
Age: 31
Species: Human
Faction: Scientist
Knowledge: Biochemistry, physics, & psionic research
Personality: Hard-working, independent, devoted to research and care of the experiments

Name: Snow
Age: 6 (maturity of 20)
Species: Anthromorphic White German Shepherd Dog
Faction: Experiments
Specializations: Psionic powers
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: Telepathy (communicate with others to an extent), Pyrokenesis (create and control fire)
Personality: Shy, very cautious, reluctant to be with the scientists and other experiments, now frightened as the terrorists attacked the base

I have a terrorist in the works, so he'll be in shortly)

Meanwhile, things had not gone smoothly in other parts of the base. The research wing where Dr. Joe and two other scientists were also hit by terrorists. One scientist was killed immediately, and several compressed canisters erupted when the killers tried to shoot the second trying to escape. The entire room, and the terrorists, was engulfed in flames. Dr. Joe managed to hide in some metal cabinets when the chamber exploded, causing most of the ceiling to collapse and trap her inside. The explosion also shattered the glass of nearby holding containers, where several other experiments resided. All except one were killed in the blast, the lone survivor a frightened anthro dog, huddled in a corner of her room and shivered with fear...

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 3 2008, 07:39 PM
Neku accepted the radio, clipping it onto his belt.
"Right. I'm set. Hey, Siberys. You think you could give me a hand with getting those turrets off the walls? I could totally do it myself, but it'd get done faster if we teamed up."
He grinned, then turned towards James.
"Half a ton, huh? Then I might just be able to give those terrorists a little 'surprise'"
He chuckled, cracking his neck and turning down the hallway...

Posted by: Serris Oct 3 2008, 08:00 PM
A loud explosion tore through the air.

"What was that?" The Clydesdale asked.

"I don't know but we can't deal with it right now." James replied.

"I'll call for help." The Clydesdale pulled the radio from his pocket.

"Shelton, there's been an explosion in the Biologics Wing! We need you to send over a security squad."

After a few seconds, Shelton's voice crackled on. "Roger that. Security Team 6 is en route."


"The AWTR is this way." James said, walking down a large metallic hallway. There were bullet holes and casings everywhere.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 3 2008, 08:25 PM
Neku walked besides James, scanning the hallway.
"What happened here? Whatever it was, it was pretty nasty, I'm guessing. How far to the Test Range?"
He asked, kicking at a bullet case idly...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 3 2008, 08:44 PM
Werner looked around at the bodies of the scientists and terrorists "Well if any did survive the before the explosion they'd be dead no,' he said.

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 3 2008, 10:56 PM
Siberys ran to catch up to Neku. "So, what's the plan, James?" Siberys asked.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 3 2008, 11:30 PM
"This reminds me of my grandfather's war stories,' werner said. "Still things were different back then you told me about that time in your history remember,' joey said.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 3 2008, 11:52 PM
Neku gave Siberys a nod, then turned to Joey.
"Oh hey. I forgot to ask you. You're a psy, right? What powers do you have?"
He asked, smiling broadly...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 3 2008, 11:55 PM
"I can move objects with my mind,' joey replied demonstrating by moving the debreis close to "DR. Joe".

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 4 2008, 12:10 AM
Neku's eye twitched for a moment, then he turned towards the rubble, tilting his head curiously.
"Hey guys...? I think there are people here. I'm gonna try to get them out."
He leaned as close as he could to the wreckage, saying...
"Okay...If anyone's in there, just stay calm. We'll try to get you out."
He then flipped on his headphones, shutting his eyes and moving several medium-sized pieces of debris. He saw Dr. Joe and Snow, a fellow elemental-control experiment, and he smiled faintly as he continued moving detritus away...

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 4 2008, 10:04 AM
"Same here, Neku. I can move up to a ton." Siberys replied.

Siberys began to help with moving the debris, moving some of the larger pieces away.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 4 2008, 11:25 AM
Shelton's voice crackled through the radio. "Might I recommend we split into two teams, and one of them cleans out the Central Processing Unit? 'Cause I can't give you any technological or weaponry-related support until that virus is eradicated!"

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 4 2008, 01:23 PM
Neku shook his head.
"That sounds fine and dandy and all, but it's just too darn risky. We just don't know how many there are between us and the goals. I think we should stick close."
He said into his radio, looking at the group...

Posted by: Serris Oct 4 2008, 01:36 PM
"Neku, we should not split up. We do not know how many terrorists are present and what they are armed with." James said.

The Clydesdale said nothing as he headed over to where Neku and Siberys were moving rubble. He then helped in pulling away some smaller pieces.

"This...doesn't look... like a... lab accident.." the Clydesdale grunted as he lifted a large fragment of a lab bench away from the rubble pile.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 4 2008, 01:40 PM
Shelton shrugged. "It's your call, mates. I'll see if I can make do up here. Oh, and FYI, I'm picking up a life sign or possibly more extremely close to your position, but the radar doesn't say whether they're terrorists or survivors. Recommend using extreme caution before approaching anything alive."

Shelton turned to the programmer. "Let's try and get the cameras working in their area. I'd like to see what's going on."

Posted by: Serris Oct 4 2008, 01:43 PM
James picked up the radio and listened to Shelton's statement.

"Roger that." James said into the radio. He then turned to Werner, "Shelton has detected life signs near us. We need to be on guard. It's possible that they are survivors from this explosion but I think they are more likely to be terrorists because it doesn't look like anyone survived."

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 4 2008, 02:58 PM
Dr. Joe struggled to get the door opened, but it was closed tight by the tons of rubble when the ceiling collapsed. She paused suddenly, hearing noises from outside, but it was hard to make out the voices. Her heart began to pound in her chest, anticipating the worst to happen when she is discovered...when she heard a voice call out. Perhaps other survivors?

"Who's out there?" she called back. "I need help!"

Snow continued to shiver as she cowered in her corner, her sensitive ears twitched as she picked up sounds of someone nearby, digging through the mess. She was aware the human scientist was still alive underneath the concrete, but her fear kept her from moving an inch to investigate.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 4 2008, 08:45 PM
Neku shook his head.
"They aren't terrorists. I'm feeling no hostility from them. They're scared beyond belief, but that's all I'm feeling. I think we can trust them."
He said, lifting another piece of rubble and pushing it aside...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 4 2008, 08:59 PM
Well we'll find out who they are when we finish clearing this debries,' werner said.

Posted by: Serris Oct 4 2008, 11:07 PM
"I'll stay here and guard while you guys are cleaning up." James said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 4 2008, 11:22 PM
In the control room...

"Can you make the image look a little clearer?" asked Shelton, frowning at the blue-tone monitors.

The programmer cautioned, "The FPS will be slower..."

"Just do it."

The programmer nodded, running the video feeds through a filter. The image cleared considerably, just in time for them to see the last of the debris cleared.

A soldier radioed up. “Who is that?”

Shelton knew the scientist by sight, but froze-framed and ran the dog’s image through the personnel files. “That’s Dr. Josephine Smithson from Biochem,” he responded. “And Balto there is Experiment 09-K, classified 'Snow.' " He whistled, reading about pyro-powers the dog possessed. "And I'd advise not pissing it off."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 4 2008, 11:55 PM
Neku looked into the hole he had created, and his breath caught in his throat.
He gasped, seeing a familiar member of the group he had been created and tested with sitting there. Not to mention, he had a bit of a soft spot for the canine...

Posted by: Serris Oct 6 2008, 02:17 PM
"We got a survivor!" The Clydesdale shouted, spotting Neku's expression.

"Who is it?" James asked, "Werner, stay here and guard the door, yell if you need help."

James then headed over to the Clydesdale, who was now moving some more debris so the survivor could be assisted out.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 6 2008, 04:54 PM
Neku turned, pushing another piece of rubble away, then smiled at James and the Clydesdale.
"It's Dr. Joe and one of the other experiments. Her name's Snow, and she's a pyrokinetic. We were created together, same as me and Siberys. She's a little shy, but I think she'll be a big help."
He said, eagerly...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 6 2008, 04:55 PM
werner nodded his head and clutched his AK tightly while watching the halls.

Posted by: Serris Oct 6 2008, 05:06 PM
"Are they all right?" James asked, concern obvious in his voice.

"We don't know until we get them free." the Clydesdale said, pulling Snow from the rubble.

James shrugged and reached down to help clear the debris away from Dr. Joe.

After a few moments, he cleared the debris away and nodded to the Clydesdale, who kneeled down and pulled Dr. Joe from the rubble.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 6 2008, 05:25 PM
"We got company and it looks like they're not friendly,' werner yelled before letting off a burst into the hall.

Posted by: Serris Oct 6 2008, 06:00 PM
"Neku! Siberys! Monitor those two!" James shouted over the gunfire.

James and the Clydesdale ran to Werner's side. A group of terrorists charged down the hallway.

James fired twice with his shotgun and the Clydesdale let loose a burst from his M-16. A terrorist received a shotgun blast to the torso and went down, another terrorist received a .223 bullet to the head.

The terrorists returned fire as James and the Clydesdale ducked behind the doorframe.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 6 2008, 06:04 PM
Snow heard her name being called as some of the rubble gave way, but the voice was familiar. She turned her head slightly so that she could see that the broken concrete was being pulled away. She saw a large hole in the pile and the anxious face of Neku one the other side. Her breath slowed a bit in relief, but she was clearly shivering in shock of the explosion as she was being pulled out.

Dr. Joe waited anxiously as the debris on top of the cabinet was cleared out and she could finally open the door to see a familiar faces of James and the Clydesdale. "Oh thank heavens," she let out a deep breath as she regained her footing. "Where are the others?" She looked around to find how much the room was truly damaged, and her eyes fell on Snow, the only other survivor of the explosion.

Snow gave nervous looks around as she slowly began to recognize the others around her...when a burst of gun fire nearby caused her to jump with fright. Danger was coming back...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 6 2008, 07:00 PM
"We've got another squad coming from your 6 o'clock!" Shelton yelled through the radio. "I've airlocked the doors, but they've got an Anthro Dragon; it won't hold them for long! James, just FYI, there's a dead guy with a bazooka three feet to your left! Neku! See if you can convince Balto to give us some pyro-backup!"

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 6 2008, 07:58 PM
"Neku, do you think that if we worked together, we could keep these guys back for a little while?" Siberys asked.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 6 2008, 09:17 PM
Neku nodded.
"I think we could do it for a moment or two. Hey, Snow. You think we should show them our joint abilities? Sparks and fire, that'll teach them, right?"
He asked, smiling at her, grasping her hand in his gently...

Next to the approaching terrorists, a figure appeared out of thin air. Cale, an anthro chameleon who was dead-set against the humans who had made him, stalked beside the forces, holding a black, bloodied blade. He was also of the Psy-Experiments, a user of electricity, who used his power to destroy those who had created him...

Posted by: Serris Oct 6 2008, 09:18 PM
James picked up the bazooka. "I'm more comfortable with small arms." he said, handing it over to the Clydesdale.

The Clydesdale accepted the bazooka and prepared to use it.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 7 2008, 07:27 PM
A soldier knelt on one knee, firing a Patton tribute pistol into the hallway.

Suddenly, what looked like a tazer blast knocked him into the far wall.

Shelton leaned forward. "What the hell was that?"

Whatever it had come from had vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Shelton turned the camera to focus on the spot. He could barely make out an outline...

Suddenly a flash of electric blue light filled the monitor, and the screens turned to static.

The programmer turned to Shelton. "Sir, did you see--?"

"Yeah, I did." Shelton tried the radio. No one picked up. "And I sure hope they did too, because we have no way of warning them."

Posted by: Serris Oct 8 2008, 09:18 PM
A smell of ozone reached James's nostrils.

"Did something short out?" James asked. He stuck his head into the hallway and noticed the smell had gotten stronger. He noticed an unconscious soldier by the wall and he noticed the scorch marks on him.

He returned back to the lab. "Guys! There is a soldier outside and it looks like he was electrocuted but there's no loose wires." James said.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 8 2008, 09:25 PM
Werner walked over to the soilder and looked around "I don't know guys I feel like we're being watched,' werner said.

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 8 2008, 10:00 PM
"Hmm, let me check the area." Siberys said, searching for minds with his telepathic abilities.

"There is a person here, but I can't see him."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 9 2008, 12:03 AM
Neku's eyes narrowed, and he let a sharp hiss of breath escape from between his clenched teeth.
He whispered to himself, then turned towards the others.
"It's another psy. Cale, the chameleon. He's electrokinetic, same as me. Watch out..."
He said, eyes flitting around the room...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 9 2008, 09:38 AM
One of the experiements looked around and asked "Which one of them is cale,' he asked.

Posted by: Serris Oct 9 2008, 10:13 AM
"Let me guess Cale is an enemy right?" the Clydesdale said, readying his M-16.

"Be careful, I have heard from Cale's scientist that he has the ability to bend light around himself and make himself seemingly disappear." James said.

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 9 2008, 11:21 AM
"Uh yeah. I can't really give a direction. However, he is in that general area." Siberys said, pointing down the way they were heading.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 9 2008, 05:18 PM
Neku looked in the direction indicated, creating an electric spiral around his free hand.
"Right. I'll flush him out, shall I?"
He asked, a menacing look crossing his face...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 9 2008, 07:11 PM
"Guys," Shelton warned. "He's armed. According to his profile, he has the ability to create glass weaponry out of superheated particles, similar to lightning strikes creating fulgurites on beaches. That means his blades are easy to destroy, but, due to their unstable nature, will shoot glass shards everywhere when you bust them. Keep your eyes covered if possible.

"Also, see if you can find a water source. Excessive contact with conductible liquids will short Cale out for brief periods of time. Just make sure not to short out Neku in the process."

Posted by: Serris Oct 9 2008, 11:27 PM
"Roger that." James said into the radio.

The Clydesdale came across a bottle filled with saline. "I wonder if this will work against Cale."

"According to Shelton, Cale and Neku can be shorted out for a short time by conductive liquids. This should work fine, although if we do use it we must be careful to avoid hitting Neku." James replied, "Now we need to do something about his glass weapons. My lab coat should protect my arms and body but I need eye protection. I'm glad that my lab coat is acid and fireproof."

"I'll check the goggle cabinets." The Clydesdale then walked over to where a large piece of rubble blocked what appeared to be a goggle cabinet. He moved the piece of rubble aside and opened the cabinet, inside, undamaged was a set of goggles. He picked out a pair made for equines for himself and a pair of safety glasses that resembled shooting glasses for James.

He then handed the shooting glasses to James.

"We found a goggle cabinet, so if you want a pair come take one." James said.

(OOC- To get an idea of what type of goggles the Clydesdale would be wearing see this: Only imagine that the shield fully encloses the eyes.)

