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Title: Darwin's Soldiers: New Divide
Description: Woot, my own Darwin's Soldiers story XD

MrDrake - July 21, 2010 10:10 AM (GMT)
A note before reading that this takes place after when Aimee had escaped from Trinity Facility, and of course, before the facility was destroyed, practically, when Hailey was there ;)


“Wake up” the voice called out to the sleeping Vixen, but so far, no response, well, save for a groan and roll over in the bed. The voice gave off a sigh and approached her, pulling the covers off her “Get up, now” she ordered her.

The Vixen in question whom was sleeping was Hailey as she rolled over to look at who had woken her up, Trinity “What is it?”

“Shut up, get up and get dressed, we’re needed” Trinity ordered Hailey with a fold of her arms as well as she eyed Hailey still.

Hailey wore a shirt and a pair of underpants as she moved to the side of her bed and gave off a stretch before standing up and slipping into some more proper clothes before looking over to Trinity “So um, what are we….needed for?” Hailey asked with a yawn.

Trinity, however, gave off no answer as she turned and started to walk off with Hailey following her until Trinity spoke up “We’re heading out, I need to go and see someone and I need your help in the matter as well”

“And, who are we seeing?” Hailey asked back, getting rather curious by that point as she tilted her head to the side whilst the two of them walked over to the elevator of the facility.

“She’s a friend of mine….tell me, do you recall the human nursery rhyme of Old Mother Hubbard?” Trinity asked Hailey as they waited for the elevator to descend to their level before stepping inside.

“Old Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard, to give the poor dog a bone, when she came there, the cupboard was bare, and so the poor dog had none.” Hailey replied back as she had indeed, recalled the nursery rhyme.

“Very good, well, that is only the first line, it goes on for a few more sentences, but no need to go into detail about them as much, reason I asked about it is rather simple actually, we call her Old Mother Hubbard, her and her dog friend as well….I suppose you can call it a code name of hers” Trinity glanced back to Hailey as the elevator continued to move upwards.

“So, she’s old as well? And what about her dog friend? What’s his name?” Hailey asked in order to get what information she could about Old Mother Hubbard, the one that Trinity was telling her about as the elevator made its way up.

As the doors opened and the two stepped out, Trinity spoke up as they walked towards Trinity’s car as well “She’s 79 years of age, but that does not necessarily mean that she’s not capable of doing many things….as for her dog friend, even I’m not sure on his name, he never talks when I’m around”

Trinity’s car, a Ferrari, an Enzo Ferrari to be more precise as Trinity got into the driver’s side of the car whilst Hailey got in the passenger’s side, to which Trinity drove off, heading towards Old Mother Hubbard’s place.


As they were driving, Hailey spoke up to break the silence in the car “So um, what does….Old Mother Hubbard actually do?” she decided to ask, as so far, there was just a mystery behind the old lady, and to her, it was just confusing as it was “Cause an old lady working within the ranks of Dragonstorm, I guess that seems to be good, something no one would really expect, cause I didn’t”

Trinity just gave off a soft sounding chuckle “Well, I must say that you are rather smart, even if you do ask a lot of questions, that’s one of the sole reasons she works with us, as you have the usual, young ones, or older ones, but not old as in, 79 old, not many do like to suspect little old ladies”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true, cause I wouldn’t suspect her, she would be one of the last ones I would suspect” Hailey spoke with a little laugh as well “Oh, by the way, um, before I forget…what’s happening with that new Dragonstorm experiment of yours and Kain’s? I mean, she’s new and all, I know that, just created and all that sort of stuff”

“No need to worry about her at the moment” Trinity reassured Hailey as they continued to drive out of town and down the highway, the speed of Trinity’s car speeding up some more, going from 50 to 100 in two seconds flat.

“So, where does Old Mother Hubbard live?” Hailey asked as she watched the trees whiz on by.

“At least half an hour worth, she decides to keep away from towns and cities, so I guess you could say that she lives in the middle of nowhere” Trinity replied back to Hailey.

“Heh, kinda like Courage does” Hailey spoke with a small giggle as well.

“Yes…” was all Trinity had replied back rather flatly as well, turning the radio on as well, just for a song to start playing, Linkin Park’s song Bleed it Out, to which she just smirked lightly as they continued to drive onwards still.


After that half an hour had been and gone, Trinity slowed down to drive off an off beaten path, a house was visible in the far distance as well as Trinity drove up to said house.

The house in question looked to be an average size looking house as the car was parked, to which Trinity nudged the sleeping Hailey, waking her up before stepping out of the car.

Outside the house, on the porch, an anthromorphic dog stood, leaning against the side of the house, eyeing Trinity somewhat. He watched as Hailey got out of the car as well before stepping off the house and walked off inside whilst Trinity walked to the door to follow him, only for the dog to raise a hand to get Trinity to wait there whilst he headed further into the house.

“Was that her dog friend?” Hailey whispered some to Trinity as well.

Trinity nodded back “Yes, like I said, he’s not really much of a talker as you can tell so far, and again, so you don’t ask, no, I don’t know his name, but it’s best not to ask about it, you wont really get much of an answer in regards to it, that, and it’s not really important either”

Moments later, the dog returned and motioned for the two of them to enter the house after him as he showed the two females inside. He put out a hand to the couch, to which Trinity pushed Hailey slightly to get her to sit down before sitting down as well.

