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Posted by: MrDrake Oct 6 2010, 06:10 AM
My second story that I am writting along side my other story New Divide, to which I've already got the first chapter here for you lot to read XD


Ten guards, ten guards were dead at her feet as the Dragonstorm experiment just stood there. She looked human, black hair that went down to her shoulders. She wore cargo like pants and a shirt on, a rugged one; however, she wore no shoes. She had claws that came out from her knuckles on both of her hands, three claws each, making them a total of six claws all up.

“Very good Zara, however, it does not end here just yet…we still have one more test left for you to take on” a voice spoke as the female, who was known as Zara, glanced over to those watching high up behind some glass. She then looked over to a door that opened and one final person stepped out into the room.

This one was larger than the normal guards, he was more muscular and what was more, he wielded a rather large looking scythe. He looked at Zara for a moment and cricked his neck, to which the voice whom had spoken up before, spoke again “This is your final test…all you have to do is kill him, simple is it not?”

Zara looked to the one with the scythe some more and watched him, waiting, wondering what was going to be his first move. The guard with the scythe started to step forward towards Zara; both hands on his scythe as he bought it back some and swung it at Zara.

Zara in turn, stepped back a little as the scythe only caused to rip in her clothes, right underneath her chest as Zara swung her right hand at the scythe, knocking it backwards and lunged into the guard with her left hand, only to be grabbed by the throat and tossed backwards.

The guard stood there with a smirk upon his face and stepped off, rushing towards Zara with his footsteps, shaking the ground a little as he swung his scythe at her some more, a few swings missing her completely, while some slashed at her clothes, ripping them even more along the front of them.

Zara snorted just a little “This was my favourite shirt…and you ruined it…” she glared at the guard as she looked at the rips in her shirt. They were all over the place, around her stomach, and even around her chest, revealing more than what was needed, considering the fact that the girl did not wear anything on underneath her shirt.

The guard in turn, just gave off a laugh as he tightened his grip “You should feel lucky…makes you more attractive that does…”

Zara glared at him some more “I’m not dense…I may not be a true human…but I damn well know when someone is looking at my…goods…” she snarled a little to him “So do yourself a favour and just avert your eyes…”

The guard just laughed some more and swung the scythe some more at Zara, to which Zara continued to try and avoid the blade of the scythe as she swung her claws at him, to which her claws soon, connected with the blade of the scythe as she held the blade above her, looking at the point which was only inches away from her forehead.

Zara hesitated some before it happened, she twisted her claws just a little and managed to shatter the blade of the scythe, causing the guard to look rather surprised enough to give Zara enough time to finish the job as she swung one claw, aimed for his stomach as blood started to spill out from his stomach, followed by a second swing of her claw, this time, for his neck.

Blood indeed, started to spill out from the guard’s wounds, some blood splattering onto Zara’s shirt and skin, especially via the cuts in her shirt around her chest area, to which Zara just sighed a little, but watched as the guard grabbed his throat before seconds later, falling down onto his knees first, then face first onto the ground.

“Well done Zara, you’re finished for the day, I’ll be down shortly to meet up with you” the voice told Zara before leaving the area and heading down to where Zara was.

Zara looked over to see an African woman, giving her a light smile “Dr. Hazel Zoula…” Zara acknowledged on who the woman was before adding to what she was saying “Can you do me a favour…and not give me…perverts to fight with?”

“Sorry, he was one of our best fighters…I can’t help that he was…as you would put it Zara, a bit of a pervert” Dr. Hazel replied back as she motioned for Zara to follow her “Come, I want to show you something”

Zara just scoffed in regards to what Dr. Hazel had told her about the perverts and followed Dr. Hazel out the training room and down one of the hallways “What is it you wanted to show me anyway?”

The two of them soon enough, arrived at another room, both of them stepping up to the glass that was separating them from what was inside the room, a Jackal “This is what I wanted to show you, our newest Dragonstorm experiment, her inventory number is XZ-48910, however, we’ve come to call her…Viper”

“Viper huh?” Zara watched the female inside the room, whom was just sitting there on the floor, up against the wall. As she was just newly created, she didn’t really have a good set of clothing she was to wear, and so she was instead, left with nothing but a blanket, which she kept over her shoulders “What…what are her powers?” Zara added in with a bit of curiosity.

“Teleportation, although a bit weak at the moment, as she can only teleport to places she has seen, and luckily enough, at the moment, she has not seen any other destinations than the inside of her room” Dr. Hazel answered back as she too watched Viper, glancing to one of the scientists, motioning for him to walk over “Can you get Zara here a new shirt? Thanks” she spoke as the scientist headed off to fetch a new shirt for Zara.

Inside the room, Viper soon looked up and noticed that she was being watched by Dr. Hazel and Zara; yet, she did not say a single word and just looked at them. Zara on the other hand, had to say at least say something herself, in regards to Viper anyway “She’s cute…”

Zara continued to watch Viper still, seeming to not take her eyes off the girl as the scientist returned and handed Zara a new shirt, to which Zara took off her damaged and ripped shirt she was wearing and tossed it aside before putting on the new one.