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 9 2008, 11:45 PM
"Actually, I think a saline solution would work better than water. Saline is more conductive than water. Something to do with the salt. Can we get a scientist's info on this. After we have dealt with the problem at hand, though." Siberys said, walking over to the goggles cabinet and grabbing a set that would fit him the best.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 9 2008, 11:49 PM
Neku walked over to the closet, grabbing a pair of goggles that closely resembled sunglasses, then shook his head.
"Wait a sec. Why am I so worried? I have my Psychokinesis to fall back on. I can just push the shards away, and I can keep the water away, too. Oh, ah well. Better safe than sorry, right?"
He said, grinning grimly...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 10 2008, 12:23 AM
Shelton cut in.

"You're right, Siberys. Salt water has an electrical conductivity that's from 100 to 1,000 times greater than normal water. That saline solution is your Holy Grail against Cale, use it wisely."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 10 2008, 07:59 PM
Werner found a pair of saftey glasses on a dead scientist and put them on. "Well we ready,' he asked james

Posted by: Serris Oct 10 2008, 08:12 PM
James had just put on his shooting glasses. "Yep."

"Neku, do you know how we can detect this experiment?" the Clydesdale asked, "I don't want to waste either bullets or saline trying to hit him."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 10 2008, 10:24 PM
Neku nodded.
"I can try. Siberys, which direction is he in? I can flush him out with my lightning. Either he'll block it, or he'll light up like a Christmas tree!"
He said, sparks flickering around his arm...

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 10 2008, 10:34 PM
"Down the hallway in front of us. Hes on the right, but I can't tell you how far away from us he is, movements he is about to make, or what he is doing." Siberys replied.

Posted by: Serris Oct 10 2008, 10:47 PM
"Good enough, Neku." James replied.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 10 2008, 10:47 PM
Neku smirked.
"Right. You guys might wanna get back. Things are gonna get a little bright."
He said, unleashing a torrent of electricity in the direction Siberys had indicated.
Cale saw the blast coming, and in a moment, his own electrical attack met Neku's, forcing him to drop his camouflage...

Posted by: Serris Oct 10 2008, 10:59 PM
"There!" James shouted.

The Clydesdale let loose a brief burst from his M-16 in the direction of Neku's lightning attack. "I think I got him!" he shouted as he changed the magazine of his weapon.

"Ok, Let's see if we can run before he gets back up." James said, "All ready?"

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 11 2008, 12:32 AM
"I'll lock the doors and cut power to the hallway once you're out," interjected Shelton. "Go!"

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 11 2008, 12:37 AM
Cale's eyes flared open, and he fried the door locks with a bolt of lightning.
"Ohhh, no. That hurt. So, since I'm clearly not wanted, I'll go for now. However, let me leave you with a...parting GIFT!"
He yelled, creating thousands of glass shards and hurling them at the fleeing group. Neku turned, knowing that he would be alright, thanks to his glasses, but then a thought hit him.
"Crap! Dr. Joe and Snow didn't get a chance to grab protection!"
He said, more to himself, as he turned around and projected a Psychokinetic wall in front of the group, stopping the shards as they made contact, scattering them harmlessly to the floor around himself. He stood for a second, panting, then staggered and started to fall...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 11 2008, 12:44 AM
"Damn," breathed Shelton, trying in vain to remotely dislodge the doors. "Slain by my own sword..."

He switched radio frequencies. "To any and all surviving medical-slash-security personnel, please report to the hallway proximal to the AWTR, if at all possible."

He scanned the radar. The red dots were regrouping. Zanasiu's team was safe from terrorists for now. It was Cale they had to worry about.

Which one of them was holding the saline solution?

Posted by: Serris Oct 11 2008, 11:44 AM
"I've got an idea!" the Clydesdale shouted, holding up the bottle of saline.

"Go for it!" James said.

The Clydesdale ran to Cale and poured about a quarter of the bottle of saline on him. "Enjoy."

The Clydesdale ran back to the group. "Cale's out for a bit."

"Good!" James said.

They then followed the rest of the group.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 11 2008, 12:00 PM
Cale screamed in pain as he fell to the ground, electricity crackling over his body.
"DAMN YOU!!! You'll pay! I swear it!!!!"
He yelled at the retreating group, curses continuing from him as Neku and the others escaped...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 11 2008, 01:00 PM
...and all the doors locked and the lights cut out.

"Take that, sucker," smiled Shelton. He radioed back to Zanasiu and the others. "Are we all okay over there? Do we have time to go fix the Central Processing Unit now?"

Posted by: Serris Oct 13 2008, 03:46 PM
James picked up the radio and radio Sheldon. "Yeah, I think we'll have time to get to the Central Processing Unit. Besides, there's a good chance we can't get into the other labs to rescue the scientists and other experiments, thanks to the electronic locks."

"Dr. Joe, are you capable of using a weapon?" the Clydesdale asked, "Uh, James is it necessary we keep the bazooka?"

"Yeah. We may need it in case some of the more dangerous experiments turn on us."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 13 2008, 09:49 PM
Neku nodded.
"Yeah. There are a few of the other experiments, a few that have powers far greater than most. I know of at least one that is housed in the deeps. Sublevel five. There's another one, a bioboosted cyberweapon named First Lieutenant Roy Hawkeye. Last I heard, he's being kept in the Weapons Test Range, in some sort of cryo storage. Once we get the CPU running, we should search him out. He might be able to help."
He said, then turned back towards Snow, offering her his hand.
"Are you coming, Snow?"

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 14 2008, 09:55 PM
"I don't know, Neku. I heard that a few of the experiments in cryo-storage were considered extremely unstable emotionally. They could turn on us and join the terrorists." Siberys said, his tail swinging back in forth with some concern.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 14 2008, 10:33 PM
Werner kept a close watch on the hall as he held his AK closley.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 14 2008, 11:46 PM
Neku shook his head.
"If I remember right, Hawkeye was only placed there because of damage incurred to his armor and himself during a test flight. Crash, or something. It's the ones on Sublevel Five that we have to worry about..."
He said, suddenly a bit nervous...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 15 2008, 12:59 AM
Shelton clicked his tongue impatiently. "The CPU, people? We can wrestle with the Sublevel inhabitants after I've regained control of the weapon systems. CPU's two hallways, one staircase, and a locked door east of your current position."

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 15 2008, 04:59 PM
Snow was paralyzed by the fight in the hallway, that Dr. Joe had to push her to get her moving. The white Shepherd was struggling to keep her heart rate under control, when Neku again offered his hand to her. She hesitated, but then took his paw with her own, and followed.

Dr. Joe wiped some sweat from her dusty brow as she listened to the Clydesdale. "I was taught to use a handgun when I was a teenager," she replied. "And I don't think a handgun is useful with these terrorists now..."


Meanwhile, in another part of the base, Vic, fully-suited, medical bag over his shoulder, and rifle in hand, cautiously and quietly slipped through the dim hallways. He was in the soldier's locker room when an explosion ripped the metal door from its hinges and two gunmen jumped in and started firing all over the place. Vic had to dive away from the barrage and drew his Glock, hitting the first terrorist in the neck and putting three in the second's chest. Now he's on the move to find any survivors nearby...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 15 2008, 09:15 PM
Shelton sighed in relief when the team finally reached the CPU. "Awesome. Now let's debug.

"The Zed-Wings virus is composed of sophisticated micro-machines infiltrating the CPU's structural machinery, and hacking into systems directly from the motherboard. To get rid of them, you need to shut the CPU down completely, the plug connecting it to it's power source is underneath. Then, short out the circuts with a close-range disruptor charge; Neku, your eletrokinetic abilities will come in handy here. Then turn it back on, and I'll get you your defense turrets."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 15 2008, 09:57 PM
Neku nodded.
"Right. I'll try to do my best. Just tell me what to do, Shelton."
He said, connecting his headphones to his radio, ready to do his part to help. He smiled at Snow, then turned back towards the CPU...

Posted by: Serris Oct 15 2008, 10:18 PM
"Dr. Joe, everyone who can use a weapon should take one. Even a pistol is better than nothing." James said, handing his Colt .45 and the magazines to Dr. Joe.

The Clydesdale was standing by Neku in case he needed to help lift anything.

Zach then resumed his position by the door, next to Werner.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 15 2008, 10:28 PM
"Before doing anything, Neku, pull the plug underneath the CPU. That separates it not only from its power source, but from the rest of the base's systems.

"Then, Neku, the circuit panel is on the left side of the CPU's outer casing. Remove the plastic covering, and give it a good zap directly into the flow wires. Nobody should be touching the machine while he does this. Once you stop, replug it in, and I'll check the status."

The radar blinked to his left. Shelton turned on the cameras in that area. A terrorist group with flame launchers inched towards a T-junction.
Shelton broadcast back to Zanasiu and the others.

"And all of you be on guard. There's a 33% chance a terrorist blast team will be coming your way."

(OOC - They're not going to. I've got other plans for these terrorists.)

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 15 2008, 11:02 PM
"Right. I hear ya, Shelton. I'm disconnecting the thing now."
Neku said, puling the plug out from the machine, then setting to work on the side covering.
"Right. Got it off. Everyone step back. Okay...Here goes nothing..."
Neku muttered, unleashing a current into the two wires he had been instructed to, hoping it would work. He waited a moment for the excess charge to wear off, then plugged the CPU back in.
"Well, Shelton? We got anything?"

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 16 2008, 12:12 AM
Shelton quickly logged onto the main server, and scanned the motherboard.

There was no trace of the Zwings virus.

"You did it, Neku! All systems go! Rerouting the self-defense systems to obey vocal commands from us scientists, Siberys, and Snow. If you need an auto turret to do your bidding, just ask it."

The flame thrower-toting terrorists had reached the middle of the T-junction and were deciding whether to go right or left. If they chose left, they'd march right towards Zanasiu and the others.

"C'mon, march to the right..." Shelton muttered.

Tense seconds passed in the control room. Suddenly, the terrorists pivoted and started running down the center hallway.

Shelton's heart leapt into his throat. He punched the intercom.

"Mayday! Mayday! They're heading for this control room! My control room! Help!"

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 16 2008, 03:52 PM
"We need to act now. Who will go to take out the terrorists heading towards Shelton?" Siberys asked. He began to motion towards the door.

"I'm going. Who else is with me? By the way, sorry Neku. You need to stay here until the CPU is fixed."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 16 2008, 03:57 PM
I'm comming with you,' werner said puttin the ak in his left hand.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 16 2008, 04:51 PM
Dr. Joe took the gun and magazines and cocked the slide back to check, and then stuffed the extra magazines into her lab coat pocket. She stood next to Snow, whom was watching Neku work with the CPU.


Vic turned some more corners when he came across a body of one of the soldiers, his back riddled with bullets. He knew he was dead, but he check his pulse just in case...when a static crackle and a panic voice came through the corpse's headseat. The voice belonged to Shelton, and someone's about to rain in on his parade in a few moments. He quickly unhooked the headset from the soldier's neck and strapped it on himself. "Shelton, this is Vic. Come in! I need your location so I can help!"

Posted by: Serris Oct 16 2008, 05:37 PM
James and the Clydesdale looked at Siberys.

"We're coming." they said in unison.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 16 2008, 06:15 PM
A quiet voice from the doorway spoke up.
"I'll go with the group helping out Shelton. Name's Kagetora. Ex-Vigoorian Tactical Ninja."
The figure who had spoken was a man clad in tightly-fitted black cloth, holding a submachine gun in his hand. His face was covered in cloths, and his eyes were masked by a set of night-vision goggles. Across his back were a pair of swords. He looked at them for a moment longer, then spoke again.
"If we are planning to help Shelton, I suggest we move out now..."

Neku ignored him, focusing on the CPU, and even more so on Snow...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 16 2008, 07:43 PM
The programmer with Shelton slid open a desk, which contained two Derringers. He threw one to Shelton. "C'mon. we have to defend the entrance."

"Are you crazy?" Shelton exclaimed, fumbling and dropping the pistol. "I haven't fired one of these in my life!"

"Just me then. Stay safe." The programmer narrowed his eyes, and darted into the hallway.

Shelton started to call him back, but another voice interrupted him from the radio: "Come in! I need your location so I can help!"

Shelton didn't care who that was, just hit the button back and yelled, "Main control room, north of the AWTR, and there's only two of us! Estimate less than a minute before they get here! Hurry!"

Posted by: Serris Oct 16 2008, 08:02 PM
James along with the rest of the group rushed to Shelton's control room.

"Shelton! We're at the end of the hallway and I don't know if we have enough firepower; we have one bazooka." James said into the radio.

"Ok, this is going to be intense." the Clydesdale said, preparing to load a rocket into his bazooka.

James reloaded his shotgun. "Ok, gang ready?"

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 16 2008, 08:12 PM
A pyro-missile rocketed down the hallway, colliding with the blast door. The door was wrenched out of the wall with a twisting screech of metal, and crashed to a grinding halt at the group's feet. The terrorist flame squad appeared in the doorway, guns blazing.

Shelton stumbled to his knees as bullets went whizzing all around him. He dived to the left, rolling underneath the control panel. Above him, another jet of flame char-blasted the radar and computers above him into a mess of sparking live wires.

Posted by: Serris Oct 16 2008, 08:18 PM
The Clydesdale fired first, he shot a rocket into the wall near the terrorists. The shrapnel and the explosion had its intended effect.

James also started shooting. He killed 3 terrorists and struck several more.

"SHELTON! ARE YOU OK?!" James shouted over the noise of battle.

The terrorists began to turn their attention to the rescue group.

James crouched behind the wall to reload, several bullets struck the wall just as he crouched behind it. "I have to get more ammo!" he shouted, "I only have 5 rounds left."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 16 2008, 09:53 PM
Werner fired off a clips and looked for more but couldn't find any "I'm out of ammo,' he yelled.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 16 2008, 09:55 PM
Just then, two of the terrorists fell, deep slashes across their backs. Kagetora stood behind them, blades unsheathed, and then lunged a third, kicking him to the ground before sheathing his right hand sword, drawing his submachine gun, and firing several rounds into his fallen foe before dodging a counterattack from the next foe.
"James, Shelton. Are you alright?"
His voice crackled over the radios, as he ducked into cover behind another wall...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 16 2008, 10:34 PM
"Fine," gasped Shelton. "Just fine!"

He crawled forward, choking on smoke as he hugged the wall, trying to avoid the live wires dancing behind him.

The smoke cleared for an instant, and he realized he was on the wrong side of the room: the others were firing from the far wall, and he was barely ten feet away from the terrorists!

He collapsed, and crossed himself for the first time in his life, when suddenly the window above him shattered, and a four-man squad of military troopers rappelled into the room. They instantly took up positions around Shelton.

"Come on, men!" yelled the leader, brandishing an Elite 1A. "Let's show these Tangos who's boss!"

(OOC: I'm intending this to be our military back-up; they only sent one team because Shelton didn't specify the nature of the emergency. But we can change this fact if need be. Serris, if you had other plans for the military back-up we can always just call for more.)

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 16 2008, 10:47 PM
werner noticed 2 PPK's that had been dropped he picked them up and charged the terrorist position screaming at the top of his lings firing the two PPk's.

Posted by: Serris Oct 17 2008, 10:33 PM
James ran to the nearby guard shack. He noticed that the guard had been shot. He grabbed 20 shotgun shells from the safe and 3 30 round AK magazines from the same safe.