The dog turned and walked off again “Is it always like this?” Hailey asked Trinity.

“Yes, Old Mother Hubbard does thing rather delicately” Trinity answered back to Hailey as the two of them had to again, wait for a bit longer still.

A few more moments, an old lady walked into the lounge, to which she looked to Trinity “Good to see you again Trinity on such short notice, I must apologize for bringing you out here”

“Please, it’s of no bother” Trinity spoke back rather calmly “Might I ask what it is that you wished to see me about? Your message was, as usual, rather…coded”

Old Mother Hubbard gave off a nod back “Of course, I had to as you never know who could be listening in, now, what I needed to see you about is actually, in regards to my experiment and I know what sort of scientific mind you have, especially in regards to what help you had in creating that Subject 19 you told me about…come” she turned and walked off, to which Trinity followed the old lady off as well.

Whom that was left in the lounge was Hailey and the dog, to which Hailey spoke up first to him “So, do you have a name?” she asked him, but got no answer back from him “Cause I’m Hailey” she added on, but still, got no answer from him, to which she instead, noticed something else that he had, on what seemed to be his belt, a flute “You play?”

He gave her a nod and unhooked the flute, placing it to his mouth and started to play on it. Hailey stood up, her tail wagging happily from the music playing “Wow, you’re good at it”

And that’s when he spoke, something even Trinity hadn’t heard him do “Oh, you have no idea….” He spoke in between playing as he continued to play, to which Hailey could not help but start to dance along to the music, it was as if the music was controlling her.

“Uh…wait a second…I’m not a dancer!” Hailey called out as her legs continued to dance away still.

The dog just smirked as he continued to play, stepping around Hailey as he continued to watch her still before seconds later, he made a move, using only his flute, he struck her in the chest first, then upon the shoulder before aiming the mouthpiece of his flute at Hailey “You should watch yourself…I’m no ordinary creature…”

Hailey put her hands up a little as she looked to the flute, then to the dog “Are you…a Dragonstorm experiment by any chance?”

He gave her a nod back “But there is a reason I like to keep quiet…to be able to observe more easily…” there was a pause from him before he spoke again “Drake”

“So, what powers do you have?” Hailey then decided to ask Drake.

Drake shook his head back “There’s no need to give away secrets now is there?” he smirked to her as he put his flute away again, folding his arms as he then leaned against the wall “Now, it’s best you keep quiet, too many questions can get you into trouble, especially if you go about asking the wrong question”

“Well, yeah, but now I’m just confused on a couple of things, why did you attack me after the music?” Hailey asked him next.

Drake only gave off a bit of a chuckle back to the question that she had just asked him “Well, you wanted to see if I could play with my flute, and I showed you…in other words, you got what you asked for…”

That didn’t seem to help out Hailey all that much as she scratched her head somewhat as well “Uh, I guess so” she just ended up shrugging as well as she layed down on the couch, only for Drake to cough some.

“Please, don’t do that, Old Mother Hubbard doesn’t like it when one lays down on the couch, she doesn’t like to have dirt on the furniture” Drake told Hailey.

Hailey just groaned as she sat back up again as Drake walked over to the couch, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a handkerchief, to which he wiped the couch, removing the dirt that was dropped on the couch by mistake as he glared towards Hailey some as well.

LettuceBacon&Tomato - July 22, 2010 08:52 AM (GMT)
Cool, another user is writing Darwin's Soldiers stories! :lol:

And this is a really good opening, I like Drake a lot, and I'm curious what his secrets are, and the old woman. Indeed, I would never suspect a 79 year old lady of being part of Dragonstorm.

I remember when you first introduced Hailey into the RP, I was afraid because I thought you were planning on killing her, since she was with Trinity, but not only has she become a major character in the RP, she now has her own spinoff story! :)

(Which, incidentally, makes this the first Darwin's Soldiers work starring a gay or bisexual character as well.)

Look forward to seeing where you go with this!

MrDrake - July 22, 2010 10:15 AM (GMT)
(hehe thanks, glad you like the start of it ^^)

Trinity followed the old lady downstairs as the interior changed quiet a bit as what was bellow was a rather large room, like a hanger and in the distance, something big was hanging up by some wires as Trinity looked over to it “What is that?”

“Oh, that’s nothing you need to concern yourself with at the moment” Old Mother Hubbard walked over to a table with liquids on it “Now, I need to know how you made that regenerative healing factor you made for that experiment of yours, I can not get the creation perfect”

Trinity looked to the table and gave off a light little laugh herself “It depends on how powerful you need it”

“Powerful enough to re grow limbs” Old Mother Hubbard told Trinity, looking back to the creature that was hanging up.

“Just what is it are you trying to create?” Trinity asked as she turned her attention to the creature once again before deciding to approach it.

“Now, tell me something, what do you know about Hercules’ Second Labour?” Old Mother Hubbard asked rather bluntly as she walked over to Trinity.

“That Hercules was to slay the Lernaenan Hydra, the one that had multiple heads and if one was to be cut off, two would grow in its place, save for head, which was immortal” Trinity answered the question as the lights came on, showing what was strung up, a creature that being created.

The creature, indeed, had seven heads, but each head was inactive. The bulk of the body was rather huge as well, including a tail which grew to show that it was, well, let’s just say that the tail was long enough.