Viper had indeed, watched what Zara was doing, her eyes looking over to Dr. Hazel, then back to Zara again as she just sat there still, not moving one bit, well, that was until she teleported, leaving the blanket behind as she reappeared right beside Zara and Dr. Hazel on the same side of the glass panel as they were on.

Guards were about to move in to detain Viper, only for Dr. Hazel to put up a hand to stop them as she looked to Viper and spoke to her “Viper, this is Zara”

Viper looked to Zara for a moment still before she opened up her mouth to speak “You don’t wear any shoes”

“Not my style…and I see you don’t wear any clothes” Zara replied back as she looked at the girl who wore nothing in front of her.

“Don’t worry about that one Zara, we’re sorting out some clothes for her” Dr. Hazel reassured Zara.

“Yeah, cause, well, I don’t think anyone else would like to see a naked Jackal parading around the area” Zara spoke with a small sounding laugh.

However, they were soon interrupted by someone approaching, who in turn, was escorted by a few guards. It was him, Colonel Dietrik. He had entered the room, to which his own guards held weapons to the scientists present as he looked to Dr. Hazel in particular, then to Viper “Is this the latest experiment? The one that you claim that can teleport?” he asked Dr. Hazel as he looked at Viper.

Dr. Hazel gave a nod back “Yes sir, but I’m afraid that she isn’t quiet ready…” however, she was cut-off by Colonel Dietrik motioning for his guards to grab Viper, shocking her in the process with stun rods and to take her away.

“Vladimir…what the hell are you doing? I already told you that she’s not ready yet” Dr. Hazel told the Colonel rather sternly.

“It does not matter, it is still going to go through with the procedure” Colonel Dietrik told Dr. Hazel before turning and walking out of the room, leaving them there.

“Procedure? What procedure is he talking about?” Zara asked rather curiously.

“As far as I know, from what I was told anyway, it’s a cloning process of some sort” Dr. Hazel paused for a moment “Something I didn’t think was possible, but Vladimir had said that he has gotten a cloning machine working and he was planning on using it on Viper once she was ready…we’ve got to stop him before Viper gets hurt”

Zara gave off a nod back and bought out her claws before she rushed off with Dr. Hazel in order to stop Colonel Dietrik from going through with the procedure.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Oct 6 2010, 12:09 PM
Colonel Dietrik makes his first appearance!

Exciting intro. And I like the pun on Zero Hour, since "Zara" is the main character.

Keep on writing! I enjoy the opportunity to get to know these characters more, whom I've kinda lost track of in the RP since they never meet Shelton in-yes.gif

Posted by: Serris Oct 6 2010, 02:48 PM
Oh, I really like it.

Lovely cliffhanger and high octane start.

Posted by: MrDrake Dec 7 2010, 12:30 AM
(Wow, haven't updated this story in a while now XD)


Viper was placed in a small, electromagnetic-like cell area, enough to be able to hold her in place as Colonel Dietrik motioned for the cloning procedure to begin.

The machine started to hum to life, electricity started to surge throughout the cage that Viper was in until the electricity connected with Viper’s body, which in turn, caused the girl to scream out in agonizing pain.

Colonel Dietrik simply watched on, keeping an eye on the progress as he looked to the second cage that was connected to the machine as electricity started to surge through the cage, to which the Colonel simply grinned some, but only very lightly as he was pleased with the progress so far.


However, as both Zara and Dr. Hazel rushed down the hallway, heading towards where the cloning procedure was taking place, Dr. Hazel had noticed that the lights in the hallway dimmed for a bit then became bright once again. The process repeated every minute or so.

“That’s not a good thing, is it?” Zara asked in regards to the dimming lights.

“No, the machine’s using up too much power, at this rate, I doubt they’ll be able to finish the cloning process” Dr. Hazel replied back as they approached the room.

“Uh ma’am, you can’t -” a guard outside the room begun, only to be punched in the face by Zara halfway through his sentence while Dr. Hazel proceeded through the door and into the room where Colonel Dietrik was watching the procedure.

As Dr. Hazel had entered the room and looked out to what was happening, her eyes widened some as she saw what was happening before her eyes as the machine continued to hum away.

“Vladimir!” Dr. Hazel called out to him “You’ve got to stop this before something goes wrong”

Colonel Dietrik glanced over to Dr. Hazel “I’m afraid that we cannot stop now, it is already, almost at fifty percent…” he begun as he looked out to the machine to watch it starting to surge with electricity as he looked to one of the scientists “What the hell is going on with it?”