He reloaded and ran back to the control room. He handed the magazines to Werner.

"James! We got some soldiers here!" the Clydesdale shouted.

"Good!" James took cover behind the wall. "Give me your rifle!"

The Clydesdale handed the rifle over to James and accepted the shotgun. James then provided some fire support for the soldiers.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 17 2008, 10:41 PM
Werner threw down the pistols and grabbed the AK mags as he ran by james let off a burst before getting shot in the shoulder and both knees falling to the floor still firing off his Ak.

Posted by: Serris Oct 17 2008, 10:44 PM
"Werner! Are you all right!" the Clydesdale shouted over the gunfire. He shot three more terrorists; almost immediately after James shot two more terrorists.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 17 2008, 10:53 PM
Werner shot the last terrorist there before saying "I'm ok but it looks like I'll have to stay with shelton since I won't be walking fo a while,' werner said while cleaning his wounds.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 18 2008, 12:59 AM
A soldier nudged Shelton in the ribs with his boot. "Hey, Newton, you can get up now."

Shelton frowned at him while getting to his feet. "Overjoyed." He peered out the busted window. "Who are you? Where's the rest of you?"

The commander answered the first question. "Cobalt Squad, from Carson City Camp. Sent to identify and aid in the eradication of an unknown disturbance."

Shelton gawked. "You're our back-up?!? They only sent four jarheads to stop a terrorist invasion?!?"

"Hey," the commander protested, "you sent us a probe droid with 'S.O.S.' on the side, how were we supposed to know what that meant?"

Shelton turned away in disgust. "Never mind." He cast his flashlight beam through the smoky control room, catching Werner in the beam. He stalked over to Werner, ripping off a portion of his lab coat to use as a tourniquet.

Posted by: Serris Oct 19 2008, 01:27 PM
"Werner. We'll have to leave you here with Shelton. Is that ok with you?" James said. He looked at the rest of the group. "So anyone ready for more adrenaline pumping shootouts?"

"Yeah. I guess the AWTR is our next target?" the Clydesdale said.


Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 19 2008, 02:05 PM
'Yeah it's ok I better get some rest while I heal up,' werner said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 19 2008, 02:21 PM
Shelton whistled slowly as he examined Werner's knees. "This is pretty extensive damage, and I don't have a first aid or anything. I'll do what I can to speed up the recovery process, but I'm not a medical doctor by trade." He looked up at Zanasiu. "If you come across any surviving medical personnel, send them up immediately. I'll need all the help I can get."

"Take this then," said one of the troopers, throwing Shelton a small pouch.

There was a clink of glass as Shelton caught it. "It's a start," said Shelton, examining the contents. "Still, getting some actual medics at some point would be great."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 19 2008, 02:35 PM
"Well as my father used to say to me when you don't know use the manuel,' werner said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 19 2008, 02:48 PM
"You're being very trusting of someone who hasn't taken Athletic Training since high school," commented Shelton nervously, looking around the room. "Everything in this room has been demolished. I need a laptop before I can check the medical database."

"We'll get you one," said the military commander. He made a hand gesture, and the troopers exited out the far door.


Meanwhile, the terrorist commander stroked his beard, watching his men's progress in the main lobby. He checked his gel-screen PDA. It showed five of seven objectives greenlit.

An aide ran up to him. "Sir, the Pelvanida's military back-up has arrived. No more resistance will be coming from outside."

The commander smiled. "Good, then we can move on with Phase Two of the Master Plan."

(OOC: Serris? Do you have some sort of plan with the terrorists, or is it okay that I add this substory in?)

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 19 2008, 03:11 PM
Hans walked up to the terrorist commander and said "Sir our foward unit failed to take the control room.'

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 19 2008, 03:28 PM
The commander scowled. "This won't be as easy as I thought. No matter. As long as we keep them out of this main lobby, away from the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, it's only a matter of time. Donitz, head down to the hangar and oversee the transportation of the concave mirrors."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 19 2008, 03:39 PM
'Yes sir,' hans said before walking off thinking to himself "it's only a matter of time before you will learn what happens to people who threaten my family,.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 19 2008, 05:42 PM
Kagetora nodded his head.
"Should I accompany the unit headed to the AWTR? Or shall I stay here and guard these two?"
"Yeah. Same here. I'll head towards the weapons room, if it's chill with you."
Neku said, stepping around the corner with Snow...

Cale appeared next to the commander, nodding his head.
"Master. I have returned. I apologize for my...failure..."
He said, bowing his head in deference.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 19 2008, 09:04 PM
Werner sighed "I learned some medical techniques from my father who was in the army but he went missing when I was 15 I don't know what happened to him,' he said.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 20 2008, 04:24 PM
Vic was late for the action when he arrived, and only managed to watch as only a few individuals disappear around the corner. He quickly and cautiously made his way to the control room to find a lot of bodies, dead and alive, and he lowered his weapon as soon as he spotted the military insignias on the soldier's arms. "I guess I was late to the party? I'm Vic, a combat medic unit."


Snow was hesitant when Neku led them through the halls towards the weapons room, but she kept close to him.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 20 2008, 06:09 PM
Shelton gaped. "You're a medic? Then do I have a job for you!" He stepped out of the way, giving Vic a glimpse of Werner. "We've got two direct ballistic wounds in each knee, and a dermal laceration on the left shoulder, and to treat it, I only have," he squinted into the pouch, "a small bottle of iodine, a vial of what looks like alcohol, water proof bandages, cotton, and a makeshift tourniquet." He looked at Vic. "Well, MacGyver, take it away."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 20 2008, 08:13 PM
Kagetora looked at Vic for a moment, then he spoke.
"Vincent? So, you finally became a medic, mm? It's been far too long..."
He said, a slight awe in his voice...

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 21 2008, 04:40 PM
Vic replaced his rifle with his medical bag and made his way to Werner's side, taking a better look at the wounds as Shelton described. The first thing he pulls out was a syringe of morphine. "This will hurt some," he said, "But I bet it'll hurt less than what you just got." Before Werner could have time to protest or prepare, Vic then jammed the syringe into his leg and lets the painkiller into the bloodstream.

He proceded to his surgery kit before replying to Kagetora. "It is too long, sir, to the point you forgot my name. It's Victor, sir."


Dr. Joe tried to keep herself from pacing as she waited. "What do you think happened with the others?" she thought outloud.

Posted by: Serris Oct 21 2008, 05:43 PM
James heard Dr. Joe's musings. His face suddenly darkened. "Damn! I forgot! I only hope that the terrorists ran into some resistance."

"James. The experiments possess great power and most of the scientists will fight to the death for their creations." the Clydesdale said, "Besides, a decent amount of the scientists can handle guns."

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 21 2008, 08:31 PM
"Not including Stephen Hawking over there," smiled a trooper, as the four of them marched back into the room, and chucked a laptop at Shelton's face, who caught it and landed on his back, cursing.

The commander checked the cartridge in his Elite 1A, and looked up unexpectedly. "Well? Let's get cracking to that Weapons Room!"

Shelton grimaced as he got to his knees and opened the laptop. "Yes, why don't you? We'll be so sorry to see you go." His fingers flew across the keys. "I've still got authorization for the defense systems, but my controls are extremely limited, and touchpads slow me down a lot. Don't expect me to be as prompt as I was in the past. Especially if it's one of your asses on the line," he frowned in Cobalt Squad's direction.

(BTW, anyone can play as Cobalt Squad members whenever they want to. They aren't exclusively my characters.)

Posted by: Serris Oct 21 2008, 10:03 PM
"I said a decent amount and that does not mean all." James said, grinning slightly. "So who's coming?"

Two Cobalt Squad members stepped forward.

"Ok. Then. Neku, Siberys, Snow, Dr. Joe, Zachary?"

Zachary nodded in reply. "Ready."

(OOC - Zachary is the Clydesdale)

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 22 2008, 04:33 PM
Meanwhile, In the AWTR, a terrorist sharpshooter was kneeling out a window, carefully carving a hole in a faraway wall with a laser rifle. when she finished, she contacted Cale. "Sir, passage to the lower levels has been obtained. You can now go in and acquire Lockdown."

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 22 2008, 05:48 PM
"I'm ready." Siberys said.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 22 2008, 08:09 PM
Vic continued to tend to Werner's injuries, using his tools to remove any remaining metal in the wounds and then beginning to sew and patch up the openings, starting with the shoulder. "Your knees have been taken a bit more than it should," he explained. "Someone will have to help carry you out. I'll give you some more morphine when you feel like you can't take it." He turned to the others. "Have we found any other survivors since those guys crashed in on us?"

Posted by: Serris Oct 22 2008, 08:22 PM
James took a deep breath. "We were en route to the AWTR when Shelton was attacked. We had planned to arm ourselves and then sweep the facility." He handed Zachary back his rifle.

Zachary accepted the rifle and handed James back his shotgun. "We rescued the experiment known as 'Snow' and the associated scientist Dr. Joe from a lab that suffered an explosion. Those 2 appear to be the only survivors from that blast."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 22 2008, 09:54 PM
Neku nodded.
"I haven't felt any other presences here either. I'm guessing most everyone else either escaped or..."
He trailed off, unsure if he should continue his thought...

"Or they died."
Kagetora said, standing up and readying his rifle...

Neku nodded.
"Yeah. Let's head towards the AWTR."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 22 2008, 10:00 PM
"It would be better for me to stay here since It would only slow you all down and risk other experiemnts getting into the terrorist hands,' werner said as a computer tech helped him into a chair.

Posted by: Serris Oct 22 2008, 11:27 PM
James and the rest of the gang headed to the AWTR.

Along the way they stopped at many labs. Most of the labs were ravaged by explosives, gunfire or both.

Just before the AWTR, James pointed to a lab door that was untouched. Zachary nodded and accompanied James to the door.

"Cover us." James said to the 2 Cobalt Squad soldiers. They nodded and readied their weapons as James unlocked the door.

Cautiously and with their weapons at the ready, Zachary and James entered the lab. A muffled yelp caught their attention.

James traced the noise to a utility closet and tried the door only to find it was locked. He readied his shotgun to shoot out the lock.

"James! There's someone behind there! You'll injure them if you shoot out the lock." Zachary said.

James lowered his weapon and scanned the room as Zachary kicked down the door.

Inside the utility closet was a Dhole scientist who was tied to a pipe. James used a pair of metal shears he found inside the closet to free the scientist.

"Am I glad to see you!" the Dhole said, "I've been stuck in there for the past 5 hours."

"Are there any potentially dangerous objects here?" James asked.

"This is a magentics lab. We work on magnetic levitation here." The Dhole reached for her ID. She frowned. "Damn! The terrorists stole my ID!"

"Ok. We'll deal with that. Now the question is, can you use a gun?" Zachary asked.

The Dhole nodded. "I've spent some time on the shooting range. But I'm not very good."

"Ok. Sorry. Dr. Joe has my pistol, so you'll have to go unarmed." James said.

The Dhole shook her head and grabbed a thin steel tube about 3 feet from one of the testing benches.

The group left the lab. The 2 Cobalt Squad members rejoined them. "So I see you found a survivor?" one of the soldiers said.

"Ok. Everyone. We have a new ally." James said. The Dhole stepped forward, holding her steel tube like a staff.

Zachary radioed Shelton. "Shelton! Should we find possible allies first or tackle the AWTR?"

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 22 2008, 11:40 PM
"You've got a pretty impressive squad already, if you want my opinion," responded Shelton. "I think you can get away with running the gauntlet now and getting your hands some more advanced weaponry. Then we can risk entering the lower levels.

"One other thing: I don't have video camera, so if you come across anything visual you need analyzed, take a picture and send it to me, if you can. I'd appreciate anything regarding terrorist activity, so I can start piecing together why they attacked us in the first place."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 22 2008, 11:48 PM
"Yeah and if you come across someone who looks like me but older tell him that I'm ok alright,' werner said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 22 2008, 11:50 PM
Shelton turned to Werner. "Is that the terrorist looking like an older you? I saw him on the cameras after Neku joined up with us. You know him?"

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 22 2008, 11:54 PM
Werner looked at the camrea and said "That my father I thought he was dead he left when I was 10 I haven't heard anything since'.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 23 2008, 12:15 AM
"Your father?"
Neku asked, raising an eye ridge curiously...

"Orders understood. I'll do my best, Shelton."
Kagetora said, nodding his head.
"Well, we have our directives. We head for the AWTR."
He said to the group, starting to head down the hallway...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 23 2008, 12:19 AM
Across the base, Cale and his terrorist unit emerged from the hole in the wall to find themselves in a dank cross-hallway of the Sublevels. Thick titanium doors trailed down into the darkness. Cale looked around. "Lockdown could be in any one of these cells. Use extreme caution: there's a reason these experiments are kept locked down here." He unraveled a small slip of paper. It read: 2B.

Luckily, the door reported to hold Lockdown was nearby. Using a spun-glass shard, he picked the lock of door 2B. It swung inward with a creak.

Cale ventured inside warily. But Lockdown was not the inhabitant.

At a stained desk sat what looked like a demented Shakespeare clone. Its hair was trussed and its eyes were wild, and its gaze drilled into Cale as it put the finishing touches on its latest play.

"What ho, Chamaeleo?" it cackled, in a raspy, shattered voice, lifting a quill which dripped with blood.

Cale stepped backward, and unleashed a whirlwind of lightning and glass. Within moments, the wretch and his work was slashed to pieces.

As Cale stepped back out, grumbling, he looked at the slip of paper again. He turned it over. Now it read: 8Z. He looked at his men. "All right, down the first hallway. Looks like this won't be as easy as I thought."

(OOC: I hope this isn't excessive. I'm just trying to establish that the sublevels aren't a very friendy place to be.)

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 23 2008, 01:25 AM
(OOC: It's good. Really sets up the mood. But I thought I was Cale? dino_confused.gif )

From behind Cale and the others, a calm, collected voice spoke.
"You know...It's dangerous to be here in the sublevels...where we demons lurk..."
Standing there was what appeared to be a wolf, except that it seemed to be cut in half, with strange sinew holding the two halves of its' body together.
"Are you...searching for something? Or...Did you just come to die?"

Another cackle came from the nearby shadows, and a figure wrapped in a straitjacket stepped out, grinning madly.
"Heheheh...Visitors...are they kill-prey?"

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 23 2008, 08:15 PM
Vic, whom has already patched up Werner of his wounds, left with the others to the AWTR, partially holding up the rear with two Cobalt soldiers. Snow and Dr. Joe followed in the center behind Neku and the Dhole scientist.


Behind the man with a straight-jacket in the shadows, a copper-colored Hercules beetle made its presence known with a sinister clicking of its mandibles, its four arms replaced with mantis-like blades... (OOC: An idea to use as a formidable foe for our heroes.)

(OOC: Stupid question. What's a Dhole?)

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 23 2008, 09:10 PM
Neku turned his head to smile at Snow.
"Hey...Something up, Snow? You seem like something's bothering you."