“So, this is what you have been creating, deciding to turn a mythological creature into reality, and let me guess, you want the ability to regrow limbs so that this…thing can grow its heads back if any of them get cut off?” Trinity just smirked to herself “I must say, I am rather impressed, does your friend know about this?”

“Who Drake? Oh yes, in fact, I’ve been getting him to help me out with putting the Hydra together, but neither him, nor I, am able to perfect the regenerating status of it” Old Mother Hubbard explained back to Trinity as she switched the lights back off and walked over to the table once again.

Trinity turned her attention back to the old lady once again as she approached her as well, grabbing a nearby piece of paper, and pulling out a pen from her pocket, she scribbled something down onto the piece of paper before handing it over to her “Follow this, I’ve tweaked the formula somewhat, so, by all accounts, your Hydra there should now be able to regrow its heads if any of them get cut off” she took a quick look around before looking back to the old lady “Now, if that is all that you need, then Hailey and I best be going now…we have other matters to attend to”

She gave her a nod before turning for the stairs and glanced back over to where the Hydra was strung up, smirking to herself somewhat before heading up the stairs.


Back in the lounge, it was rather quiet between Hailey and Drake, especially for the fact that Hailey could not do a single thing by the looks of it. Drake did not like her to talk so much, nor that he wanted her to lay on the couch to dirty it.

So she was just practically bored at the moment, pouting somewhat as well as she leaned forward where she was and gave off a groan as well as she looked over to see Trinity enter the lounge.

“Come, we’re finished here for the moment” Trinity told her, motioning to her to follow as she walked out of the room.

Hailey stood up and followed Trinity off to the car, glancing back to Drake for a second before she got into the car. Trinity in turn, eyed Drake somewhat before she too got into the car and took off, heading back to the facility.

Whilst Driving, Hailey spoke up to Trinity to break the silence again “So um, why was I needed there? Cause I just had to sit on the couch and do nothing…”

“Seems as though I was a little wrong about it, however, be that as it may, you now know on who she is…well, sort of…” Trinity was not about to go into detail about the Hydra she had seen in the basement as to her, it was enough to grasp as it was, just seeing a creature like that being created.

“What do you mean by sort of?” Hailey then asked a bit more curiously.

“Don’t you worry about that at the moment” Trinity for the time being, just wanted Hailey to be quiet, even giving her a quick little glare as well in order to shut her up, to which Hailey obliged and she stopped asking questions.


Drake approached Old Mother Hubbard within the basement, looking over to the creation, then over to old lady “Did you get what it is you were after from her?”

She gave off a nod back to him “Yes, she even was a dear and decided to tweak it some more…this creature should now be the perfect clone of the Hydra” she spoke with a smirk before looking over to Drake next “Now, for the next step in the plan, I need you to go and get something…well, more be a part of something, a masquerade ball, I’ve been hearing about it that’s to be happening tonight, I know it's such late notice, but I'm afraid that you must attend”

“Let me guess, you wish for me to get a mask for the ball? But might I ask what it is that you wish for me to obtain whilst I’m there” Drake asked her, already wondering where she was going with this ball.

“That’s just the thing, the ball will be held outside, and having said that, I need you to obtain some data from the nearby science building, it’s to complete the Hydra, you’ll recognize the data once you access their systems”

Drake gave her a nod back, already understanding where she was coming from “I get it, as one who is not in costume will be rather suspicious, but might I ask on what you need the data for? You said it was for the Hydra, but what exactly is it that it’s for?”

“Never you worry about that just yet, I’ll explain it to you later on”

Drake paused for a second, but yet, just nodded to her again and turned around to leave her to work on the Hydra some more, whilst he instead, went to sort out a mask for the masquerade ball. He trusted Old Mother Hubbard quiet a bit actually, remaining loyal to her all this time.


Trinity and Hailey had soon arrived back at Trinity Facility, with Hailey sitting in her room once again, feeling rather bored still. However, she noticed a new face walk past her room, to which Hailey stood and rushed to the door, looking over at who it was.

It was another female Vixen, however, what Hailey didn’t know was that this Vixen was in fact, Trinity’s Dragonstorm experiment, the one that she called Subject 19.

“Uh, excuse me…” Hailey begun, calling out to Subject 19.

Subject 19 stopped in her tracks “Yes?” was all she asked back before glancing over at who had called out to her.

Hailey walked over to her “You’re that experiment that Trinity mentioned…aren’t you?” she asked rather curiously.

“Yes, I am…” Subject 19 answered back with a slight glare at Hailey “I guess if you want to call me something, it’s Subject 19”

Hailey however, just giggled back at that and looked at Subject 19 some more, deciding to touch her cheek some as well “Wow, soft…”

“Are you quiet done yet?” Subject 19 practically snarled at Hailey when her cheek was touched, giving Hailey some more of a glare as well.

“Sorry, I just wasn’t sure is all, cause when I think of Dragonstorm experiments, I just think metal, but your fur, it’s actually real…” Hailey replied back with a bit of a smile as well “You want to, I don’t know, hang out for a bit? I’ve got a TV in my room” she added on with a bit of a shrug.