“I’m sorry sir, but it seems to be using up too much power” the scientist replied back as he attempted to shut it down, but had no luck “It’s not responding to the shut down”

The machine continued to spark rather vigorously as Viper’s screaming was still heard from within the machine, she was in pain from the shocks she was receiving in her cell area. On the other side, something had formed, yet, it did not seem complete either.

And sure enough, it happened, there was an explosion that had come from the machine in question, which in turn, had cut off the power from the machine, causing the process to be interrupted at only sixty two percent..

Smoke filled the room after the explosion and the screaming from Viper had stopped. No one could see inside the room as Colonel Dietrik ordered Dr. Hazel to remain on standby “No, not yet…it’s not safe” he spoke as he continued to watch as a figure was seen through the smoke.

He eyed it even more until he realized something, that it was not Viper. His guess was confirmed when the smoke cleared and what seemed to be a shadowy version of Viper stood there, outside of the cell as it eyed Colonel Dietrik and Dr. Hazel indefinitely.

“What the hell is that thing?” Dr. Hazel asked, looking at the shadow version of what did seem to be Viper as she glanced over to Viper who was out cold in her cell, and then back to the other version of Viper.

“I don’t know what it is, but it is not what I had intended to be created” Colonel Dietrik replied back as he eyed the figure still, not even bothering to look at Dr. Hazel just as Zara had rushed in with the guard she had punched earlier on following her.

“Uh sir…” the guard begun as he was holding his head back, holding his nose to stop the bleeding from said nose “We have...what the hell is that thing?” he looked to the figure as well.

Zara looked over for a second, but noticed that Viper was out cold “Viper!” was all she could say and practically leapt forward, crashing through the glass and rushing up to the unconscious Jackal, ignoring the other version of Viper that was in the room.

The other version seemed to be darker in fur tone. Its eyes were dark as well, it was as if it was a corrupted version of what Viper actually was as it eyed Zara and Viper for a second then vanished, reappearing behind where Colonel Dietrik and Dr. Hazel were as it continued to eye them silently.

However, guards were quick to react as they pulled their guns out and aimed it at the corrupt Viper, which in turn, caused the corrupt Viper to simply vanish once again, giving the guards no time to react as Colonel Dietrik spoke up “I want that thing found and terminated, I want that machine repaired immediately, ready for the cloning process to be retried once again”

“Yes sir” the guards saluted back and rushed off into the base in order to try and track down Corrupt Viper, while the scientists in the room headed into where the cloning machine was and started to look at it.

“Are you insane!? Did you, or did you not see what happened in there? If you attempt to clone Viper once again, the same thing will most likely happen again, and we’ll have another one of those incomplete versions of Viper running around, doing…God knows what” Dr. Hazel glared to Colonel Dietrik.

Zara in turn, was busy holding Viper and nudged her in order to wake her up, to which Viper did begin to stir a little and groaned before her eyes opened up slowly, but surely. She looked to Zara who was holding her, then over to Dr. Hazel in particular, giving off a smile of some sort to her.

Colonel Dietrik looked to Viper and Zara as he spoke to Dr. Hazel without looking to her “Very well then, if you are concerned for the well-being of that creature down there, then I am putting you in charge of fixing this mess that was created because of that thing”

“She has a name, and her name is Viper…learn it” Dr. Hazel immediately replied back to Colonel Dietrik before deciding to approach Zara and Hazel, motioning for Zara to bring Viper with her while they started to head back to Dr. Hazel’s office.


Within Dr. Hazel’s office, both Zara and Viper took a seat each as Dr. Hazel leaned forward in her chair “Vladimir’s put myself in charge of fixing this whole mess” she paused for a moment to think on the situation at hand.

“So, what do you propose we do about that thing?” Zara decided to enquire about.

“All we can really do is hunt it down, and well, terminate it, I mean, who knows what else that thing will end up doing, it doesn’t exactly come off as a nice thing” Dr. Hazel looked to Viper “I’ll be counting on you two to work together to stop it, however, I will be coming along with you, to at least Times Square, use that as a good reference point and work from there at finding that thing”

“So, you want us to…kill it?” Viper piped up, to which Dr. Hazel nodded back “I’m not exactly, killing material here”

“That’s why Zara will be going with you, she’s got experience in that field and with your teleporting abilities, the two of you will be able to get around with ease” Dr. Hazel soon got up from her seat and motioned for the two of them to follow her as she headed towards the base exit.

Posted by: MrDrake Dec 8 2010, 12:30 AM
(Hope ya'll like this one too XD)


The sight of New York City was just magnificent in the eyes of Viper. She looked at each of the buildings; just speechless with what she was seeing, being her first time outside of the facility.

Zara on the other hand, wasn’t as impressed as Viper was. Sure, the buildings were amazing to her, but they were just buildings after all.

The two of them followed Dr. Hazel down the street before stopping outside one building, to which she motioned out at what she was looking at it “Welcome to Times Square, the busiest area of New York City, it would be best to use this area as a point of reference” she motioned towards one of the big screens in Times Square.

