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Posted by: MrDrake Jul 4 2011, 06:43 PM
Hailey had awoken in her usual state of mind, with a rather groggy groan. But something was different about the place she had woken up in this time around. Her facial expression had noted that with a quirked eyebrow and a simple sentence “I wake up, and already it feels like I’m the science guinea pig for that Portal game”

“You just had to that, didn’t you? Ruin the big surprise, just like that” a voice spoke as an armadillo wearing glasses seemed to just appear in front of Hailey.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I am, well, surprised in a way” Hailey retaliated back with a half hearted laugh.

“And you’re not the least bit curious on where you are or anything like that?” the armadillo asked back, quirking an eyebrow.

“Fine, I’ll bite and play ball…where am I and why am I here?”

“That’s better, where you are is inside my virtual gaming machine that I built specifically to show you up Hailey. What? You didn’t think that someone would get ticked off with your so-called…impressive gaming skills? Call of Duty, Duke Nukem, Mortal Kombat, Tekkan 6, the list goes on and on, each time you were shown to be the best at these games, while I would come in second best”

“Let me get this straight, you kidnapped me and dumped me in this hell hole, all because you’re having a temper tantrum of not being the best gamer there is? Does your mother know about all of this?”

“Shut up, leave my mother out of this, I may only be 15 years old and-”

“Hold up, you’re just 15 years old?” Hailey groaned and mumbled to herself “Great, kidnapped by a kid”

“Don’t interrupt me! Listen, since you’re being so difficult right now, so instead of explaining my machine, I’m just going to throw you right into the action, you can figure it out as you go along. Oh, and you can call me Kevin”

“Kevin? Oh, that’s just brilliant” Hailey grumbled as she watched as Kevin left the room and the door ahead opened. She shrugged for a moment and walked off to head through the door “Guess I’ve got nothing to loose, the kid wants to play games, fine, I’ll play…and I’ll win for that matter too”


It didn’t even take long for Hailey to make it to the end of said hallway, to open the door at the end and stepping out into, what seemed to be the middle of a coliseum. She turned around for a moment to find that the hallway that she had just left, was nowhere to be found.

She looked ahead again, examining the audience around herself for just a moment before looking up at a big screen, to which Kevin’s face appeared upon it “Welcome Hailey, to the first level. It’s my design of course, a gladiator’s arena, where you shall be the main star of the show, fighting…wait for it…a dragon!”

A roar was then heard in the distance as Kevin continued to talk still “And yes, it is a fight to the death too, pretty cool huh?”

“Yeah, save for one tiny little detail…dragons didn’t exist in gladiator, slash, roman times” Hailey snapped back.

“Shut up, this is my machine, my rules, if I wanna screw them, then I’ll screw the rules however I want!” Kevin retaliated back as the dragon was released from its cage “Good luck”

“Uh, what the hell am I suppose to fight this thing with?” Hailey had to ask.

Kevin in turn groaned “Fine” he sneered as a sword seemed to just fall from the sky and strike the ground behind the dragon.

The dragon lunged forward already, snapping at Hailey as she jumped aside and bolted for the sword, just as the dragon begun to breathe fire at her. Yet, just as Hailey reached for the sword, the dragon swung its tail and knocked her away from it.

In turn, music started to play in the background. In particular it was the Mortal Kombat theme music “Is the music really necessary?”

“Uh yeah, it’s your battle music against the dragon, duh, everyone knows you need some good fight music while facing off against your first boss in a video game” Kevin answered back rather smugly.

Haley in turn, just rolled her eyes at the comment as she lunged for the sword again, the time, grabbing the hilt of the sword as she swung around to face off against the towering dragon “You want a boss battle? I’ll give you a boss battle you wont soon forget” Hailey muttered to herself as she lunged forward, driving the sword deep into the dragon’s chest, twisting the sword around a few times before removing the sword and stepping backwards, watching as the dragon stumbled for a moment or so.

Hailey took the chance to then rush up the dragon’s tail and onto its back, heading right for its head “I’ve had enough of the bullshit as it is” and with that, she thrust the sword into the back of the dragon’s neck, holding on as it thrashed around in much pain before the head collapsed onto the ground.

She looked up at Kevin for a moment, eyes narrowed at him “And I thought that you were suppose to be challenging me, I just killed your dragon”

Kevin sneered back at Hailey’s remark slightly “Hey, shut up, I’ve got more than that where that came from…Ace!”

At Kevin’s call, what seemed to be a rather average looking robot, burst through the wall of the coliseum and skid to a halt, eyes watching Hailey, guns aimed at her as Hailey in turn, just looked back.