Kagetora followed Vic closely, rifle at the ready.
"How has life been for you so far, Vic? I haven't heard from you since I was deployed to Vigoor. What's happened to you since then?"

Posted by: Serris Oct 23 2008, 10:08 PM
(OOC - a Dhole is a wild canid. See this picture:
(OOC - Why would an advanced research installation use wood to secure its most dangerous experiments?)

James and the rest of the group headed towards the AWTR. As they reached it, the area was strangely empty.

"I have a bad feeling about this." the Dhole said, brandishing her staff.

"Yeah, something isn't quite right." Zachary added. He had discarded the bazooka and kept only his M-16.

James radioed Shelton. "Shelton! Activate the defensive turrets at the AWTR. We're going in!"

Shelton's voice came back on. "Roger that."

A mechanical whirring noise filled the air as several armored turrets lowered themselves from the ceiling.

James headed over to the card reader and entered his security code. The light on it flashed green and the heavy door began to slide open.

James reloaded his shotgun and went over to Zachary, who was crouched behind a cart carrying a heavy lab bench. Zachary checked the magazine of his rifle.

The 2 Cobalt Squad soldiers also readied their weapons.

"Ok. This is it." James said, "Neku, Siberys, Dr. Joe, Snow, everyone?"

Zachary took a deep breath and aimed his weapon at the now growing gap in the door.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 23 2008, 11:12 PM
(OOC: You're right, Serris. I'll change the doors to titanium.)

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 24 2008, 12:53 AM
Neku nodded, a spiral of electricity dancing along his arm.
"I'm ready. What about you, Snow?"
He said, narrowing his eyes.

Kagetora checked the ammo in his weapon, then he too nodded.
"Set for action."
He muttered...

Posted by: lbt/cty_lover Oct 24 2008, 04:52 PM
"As always, I'm ready." Siberys said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 25 2008, 04:58 PM
On Cale's radio, the female sharpshooter said, "Sir, someone's--" but she broke off, turning her face towards the opening door. She hurriedly dropped the laser rifle and scrambled for her sidearm.

(OOC:Again, this character's fair game. She's not mine.)

Posted by: Serris Oct 25 2008, 11:01 PM
As the doors opened, a burst of gunfire followed by several more came out of the door.

Terrorists, with guns blazing, seemingly appeared from behind gun lockers, crates and anything else that was could be used as cover.

Zachary and James opened fire, striking some terrorists.

One of the Cobalt Squad soldiers hurled a grenade into the room, killing some terrorists.

The other Cobalt Squad soldier was firing his weapon.

At the same time, the turrets targeted whatever terrorists were nearest. The .30 caliber bullets of the turrets shredded their targets. Several times the terrorists shot at the turrets, but their heavy armor shrugged it off. One terrorist destroyed a turret with a lucky shot from an RPG but before he could reload; James killed him with a shotgun blast to the head.

One terrorist foolishly left the weapons lab to try and flush James and Zachary out of cover but he passed over the steel crate that concealed the Dhole. She leapt out and swung her staff into the man's head, killing him. She then pilfered the man's AK-47, dragged the body behind the crate and searched it. She came away with some more ammo.

The Dhole then joined in the firefight. She attempted to draw a bead on some terrorists but a grenade explosion briefly disoriented her and she accidentally fired a burst into the wall. She cleared her head, reaimed and shot two terrorists who tried to flush James and Zachary out of cover.

James was sweating from the sheer adrenaline. He was surrounded by a pile of spent shotgun shells. He drew a bead on a terrorist and pulled the trigger but the shotgun clicked empty.

"Zach! Cover me! I have to get more ammo!"

Zachary obeyed and shot a terrorist who was trying to draw a bead on James.

James ran into a nearby guard post. He ran into the guard, an anthro Iguana who was armed with a H&K MP-5 submachine gun.

"There's a shootout at the AWTR." James said as he ran past the guard.

The guard nodded and ran in the AWTR's direction.

James entered the guard post, helped himself to a snack from the refrigerator. He opened the gun safe, pulled out a box of shotgun shells, quickly reloaded his shotgun and filled a pocket of his labcoat with any leftover shells. He then grabbed 3 40 round M-16 magazines and pocketed them.

James ran back to the AWTR. He handed the magazines to Zachary who reloaded his weapon.

The Iguana guard was also crouched behind the crate. He stuck his head over the bench and fired off a short burst.

"Dr. Zanasiu?" the guard said.

"Yeah." James replied.

"Why are you here?"

"You think I'm going to stand by idly and watch terrorists destroy what we worked for?"

"But... You... Are a... scientist." the guard finished lamely.

"So what of it?" James replied, he stuck his head over the bench and fired once, killing a terrorist. He then ducked back down.

(OOC - the security guard is not my character. Anyone can have him)

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 26 2008, 12:13 AM
Kagetora spun out from under cover, unloading another barrage of fire at a group of terrorists. As he ducked behind another crate, a terrorist rushed him, a knife and a grenade held ready. Kagetora cut him down, then grabbed the grenade and flung it into a small group of hostiles.

"Blast! There are far more than expected. We're nearly outgunned!"

He swore, reaching for a fresh magazine and slamming it into his rifle...

Neku ducked under a crate with Snow, holding her hand.

"Alright, y'know what? These guys are seriously getting on my nerves. Stay here Snow. It'll be over in a flash."

He chuckled, then stood up. A barrage of fire was aimed at him, but before the bullets could hit, he caught them with a blast of Telekinetic force. He turned the bullets back at their sources, simultaneously charging them with electricity, before firing them back at the terrorists, killing several, and wounding most of the rest...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 26 2008, 02:38 AM
Shelton let out a low whistle as he heard the firefight over the radio. "Maybe we should have gone for more help first..." he muttered to himself.

A Cobalt squad member hit the radio. "How's things going, commander?"

The response was yelled through status. "Lots of...holding...cover...CLEAR!"

There was an explosion.

"Commander? Commander!" The soldier clicked it off, and picked up his rifle. "We're going down there." The other nodded.

"Hey wait! Who the hell's supposed to protect us?" protested Shelton.

"Why don't you give it a go? You can logic them to death!" the soldier called over his soldier, as the two left the room and trailed down the hallway.

Shelton clicked his tongue as he watched them go. He turned to Werner. "Well? Should I airlock the doors and force them to come back?"

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 26 2008, 10:40 PM
"It sounds dangerous,' werner said

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 27 2008, 06:49 PM
Snow watched as Neku joined the fray, when her eyes met those of a terrorist that has snuck by the others and now has a gun on her. She quickly raised her paw towards the human and a superheated charge of white-hot flame exploded into view as it flew and struck the man square in the chest, engulfing him in a torrent of flames too loud for anyone to hear him scream...

Dr. Joe tripped and fell to her side as she dodged gunfire from a female terrorist. She did not stop to think as she rolled to aim her weapon and fired back, striking the terrorist in the shoulder and the center of the forehead...

Vic ducked beside Kagetora as the team leader was reloading, sending a few barrages of fire at the enemy. "We're dealing with a small army here!" he called over the noise. "Why send so many to this place?"

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 27 2008, 11:03 PM
"Nice move, Snow!"
Neku said over the din, smiling at Snow and blowing her a small kiss before resuming battle...

Kagetora shook his head at Vic.
"I'm not sure. There must be something that they're looking for."
He then turned to James.
"Zanisau. Is there anything that these terrorists may be here looking for?"

Posted by: Serris Oct 28 2008, 02:13 PM
"I would think they're after the weapons." James shouted over the gunfire. He stood up and fired twice, striking some terrorists. He then crouched back down.

Zachary radioed Shelton. "What else is in the AWTR? There's literally a small army in there! Call for more reinforcements!" He put the radio away and fired off the rest of his magazine, crouched back down and reloaded.

The Iguana guard fired off a short burst from his weapon and crouched back down behind the crate. "How many are there?"

The turrets still kept up a ferocious hail of bullets, but 3 of the 6 turrets had retracted into the ceiling.

"I'm going to see if there are any more experiments or scientists who can help." James said, "Neku, Siberys, Dr. Joe, Snow, Zach, Kagetora, anyone wish to help me?" He looked up an noticed a 4th turret retracting. "And I have to reload the turrets."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 28 2008, 04:01 PM
Neku nodded his head.
"There's one here that can help. If I can just..."
Suddenly a terrorist popped out from under a nearby crate, aiming at Neku from behind, but before he could strike, he was blown away by a pair of force beams.
"What is happening? These guys after us experiments?"

First Lieutenant Roy Hawkeye, Cyber Experiment 1756 stood there, his arm cannons smoking...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 28 2008, 07:07 PM
"Yo, reinforcements at nine o'clock!" whooped the third Cobalt member, as he and his companion rolled into the room, laying down cover fire

Shelton had been searching the database after Zachary's request. "I dunno," Shelton finally conceded. "There's the experimental heavy weaponry, but since we're not even sure what half of it does I don't think they'd be crazy enough to risk using it. Some of the larger guns have the power to destroy that entire room."

Posted by: Serris Oct 28 2008, 08:16 PM
(OOC - the Clydesdale, Zachary radioed Shelton.)

"Considering that these guys are willing to break into a high security installation where supersoldiers are created; we can't discount the possibility they'll use the experimental weapons." James radioed back.

"Nice to see you two!" Zachary said, "We got a small army in there!" He fired off his final magazine striking a few terrorists. "James, I'm coming with you. We need to get reinforcements!"

"Guys!" James shouted over the gunfire, "We're going to see if we can find some reinforcements. Anybody else coming?"

A Cobalt Squad soldier stepped up. "Ready to go."

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 28 2008, 08:59 PM
Snow found herself blushing at Neku's response before a close rattle of gunfire snapped her back to reality. She made room behind cover for Dr. Joe as the scientist ducked out of the crossfire.

"Was it me, or did I just see you blush?" Dr. Joe said with an inquisitive but slightly humorous tone.

"It is a bad thing?"

"To see you starting to come out of your shell? Of course not!" Dr. Joe reloaded a fresh clip.

Vic also reloaded his weapon as he listened to the conversation over the battle. "I'll come with you, sir! There may be others that need medical attention to fight back."

"And leave us with these guys?!" Dr. Joe responded. She turned and fired around the corner, striking a terrorist in the knee. This caused the terrorist to jerk violently, holding down on the trigger as the rifle flew up to the side in a stream of fire and blew away a nearby comrade.

One of the Cobalt soldiers watched this and whistled in awe. "And she's complaining?"

"Wh-what about the dangerous ones?" Snow asked.

"You mean the experiments in the sub-levels?" Dr. Joe turned back. "Good God..."

Posted by: Serris Oct 28 2008, 11:05 PM
(OOC - Any characters rescued can be taken by anyone. )

"Good!" James counted up, "That makes 4 of us."

James and the rest of his party headed away from the AWTR.

After a trek through a battle ravaged hallway, they stopped at a door with a card reader labeled "AWTR Turret Machinery Room".

"Ok, we need to reload the turrets; that'll give the guys back there some needed support."

Zachary and James opened the door and entered into the machinery room. The stairwell was well lit and showed no signs of prior entry.

They soon reached the room and saw several of the turrets. Even though they were inactive and waiting to be reloaded, the heavy armor and the barrel shrouds gave them a menacing appearence.

James grabbed a hand cart and moved it over to Zachary who was wrestling with a huge drum magazine of .30 caliber ammo. They soon loaded the drum onto the handcart and moved over to the nearest turret. Zachary removed the old magazine and placed it on the ground. James then helped him lower the new magazine into the slot and chamber a round.

James and Zachary reloaded the rest of the turrets. After several minutes, James went over to the control pad and hit the reset button. The turrets whirred and lowered themselves back into the fray.

"How'd everything go?" asked a Cobalt Squad soldier.

"Fine." James replied. He was rubbing his sore arms.


A Cobalt Squad soldier was crouched behind the corner where Dr. Joe was firing. He fired a quick burst at terrorist, when a mechanical whirring noise caught his attention. He looked up to see the turrets activate and engage the terrorists.

"Well. It's not quite what I expected when Dr. Zanasiu and his crew said they're getting reinforcements but it's better than nothing."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Oct 28 2008, 11:10 PM
"Hey guys werner here Dr shelton and i have some of the few remaning cameras in the sublevels operational we've discovered terrorists moving down the cell hall whatever their looking for it's there,' werner called over the raido.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 29 2008, 12:24 AM
"Right," murmured Shelton. He was still frowning at the viewscreen. Something wasn't right...

Suddenly, it snapped into place. He hit the intercom.

"Guys, I just realized it! I don't think they want anything in the AWTR at all! It's a diversion to keep you occupied while Cale and his squad get the real objective!"


Speaking of which, Cale and his surviving troopers finally emerged at the end of the dark hallway. Door Z8 swung open.

Inside was a young, scared looking man. He turned his head and his eyes opened wide as he beheld the strike team pile into his cell.

The first terrorist to enter the room pointed his gun right at the man's face and smiled wickedly. "Lockdown. You're coming with us."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 29 2008, 08:23 PM
Neku grinned.
"The demons of level five? I'll take care of you, my...beautiful angel of flames."
When he heard Shelton's announcement, though, he swore, creating an electrical spike to impale the terrorist he was fighting.
"Crap! They've reached the sublevels? This isn't good..."

Hawkeye let a mechanical snarl escape his beak, slashing two opponents with his razor-sharp wing feathers.
"The demons of five floors deep?! Damnable..."
The enigmatic wolf and the straitjacket-bound man both leaned their heads around the troopers, each grinning madly...
"You...Lockdown...So we finally...finally see you..."

The figure in the straitjacket cackled, eyes leering.
" he...useful-ally?"

Posted by: Serris Oct 29 2008, 09:22 PM
James and his group were near a locked laboratory door when the radio crackled.

James listened to Shelton's revelation. "Holy crap! We fell for a diversion!"

"What diversion?" Zachary asked.

"Those terrorists don't want anything in the AWTR! They're after the sublevels!"

"We must go back!" the Cobalt Squad soldier said.

James shook his head. "No one talks much about the sublevels other than a few scientists here. They are rumored to contain some of the most powerful experiments here and they may be unstable. I'd rather take on an entire platoon of terrorists with my shotgun than face one of those experiments. We will need reinforcements before we can even attempt to enter the weapons lab."

The Cobalt Squad soldier nodded his head.

Zachary pointed to the lab door. "Okay, so who's going to help me?"

The Cobalt Squad soldier backed away, "I'm guarding the entrance."

"Vic, James, you coming?" Zachary asked.

(OOC - if it's okay with everybody I want to add in a few mad scientist characters as villians. They will not have a character profile. This is based off a concept I saw realized in the other version of this RP.)

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 29 2008, 11:43 PM
(OOC: Mad scientists sound awesome. All right with me. Also, just noticed what you said about Zachary contacting Shelton, and fixed it.)

Lockdown scrambled backwards, pressing himself against the far wall. "No, please," he begged. "I haven't done anything to you, I haven't bothered anyone--"

"Cork it," snarled a soldier. "Git up."