“So, where do you suppose that thing is right now?” Zara asked as Viper was still preoccupied with staring at each of the buildings in the general area.

And that’s when it appeared, standing on top of the big ball in Times Square “Does that answer your question?” Dr. Hazel spoke as she looked into the distance some to see the creature.

Viper looked over at her corrupted self and felt, what seemed like, a shiver, run down her spine “Creepy…” was all she could say as Zara stepped forward.

“Ready Viper? All I need you to do is to teleport me up there for starters” Zara spoke, extending her claws, to which Viper nodded back, placing a hand onto Zara’s shoulder, and in the process, vanishing along with her, reappearing in midair, letting go of Zara and vanishing a second time.

Zara smirked “That’s more like it” was all she could say as she dove for the corrupt creature, claws at the ready. However, as Zara was free-falling, the corrupted creature looked up at Zara, just eyeing her, as if it was waiting for the correct moment.

And that’s when it happened, the moment Zara got close enough, the creature grabbed Zara and teleported away, only to reappear in front of one of the giant screens in Times Square and in the process, launched Zara away from itself and into the screen.

Zara slammed into the screen, rather hard, shattering some of the where she struck it, causing glass to fall down to the pedestrians bellow. And that’s when it happened; panic ensured as people started to notice what was going on above them and all around them. Everyone begun to scramble from the immediate area as the corrupt creature vanished and reappeared back on one of the rooftops, waiting once again for someone else to attack it. Zara groaned some as she shook her head a little and looked upwards before turning, jamming one of her claws into the screen above her, followed by her other set of claws, starting to climb the screen all the way to the top.


Viper remained on standby as she saw the creature reappear, deciding to quickly, rush into hiding, peering her head out some as she watched the creature before pulling her head back, thinking she was seen. She looked back out for a second time, but this time, the creature was gone.

She gasped a little bit, wondering where the creature could be. Turning around, she had her answer, the creature had indeed seen her and it immediately decided to make its next move and did, what seemed to be multiple vanishes as it rushed forward towards Viper.

Viper had to indeed, think on her feet, something she was not good at doing and vanished from where she was, reappearing where the creature was first seen in Times Square, only to have the creature follow her in a matter of seconds, it was as if it knew what Viper was going to do. It lunged in for an attack as Viper vanished, to which the creature followed Viper and attacked, yet again, moving across rooftops as Viper continued to just vanish with the creature relentlessly pursuing her.

However, the creature seemed to be getting irritated with Viper and vanished from the area, appearing on the streets bellow. It looked around and saw an approaching taxi, leaping off its feet and onto the taxi, it vanished, along with the taxi before reappearing right above Viper, letting the taxi drop onto her.


Zara, whom had gotten onto the rooftop of the building she was climbing up, looked over to Viper and the creature, enough to catch a glimpse at what was going on “Viper! Look out!”

Viper’s ears perked, both at the sound of Zara’s voice, and at the sound of a car engine. She looked and vanished just in time and the taxi slammed down onto the rooftop, reappearing next to Zara “This isn’t going so well, that thing is dangerous”

“And smart” Zara added in as it eyed the creature, cricking her neck some in the process.

“Got any other ideas?” Viper decided to enquire as it looked to the creature as well.

“Well…” Zara begun as the creature vanished and reappeared right behind the two of them “At the moment, we’re going to have to fight it, and by we, I do mean myself” she added in, giving Viper a quick smile.

The creature just looked at Zara, glancing at the claws for a moment before its fingers seemed to change to more, sharp claws itself, in an attempt to mimic Zara’s claws, but to its own version instead.

“That’s new…” Zara spoke as she had to quickly move her claws to block a swing from the shadow. It was now going on the offensive and was already, giving Zara a run for her money as it vanished and reappeared multiple times, in-between the vanishes, it would swing its claws at Zara.

Zara was indeed, having trouble keeping up with the relentless attack of the creature as she was soon enough, struck multiple times before she was charged at, knocked off the side of the building along with the creature, which continued to attack Zara whilst free-falling towards the ground.

The creature soon kicked Zara in the stomach, launching her quickly towards the ground as it vanished once more to take care of Viper.

Zara looked at where she was falling to “Oh, this is going to hurt…” to which she hit the ground, hard enough to cause the ground to crack in the process. She lay there for a few moments, unmoving before giving off a small groan, rolling over to her side before starting to get up, clutching her head in to process.


Dr. Hazel approached Zara by that point, taking a quick look around at where the corrupted creature had disappeared off to before speaking to Zara “What happened?”

“I’m not sure, the hands on that thing, it turned into…claw like fingers instead, but I’ve got no clue on how it did such a thing, and then it went on the assault and well, knocked me off the edge of the building and into the ground, and might I add in, that bloody well hurt” Zara groaned back “But I think Viper is still up there somewhere”

Dr. Hazel was about to say something when it was seen in the sky for a moment, the corrupted creature had Viper held by the neck as it vanished with her. Both Dr. Hazel and Zara attempted to try and pinpoint where the two were, but they had lost track of them, no longer in Times Square.