“Say hello to Ace, my Advanced Cybernetic Entity, pretty cool huh? And you thought that dragon was dangerous, Hailey, you haven’t seen anything yet” Kevin seemed to then smirk slightly “Ace, kill her for me”

No words came from Ace as the robot just acted, dashing forward at Hailey, in turn, firing its guns at her, which turned out to be real lasers too as Hailey jumped off the dragon’s back and onto the ground in time…only to be grabbed by Ace and lifted up into the air by her throat “Let me go”

No reply came from Ace as his grip tightened on her still. Hailey gripped the sword still and swung it at Ace’s arm, the blade slicing through the tubes attached to Ace’s arm, but bounced off the metal part of Ace. Luckily, it was enough for Ace to let her go as Hailey dropped to the ground, gasping for air.

Ace moved again as he knocked Hailey back again and this time, slamming her into the ground, which in turn, seemed to give way, allowing for both Hailey and Ace to fall through the ground, leaving Kevin a bit dumbfounded “Uh, what just happened? The floor, it just gave way” he then groaned “That’s just brilliant, now I have to go and find them all over again…” he mumbled in the end.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Jul 6 2011, 04:40 AM
All right! Another story! Can't wait to see how this turns out! Behind time travel, virtual reality stories are my favorite. Hailey is a fun protagonist too.

Did you finish Zero Hour?

Posted by: MrDrake Jul 6 2011, 04:44 AM
Still am working on the last part for it. It's not quite complete. Just how I've written the ending area...I'm not all that happy with it, soam rewritting it somewhat XD

But thanks anyway. Much appreciated ^^

Posted by: Serris Jul 11 2011, 09:06 PM
This looks really interesting and I really want to see how this ties into the main Darwin's Soldiers universe.

Good luck on writing it!

Posted by: MrDrake Aug 5 2011, 03:40 AM
Small post for the next part, just not much happens in this one is all.


As the two of them continued to fall, Ace seemed to activate what were thrusters, stopping him from falling, unlike Hailey who continued to fall, while Ace turned and headed back to the surface again of the coliseum.

It was nothing but a white void as Hailey fell still. No ground in sight at all, well, not quite as she did indeed, strike a hard ground, but rather softly to her surprise. She had not been falling for the past few seconds, her fall had instead, been constantly slowed to a halt and placed softly upon the ground.

Again, nothing but a white void as Hailey got up and looked around. She looked up, she could not see the hole from where she was as she sighed heavily “Clever move Kevin”

“That was not part of Kevin’s initial plan, that was one of the many glitches found within the gaming world you had just come from” a voice spoke out as in front of Hailey materialized a fox, a snow fox, anthromorphic as usual.

Hailey, being on her guard, eyed the snow fox cautiously “Oh? And what’s that suppose to mean? Just who are you? Another one of Kevin’s creations?”

The snow fox shook her head “No, Kevin doesn’t have the necessary brain power to create something as advanced as myself, no, I am the company’s original AI programme, they call me Kora”

“They?” Hailey was much more confused than when she had first arrived in gaming program.

“It figures that Kevin would not explain things all that clearly to you, yes, it is true that you were in the gaming world, but Kevin was not the creator of it, he is only the son of the creator Charles, but there is a problem, the gaming world you had experienced has not been completed, what you had experienced was a glitch in the system of the Roman Coliseum program portion of the gaming world. That world was not ready to be tested as of yet, but Kevin defied his father’s orders and started it up and even activated the A.C.E programme as well, which is why A.C.E has been, well, active all this time” Kora stopped for a moment before continuing on “The reason I had also not been in contact with you earlier on was because I have limit access to the gaming programme, well, not so much as access as it is control within the programme”

Hailey folded her arms “Figured as much, makes sense though…but how do I get out?”

“Exploit the glitches in the system, and since it is a gaming world, I would advise that you also play along as well” Kora answered back.

“Let me guess? Get to the final level and beat the boss at the end?” Hailey questioned.

Kora nodded slightly “Yes, that is at least, worth a shot, once you do that, if you are still unable to escape, then I shall try and get in and help you out” she looked up towards the hole where Hailey had fallen from “We can’t talk for much longer, A.C.E will still be on your trail, but thankfully, if it infiltrates this area, I have control and will be able to stop it, but for now, you do need to get out of here with no time to waste”

“But, I still have a few questions left that do need answering” Hailey retaliated back.

“Very well then, I shall permit you to one question…for safety precautions” Kora nodded to Hailey slightly.