"This is the 'secret weapon' we're risking our lives for?" whispered a soldier to another. "What's so special about him?"

"He's kept locked up in the sublevels, so he must have some sort of power," responded the other.

The troupe turned to the psychotic experiments, hovering ominously outside the cell.

"Now, we just need to get out safely, and the commander's master plan can be set into motion. Remember, under no circumstances can anything happen to the prisoner. CHARGE!!!"

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 30 2008, 10:18 AM
The wolf and the straitjacket-bound figure joined the soldiers, each running aside Lockdown...
Neku panted, then slumped against a wall, panting with exhaustion...

Posted by: Serris Oct 30 2008, 02:08 PM
One of the Cobalt Sqaud soldiers went to Neku. "Sir! Are you all right?"

The Iguana security guard fired off his last magazine, killing a terrorist. He reached for his sidearm and crouched behind the crate.


James listened to Zachary's offer. "I'm coming. Vic? You coming?" James asked.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 30 2008, 05:21 PM
Neku nodded.
"I'm fine. I'll live... I just...used up a little too much of my strength. Sorry to worry you. And there's no need to call me sir. me Neku."
He said, pushing himself upright, smiling.
"See. Just fine."

Hawkeye turned, mechanical eye scanning the room.
"There are only seven left. I got this. Everyone cover your heads."
He projected over the radios of his allies, then unleashed a few wing feathers, cutting down the remaining terrorists...

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Oct 30 2008, 08:01 PM
"Right behind you, sir," Vic answered as he followed.


Dr. Joe and Snow ducked as Hawkeye finished off the rest of the opposition. Dr. Joe checked her ammunition and even collected a few more clips from the dead terrorists.

Snow shivered at the aftermath of the battle, but then looked to see Neku against the wall in fatigue, but then got back up.

"That was fun," Dr. Joe implied, "but we have got to get down to stop those terrorists. There may be an experiment down there they're looking for."


The insect experiment has slipped away on his own volition, making his way into a series of ventilation shafts and into the upper levels...

Posted by: Serris Oct 30 2008, 09:23 PM
James used his ID card to unlock the lab.

Zachary, James and Vic entered the lab.

Zachary hit a nearby light switch, illuminating the lab.

"Sweep for survivors and anything that may be of use." James said, "Zach, take the back office. Vic, sweep the storerooms. I'll get the main section. Yell if you need help."

Zachary nodded and headed towards the back office, while James checked the main section. James opened every lab drawer he could find. He found a DVD in one of the drawers. He pocketed it. Finding nothing of significance in the drawers, he then turned his attention to the cabinets.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Oct 30 2008, 10:19 PM
Neku walked over to Snow, smiling at her.
"Wow, Snow. You've gotten better. I'm impressed."
He said to her, giving her a small hug...

Hawkeye nodded at Dr. Joe.
"You are right. We had best be on our way to stop the terrorists..."

Posted by: Serris Oct 30 2008, 10:24 PM
(OOC - the scientist with Hawkeye is Dr. Joe. My characters are looking for reinforcements.)

The Iguana guard dropped his submachine gun and picked up a shotgun from a dead terrorist.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 30 2008, 11:37 PM
In the main hangar, the terrorist commander was enraged to hear the entire platoon had been wiped out in the AWTR.

"I had half of my best men up there! Were you all asleep during the seven months in the desert that we trained for this raid?" he raved at the only survivor (the wounded sharpshooter), who had relayed him the information.

He turned away in disgust. "Send another team of men into the sublevels. Cale will need all the help he can get, and this Lockdown's transmutation ability is crucial in order for the bridge to work."

Posted by: Serris Nov 1 2008, 02:37 PM
James radioed Shelton. "Shelton, can you see if there's any survivors in any of the labs?"

After a few moments, Shelton's voice crackled over the radio. "Will do, Dr. Zanasiu."

James resumed searching the main section of the lab.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 1 2008, 03:47 PM
Shelton scanned the labs and reported back. "Yeah, most of the cells seem to be occupied, but still sealed. Cells 1 through 5-B are open, and the inhabitants seem to be trying to free others. A team of about seven life signs is heading for the main hallway from cell 8-Zed and will collide with them in about thirty seconds. But the scanner only reports life signs; I can't tell you who is who."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 1 2008, 08:05 PM
Neku looked around.
"Hmm...Looks like those guys didn't take anything. What do you all say? Should we see what kinda gear we can grab from around here?"
He asked the team, smirking...

Posted by: Serris Nov 2 2008, 09:42 PM
The Iguana guard shrugged. "Normally this is against protocol, but I'll make an exception." He gestured to the rest of the group. "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 3 2008, 03:41 PM
Snow blushed again as Neku hugged her.

Dr. Joe walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm glad you're getting some confidence," she said.

The white Shepherd nodded a little, and the two joined the others.


Vic began a sweep into the different rooms for signs of life, opening each door as he moved. Now that the chance of coming across the experiments from the sub-levels is likely, he'd better be careful. "This is Vic. I've found no survivors in the storerooms," he radioed in.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 3 2008, 06:17 PM
Neku looked over a workbench laden with tools and equipment.
"Hey, check this out! Nice!"
He said, holding up what looked like a blade's handle, then hit a switch on it, igniting an energy blade.
"Very nice..."
He grinned, deactivating the blade, and placing it on his belt...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 3 2008, 06:21 PM
Werner saw on tha camrea what Neku had found and asked over the raido "Hey could ya bring one of those back for me'.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 3 2008, 07:29 PM
Curious, Shelton looked up and saw what was on Neku's belt.

"Careful with that. You remember those untested weapons I was talking about? You're holding one. Me and Dr. Kyle constructed those, but they don't work as well as the ones on Star Wars. That design you're holding uses rechargeable batteries, so I doubt it'd cut through much more than soft metal or human flesh, but you can recharge it anytime using your electrokinetic abilities. The gold-plated version uses J-batteries, so it's stronger, but it'll only last for a total of 60 minutes."

Posted by: Serris Nov 3 2008, 10:38 PM
The Igauna guard opened a gun safe and retrived several shotgun shells. He reloaded and pocketed the rest of the shells.

"You got all these experimental weapons and you're not gonna use them?" a Cobalt Squad soldier asked.

"I'm just a guard. I use shotguns, pistols and other firearms. Dr. Zanasiu might know how to use them." the guard replied.


James radioed Vic back. "Have you found anything of significance like weapons or papers? I too have found no survivors in the main section."

Anthony had just gotten to the last office in the lab. He tried the door but it was locked and finding no key, he kicked down the door. He readied his rifle as he entered but finding no signs of life, he turned on the lights and entered.

On the ground were two dead scientists, one a Human male clutching a pistol and a male Anthro Cassowary.

Anthony's jaw dropped and he hurridly radioed the rest of the team. "J..James! Vic! There's... two dead guys here!"

James recieved Anthony's transmission and rushed to the back room. "Holy crap." he said, looking at the two dead scientists. "We'll need to search them." James ran to the main lab section and grabbed a pair of gloves for himself and Anthony.

Soon they had donned the gloves and they proceeded to search the bodies. The Cassowary seemed to have been shot and the Human stabbed.

"Uh, James, as bizzare as this sounds, I think the Cassowary killed this man." Zachary said, pointing to the Cassowary's bloody toe claws.

James had identified both the bodies by using their staff ID cards, the Cassowary was the scientist Steven Cass and the Human was the scientist Johnson Zenarchis.

"We'd better tell Shelton." James said.

Both he and Zachary threw away their gloves and left the room.

In the main lab section, James immediately radioed Shelton. "Shelton! We found two dead scientists in lab 252-B. They appear to have been fighting with each other. One is a Cassowary named Steven Cass and he was apparently shot by the other scientist, a Human named Johnson Zenarchis and he in turn appears to have been either stabbed or kicked to death by Cass. We don't know what they were fighting over. See if you can find anything on those two."

Zachary was looking over a thick lab notebook left on the table. As he turned to a certain page his expression darkened. "Oh no! I think I know what they were fighting over now."

James went over to Zachary and looked at the notebook. "My god! It can't be." James immediately radioed Shelton again. "Shelton! Zachary has apparently found out what they were fighting over! Zenarchis has apparently been abducting children, anthro and Human to work on his project, 'Dragonstorm'! And Cass apparently wanted no more of it."

(OOC - Yeah, the mad scientists will start appearing soon.)

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 4 2008, 06:15 PM
Vic had rejoined the others as soon as they finished searching two dead bodies of scientists, and clued in to what may have happened. "Any ideas what this 'Dragonstorm' is about?" he asked.


Dr. Joe looked about the room at the various weapons and unknown technology. "Good grief," she said. "The terrorists probably couldn't use any of this because even I don't understand what anything in here does..."

Posted by: Serris Nov 4 2008, 07:03 PM
"No." James replied. "I don't know this man."

"Try the lab notebook." Zachary said.

"Good enough."

James looked through the lab notebook. "Not helpful either, it appears that someone ripped out all the notes that pertain to 'Dragonstorm' and they didn't do a good job, considering we were able to get the most damning piece of evidence."

"How about we find the other scientists who worked on 'Dragonstorm' and ask them about it?" Zachary suggested, "And I'll take this notebook as evidence." Zachary then stuck the notebook in a pocket of his labcoat.

James shook his head. "As paranoid as this sounds we'd better not risk it. Dr. Zenarchis is clearly willing to kill his fellow scientists to protect the secrecy of his experiments. It is possible the other researchers have the same attitude."

"Right you are." a cold voice said from behind James, "I believe you have something that belongs to Dr. Zenarchis."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 4 2008, 07:08 PM
Werner turned to shelton "do you know anything about this Dragon storm,' he asked.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 4 2008, 09:35 PM
Neku shook faintly at the mention of project Dragonstorm.
"D-Dragonstorm? Are you sure?"
He said, fear coloring his voice...

Posted by: Serris Nov 4 2008, 11:24 PM
"Who are you?" James demanded.

"I ask the questions! Now give me Dr. Zenarchis's notes!" the voice demanded.

James turned around to look at the speaker; it was a thin anthro Ostrich who was wearing a lab coat.

"Dr. Zenarchis is dead." James said flatly.

"Give me the notes." the Ostrich reached inside his lab coat and pulled out a pistol and aimed it at James, "Or I will kill you."

Zachary reached for his rifle but the Ostrich noticed. "Don't even try. Now, are you two going to give me the notes or do I have to kill you both?" He moved his pistol from Zachary to James.

Zachary reached inside his lab coat for the notebook. "You want the notes?"

The Ostrich turned to Zachary, leaving James alone. James took advantage of the momentary distraction and slammed his body into the Ostrich, briefly unbalancing him and causing him to drop the pistol.

Zachary tossed aside the lab notebook and waded into the melee. He kicked the pistol away and joined James in his attempt to subdue the rogue scientist. The Ostrich caught James across the jaw with a brutal right hook. James staggered away and the Ostrich attempted to retrieve the pistol, but Zachary grabbed him from behind and dragged him to the ground.

The Ostrich shed his lab coat and attempted to retrieve the pistol but Zachary grabbed him again. "You're going nowhere!" he said as he grappled with the Ostrich. The Ostrich kneed Zachary in the groin, dropping him and he attempted to retrieve his pistol again. James recovered from the punch, unslung his shotgun and aimed it at the Ostrich.

"Get on the ground!" James shouted. The Ostrich stuck his hands in the air and dropped to the ground.

Zachary staggered to his feet and used the radio to call Vic. "Vic, we got a prisoner." He switched frequencies and called Shelton. "Shelton, what can you dig up about Dr. Zenarchis and 'Dragonstorm'? Also, we were attacked by a 'Dragonstorm' scientist, he's currently held at gunpoint by James."


The Iguana guard was looking near the back of the weapons lab. He noticed a large hole in the wall. He immediately went to the rest of the group. "Something has breached the weapons lab. There's a large hole in the back."

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 5 2008, 02:48 AM
"Sorry I took so long, I cross-checked all the files to be sure I didn't miss anything," Shelton radioed in. "I don't know Dr. Zenarchis myself, but I think he worked in the Developmental Experiments section, with an assistant. I can't learn anymore online; he never activated his account."

"Shouldn't one of you guys have noticed something like that?" asked the Cobalt commander.

Shelton shrugged. "Just means he never gets paid. And there's no mention of Dragonstorm in any files, accounts, or budgets in the Pelvanida computers. Whatever it was, it wasn't on the record."

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 5 2008, 07:14 PM
Vic rushed back as soon as he got the message, and quickly assessed what has happened. He readied his weapon and took a pair of cuffs off his belt. "I got a pair of bracelets for him," he said as he tossed them to Zachary.


Snow watched Neku's sudden change in expression. "Neku?"

Dr. Joe felt extreme cold down her spine as she heard the iguana mention a large hole in the room. "Could it be something caused by the fight?"

Posted by: Serris Nov 5 2008, 07:34 PM
Zachary got up onto his feet, picked up the handcuffs and handcuffed the rogue scientist.

"So now what? We've got two important things to bring to Shelton. The prisoner and this DVD I found." James said.

"I'd say we leave the prisoner here and deal with the DVD later." Zachary replied.

James's radio buzzed and he picked it up and listened to Shelton's transmission. "Uh, guys. I think we stumbled upon something that we shouldn't have."

"Huh?" Zachary asked.

"According to Shelton, there is no mention of 'Dragonstorm' anywhere in the computer records and Dr. Zenarchis has no computer records that pertain to him, which means he gets zilch for his work but more importantly, we don't know what the hell he was doing."

Zachary's brow furrowed for a moment. "That other scientist, Cass. See if Shelton knows anything about him."

"It's worth a shot." James said, pulling out his radio. "Shelton. Did Dr. Zenarchis ever work with a Cassowary assistant named Steven Cass?"

James then turned to Vic. "Shall we search for reinforcements or hand over what we found to Shelton?"

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 5 2008, 10:37 PM
Neku looked at Snow.
"Project Dragonstorm was something I heard mentioned while I was under testing. There were whispers of kids being imbued with powers far beyond the norm. There were rumors that these kids weren't volunteers. I met one once. Something about him seemed...Inhuman...Evil. If there are more like him..."
He shuddered again, and then gave her a small smile.
"It's nothing. Don't worry..."

Hawkeye looked at the hole.
"There's something about this hole. It doesn't look like it's from combat. It looks like something...cut this hole here..."
He said, immediately activating a scanner...

Posted by: Serris Nov 5 2008, 11:10 PM
The Iguana guard radioed Shelton. "This is Foxtrot 1."

Shelton's voice crackled over the radio. "Come in Foxtrot 1."

"There is a large hole caused by what appears to be a laser cutter in the back of the AWTR. What is in that area? Over." The Iguana put away his radio. "Hopefully, they just cut into a utility closet or something."


James radioed Neku. "Neku! We have found something on 'Dragonstorm', a lab notebook but most of the data has been removed. And Shelton has discovered that there are no records of this project anywhere in the computer records."

Zachary radioed Shelton. "Shelton. James, Vic and I have captured a 'Dragonstorm' scientist who tried to take the lab notebook from us."