“We’ve got to find them, and find them fast” Zara protested, looking to Dr. Hazel “Where do you suppose they would’ve vanished off to now?”

Dr. Hazel was unsure on that answer “That’s a good question”

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Dec 8 2010, 01:30 AM
Nice! I'm glad this story is finally starting up again.

I'm excited to find out how the Shadow Viper grew claws like Zara. Maybe she can adopt the powers of any experiment she sees? That would be a serious threat to behold!

Posted by: MrDrake Dec 8 2010, 01:33 AM
Yeah, it's something I too am thinking about as I type out the story sort of thing, for a good explanation. However, the one you had just given, the idea, that one does seem like a very good idea to use. i think i shall consider that idea for sure wink.gif

But yeah, finally am getting aroudn to writting this one up, my other one is still being written too, don't you worry about that wink.gif

Posted by: MrDrake Jan 25 2011, 02:13 AM
Well, now that New Divide is finished, more time to work on this story now. So here's the next part to the story. Enjoy ^^


Reappearing once again, the creature let go of Viper, kicking her at the object behind itself, the Statue of Liberty. Viper slammed into the side of the statue rather hard as the creature landed on the book, its eyes watching Viper.

Viper went to disappear once again, only to have the creature vanish and reappear, grabbing hold of Viper and vanishing with her, only to once more, reappear, this time on top of the statue as it launched Viper into the head of the statue, to which Viper slid across and up against one of the spikes of the crown.

The creature wasn’t about to let Viper leave, not yet anyway. It stood there, watching the girl, its claw like fingers, flexing somewhat as it waited for Viper’s next move.

Viper got up where she was and looked at the creature. It wanted to fight, but she herself, had no fighting experience at all, but she was alone right now, and if she tried to escape, she would just be stopped once again. There was only one way out of this, she would have to fight the creature, somehow, and that was not something she was looking forward to doing.

The creature, once again, flexed it claw-like fingers, its eyes locked upon Viper’s eyes, ready to strike at any given moment. It didn’t even wait for Viper and made its next move, dashing forward as Viper’s eyes widened slightly. It swung at Viper, to which Viper disappeared, however, the creature followed suit, vanishing as well.

Seconds later, Viper was seen kicked to the ground at the feet of the statue, the creature landing gracefully onto the ground, eyes still locked upon Viper. It was feeling rather disappointed with the fight so far as it rushed forward regardless, vanishing multiple times in the process.

Viper, once more, attempted to vanish, only to be stopped by the creature, but this time, Viper did something the creature wasn’t quite expecting, head butting it in the head, slamming two feet into it as Viper slammed the creature down upon the crown of the statue again before jumping off it and looking at the creature in question.

The creature got up with ease and vanished from sight. Viper remained on standby, looking around all directions but saw no sign of the creature. However, seconds later, it reappeared with a train in midair, allowing the train to crash right into the crown of the statue where Viper had been standing.

The whole head of the statue seemed to just completely shatter underneath the pressure of the train whilst the train continued to fall through the statue, completely destroying the inside of it.

Viper had, however, managed to escape in time, yet, her heart was beating rather quickly as it was “That…that was too close for comfort that time…” she spoke as she started to calm herself down.

The creature stood there on what was left of the statue as the arm holding the torch up snapped off and fell to the ground as it just continued to eye Viper before vanishing and reappearing behind Viper, grabbing her around the neck and vanishing again with Viper for a change of scenery, leaving the mostly destroyed Statue of Liberty behind.


Reappearing, the creature threw Viper into the clock, in midair as it landed on the ground, taking a quick glance the civilians present before looking back to Viper again.

The two of them were now in Grand Central Station where the civilians present started to scatter almost immediately at the unexpected attack in the station.

Viper vanished from where she was, only to reappear on the ground in front of the creature, looking at it as she was breathing a bit heavily, already feeling somewhat injured, especially from that last attack she had received, slammed into Grand Central Station’s clock.

The creature locked eyes with Viper once again, the fingers of it returning back to normal before it seemed to grow claws, the very same kind of ones that Zara had as it remained watching Viper.

Viper looked to the claws with a slight gulp in the process ‘Where are you Zara?’ she thought to herself as she stepped backwards slightly in the process. However, the creature just stepped forward, claws at the side, eyes still locked upon Viper.

It made another move and vanished, reappearing right next to Viper, swinging its claws at the girl, to which Viper was struck in the arm, giving off a quick scream of pain before vanishing herself. The creature just followed suit, vanishing and seconds later, kicking Viper into the wall, once again, in midair.

There was no escape from this creature, Viper could indeed, see this now, she just hoped that Zara and Dr. Hazel would be able to figure out where she was right now.