“That’s easy, all I want to know is how I got into this machine in the first place”

At first, there was no answer that had come from Kora as she just looked at Hailey for a few seconds until she had finally answered the question “I had searched for the answer to your question, but I had found nothing right now, I’m afraid that the answer to your question will have to be answered at a later date when I have found the answer” she paused again “I’m afraid that’s all the time we have for questions for the time being”

She looked upwards at the hole again before looking past Hailey. A portal opened up as Kora spoke again “Head through that, it should lead you back to the gaming world, so that you are able to find Kevin and put a stop to all this madness”

It was apparently obvious that the portal was already starting to glitch up as Hailey looked at it “Are you sure about that? It doesn’t exactly look safe to pass through”

“It is only glitching up as I am unable to keep it active for very long” Kora nodded to Hailey again slightly “Now hurry”

Hailey just nodded without a word and rushed through the portal, arriving in a new area of the gaming zone, which seemed to be some sort of underground bunker. She stopped as her eyes narrowed at the area “Now where are you Kevin? You want me? Well here I am, ready to play your little game”

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Aug 5 2011, 11:07 AM
Ooh, cool. That actually answers some questions I'd had, such as how Kevin had managed to create such a machine.

An underground bunker! I'm excited to see where this goes!

Posted by: Petrie85 Aug 5 2011, 05:27 PM
I am as well this is was a wonderful chapter. I really loved it a lot. Nice work on making this chapter.

Posted by: MrDrake Sep 13 2011, 05:03 AM
Yes, an underground bunker, beware the cliche....ness of it! dino_laugh.gif


As Hailey started to walk down the hallway of the underground bunker, she kept her ears perked for any signs of what could be either Kevin or Ace, but so far, she was alone. Well, she was almost alone as she came to a halt at an intersection in the hallway, two guards were seen patrolling nearby. At first, Hailey was uncertain if she should approach said guards till she saw what was on their arms “Brilliant…Nazis” she muttered.

The two guards had rounded the corner to where Hailey was, but found no one as one spoke into his walkie-talkie, using a foreign language to do so. Hailey watched from where she was, eyes weary of the two guards, just in case. Both guards walked on by as Hailey got out of her hiding place “This is going to be tough” she muttered to herself as she turned and quickly rushed off in the direction where the two guards had come from.

She at least needed a weapon to arm herself, but so far, she was still unarmed and seemed to be heading into rather hostile territory, granted that no one had opened fire on her, yet, she wasn’t going to take that chance either. She had come across another intersection as another set of guards approached, this time, having seen Hailey this time as they called out to her in their language.

Hailey froze where she was, unsure on if she should run or not as she eyed them rather carefully, her hands slightly raised up in a surrendering position as the two guards approached her, guns aimed as well. One guard poked her with the barrel of his gun “Are you the one called Hailey?”

“Uh, yeah” Hailey answered back, eyes still watching the two guards “Why do you ask?”

“The Commander wishes to see you, your presence is required” the second guard told her.

“And if I refuse to go with you?”

One guard shook his head “I’m afraid that is not an option” he spoke as the two of them moved their guns somewhat to indicate for Hailey to get moving “Now move”

At first, Hailey did refuse to move as the two guards poked her a little with the barrel of their rifles in order to get her to move along, causing her to groan somewhat “Alright, alright, I’m moving”

As she was being patrolled down the hallway, there was another question that was bugging her as she looked at the two guards again “Question, are you two, by any chance, Germans? I only ask cause of your accents, it sounds eerily like German, that’s all”

“Yes, we are, as you say, Germans”

Figured as much, Kevin isn’t all that smart when it comes to making stuff up, Germans and Nazis tend to go hand in hand in the usual gaming sense, so it really isn’t all that a big surprise…I’m amazed he hasn’t gotten these fellows to turn on me and have it all turn into one hell of a fire fight’ Hailey thought to herself as she walked along the hallway being patrolled along said hallway to the destination.


Soon enough Hailey had arrived in the Commander’s office, to whom she had seen, sitting at his desk, fingers together as he eyed Hailey for a moment, his arm raised up to order the two guards to leave without a single word. As the two guards had left, he spoke to her “You are Hailey, yes?”

“Yeah, otherwise, I highly doubt that I would even be here in the first place” Hailey answered back with a quick little laugh.

As he looked at her still, he leaned forward in his seat slightly. One could tell that he was human, well, as human as he could be anyway. His accent however was still the same as the others, German “Yes, well, this is still a rather odd predicament that you have found yourself in I’m afraid”

“What…are you on about?”

The Commander reached under his desk and pulled out a simple handgun, placing it upon the table and loading it as he aimed it at Hailey “We were all hoping that you would be found within our underground bunker, then of course you would be bought here to my office where I would be the one to kill you, under orders from Kevin”

“Kevin? I should’ve known, too cowardly to come and get me himself” Hailey eyed the Commander for a moment before glancing around the room.

“But as I am still a respectable man, I am going to allow you one last thing, I shall allow you one last thing to say, if you have anything else to say before I kill you” the Commander told her “So, go ahead Hailey”

“Actually…” Hailey eyed the chair nearby “I do, it’s a question actually, can you blush?”

“What?” the Commander questioned a little lost, but before he knew it, a chair was being thrown in his direction. The gun did in turn fire, but it was fired upwards as the gun was knocked out of the Commander’s hand.