Subject 19 just sighed back “Fine, I guess if it’ll pass away the boredom around here….since I’m not allowed to kill anyone…” she grumbled and followed Hailey into her room. She took a quick look around some with another little grumble as she looked to Hailey who had sat down on her bed.

Hailey patted the seat next to her for Subject 19 to join her, to which Subject 19 shrugged and sat down next to Hailey, glancing to the TV some as well.

“This is a good program you know, Sam and Dean, brothers who fight supernatural forces, kinda like supernatural cops” Hailey giggled some.

Subject 19 on the other hand, shook her head slightly “It looks to be a waste of time” she grumbled some more, only for Hailey to laugh some more and started to lean against her as well. She eyed the girl for a moment, but decided to let her do what she wanted for the time being.

“You just have to watch some more of it, that’s all, you’ll like it, I’m sure of it” Hailey told Subject 19 as she leaned against her some more, glancing up to her with a smile as well.

Subject 19 just sighed at that point and moved a little in order to get Hailey to move off her, so that she could instead, lay down on the bed some with a slight growl as well as she was still rather bored at the moment, and what was more, she wasn’t even allowed outside either, which just made it worse, yet, her time in Hailey’s room wasn’t going too bad, it was something at the least for her.

Hailey looked to Subject 19 and decided to lay down right next to her as well, placing her head upon 19’s chest as well. Subject 19 did let off a light little growl when Hailey had down that, but for the time being, just left it alone, allowing Hailey to just lay there.

Subject 19 had practically just stopped caring with what Hailey was now doing as she looked at the ceiling, unknown to her that Hailey was already dozing off. She looked back to the girl to notice that she was indeed, sleeping by that point and shrugged lightly herself as she just lay there.


As time lingered on, Subject 19 had left the room whilst Hailey was sleeping as she walked over to where Trinity was, but yet, looked at whom she was talking to “Who are they?” she decided to ask.

Trinity looked to the three that were standing there “Marcus, telecommunications expert, Icarus, sniper expert and Rhino, heavy weapons specialist”

Subject 19 just scoffed somewhat “They look like a bunch of freaks…”

“Heh, look who’s talking” Marcus spoke up in a deep sounding voice, and for the fact that he was African-American didn’t help either as he stepped forward “Trinity’s already told us about you, a Dragonstorm experiment as what she likes to call your kind…interesting concept…”

Icarus folded his arms as he chuckled a little bit as well “Yeah, interesting to a point, but in the end, they’re still all just mindless machines”

Rhino on the other hand, just stood there, not saying a word at all as he looked over to Icarus when he had spoken about mindless machines as Rhino was indeed, mainly a machine himself, but still had his animal instincts and was able to think for himself.

“Sorry bud, I meant other mindless machines” Icraus told Rhino.

Subject 19 just snorted back “And yet, I could slaughter the three of you if I wanted to” she told the group as she activated her claws.

“Bring it on” Marcus told Subject 19 as he cricked his fists, only to be stopped by Trinity.

“That’s enough, I don’t need the lot of you fighting, 19, go and get Hailey for me, I need her to meet her team mates” Trinity ordered Subject 19, who in turn, snarled somewhat as she turned and practically stormed off as she just hated being told what to do as it was.

LettuceBacon&Tomato - July 22, 2010 09:46 PM (GMT)
Oooh...a Hydra! That would be a really difficult Dragonstorm experiment to fight! And I like the differing personalities of Hailey, Drake, and Subject 19, they seem to clash and yet go together well.

MrDrake - July 22, 2010 10:12 PM (GMT)
Hehe yeah, good thing it's not active yet XD

And yes, deciding to give Terror Squad a bit more of screen time, since they didn't get much in the RP itself....besides, I've got something planned which will also solve a mystery with my characters as well, as in, one subject that has not been seen in the RP and never will either, but will be featured in this one.

Basically, after Aimee had escaped as she was called Subject 17....and then Subject 19 was bought up and what have you, with Subject 16 have some screen time in the RP as well....only one missing number from 16-19 :p

MrDrake - July 24, 2010 02:16 AM (GMT)
Subject 19 arrived at Hailey’s room to find her wide awake and immediately, spoke to her “Trinity wants you, something about a team…” she didn’t go into detail all that much as she wasn’t even impressed with the three that Trinity had brought into the facility.

Hailey got up and walked off in order to meet up with Trinity and this team of hers as well, looking over to Trinity in the process “You wanted to see me?” she asked her.

Trinity nodded back before speaking to the four of them “Well, I did need to speak to all of you at once, as I assume that Subject 19 told you about this team that you’ll be part of it? Well, here they are, Marcus, Icarus and Rhino and now, you’re part of it Hailey, which I’m assigning you as leader of the team”

“Yeah, I hate to interrupt and what not, but do we have a name by any chance? You know, a name that strikes fear into people’s hearts?” Icarus decided to then ask.

“Yes, Terror Squad is what you four shall be going as” Trinity explained back “Now, I already need some assistance from you, one of our experiments have escaped from here and we need you to hunt him down…and just eliminate him, he was a failed experiment as it was, however, when you do kill him, I want you to bring his body back here…I do have to know that you have succeeded in your job after all…”

“And what does this experiment of yours look like?” Marcus asked her “Wouldn’t want to go and kill the wrong person” he added on with a bit of a chuckle as well.