There was commotion coming from a few blocks away from where Zara and Dr. Hazel were standing in Times Square “What do you suppose is going on over there?” Zara decided to question first.

Dr. Hazel shook her head, unsure herself “Not sure, but I would say that we should at least check it out, it could be Viper and that shadow creature”

“Well, only one way to find out really” Zara spoke back as she took off ahead of Dr. Hazel, heading towards where all the commotion was coming from.

Dr. Hazel just placed her fingers on her forehead with a slight groan before rushing off after Zara in the direction of Grand Central Station.


The creature just stared Viper down for a moment, stopping only for a second, upon hearing footsteps, faint ones in the distance, which sounded like they were getting closer to where they were. However, the creature ignored the footsteps as it turned its attention back to Viper once again.

Its claws were at the ready as it watched as Viper got to her feet again, only to rush at her, kicking her in the stomach, vanishing with her, reappearing in midair, kicking her a few more times before vanishing with her yet again and reappearing, kicking her into the nearby information booth.

“Oi! Why don’t you pick on someone with the same skills that you have?” the voice called out as Zara stood there, claws already at the ready “Now, step away from the girl, I wont ask you twice”

The creature just snarled back at Zara’s threat and vanished, only to reappear for just a split-second before vanishing a second time, along with Zara, having caught her off guard.

Dr. Hazel took this time to rush over to where Viper was and helped her up “You okay?”

Viper nodded back a little “Yeah, I just feel rather sore…that thing kicked me around a bit…and broke that clock as well, by kicking me into it”

Dr. Hazel looked over to the shattered clock before looking back to Viper again “Well, you’re alive, and that’s what matters”

“Yeah, lucky that train didn’t hit me…” Viper muttered back as she folded her arms.

“Train? What train?” Dr. Hazel asked curiously.

“Uh, never mind about that, it’s uh, it’s not important” Viper replied back with a quick smile before she looked around, trying to figure out where the creature had taken Zara.

Posted by: LettuceBacon&Tomato Jan 26 2011, 08:43 PM
Cool! We got some finished, and now we can get back to [i]Zero Hour!

Posted by: MrDrake Feb 4 2011, 04:12 AM
Indeed, and guess what? It's almost finished, as in, not as long as New Divide was wink.gif


Upon reappearing, the creature let go of Zara, knocking her into, what seemed to be sand as it just looked at her.

Zara took a quick look around at her surroundings “This isn’t New York…” was all she could say as she looked back to the creature to see it already dashing at her, which caused Zara to bring up her claws in order to defend herself.

Both claws from both characters started to clash with Zara attempting to strike the creature, only for her claws to come into contact with the creature’s claws.

The creature, in turn, attempted to vanish and reappear multiple times, attempting to strike Zara in between each vanish it did, but only to come in contact with Zara’s claws, to which she managed to hold the claws from the creature in between her claws.

Zara gave off a smirk as she held the creature there before head butting it in the head and kicking it backwards, launching herself at it. She swung a claw at the creature and struck it across the chest, followed by a second strike across its arm.

The creature gave off a hiss at Zara as it stepped backwards quickly before it lunged at her, digging its claws into Zara’s shoulders and vanished with her, leaving the dessert behind them.


Upon reappearing once again, the creature launched itself over Zara and threw her into the closest tree, pulling its claws out of Zara’s shoulders in the process.

Zara struck the tree hard, falling to the ground as she shook her head a little, struggling to get up as her shoulders were now rather sore from the claws of the creature being dug into them. She moved her shoulder slightly, but winced in pain as she did so, she was now at a bit of a disadvantage against the creature now, but she was not about to give up against it.

She stood up straight, her eyes narrowed at the creature as she flexed her fists as she watched as the creature dashed at her. Zara turned and sliced at the tree behind her before moving behind it and giving it a kick in an attempt to kick it over, but had no luck at all as the creature instead, vanished before reappearing as it grabbed Zara and vanished once again.

It reappeared and launched her into another tree in the area before quickly grabbing onto her and vanishing again. Reappearing again, it slammed her into, yet, another tree as it repeated the process, wearing Zara down some until it finally slammed her into the nearby, small castle that was in the park.

It was now, painfully obvious to Zara, that they were now back in New York City again, in particular, in Central Park as Zara dropped down to her hands and knees, her claws retracting back into her hands as she had to take a moment to recover from the pain she had just received from being slammed into a stone wall like that.


In the meantime, Viper was panicking somewhat as she was attempting to find Zara throughout New York City, going from district to district in order to find her, but so far, she had no luck at all.

Soon enough though, she appeared in Central Park and took a quick look around before hearing a small crash of some sort not far from where she was as she vanished and reappeared on a treetop in order to get a better look at the surrounding park.

She saw the two not far from her position fighting it out by the castle. Zara was still holding out against the creature by the looks of things, however, Viper still decided to go in and try to help out anyway she could as she vanished and reappeared beside Zara.