Hailey jumped for the gun as it fell to the ground, grabbing it with a roll along the ground before aiming it at the Commander “Seems like the tables have indeed turned, in my favour too”

“You believe that you have won, but I am afraid that you are sadly mistaken young Hailey, if you kill me, the whole base will then be alerted to what has just happened and these guards will shoot you upon seeing you wandering these hallways, I highly doubt that you wish to take that chance, you wont make it out of here alive” the Commander chuckled to her, unflinching at the gun aimed at him.

“I think I’ll take my chances” Hailey answered back as she pulled the trigger, taking care of the Commander before she walked to the fallen corpse and took what seemed to be a knife of sorts from the body before starting to make her way towards the exit. She was now prepared to fight her way out of the bunker.

As Hailey rushed down the hallway, an alarm begun to blare, followed by Kevin’s voice “Attention all personal, the criminal know as Hailey has killed your beloved Commander, her death is all that is required right now”

“That…that doesn’t even make any sense” Hailey grumbled to herself with a slight roll of her eyes as she continued down the hallway until arriving upon an open area. There was cover available as well as Nazis started to swarm the area she was in, to which Hailey took cover. She started to take out Nazi by Nazi, well, that was until two specific Nazi’s arrived, each holding a gatling gun each, already starting to gun Hailey down at her location, having her pinned down.

As Hailey waited where she was, trying to figure out what to do, on how to take care of these gatling gun Nazis until there was a loud crash. Crashing right through the nearby wall, was Ace as he straight away, killed the two Nazis that had Hailey pinned down and let off a strange roar of sorts.

Hailey poked her head out as her eyes fell upon Ace “Not good, he’s like one of these bosses that refuses to leave you alone, no matter how many times you manage to outmanoeuvre them” she groaned as she ducked away as Ace started to open fire on her for a few moments before stopping, having gone quiet.

Hailey looked back out and saw that Ace had seemed to vanish. She started to move out from her position, keeping on the offensive only to look up as Ace grabbed her and slammed her against the wall, his fists starting to crush her as he just held her there. Yet, Hailey took this chance to pull out the gun she had obtained earlier on and started to fire at Ace in order to at least provoke him to let her go.

Ace hesitated as he let go of Hailey and took a few steps back, seeming to just roar at her as Hailey fell to her knees for a moment. Yet, she continued to fire at him still as she got to her feet again and started to walk forwards whilst Ace moved backwards. Sure, the bullets weren’t exactly harming him, but the bullets striking his armour seemed to be doing enough to at least cause him to flinch, which was good enough for Hailey.

Though, the moment Hailey had ran out of bullets, she had to drop her gun, having no spare ammo on her, nor having the time to run around and grabbing any more. So instead, she threw the gun aside and just ran, heading for the hole that Ace had made from his entrance.

Upon rushing through the gap in the wall, there was at least a small section of tiles available before she found out there was a gap with a few boxes just floating there. Hailey wasn’t about to question it as she slowed down to a halt, questioning on what her next move when Ace activated his thrusters and started to charge at her “I’ve got no choice” was all she had said to herself as she took a few steps back before running forward and leaping for the closest box available.

Ace in turn, started to fly around, firing at Hailey as she pulled herself up onto said box “This has to be one of those unfinished areas that Kora told me about…boxes just don’t float around randomly” she had said to herself as she started to move, jumping from box to box all the while, trying to avoid being shot at by Ace.

So far, all Hailey could do was just to keep moving still, hoping that she wouldn’t run out of boxes to jump onto. Yet, as she continued jumping from boxes still, she did indeed run out of boxes to jump onto, but instead, there was a rather long pipe in place of the boxes.

Hailey did not question it still as she jumped onto the pipe and started to run along it as she looked to her side as she saw Ace starting to catch up again, watching as he flew off ahead in front of the pipe, waiting for her at the end of it “Crap, not good” was all she could say, but yet, just kept on going.

As she reached the end of the pipe, she actually leapt towards Ace, unsure on what was going to happen next. Ace’s hand moved as if he attempted to grab her, but missed as Hailey landed upon his arm before leaping off again onto Ace’s head before leaping off him and started fall into the void.

She fell for only a few seconds as she fell through a portal of sorts instead, striking the ground where the portal had spat her out, rather hard for that matter as it closed behind her. She got up with a groan “That was not fun…” she muttered to herself as she took in her new surroundings. She was now on a street, in what seemed to be a deserted city of sorts “There are either going to be zombies here, or I’m going to hear a siren of sorts to which monsters are going to show up, what fun…”


(Cookies to those that can guess the two game references right at the end there that Hailey mentioned XD)

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Sep 13 2011, 05:20 AM
Left 4 dead and Resident Evil?

Posted by: MrDrake Sep 13 2011, 05:22 AM
Nope, Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Silent Hill being the whole siren ordeal and then monsters start to show up and the likes XD

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