Trinity nodded back “Yes, he’s a grizzly bear, however, that is not what you need to be concerned of, he had also stolen some technology from here, two glove like objects which enhance the strength of the wielder, so you can imagine what strength a grizzly bear would have whilst wielding those gloves”

Marcus gave off a deep sounding chuckle upon hearing that “And you want him dead? Sounds like a plan” he spoke, cricking his fists once again.

“Now get going” Trinity ordered the group, to which the four of them turned and headed off for the exit.


Up top, a van was waiting there, to which Marcus got into the driver’s seat with Hailey in the passenger’s seat, Icarus in the only back seat and Rhino in the very back of the van, enough room for him to be able to stand in.

“So, where do you propose we start looking for this experiment fella?” Icarus asked as he leaned forward to speak to Marcus and Hailey.

Hailey thought for a moment “Well, perhaps if he escaped…maybe he’s after Dragonstorm himself? But then again, that doesn’t really help out the cause all that much…”

Marcus on the other hand, gave off a light sounding chuckle as he started up the van, pulling out from the facility and began to drive off “If he was an escaped experiment, then he would want to get some answers without returning to the facility, however, the question that still remains now is where would he want to go for said answers”

Icarus looked to Hailey for a moment, to find out if she would have a clue herself or not “I would try the closet town or city at the very least and go from there” she spoke with a bit of a shrug as well.

“Then, that’s where we should go to” Icarus spoke with a nod whilst Marcus continued to drive onwards still.


Within the nearest city, there was indeed the escaped experiment. He was having a walk down one of the streets, eyeing each of the people who were walking on by as he just muttered to himself, looking to his fists which he wore the gloves, clenching them a little bit as he stopped at a nearby park.

Hailey and her team had arrived in the city, to which Hailey, Marcus and Icarus were keeping their eyes out for the escaped experiment. Icarus motioning to one bear that was walking, but he did not fit the description.

Hailey on the other hand, noticed something in the park, to which he elbowed Marcus lightly “Over there” she noted, motioning at the gloves the bear was wearing “It’s him…those gloves don’t look normal…”

Marcus nodded back silently as he drove on to park the van out of sight before climbing out of the van as Rhino in turn, got out of the back of the van, to which he just stood there whilst Hailey and Icarus walked around to the back of the van, Icarus grabbing his sniper rifle while Hailey picked out a hand gun before Marcus grabbed a handgun for himself.

“Okay, we need a plan on what to do with this fella” Icarus spoke up first.

“Why not just aim and shoot?” Marcus joked back as the four of them started to walk down towards the park in order to meet up with the escaped experiment.


The experiment in question, whom was indeed, known as Subject 18 wasn’t able to stay there for long as he turned aroudn to see Marcus, Icarus, Hailey and Rhino standing there, his eyesight on Hailey in particular.

“Wait a second; it’s you, Subject 18” Hailey spoke up “I remember you now”

Subject 18 folded his arms as he eyed Hailey “What do you want girl? To take me back to the facility?” she growled at her some what.

“Not exactly, turns out that Trinity’s stopped caring for you so much that she wants you dead” Hailey replied back to him “You know how it is, outliving your usefulness and what have you…sorry”

Subject 18 just snorted back as he unfolded his arms, clenching up his fists “Very well then…but I am not going down without an actual fight” and without warning, he slammed a fist into the ground, which in turn, sent a bit of a shockwave towards the group, causing the four of them to stumble back some as well.

Marcus let off a bit of a smirk as he looked to Rhino “He’s all yours Rhino…go have some fun” he chuckled as Rhino stepped forward.

“Why Rhino?” Hailey asked Marcus.

“Simple, he’s the only one that would be able to give this bear a run for his money, those gloves that 18’s wearing, I don’t quiet trust how powerful they can get and therefore, letting Rhino take care of 18 is our best bet at the moment” Marcus then looked to Icarus “Get to a high spot and watch the fight, if Rhino starts to loose, kill 18” he then looked to Hailey “You’re with me”

Icarus headed to the van first in order to grab a walkie-talkie before he headed up to a higher position while both Marcus and Hailey grabbed one for themselves as well.


Subject 18 looked to Rhino and just smirked as he pulled up his fists somewhat and pounded them together as Rhino just gave off a light snort before he charged forward towards Subject 18. However, Subject 18 pulled back a fist and swung at Rhino, slamming the fist into the attacker.

Rhino took the full blow of the fist, which actually caused him to stumble slightly, yet, he retaliated by grabbing Subject 18 by the throat, pushing him to the ground before running along, the side of Subject 18’s head being scraped across the ground before being thrown through some trees.

Subject 18 crashed back to the ground with a slight groan, yet, he got back up and slammed a fist into the ground “You have some bite...I like it…” he smirked some as he cricked his neck whilst Rhino approached him once again.

Rhino grabbed a broken tree with two hands and ripped the rest of it out of the ground before swinging it at Subject 18. However, the grizzly bear swung a fist and actually managed to cause the branch to break in half before it struck him, to which Rhino tossed aside the branch he had as he charged at Subject 18.

Subject 18 on the other hand, just stood his ground and waited for the right opportunity before swinging a fist at Rhino, slamming the fist into the side of Rhino’s face, followed by a second punch in an uppercut fashion.