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 6 2008, 01:22 AM
"Could you give me a description? Is it the Cass fellow you were talking about?" asked Shelton.

The ostrich suddenly convulsed and yelled, "I won't tell you anything!"

Shelton raised one eyebrow. "That sounded suspiciously like my good friend Oli. I'm surprised to hear you don't have your head buried in the ground, Oli. Remember the last time you debated me on 4th dimensional physics?"

"Shut up, you ignorant brute! Zenarchis will always be twice the scientist you ever were!"

"Shame the same can't be the same for his assistant. Your lack of opposable thumbs isn't your only handicap."

"Your insufferable self-confidence is one of yours! You will not always have computers and technology to hide behind!"

"Yeah, well until then, just remember that Big Brother is watching." Shelton switched gears. "James, the charming fellow you've got with you is Oli Struth, living proof that the Theory of Natural Selection is wrong. Feel free to take your time before shipping him up here. And about Dr. Cass, he was in charge of blood sample deliveries for Dr. Zenarchis' department. He'd show up every other week, refill a cart of blood vials, and leave. That seems to be about it."

Posted by: Serris Nov 6 2008, 10:51 AM
James's brow furrowed in thought. "So Dr. Cass did not directly work on 'Dragonstorm'? Any other records that pertain to him?"

James looked over to Oli. "Shelton, Dr. Cass isn't an Ostrich. He's a Cassowary about 5 feet 4 inches tall with black feathers and he is dead. He appears to have been shot by Dr. Zenarchis during a confrontation of some kind. So you know Oli? Care to explain why your good friend wanted the 'Dragonstorm' notes even going so far as to threaten us with death and attack us?"

He then put away the radio and turned to Vic and Zachary. "Gentlemen, it seems Shelton knows our attacker."

Zachary went over to Oli and leveled his rifle at him. "I'd be better for you to be quiet." He then turned to James. "You mean Shelton knows this creep?"

James nodded.

(OOC - I'm going to be away for today and tomorrow. Seen you soon!)

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 6 2008, 08:59 PM
"Whatever he's involved in," Vic replied, his gun still on the crazed scientist, "He's obviously not going to talk. We can lock him up in one of storerooms, also letting him know that half of the experiments are running amok as we speak..."


"That means some of the terrorists managed to escape the room?" Dr. Joe asked.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 6 2008, 09:13 PM
"Can't say for sure," Shelton told James, grinning, "but I'd wager it'd have something to do with Oli having an IQ of about 6."

"Shut up, you wretch!" interjected Oli. "I've always been smarter than you!"

"Oh yeah? Who got accepted into Mensa?"

"Mensa is owned by idle-brained speciesists who don't know a quark from a quasar!"

"Let me guess: one of them is the size of your brain, the other your ego?"

"I swear, one of these days I will get my hands on you and gloat as I strangle the life out of your flailing body!"

"With what? You don't have arms, last time I checked."

"Zenarchis has taught me things! He promised me revenge on your kind!"

"Did you ever stop to consider that Zenarchis was probably planning on killing you once his project was complete? We might have saved your life. Come on, say thank you. I won't tell anybody."

"I would rather have my internal organs removed with a soup spoon!"

"Trust me, if I could arrange that, I would. James, Oli has always tried to take part in things that are much too big for him. Don't expect any sort of intelligent conversation. But he's also hopeless at covering his tracks, which is why I'd always kick his ass at Stratego. Search around for drawers left unlocked or loose papers in the garbage bin. Guaranteed Oli left something out in the open."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 6 2008, 11:22 PM
Hawkeye's mechanical eye flashed as it deactivated the primary scanner.
"I'm not sensing any life signs around here, besides our own. Whoever made this hole either is far away from here, or... or they ran afoul of some of the less pleasant experiments."
He said, looking at Dr. Joe kindly...

Neku shook his head as he walked back over to Snow.
"Hey Snow... do you think we could maybe settle down after this whole mess is over?"
He asked, smiling at her....

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 7 2008, 04:04 PM
"I'll keep an eye on our friend here while you search," Vic replied. "I have no doubt he might try something."


Dr. Joe shuddered. "Well that seems to put my mind at ease..." she replied low and wryly.

Snow tilted her head in confusion. "Settle down?" she replied, looking around at the scientists, soldiers, and other experiments, and then gave a shiver to the thoughts in her mind. "Is there really a possibility for us to have peace, knowing that we aren't normal?"

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 7 2008, 06:18 PM
Hawkeye gave Dr. Joe a smile.
"Sorry. That's just my observations. If I was being too blunt, I apologize."
He said calmly...

"Sure thing. I don't see why not. I mean, if people don't accept us, that's they're problem, isn't it? I mean...We can just live like normal people, Snow..."
Neku said, wrapping his his arms around her affectionately...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 7 2008, 10:20 PM
"Just be careful guys I've got a bad feeling about this,' Werner said over the raido.

Posted by: Serris Nov 8 2008, 12:05 AM
"Thanks Vic!" James said.

Zachary went over to Oli and glared at him after his diatribe with Shelton. "I'm not interested in your delusions. I want to know what the hell you did with those notes!"

Oli ignored him.

"Zach! Didn't you hear Shelton? You're not going to get an intelligent conversation out of him. Just give this lab another search! Shelton thinks that Oli might have left the notes somewhere." James said.

Zachary went over to James. "Any idea where the notes would be kept?"

"I'm betting that they are either hidden in the storerooms, the back office or some of the cabinets." James replied.

"I'll take the cabinets and the lab section. If they are locked, I'll be able to smash them open." Zachary said.

"Fair enough. I've got the storerooms and the back office."

James went into a storeroom labeled "Chemical storage". He opened the door and noticed the usual lab reagents except for one thing. He noticed that large bottle of copper sulfate was bizarrely labeled. He retrieved the strange bottle and placed it on the workbench.

"Hmm. I thought hydrated copper sulfate's formula was 1 mole of CuSO4 to 5 moles of water. This label says 1 mole of CuSO4 to 10 moles of water." James mused. He gently shook the bottle and noticed that it did not sound like it was filled with gravel. "Ok, this makes me suspicious."

He opened the bottle and tipped out its contents, several folded pieces of paper. He unfolded the papers and read them.

He grinned as he noticed it was roster of kidnapped children for the 'Dragonstorm' project. "Jackpot." He grabbed a plastic bag from a box containing several bags and placed his find inside it.

He then lifted up the bags and found another piece of paper inside. He retrieved it and noticed that it was part of a materials list for 'Dragonstorm'.

"Wow. Shelton was right. Oli isn't that bright."

He searched the rest of the storage room and found nothing.

"Zach! You found anything?" James said as he left the storeroom.

"I found the results of 'Dragonstorm Experiment #1' inside a locked cabinet; it was sandwiched inside the Merck Index and a chart detailing the stats of some of the kidnapped children was found inside a fake gas tap but the worst thing I found is a set of instructions on kidnapping, that was under a floor tile."

"We'd better get these back to Shelton." James said. He then radioed Shelton. "Shelton! We have found some Dragonstorm notes, but it seems the majority of the notes are either destroyed or held by other scientists. What shall we do with our 'guest', Oli, and the notes we found?"

"I'll get you for this!" Oli shouted.

"I'd like to see you try." James said icily, turning so Oli could see the Remington 870 shotgun strapped to his back.


The Dhole scientist wandered to the back of the room, near the hole and cautiously peered in. She noticed a rope dangling from a pipe.

"Guys! It looks like whoever made this hole is trying to drop down a floor." she said, pointing at the rope.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 8 2008, 12:24 AM
One of the terrorists at the next floor looked up and fired his M60 wildly upwards.

Posted by: Serris Nov 8 2008, 12:28 AM
The bullets whizzed by the Dhole scientist, missing her snout by inches.

"Guys! There's terrorists below us!"

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 8 2008, 12:33 AM
Suddenly the terrorist clutched his throat and started choking a figure steped out from the darkness 'I told you to hold your fire,' the figure saidbefore closing his fist with a loud cracking sound eminated from the terrosists neck and the thud of his body hitting the floor.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 8 2008, 02:10 PM
Shelton couldn't figure out why the radio wasn't allowing him to contact Zanasiu. "It's almost like some kind of sensory jammer's been put into place," he muttered to Werner. "I'll try to override it."

For a second, contact was made, in time to hear gunfire and "There's terrorists!"

"What the hell?" gasped Shelton, swiveling around in his chair. "They didn't even appear on the radar!"

"What's that mean?"

"Means they've either got some sort of frequency modulator that's screwing with our systems' command controls, or a rogue experiment that can do it naturally." Shelton gulped. "And again we've got no way of warning them!"

"Why should we warn them?"

"Anything that requires any sort of signal, such as radios, auto turrets, Neku's lightsaber, none of them will work. If Zanasiu's team don't know that, they might base their counterattack on a system or object that isn't functioning!"

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 8 2008, 02:16 PM
Werner heard the the terrorists neck snap and his body hit the floor "What was that,' he asked shelton.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 8 2008, 02:21 PM
"If I'm not mistaken, sounds like they do have a rogue experiment on their side," Shelton shuddered. "And if it's part of Dragonstorm, Lord only knows what else it can do."

Posted by: Serris Nov 8 2008, 02:47 PM
(OOC - The project's name is "Dragonstorm")

James tried to radio Shelton. "Shelton, this is Dr. Zanasiu, Zachary, and Vic. We are continuing our search."

The radio crackled with static but there was no response. "Zach! See if your radio works!" James said.

Zachary tried his radio, nothing except static. "Nope, mine's dead."

"Damn. We're on our own for now."


In the AWTR, the Iguana guard tried to radio Shelton. "Shelton! I can hear noises below us. We need to get more soldiers, pronto!" No response except static from the radio. "Great." He then turned to the rest of the group. "It seems like something is jamming the radio signals. We'll have to work without support from Shelton."

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 8 2008, 04:42 PM
While in his embrace, Snow looked down at her paws and sighed, when gunfire echoed across the room from the hole the Dhole scientist was examining.

Dr. Joe grabbed the Dhole and pulled her back so she's no longer in firing range. There was an awkward silence from the floor below when she spoke. "They've stopped. What are they up to?"


Vic knew his radio wouldn't work either, so he made no attempt and trained his weapon on the mad scientist. "I don't think we can take him with us," he said. "He's too big a risk, even if he isn't bright."


A set of sinister red eyes peers through a ventilation shaft to home in on a group of prey that it has detected...

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 8 2008, 07:37 PM
Hawkeye clutched his head in a wing...
"Gods...My head! It's splitting apart!"

Neku turned to face Hawkeye.
"What the? My...Something's wrong. There's a jamming signal being broadcast, and... Something bad's close... it's above us!"
He said, looking up at the vent...

Posted by: Serris Nov 9 2008, 01:22 AM
"Thanks." The Dhole shrugged. "I don't know but I've got a bad feeling. I mean the radios just suddenly die." She readied her AK-47.

The Iguana guard looked at Neku, then the ceiling. "Something's very wrong. The radios die and gunfire erupts from below us." He readied his shotgun.

The three Cobalt Squad Soldiers also looked uneasy.


James nodded at Vic. "You're right. Oli may not be too bright, but we can't discount the possibility he could call for help or even lead us into an ambush if we took him with us. We can't leave him here either, again he may try and call for help.

"Vic what should we do if we encounter more 'Dragonstorm' scientists? Shall we simply shoot them on sight or attempt to negotiate? I find the idea of shooting someone who isn't shooting back repulsive; but these 'Dragonstorm' scientists probably have no compunctions about putting a few bullets in anyone who gets in their way." Zachary asked.

"It's futile to try and stop 'Dragonstorm'." Oli said.

Zachary grabbed the box of gloves and jammed a pair of gloves into Oli's beak. "Put a glove in it!"

At the same time, James bound Oli's legs with duct tape he found in a drawer. He handed the tape to Zachary who bound Oli's beak.

"Vic, James and I are going to carry Oli to Shelton." Zachary said.

James and Zachary left the lab and headed towards the control room.

After about a half hour of walking, Zachary placed Oli down. "Man, he's heavy."

James noticed a hand cart normally used for transporting furniture. "Easily solved." He pushed the handcart over to Zachary.

Zachary grunted as he lifted Oli onto the handcart and taped him down.

After about 15 minutes more of walking they arrived at Shelton's control room.

"Werner, Shelton, got something for you." James said.

Zachary pushed Oli, taped down to the handcart, into the room.

"I also got this for you." James placed a DVD on a table. "Found this in the same lab where Oli attacked us. By the way, what happened to our radios?"

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 9 2008, 02:23 AM
(OOC: I fixed my above "Dragonforce" post)

"They've been jammed. I can't tell if it's mechanical or by a rogue experiment, except to tell you that of the experiments in the record logs, none of them were given the ability to jam sensors. Since these terrorists are anti-technology, I'm guessing it's someone that was created off-the-record, possibly by Dragonstorm."

Oli tried to say something, but only a muffled squeal came out. Shelton looked over at him.

"What, nothing to say? Keep it that way." He turned back to James. "Thanks for the DVD. I'll play it right now."

He slid it into the laptop's C-drive, and waited impatiently. "Sorry for the wait; this thing's slow as molasses. It's also why I'm not as responsive as before; takes forever to load the info you want."

Eventually the screen lit up. 0s and 1s began filling the screen, separated in six-digit intervals.

"What the hell?" Shelton interjected, swiveling his chair around.


"It's BASIC! Who the hell uses BASIC anymore?" Shelton slid a green pen out of his front pocket, grabbed a notepad, and started scribbling furiously. "Give me a second. I got to decode this."

(OOC: Is there anything in particular you want me to find on this DVD?)

Posted by: Serris Nov 9 2008, 02:35 AM
(OOC - You could have Shelton find some more data on "Dragonstorm". It's up to you what that data is.)

"Let's hope this DVD isn't a porn flick." Zachary joked.

"Nah, I don't think even Oli is that stupid." James said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 9 2008, 03:00 AM
The numbers stopped scrolling down the screen. The only movement was the flashing cursor at the bottom of the screen.

Shelton sat back with a long exhale. "Okay, got it." He studied the notepad, now filled with shorthand. "Dragonstorm is a three-person experiment line headed by Dr. Johnson Zenarchis. The program composes of--" Shelton broke off.

"Composes of what?"

"Composes of, and I quote, 'continuing Pelvanida's genius while overcoming the flimsy moral issues of the mainstream staff." Shelton looks up. "This guy's nuts. Not even nuts nuts. Machiavelli nuts."

"Keep reading."

"Right." Shelton furrowed his brow. "According to this, Dragonstorm steals top quality embryos from the research labs, clones them, and returns them overnight. Then, it injects each embryo with an untested stream of DNA, chemicals, and/or hormones. It then uses --oh my god, how'd they get one of those? -- an Accelerated Growth Pod to speed up the growth process of the embryos to birth."

"I thought Accelerated Growth Pods were illegal."