“What took you so long?” Zara joked as she looked to Viper for a moment as she had to swing her claws in order to defend herself and Viper from another incoming attack from the creature.

“Sorry about that” Viper answered back as she took a step back some, looking to the creature as she got an idea. She vanished for a moment and reappeared moments later with a hotdog stand in midair, launching off it as to launch the stand at the creature.

The creature’s ears flicked somewhat as it turned around, just as the hotdog stand struck it in the face, giving Zara the opportunity to rush up, putting her arm around the throat of the creature and moved quickly in order to slice its throat open with her claws, kicking the creature to the ground.

It growled as it fell down to its knees, touching its throat as it looked to the blood on its fingers. Black, the blood was black, which only caused the creature to growl even more, giving off a hiss as well as it looked to both Zara and Viper.

“Um, doesn’t that sort of thing usually kill someone?” Viper asked, noticing that the creature was still alive.

“Yeah, usually…something’s not right here, it’s as if the creature has my invulnerability as well as my claws and your ability to teleport…but that’s strange, cause it’s suppose to be only a really bad copy of you, so how it got my powers as well, is beyond my comprehension right now…” Zara answered back, standing her ground as she watched as the creature slowly stood back up.

“So, what do we do now?” Viper asked back as she took another step back towards the castle as the creature snarled and growled, pushing the busted up hotdog stand aside as its eyes just narrowed at the two of them, standing there, its throat just bleeding away with black blood.

“Honestly? I’ve really got no clue, I guess we just fight and do our best to kill this thing, one way or another” Zara spoke back as the creature snarled before she stepped forward towards it, her own claws at the ready.

She swung her claws quickly at the creature, this time, not backing off; she was going to break through the creature’s defences, one way or another, not letting up at all. Even as the creature’s throat was slit, it did not slow the creature down at all as the creature was still acting rather relentless.

Viper on the other hand, was watching on rather worryingly, wanting to intervene, but was unsure on how to. She had to think on how to help, but again, had no clue on how to right now and all she could do was just watch on with the fight between Zara and the creature.

Zara continued her onslaught on the creature, she managed to break through its defences and slice it across the chest. However, before the creature could strike back or even defend, Zara struck it again.

The creature hissed back at Zara as it moved its own claws rather quickly as it fought back, already breaking through Zara’s defences and instead of slashing at Zara, it moved in and actually ended up stabbing her in the stomach.

Viper gasped “Zara!” she yelled out as she saw the creature repeat itself a few more times, stabbing Zara in the stomach before kicking her backwards, onto the ground before turning its attention to Viper.

Viper just hesitated and vanished, reappearing beside the creature and vanished once again, taking the creature with her as she decided to head back to Times Square once again. As she appeared again, she kicked the creature right in the face to knock it backwards, her fists clenched somewhat as she glared at the creature, the creature in turn, standing there, rubbing its cheek from the kick had received from Viper, its claws at the ready.

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When you say it's going to be shorter, how many more posts do you think?

Posted by: MrDrake Feb 11 2011, 05:05 PM
Now, to answer your question, it should be one more part after this part wink.gif


The creature hissed at her and dashed forward, vanishing at the last moment before it reappeared once again right above Viper, its right hand pulled back ready to strike her.

However, Viper turned and actually punched the creature right in the face, and in the process, the moment her fist contacted with the creature’s face, she vanished with it, reappearing right in front of a bus, kicking the creature into the oncoming bus before she vanished again, out of the path of the bus.

As Viper reappeared, she was only given a few second of rest before she was struck behind from the creature, to which she yelped out in pain somewhat. She turned around quickly to face the creature and moved somewhat to the left to avoid another attack from the creature, to which Viper retaliated with a punch to the face again, followed by two more punches to the face.

The creature stumbled back a little from the punches and shook its head a little as it sneered at Viper, swinging its claws at her in order to try and strike her, but so far, had no luck, Viper was actually keeping up to the onslaught the creature was dishing out.

Viper again, punched the creature in the face as she lunged forward, vanishing in the process again, taking the creature with her, reappearing not far from Times Square, this time, atop the Empire State Building. Before the creature could retaliate again, Viper kicked it in the legs to bring it down to its knees before kicking it in the face followed by bring her foot downwards on the creature’s head, slamming its head down onto ground.

The creature was feeling weaker from the attacks and damage it had sustained as it actually stumbled to get back up with a growl. It looked to Viper with another growl, a louder growl as it lunged forward at her, only to be kneed in the stomach by Viper.

As Viper kneed it in the stomach, she grabbed it by the head and vanished again, only reappearing within the building, to which Viper pulled the creature around and slamming her elbow down onto its back before she kicked it backwards and punched it in the face again. She grabbed it by the throat and vanished to reappear by the windowpane, to which she slammed its head against the glass multiple times, causing the glass to start to crack.