The two punches that Rhino had received, caused him to stumble back some more as he seemed to glare at Subject 18, this time, blocking another incoming punch from Subject 18 as he grabbed 18 by the head and slammed his own head against his before picking him up by the throat and throwing him again, out onto the street as a vehicle swerved aside in order to avoid hitting Subject 18.

Rhino approached Subject 18 and grabbed him once again and slammed a fist into his face before picking up a nearby motorcycle, to which he chucked it at 18.

Subject 18 managed to duck in time, swinging a fist in order to knock the motorcycle away some more, to which he jumped aside to avoid Rhino who charged at him as he looked at the mechanical being.

Rhino stood there in the middle of the street as cars continued to swerve aside in order to avoid hitting the two that were fighting it out.


Icarus watched the fight progress on from his high spot and noticed something odd about Subject 18, it was as if whenever he would get damaged, a metallic like substance would just heal him right back up. He looked out from the scope of his sniper rifle and contacted Marcus on his walkie-talkie.

“Talk to me” Marcus spoke up into his walkie-talkie.

“You’re not going to believe this, but your 18 character that Rhino’s fighting, something’s wrong with him, and I don’t mean in a bad way wrong, but more like…okay, whenever he gets injured, something just heals him right back up and therefore, makes him that much more difficult to kill” Icarus answered back as he looked back into the scope of his sniper rifle again.

“This is troubling” Marcus spoke back “Keep an eye on the fight still, I’ll get Hailey to contact Trinity to find out what the hell is going on here” he looked to Hailey and nodded to her.

Hailey nodded back as she headed back to the van and grabbed the cell phone from inside and called up Trinity.


Trinity answered her phone and listened to what Hailey had to tell her “That doesn’t sound right, something’s not right about this” she paused for a moment as she also heard Marcus’ voice “Nanotechnology? I don’t recall giving Subject 18 anything like that…Kain…” she spoke “I’ll call you back, I’m going to have a little chat with Kain” and with that, she hung up and headed out of her office and over to where Kain was.

“Subject 18, what did you do to him?” Trinity asked Kain as she approached him.

“I take it that Terror Squad is now well aware of what Subject 18 really is; did you really think he had escaped? No, I allowed him to escape, I gave him nanotechnology for a reason” Kain paused for a moment as he glanced over to Trinity “All my subjects I work with have a sole purpose in the end, Subject 16, he’s staying here, I have other plans for him, Subject 17 escaped to see if she would instead, lead these Anti-Dragonstorm groups to the facility, Subject 18, he wants answers on what’s going on and he would probably want to take out other Dragonstorm facilities himself”

“So, let me get this straight, you pretty much had everything planned out before you had obtained any of them?” Trinity asked with an arched eyebrow as well.

Kain gave off a bit of a nod back “Yes, each of them has a destiny to fulfill”

“You do realize that you’re just gambling with fate right? What if Subject 17 does arrive back here, and what if she has an Anti-Dragonstorm team with her?” Trinity asked back in order to get some answers.

“That is why Subject 19 is here, she was designed for that purpose, to stop any sort of Dragonstorm resistance team that decides to show their faces” Kain answered back.

Trinity didn’t quiet trust Kain and what he was doing at the moment, on how she put it, gambling with fate as she glanced to him before turning and heading back to her office.

LettuceBacon&Tomato - July 24, 2010 06:09 AM (GMT)
Ooh, an epic fight, rhino vs. brown bear! :wow

And Kain reveals his true intents, he had everything planned from the start. Well, almost :lol. I think some sort of Xanatos trope would apply to what Kain was trying to pull off.

When I get back in two weeks, I look forward to seeing how far this story has progressed!

MrDrake - July 24, 2010 06:11 AM (GMT)
Hehe thanks, glad you like it...and the fight between Rhino and Subject 18 has just begun too :lol:

When you get back, I will defiently have more of it up ^^

MrDrake - August 18, 2010 10:40 AM (GMT)
(Finally managed to write up the next part XD)

Rhino continued his assault on Subject 18, but so far, he was having no luck in getting ahead of the grizzly bear, yet, kept up the assault on him still as he grabbed him by the head and literately tossed him into an incoming truck.

“Oooh, that’s gotta hurt” Icarus chuckled as he continued to watch the fight progress from where he was.

Subject 18 slammed right into the truck’s cab, however, before he could move away, he looked ahead to see a incoming metal pole which Rhino had ripped out of the gun to throw at Subject 18. However, the pole missed Subject 18 as he moved aside as it instead, impaled the driver of the truck instead as Subject 18 moved off the truck and landed on the ground.

Rhino approached Subject 18, swinging a fist at him, only to miss as Subject 18 returned the favor back to Rhino and slammed a fist into the side of his face followed by a second punch.

Rhino’s mechanical shell cracked slightly from the punches he had just received, yet, still charged at Subject 18, grabbing him in the process as he charged right towards a hotel, tossing him forward as he crashed through the revolving door and into the main lobby, to which Rhino followed him inside.

“This is not going to end well…” Icarus muttered some as he watched the two of them enter the hotel’s lobby before contacting Marcus “Yeah, Marcus, we have a slight problem with Rhino and 18 down there”


“Talk to me Icarus, what have you got?” Marcus asked him before hearing him “Alright, we’re on it” he then looked to Hailey by that point “Rhino and 18 have slipped out of Icarus’ view, they’re in a hotel….still fighting though”

“As long as Rhino can keep 18 busy till we can figure out how to kill him, cause at the moment, I have no clue on how we’re suppose to kill him with his healing abilities” Hailey added in as she begun to think on how they could actually stop Subject 18.