"They are, due to the almost guaranteed retardation of the subject's brain waves. You'd think that would render the experiments worthless." Shelton kept reading. "Once born, the experiments that reacted favorably to the injections move on to the next phase. The others are disposed of." Shelton broke off. "This is just sick."


"I know, I know. Okay. Phase Two of the process involves altering and improving the surviving experiments through psionic and cybernetic enhancements."

"Wait, they use both?"

"Which, once again, would cause any normal brain to overload, much less these experiments' already mentally unstable ones. This just wouldn't work!" Shelton scanned the page. "Oh, God. This is how it would work."


"Once testing is done, the subjects are placed back in the Accelerated Growth Pod and grown to fighting age. Then, after the subjects are removed, their brain, which had died long ago, is surgically cut out and replaced with a neural net." Shelton looked up. "This causes them to have little to no individual thought processes, and unswerving loyalty to Dr. Zenarchis! Not to mention cyber and psionic enhancements, and genetic superiority!"

(OOC: How's that? Is it too long, or are the bad guys too powerful?)

Posted by: Serris Nov 9 2008, 10:30 AM
(OOC - It's good. The experiments seem a tad too powerful.)

James and Zachary stared at the screen in stunned horror.

"This man is even worse than the fictional Dr. Moraeu. Well, at least Dr. Cass killed him, so that means 'Dragonstorm' is dead too. But why would Dr. Zenarchis leave such a DVD with such damning evidence for anyone to find?" Zachary said.

"Remember, Shelton said that there are two other scientists as well. And there are an untold number of researchers who participate." James said.

The Cobalt Squad soldier suddenly entered the room. "Dr. Zanasiu, you forgot this." He handed a plastic bag filled with papers to James.

"Thank you." James said. He then turned to Shelton, "This bag contains some more notes we found on 'Dragonstorm' up to and including a kidnapping how-to guide." He placed the bag on the table.

The Cobalt Squad soldier then left the room.

"So, what shall we do? Find and destroy the 'Dragonstorm' experiments and scientists or deal with the terrorists?" James asked.

"I'll go back to Vic." Zachary said.

"Ok." James said, "Feel free to tell him about what we learned and let him decide the course of action."

Zachary then left Shelton's room and headed to the lab where they found Oli.

After about 30 minutes of walking Zachary entered the lab. "Vic! We've found more data on 'Dragonstorm'; it's a series of covert and illegal experiments that are designed to create what amounts to a private army for Dr. Zenarchis."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 9 2008, 01:07 PM
Werner was still stunned after watching the DVD and collapsed in a chair.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 9 2008, 01:52 PM
(OOC:Don't forget that a neural net can have a host of its own problems of its own. Maybe the Dragonstorm experiments have slow reaction time, or their cyber/psi-enhancements are weaker because they have both.)

Shelton read some of the new information. "Well," he said to Werner, "the good news is that each experiment takes a lot of effort to create, so there aren't that many out there. The bad news is, the ones that are out there seem pretty powerful. I'm going to look up more on the neural net. Maybe there's a flaw Zenarchis didn't think about."

Posted by: Serris Nov 9 2008, 08:58 PM
"We may have to resort to using the experimental weapons." Zachary said.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 10 2008, 05:08 PM
"Supersoldiers for private armies? I'm not all that surprised..." Vic replied. "I cased the lab one more time, and I haven't found anything new. Plus, my radio still can't pick up anyone else in the building. Someone's cut off our communications for sure."


Snow caught wind of a very high-pitched ringing in her sensitive ears, and turned to the vents where the others are looking. She raised both her paws and lets off a blast of white fire, melting open a large hole in the shafts...

...when an inhuman shriek pierces the room about them, stunned and very angry.

Dr. Joe looked about as she aimed her gun along the ventilation. "We've got more unwanted company..."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 10 2008, 07:07 PM
Neku and Kagetora wheeled about, focusing on the melted hole that Snow had created.
"What? How come I couldn't draw a bead on him? There's something going on here! Be careful!"
He said, an electrical current running down one arm, as he reached for his new blade...

Kagetora brought his rifle to bear.
"The enemy just keeps coming. They won't relent until we're dead or otherwise gone..."
He said, aiming at the hole...

Hawkeye lay on the ground, unmoving due to the mechanical interference in the area...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 10 2008, 08:33 PM
werner held his gun in a defenceive posture and said to oli "No funny business now ok'?

Posted by: Serris Nov 10 2008, 09:36 PM
The Iguana guard and a Cobalt Squad soldier aimed their weapons at the hole melted in the duct.

The Dhole scientist and the other 2 Cobalt Squad soldiers kept an eye out for threats approaching from other directions.


"Vic, you aren't shocked that Dr. Zenarchis was trying to create a private army?" Zachary asked, "Since there's no communications, what shall we do, find scientists and experiments to help us out or get back to the AWTR?""

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 12 2008, 05:22 PM
"I've seen too many mad scientist movies to be thrown too far off balance," Vic replied. "We'll have to rejoin the others. We're blind out here without communication."


Dr. Joe runs to Hawkeye's side, checking for a pulse. "He's alive, but immobile. Snow, see if you can smoke the creature out?"

"I'll try," Snow responded, building confidence in her voice, and lets loose a steady stream of fire into the vents.

In a few moments, some of the ventilation shafts begin to glow red and begin to melt. The angry screams begins to intensify and four scythe-like blades rip through the near-molten metal of the vents...

Posted by: Serris Nov 12 2008, 08:27 PM
Zachary nodded. "You're right, without communications, it would be too dangerous to attempt a search and rescue attempt."

"Vic? You coming?" he asked, just before leaving the lab.


"Shelton, are there any possible weaknesses we can exploit if we have to fight a 'Dragonstorm' experiment?" James asked.


"Shoot it!" the Iguana guard shouted. He aimed his shotgun at the scythe-like blades protruding from the vent and fired a shot.

The Dhole also fired a short burst at the vent. "Let's hope this thing isn't bulletproof." she said grimly.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 12 2008, 09:24 PM
"Definitely the head," said Shelton, bringing up a schematic of a neural net on his laptop and showing it to James. "Artificial or not, that sucker's gotta process over 100 tetrabytes of info a minute in order to keep cyber, psionic, and regular body functions working. A really well-placed headshot could neutralize it almost instantaneously. Bad news is, Zenarchis probably knew that too. He's probably got safeguards against his soldiers that easily. Also, knowing his style, the front of the head is probably more protected than the back."

Shelton pointed at a spot on the schematic. "Try hitting the spot below where the occipital lobe would be, the brain stem leading down the spinal cord. If the brain stem is natural tissue, it has to link technology with tendons, so the fusion will be very delicate. If it's severed, the net can say what it wants, but the body will be as paralyzed as Christopher Reeves."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 12 2008, 09:26 PM
As the creature made it's presence known, Neku drew his blade, and now activated it, the blade flaring to life, powered by his electrokinesis.
"Hey, good job Snow! What do you say we take this guy down...together?"
He said, flipping the blade to a backhand grip...

Kagetora jumped back, aiming at the melted opening in the grate, and unleashed a spray of rounds...

Posted by: Serris Nov 12 2008, 09:53 PM
Zachary heard gunshots as soon as he entered the AWTR.

He noticed Kagetora, the Iguana and the Dhole shooting at something in the vents. He unslung his rifle and took up a position by Neku and started firing at the vent.

"Any idea what's in there?" he shouted over the gunfire. He quickly relaoded his rifle as it clicked empty.


James looked at the schematic. "Hmm. I think we may have a chance. Wait, are they vulnerable to toxins? Because if they are, we can potentially use some of the lab reagents against them."

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 12 2008, 10:17 PM
"I don't see why not," Shelton mused, tapping his chin. "They're just like you and me, only with implants and psychic powers. They still need to breathe."

Unbeknownst to anyone else in the room, Oli had managed to slice open the bindings on his ankles. Keeping his legs safely out of view behind his body, he smiled to himself.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 12 2008, 11:08 PM
As werner continued to pace back and forth in front of oli he thought to himself "This is one smart guy not to try to escape'.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 13 2008, 09:15 PM
Vic followed as the two entered the AWTR room...just as the others began firing upwards into the red-hot ceiling above them. "What the..." Vic aimed his weapon up towards the blanketing holes in the ventilation shaft...

...when the four blades shredded through the melting metal and the beast fell through towards the ground, landing on its powerful legs. Black ooze bled towards the ground from a few good hits, but it did not slow it down any bit.

"Who in his right mind created THAT?!" Dr. Joe exclaimed as she ran for cover, sending her bullets in the monster's direction.

Snow was nearby when the experiment landed, and was knocked back by the shock wave by the brute's sheer force...

The insect gave an angry clicking noise as it turned around towards its prey with a sudden slash with three of its blades through the air in their direction...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 13 2008, 09:31 PM
"Jesus!" yelled a Cobalt squad member, diving for cover. "This wasn't in the job description!"

"You want job description?" yelled the commander, opening return fire. "Be an accountant!"

Posted by: Serris Nov 13 2008, 11:16 PM
"This wasn't in the job description of 'magnetics research', but I'm not complaining!" the Dhole shouted as she fired several shots at the creature. She then ran behind a crate for cover and continued shooting.

The Iguana guard also ducked behind a crate where Zachary was shooting at the creature. The Iguana returned fire.

"Who the hell made that thing?!" the Iguana shouted over the gunfire.

"I don't know!" Zachary shouted back.


James heard gunshots in the distance. "Shelton, see if you can restore communications. Werner, keep an eye on our 'guest'. I'm heading to the AWTR."

With that, James hefted his shotgun and headed for the AWTR.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 15 2008, 01:17 AM
"Restore communications. right." Shelton resumed typing on his laptop. "Hmm, if the creature's broadcasting some sort of dampening field, then maybe a remote alternating frequency...but it would have to be able to continuously regenerate it's airwave integrity to compensate for the field... but if there's a grounding signal for it to lock on to at the other end...that might work! Werner, I need you to remember these frequencies: 15 hertz, 40 hertz, 60 hertz..."

Oli, seeing his guard move away towards Shelton, saw his moment coming...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 15 2008, 01:23 AM
"15 hertz, 40 hertz, 60 hertz got it,' werner said shifting his right eye back at oli.

Posted by: Serris Nov 15 2008, 01:27 AM
James entered the AWTR and saw the group shooting at a large beetle.

"What the hell is that thing!?" he shouted.

"About time you showed up!" Zachary shouted.

James emptied his shotgun into the creature with seemingly little effect.

"Damn! We'll have to use the experimental weapons."

James then seized a large rifle that had cooling fins on the barrel from a nearby work bench. "Ah, so this is gauss rifle I've heard about. Time to give it a test." He powered it up and shot the the creature.

He tried to fire again but the gauss rifle beeped. He looked at the display. "Great, the power cell's dead."

He then crouched behind the workbench and reloaded his shotgun.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 15 2008, 01:30 AM
Werner noticed a small pack on the beetle leg "Try shooting the pack on it's right front leg,' werner suggested.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 15 2008, 01:32 AM
"They can't hear us yet," Shelton murmured. "But that hopefully will change!"

Suddenly there was a whirlwind of feathers. Shelton swiveled around.

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 15 2008, 01:35 AM
Werner whirled around and saw oli standing right behind him "Back off,' werner said holding his handgun in a firing position.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 15 2008, 01:53 AM
But Oli wasn't slowing down, instead crashing into Werner before he could react. Within seconds, Werner was hitting the ground, clutching his head, and an enraged ostrich was bearing down on Shelton. Before he do anything, Oli grabbed him around the neck with one of his taloned feet.

"You were wondering how I would strangle you," Oli gloated in his ear. "Well, now you know. Looks like your Mensa status won't help you now..."

Suddenly, there were crashes of light, and Oli stiffened up twice. Shelton felt a bullet shoot past his head.

Werner was on his knees, a PPK in his hand. "Shelton, get out of the way, I don't want to hit you!"

Oli took advantage of Werner's hesitation, and charged him. Warner fired once, twice...

Both shots hit Oli hard, but when Werner fired again, nothing happened. Oli kicked the gun out of Werner's hands and jumped him, talons slashing...

But Werner wasn't finished yet. Bending backwards to avoid the talons, he withdrew a knife from his labcoat and pinwheeled it, stabbing Oli right through the throat.

Oli hit the ground hard, a triumphant smile embedded on his expression forever. Shelton rushed over and helped Werner to his feet. "Werner, are you okay?"

Behind him, the radio cackled. "What the hell is going on up there?"

Shelton jumped up. "It works! We got the radios online!" He broadcast an all-call to every member of Zanasiu's team. "We got radio! Big Brother's back in the saddle!"

(OOC: How's that, f-22? You want any changes?)

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 15 2008, 10:28 AM
(OCC: It's good)
Werner stood there breathing hard letting reality catch up with him. "Yeah I'm ok,' werner said.

Posted by: Serris Nov 15 2008, 10:56 AM
James's radio crackled. He picked it up and heard Shelton's voice. "Aw yes! Guys! We have communications!"

"Ok, we're good to go!" Zachary said.

"Shelton, we are fighting a large mantis-beetle creature, it does not seem to be affected by normal weapons. Shall we use the experimental weapons?" James radioed to Shelton.

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 15 2008, 12:41 PM
Hawkeye slowly forced himself up, his systems rapidly rebooting, and turned towards Dr. Joe.
"Thanks. You made sure I was alright. I owe you one. For now, however..."
He turned around, facing the creature.
"This...problem needs to be taken care of."
He said, aiming his cannon arm...

Neku leaned back, dodging a swipe.
"Ummm...Shelton? Hope you don't mind, but...I'm using this sword right now..."
He said into his radio, striking upward to strike the creature's claw.

Kagetora swore into the radio, firing another round at the enemy...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 15 2008, 04:15 PM
Shelton hesitated before responding. "You've gotta make the call on experimental weaponry, James, I'm not there, but again, it's untested, unverified, unpredictable! Half the stuff I didn't work on, and have no clue if it works right or even what it's supposed to do!

"Knock yourself out with the sword, Neku, but remember that it works best on unshielded, fleshy areas, like the eyes, if there are any.

"Everyone, if it's a mantis-beetle creature, then you probably need to break through its exoskeleton before you can use your traditional weaponry. Look for something that either produces extreme heat or a concentrated beam. Both would work best against material shielding, but since Snow had already tried the heat thing, you might have to go with the latter."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 15 2008, 05:07 PM
"Geez,' werner said.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 15 2008, 06:17 PM
The monster swung its four blades this way and that, towards any direction where bullets were hitting its armor hide. It roared in frustration as it was too slow for its smaller prey...

Dr. Joe hid behind a nearby crate and gave cover fire as Snow joined her.

"I'm so sorry, Dr. Joe..." Snow began.

"It's not your fault," Dr. Joe interrupted as she reloaded. "You brought that thing out into the open. If we can find something around here to kill it, you can blind it long enough for us to close in."

Vic moved from box to box, firing as he ran. He found something that looked like a rifle crate and cracked it open. He pulled out what looks like a sharpshooter's rifle with a scope and a strange sort of power cell where the chamber resides. It didn't take him long to find a power switch and the rifle began to hum with life. Slinging his original rifle over his shoulder, he grabbed two more of the odd rifles and slid them hard towards the others...