She vanished again before reappearing to slam both of her feet into the chest of the creature, which in the process, caused the glass to shatter and knocked the creature backwards and over the edge.

However, the creature struck its claw into the side of the building to stop itself from falling. It tried to concentrate on vanishing itself, but the pain it had sustained was too much for it now, which in turn, was unable to vanish at all and instead, slowly started to claw its way back up to where it had seen Viper last.

As it got towards the top again, it saw Viper standing there as it hissed at her, trying to swipe at her with one claw. Viper had to move away enough to avoid being struck by the claw. She took a few steps back before she rushed forward and vanished, reappearing behind the creature, grabbing onto it as it hung on the side of the building.

Viper kicked the side of the building slightly, enough to cause the creature to loose its grip as the two started to freefall off the side of the building. Viper held onto the creature and punched it in the face twice before having to move her head back to avoid a swing of the creature’s claw from striking her across the face.

Viper grabbed the creature by the head and slammed it against the side of the building, holding its head against the side of the building as it scrapped along the building as the continued to freefall as Viper slammed its head into the side of the building a few more times in the process, causing the creature to bleed even more.

Viper looked ahead to the ground and the still had sometime to go before they would reach the ground as she looked back to the creature as she punched it in the face again. The creature in turn, hissed and growled back, but it was a rather weak one. The creature was indeed, dying and Viper could see this

Viper kneed it in the head, slamming it against the side of the building again, knocking the creature out completely as Viper took the chance to vanish and reappear on the ground, looking upwards at the falling creature. It wasn’t moving at all, which Viper simply smiled to herself somewhat and waited for it to reach the ground.

After a few moments, it neared the ground and slammed down onto an oncoming taxi, blood from the creature splattered in all directions “Oh, that’s gotta hurt” was all Viper could say as she rushed over to the creature and looked at it.

The creature looked over to Viper weakly, just looking at her for a second or so before its eyes closed. The creature was indeed, killed in the fall.

Viper vanished from the scene of the crime to go and see Zara once again, finding her still back in Central Park resting up. She smiled to Zara as she appeared in front of her “That thing, it’s dead…I took care of it”

“You took care of it?” Zara asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Well yeah, dropped it from a height onto a taxi, it lost its ability to teleport in the fight on top of the Empire State Building, I think the pain was getting too much for it to be able to concentrate” Viper spoke as she helped Zara up “But I still think we should go and see Dr. Hazel, you know, give her the update on what had happened”

Before Zara could even say anything, Viper vanished with Zara to head back to where Dr. Hazel was seen last.


Upon reappearing beside Dr. Hazel, she rushed over to the two of them “I heard what happened, a fight outside the Empire State Building, something fell from the skyscraper and onto a taxi, I thought it might have been you Viper, but I can see that I was wrong on that part, I take it you managed to kill the thing?”

Viper gave off a nod back “Yeah, turns out it lost its teleporting ability while we were falling down the side of the building, so I managed to drop it onto a taxi”

Dr. Hazel had to think for a moment on what Viper had just told her “I’m guessing it’s to do with the fact that it was injured too much to be able to concentrate on disappearing, and I take it that’s how you managed to drop it onto a taxi? Used that too your advantage?”

Viper shrugged back somewhat “Sure, I guess so”

“You didn’t really know that was going to happen, did you?” Dr. Hazel asked back.

“Not really, I only realized that as we were in freefall mode, I mean, it could’ve easily escaped if it wanted to, but it seemed to have, in the end, lacked the ability to do such a thing, so that’s what made me decided to drop it onto the ground…and well, I was lucky that it landed on a taxi” Viper replied back, giving off a small smile in the process.

“Well, be that as it may, we still have one more thing we need to take care of” Dr. Hazel looked to Viper “And it’s something where you can’t come, I’ve been giving it some thought, the New York City base, it can’t keep on functioning like this, the way Vladimir is running things. Viper, you’ve got to get out of New York, go somewhere else, like…Vegas or something, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, I don’t care where, you just need to get out of here now, Zara and I will take care of things back in the base, that is, if she’s up to it”

“Hey, I may be somewhat injured and all, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than that to take me down, so guess what? You can count me in” Zara replied back as she stood properly looking over to Viper.

“No, I can’t leave you two alone like that” Viper argued some.

“It’s not a suggestion or anything like that, you don’t have a choice in the matter, now go and don’t tell anyone where you’re going, don’t even tell us…just go” Dr. Hazel told her sternly.

Viper nodded to them and vanished before their eyes without a word, but inside her, she was feeling rather sad with having to leave them like that, without even so much as a goodbye.

“It was for her own safety, we can’t have Vladimir finding her and using her once again for his own sick and twisted games” Dr. Hazel then looked to Zara.

Zara nodded back “Yeah, I know on what you mean, I do understand…”

“But anyway, are you ready to take Vladimir down?” Dr. Hazel asked her.

Zara nodded again, claws at the ready “Oh, you bet you I am”

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