Marcus took a look around for a moment, glancing to each of the buildings “Power…I’m thinking that we shock him…electrocute, you know, fry his brains…fry his insides”

“Yeah, but how do we go about doing that?” Hailey asked back, only to have Marcus motion for her to follow him, as he walked down the street with Hailey following him.

After a few minutes of walking, Marcus entered a coffee shop and approached the counter to order to cups of coffee, one for himself and one for Hailey before looking to her as he spoke more on his idea “How? It’s rather simple, get Rhino to lure him to the local power station”

“I knew that…” Hailey muttered back as moments later, they received their coffees, Marcus handing one over to Hailey before taking a sip of his own “Decaf…” he spoke with a small chuckle as he walked off with Hailey following him.

Hailey looked at her cup of coffee as she followed Marcus “I don’t really drink coffee…” she muttered some more as she just held it, not even taking a sip of it.


Meanwhile, Rhino and Subject 18 continued to go at it as Subject 18 grabbed the computer screen from the front desk and slammed it into the side of Rhino’s face before slamming another fist into his face, cracking it some more.

Rhino gave off a roar of some sort as he charged forward, grabbing onto Subject 18 and crashed him right through a wall before slamming his head down onto the ground.

However, as that was happening, Subject 18 grabbed Rhino by the jaw and seemed to snap it somewhat, actually damaging Rhino in the process as Rhino stumbled back some more, his mechanical eyes now turning red, he was getting pissed off with Subject 18.

Subject 18 however, just grinned as he charged at Rhino, pushing him back quiet a bit, slamming a fist into Rhino’s stomach, not once, not twice, but three times, which in turn, cause Rhino to stumble backwards even more.

In one final ram, Subject 18 pushed Rhino off the edge, down an elevator shaft which was still under construction. He looked over the edge as he watched Rhino fall to the bottom of it, snorting a little bit “Moron…” he spoke to himself as he turned and walked off, leaving Rhino where he was.


Icarus continued to watch the hotel and noticed Subject 18 casually walking out with Rhino nowhere in sight “Oh…that cannot be good” he spoke and readied his gun, aimed right for Subject 18’s head before pulling the trigger and reloading, all in one swift motion.


Subject 18 was shot in the head as he stumble backwards before taking a look around to find out where the bullet had come from as he begun to rush down the street, attempting to stay ahead of the sniper in question.


“Crud…” Icarus spoke as he grabbed his walkie-talkie “Marcus, we have a problem, Subject 18’s escaping…and Rhino’s nowhere to be found.

“Understood…go find Rhino, Hailey and I will go after Subject 18” Marcus replied back as he looked to Hailey with a nod, finishing off his coffee before starting to rush off.

“Wait for me!” Hailey practically called back as she threw the still full cup of coffee aside and rushed off after Marcus.

Ahead of them, they had spotted Subject 18, well; he was the only one with gloves and looked to be part metallic by that point. Subject 18 looked back and noticed the two of them following him as he stepped into the closest place, an actual strip bar, to which Marcus and Hailey followed in after him.

Once inside, the two of them could see no sign of him. Marcus was busy having a proper look around, while Hailey on the other hand, was already being distracted by something else, being distracted by the other females in the bar that were stripping, her tail wagging away a bit happily.

Marcus in turn, had soon spotted Subject 18 once again and started off after him, only to look back to Hailey “Come on…”

“Yeah, in a moment” Hailey spoke back, still watching the other females, practically waving Marcus off now.

Marcus sighed a little and walked over to Hailey, grabbing her by the arm “We can come back here later if you wish” he told her and he had to practically pull her along as he followed Subject 18 out of the club.

However, once outside, they had once again, lost track of Subject 18 as Marcus swore “How the hell does this even happen?” he looked to Hailey “We lost him”

“Sorry…I kinda got distracted…” Hailey muttered, already knowing that it was partly her fault from having a bit of a free watch before.

“I could see that” Marcus replied back as he rubbed his forehead a little bit. Subject 18 had escaped for the time being.


Icarus on the other hand, had walked over to where Rhino was last seen, having a look around before hearing something, taking a look around to pinpoint where the noise was coming from as he came across the elevator shaft, looking down it and saw Rhino whom was already climbing his way out of it “No wonder he escaped…the cheeky bastard…” he muttered as he waited for Rhino to climb out.

After a few moments, Rhino had climbed his way out and looked around for Subject 18 himself, only to have Icarus speak up “He’s gone, but don’t worry about it big guy, could’ve happened to anyone, come on, let’s go meet back up with Marcus and Hailey and figure out the next plan”


After a few minutes, the group had met back up to which Marcus explained what had happened “We would’ve gotten Subject 18, but Hailey here got distracted by some strippers at the local strip club”

“So he got away?” Icarus asked, but then realized something else “Hold on, you went to a strip club?”

“Subject 18 headed through one and we had no choice but to follow him through it” Marcus replied back.

Hailey however, was just grumbling some more “I said I was sorry…” was all she said.

“Do not worry about it so much, I can see why you were distracted by the strippers” Marcus nodded back to Hailey, which only caused Hailey to blush somewhat.