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 15 2008, 07:53 PM
Neku dodged back behind the crate with Snow.
"This guy's one tough nut to crack, huh?"
He then seemed to brighten as he had an idea.
"A beam, huh? Hey, Snow...D'you think you can manage another stream of fire at him?"
He asked...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 15 2008, 10:16 PM
werner sat down in a chair before noticing a large gash in his arm that was bleeding.

Posted by: Serris Nov 16 2008, 02:35 AM
(OOC - lbt/cty_lover, I sent a you a PM briefing you about th whole situation)

James grabbed one of the rifles Vic slid to him. He slung his shotgun over his back and hefted the rifle.

James powered up the rifle, took aim at the creature and fired. He felt no recoil nor heard any noise from the rifle, just a loud shriek from the creature. "Nice choice, Vic! I helped develop these laser rifles, but I'm not too sure how long the lasing elements last." James fired again.

Zachary noticed the effect of the laser rifle James was using. He crawled out from behind the crate he was using as cover and grabbed the other rifle.

Zachary powered it up and fired two shots at the creature before the rifle vibrated. He ignored it and tried to fire again only to notice the words, "Power cell depleted." on the digital display on top of the rifle. He sighed and placed the rifle on the crate. He moved over to a gun locker and opened it. He grabbed a large rifle with cooling fins on the barrel and a magazine but also had a power cell attached.

He took aim at the creature with his new weapon and sent a high velocity steel slug into the creature's back. "Ow! The recoil on this thing is brutal!"


Over in a lab a fair distance from the AWTR, a terrorist team leader was discussing the situation with his fellows.

"Ok, it seems the group that's been giving us the most trouble is holed up in the AWTR and thanks to Cale and his squad they'll have their hands full with some of the sublevel inhabitants. That should give us enough time to dispose of some more of these infidels. We head towards the experiment quarters."

"How do a bunch of scientists manage to eliminate one of our most well trained squads?" a terrorist demanded.

"I don't know but they aren't soldiers, we are." the leader replied.

(OOC - this group is controllable by anyone)

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 16 2008, 04:38 PM
The insect reeled as a sharp pain pierced through its armor shell into its side, giving off a shriek of rage and agony. Black icor poured from the hole given by the new weapon...

Vic saw this happen and took aim with the new rifle and fired. A quiet beam of light shot through the air and into one of the scythe-arm shoulders, unhinging the arm as it dropped to the floor with a metallic crash. He looked back at his rifle and noticed it too was losing power fast. "We have to make our shots count!" he called back.

"I can try..." Snow answered Neku as she turned around and sent a wave of fire towards the monster, blinding it in bright flames...

Dr. Joe looked over to see Snow's handiwork. "It's distracted!" she shouted. "Someone take it out!"

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 16 2008, 06:36 PM
As the flames burned around the creature, Neku used kinesis to take control of them, focusing them into a tight beam, which was amplified by his electricity. The beam struck the creature, burrowing into it's armored hide...

Hawkeye launched a beam of energy from his wrist cannon, further damaging the creature, and circled it warily...

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 16 2008, 10:44 PM
"We need the help of that medical person I forgot what his name was here again,' werner said over the raido.

Posted by: Serris Nov 16 2008, 10:48 PM
James fired another shot at the creature's back. He took a breath and fired his last shot at the creature's back before the laser rifle vibrated and powered down.

Zachary also braced himself and aimed for the creature's head and fired.


Meanwhile, a thin anthro Beagle in a lab coat was walking through the halls. He entered one of the labs and noticed that the lab notebook he was looking for was missing.

"Hmm. This is not good. 'Dragonstorm' could be in serious trouble." He sniffed the air. "Dr. Zanasiu! You'll pay for this."

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 16 2008, 11:25 PM
"Werner!" Shelton had suddenly noticed Werner's arm. Ripping off yet another strip from his lab coat, Shelton tied off the upper forearm, attempting to stop the bleeding. He grabbed the bottle of alcohol, then realized that disinfecting the wound might not be the best thing to do. He hit the intercom. "I'm with Werner on this one. Vic or that Cobalt medic, you either need to get up here or give me orders over the phone, because this slash looks way worse than the hits on his kneecaps."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 16 2008, 11:36 PM
'Yes yes it does' werner said.

Posted by: Serris Nov 17 2008, 05:21 PM
James heard Shelton over the radio.

"Vic! You'd better get to the control room; Werner's been attacked and seriously injured." James shouted over the gunfire.

Zachary took aim and fired his last shot before the powercell on his weapon was depleted.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 17 2008, 05:31 PM
The experiment twisted and reeled in pain as hit after hit pierced into its soft interior and concentrated heat from Snow and Neku filtered its way through the holes. One shot each from Zachary and Vic has finally blew half of its head and face off. The creature stiffened and fell to the floor with a hard thud, twitching like a bug taking a can full of Raid. (gruesome, ain't it? blink.gif )

Vic heard from James about the control room and dropped the dead rifle for his original as he moved behind cover out the AWTR towards the control room. "Vic to Shelton," he replied over the radio. "I'm coming to your position."

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 17 2008, 06:19 PM
"Thank God," breathed Shelton. "He's bleeding extensively from a gash along his left forearm. I've used a strip of cloth as a makeshift tourniquet, but it's only slowing the bleeding. I've got alcohol and iodine, but I don't know if I should disinfect it."

Posted by: StarfallRaptor Nov 17 2008, 06:50 PM
Hawkeye and Kagetora walked over to Werner's side, each looking him over. Hawkeye let a small click of his scanner be heard, then, a moment later, spoke.
"The wound isn't that bad, save for the bleeding. If we can seal the wound, he'll recover with no lasting injury, but he'll have some scarring."
He said, clicking his scanner lens back.
Kagetora nodded.
" do you propose we stop the bleeding?"
He asked, looking at the wound again...

Neku stood next to Snow, smiling at her.
"Hey...That was some heck of a job out there, Snow. You were awesome. I think that deserves a little...reward."
He said, leaning in and giving her a small kiss on the cheek...

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 17 2008, 07:30 PM
"Well, like last time, I've got bandages, cotton, alcohol, and iodine," commented Shelton, squinting into the small grey pouch. "It's up for grabs. You got any more morphine, Vic?"

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 17 2008, 09:52 PM
"I've got some,' a voice from the door said. werner looked up "Dad,' he said. Hans walked through the door and set his AK on the control panel "I'm not looking for a fight I've just had enough,' hans said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 17 2008, 09:59 PM
"I think we'll be the judge of that," snarled Shelton, snapping up a pistol from off the ground. "Now keep your hands where I can see 'em."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 17 2008, 10:04 PM
Hans did as he was told keeping his hands raising his hands above his head.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 17 2008, 10:06 PM
Shelton kept the gun steady, secretly hitting the button on his handheld radio, so the conversation could be heard by Zanasiu's team. "Now, Mr. Lone Terrorist, why should we possibly trust you?"

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 17 2008, 10:07 PM
"I have information that could help you,' hans said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 17 2008, 10:15 PM
Shelton raised one eye. "So you're a turncoat? And you're honestly going Benedict Arnold on them? Werner, do you trust this man?"

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 17 2008, 10:27 PM
"Yes since he's my father I know that he keeps his word when I last saw him he promised me that he would return and he has returned,' werner said. "I also happen to know a good deal about some of these rogue experiments since I was ordered by the German government to keep an eye on these terrorists,' hans said.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 17 2008, 10:38 PM
"Well that's good, because this gun's out of bullets," Shelton realized, sliding it back into Werner's holster. He looked Hans straight in the eye. "I'm only trusting you because I saw you freeing that experiment over the viewscreen." He held up his radio. "James, you catch all of that? Hans Donitz is on our side now. This might be a good opportunity to get a spy inside the terrorist ranks."

Posted by: f-22 "raptor" ace Nov 17 2008, 10:42 PM
Hans embraced werner "It's good to see yuo again son,' he said. "It's good to see you again too dad,' werner said returning the hug.

Posted by: Serris Nov 18 2008, 06:35 PM
"Roger that." James said. He then turned to the Iguana guard, the Dhole scientist and Zachary. "Looks like we got an ally. His name is Hans Donitz. Werner's father it seems."

"His father?" the Dhole asked.

"Apparently." James replied.

"Ok so now what?" Zachary asked.

"I'll call Shelton." James replied. "Shelton, Zachary, two other friendlies and myself are in the AWTR. What shall our next destination be?"

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 18 2008, 08:16 PM
Shelton thought. "Cale has probably escaped the sublevels by now, but it might be a good idea to check out whatever he was interested in down there. It'd provide me with a big clue as to what the terrorists hope to gain by attacking this base. If we're lucky, Cale'll have killed off all the extremely dangerous experiments down there already, and we can just go in and out."

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 18 2008, 09:01 PM
Snow blushed as Neku kissed her on the cheek, and looked to Dr. Joe, who simply smiled and looked away.


Vic turned down a familiar corner when he saw a shadow suddenly move across the hall up ahead of him, and he froze, bringing his gun up towards the fork. He paused for a few tense moments before he called into his radio. "Shelton, I think we have something between control and the AWTR. See if there are any cameras that can catch this thing. It's not making any noise."

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Nov 18 2008, 09:26 PM
Shelton checked the laptop screen. "I told you, the visual relay's shot, I can't see anything. But if you can snap a photo or describe it or something, I'll do my best. Does it look human or experiment?"

Posted by: Serris Nov 19 2008, 12:13 AM
(OOC - new noncombatant character:

Name: Dr. Yuri Kerzach
Age: 34
Species: Cassowary
Faction: Scientist
Knowledge: knows his way around the sublevels, knows about the sublevel inhabitants, has EMT-B level first aid training.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: Fearless, though sometimes crude and acidic. Has a twisted sense of humor.
Equipment: Handheld radio, small swtichblade style pocket knife (not a weapon).

Dr. Yuri Kerzach paced around in the utility closet. He did not know how long ago he had been stuck in there. He tried his best to ignore the duct tape around his head and the cable ties around his wrists.

The last thing he remembered was hearing the warning about a terrorist attack. His partner attempted to seal the door but a terrorist squad entered and shot him before he could do anything. They ransacked his lab, bound and gagged him and tossed him into the utility closet.

He waited for someone to rescue him.


The Beagle scientist who had discovered that Dr. Zanasiu had the notes on "Dragonstorm" entered the cafeteria. He entered the walk in freezer and punched in his access code on what appeared to be a patch of ice. He waited as a small section of the wall slid back to reveal a staircase.

He descended the staircase and met with a thin Deer in a lab coat. He noticed other scientists behind the Deer.

"Find those notes?" the Deer asked.

"No. I picked up his scent in the lab where I left them and they are missing." the Beagle replied.

The Deer chuckled. "Ah, Dr. Zanasiu, the sentimental scientist. He'd be a great scientist, if only he didn't let his feelings interfere."

"It seems that Dr. Zanasiu has the 'Dragonstorm' notes."

The Deer stopped laughing. "Tell me you're kidding."


The Deer's eyes went wide. "If word of 'Dragonstorm' gets out to the public, our project is finished! Hell, we may even be lynched! Dr. Zanasiu cannot be allowed to leave with these notes. I don't care how you get those notes back, steal them back or kill him, just get them back!"

Three scientists; a Human, a Brown Bear and a Shire draft horse stepped up to the Deer.

The Beagle gestured to them and they followed him to the armory.


James listened to Shelton over the radio. He then radioed Vic and Neku. "Vic, Neku, we are heading to the sublevels. We only have the Cobalt Squad soldiers, Zachary, the Iguana, the Dhole and myself."

"Should we take some of these weapons?" Zachary asked.

"I don't know. I worked on the magnetic weapons but we haven't fully tested them and there's the problem of ammo, they drain the powercells very quickly." the Dhole responded.

"Good enough." James said. He retrieved the laser rifle he had used during the battle with the mutant and searched for some powercells. He went to the back and found the room where they recharged the powercells. He took 3 of them and stuck the dead powercell in a charger. He then swapped out the powercell in his laser rifle for new one; the laser rifle hummed as it powered up. He then grabbed 3 more of them, left the room and handed them to Zachary.

Zachary retrieved the gauss rifle he had previously used and swapped out the dead cell for a fresh one. He had also found 4 magazines of gauss ammo.

"You wanna upgrade your weapons?" James asked looking at the Cobalt Squad soldiers, the Dhole and the Iguana. They all shook their heads.

Zachary had decided to unsling his M-16 and place it aside.

"Whoa, whoa, not so fast. We don't know how reliable these experimental weapons are. We need to have something that we KNOW will work." James said.

"I'm out of ammo." Zachary said.

"There should be some in the gun safes."

Zachary opened a crate and retrieved several M-16 magazines.

The Dhole also opened another crate and retrieved several AK-47 magazines.

James checked his pockets. "I've got enough shells for maybe 4 full magazines."

"We ready?" a Cobalt Squad soldier asked.

"We'll see if Neku's group and Vic's group wish to come with us." James replied.

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"It may be better if you leave those notes you found here james,' werner said over the raido.

Posted by: Mirumoto_Kenjiro Nov 19 2008, 09:04 PM
"I can't tell, but I know it's moving around here," Vic replied on the radio. "I'll check it out." It was the most stupid thing he could've said right now, but he hopes it was another survivor of this hell he's in. He cautiously follows in the direction of the disappearing shadow down a new corridor, towards a laboratory that was clearly ransacked and riddled with bullet holes...


"Should we meet them in the sub-levels?" Dr. Joe asked around.

Snow shivered and rubbed her arms in nervousness. "Maybe we should meet with the others in the control room..."


One of the terrorists, an experienced hitman of Asian descent and an ice-cold personality, readied two handguns with silencers and a belt full of extra magazines. As soon as the leader gives him the go-ahead, he'll go hunting for the survivors in the base...

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Neku nodded.
"Yeah...I'll give the sublevels a 'no' until we're back with the group. Who knows what Cale's been up to down there, and the rumors...brrr..."
He shivered, though the air was warm, and moved closer to Snow...

Next to the Asian hitman, a figure wrapped in a long, black coat stood at the ready, holding a long katana in one hand and a silenced submachine gun in the other.
"Getting...antsy, are we?"
He chuckled, licking the dull edge of his blade...

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Shelton waited for more information from Vic. He checked on Werner's bandages, then rechecked the radar.

He frowned. Something was wrong...

There was one more life sign in range on the radar then there had been before.

Shelton couldn't be sure which life sign was the newcomer, but it had to be one of the three solitary dots. And one of those solitary dots was approaching another...

"Vic or Siberys, one of you is about to make contact with a being of unknown affiliation. Problem is, I don't know which one of you. Please radio in your positions."

Posted by: Serris Nov 19 2008, 11:52 PM
"We should plan our trek to the sublevels very thoroughly. No telling what's down there." Zachary said.

James nodded.

"Shelton, my group and I are heading back to your control room. We will discuss our plans there." James radioed.

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