“Okay, let me get this straight…you’re…I mean, you like other girls?” Icarus asked Hailey with an arched eyebrow as Hailey just nodded back a little bit “Huh, never would’ve guessed” he added on with some sort of shrug.

“Okay, okay, enough about that, we’re getting off-track here…we need to find out where Subject 18 has now run off to” Marcus spoke again “Which is going to prove to be much more difficult than I had imagined”

“Yeah, I’d say, finding a half metallic looking bear with stolen experimental gloves…gonna be impossible” Icarus replied back rather sarcastically.

“No need for sarcasm Icarus” Marcus chuckled a little bit as he looked to Hailey “Any ideas?”

Hailey shook her head back “Not really” she paused for a second “Cause I don’t even know what he wants…so finding him without the knowledge of what he wants, just makes it that much more difficult”

“Well, that doesn’t help us” Icarus rolled his eyes a little bit as he folded his arms “So I guess we’re stuck for the time being”

“Looks that way” Marcus paused as he looked to Rhino “Alright, I’m going to get Rhino here repaired, you and Hailey, see if you two can find any clues as to where Subject 18 has gone to” he reached into his pocket and handed Hailey some money “As promised, that is, if that’s what you want, you can head back to that strip club for a bit…this might take some time anyway” he spoke in regards to Rhino as he turned around and headed back to the van with Rhino.

Icarus looked to Hailey “I take it you’re off to the strip club then? Cause as for myself, I need to get a bite to eat” he spoke as he turned and headed off, leaving Hailey all alone for the time being.

Hailey looked at the money that Marcus had given to her, almost letting off a little bit of a squeal in the process, practically happy that she had some money as she walked off back to the strip club, deciding to take up Marcus’ offer.

LettuceBacon&Tomato - August 19, 2010 12:08 AM (GMT)
Haha, glad to see Hailey is happy. That bit made me laugh. :lol

Hmmm, Subject 18 has escaped, and there's still the Hydra to deal with. I'm curious where this is going!

I have to update my stories too, thanks for reminding me!

Serris - August 23, 2010 04:06 AM (GMT)
Nice! The part about Hailey being distracted by strippers was pretty funny too.

MrDrake - October 5, 2010 11:06 AM (GMT)
Well, finally got my next part finished, so here you have it, part 5. Not a clue on how many more parts are actually left after this one, but I will say around 2 more parts possiblly ;)


Back in the van, as Marcus was fixing up Rhino’s jaw, he decided to give Trinity a call in regards to what had happened “Trinity, it’s Marcus, we have a problem, Subject 18’s escaped…we can’t kill him at the moment…he’s becoming metallic…”

On the other end of the phone, Trinity listened into what Marcus had told her “Alright, as soon as you lot are ready, get back here, I do have an idea on how to stop him, but it may take some time, but I would need all of you together at the very least…so as soon as you can get back here, do so” and without another word, she had hung up.


Marcus contacted Icarus on the walkie-talkie “Icarus, go and retrieve Hailey…we’re about to head back to the facility”

“Right, on it” Icarus answered back as he headed over to the strip club where Hailey said she was going to be.

Hailey in question was in fact in the strip club, having already spent some of the money Marcus had given her, on having, well, a good time as Icarus had soon entered the club, taking a look around for Hailey. Seeing her at one of the tables with one of the dancers, well, dancing in front of her, he approached her, leaning towards her a little bit “Time to go”

“But…I’m not finished here yet” Hailey replied back, almost giving off a bit of a pout to Icarus, yet, still not keeping her eye off the dancer and her already, half naked body.

“Not my orders, Marcus wishes we all return back to the van…heading back to the facility” Icarus replied back, glancing to the stripper himself, then back to Hailey once again.

Hailey let off a bit of a disappointed sigh by that point, looking to the stripper some more and mouthed some words to her ‘Call me’ as she got up, seeming to glare to Icarus as she started to follow him off, leaving the strip club.


Meeting back up with Marcus at the van, Hailey was still rather annoyed with Icarus interrupting her fun like that, which Marcus had already noticed “What happened?”

“Icarus here…he interrupted my fun…I was enjoying the show the girls were putting on” Hailey replied back with a bit of a pout as well.

Marcus in turn, only gave off a light sounding chuckle back as he had finished fixing up Rhino, getting out of the van and looked to Hailey “I know what you mean, but I’m afraid that the fun had to end sooner or later” he told her as he looked to Icarus for a moment, then looked back to Hailey “Besides, Trinity requires us back at the facility, I believe that she has a plan in mind on how to stop Subject 18”

Soon enough, the group got into the van and headed off out of the town and back towards the facility.


After a few hours, the group was back in the facility, meeting back up with Trinity once again.

“As you are now well aware, our friend has something added to himself, all thanks to that nanotechnology, which, as you are also very much, well aware of, grants him invulnerability, or as one could also put it, invincibility at this rate, which is why I had to contact Old Mother Hubbard and her friend, Drake, in order to find out a better way of taking him down…and it seems that our good friend Drake, is off to the latest masquerade ball, however, that is all but a cover up in order to, I believe from what I was told, to break into the science lab in order to steal some data, the good news about all of this is that Drake will also be able to pick up some other chemicals, to which I’ll be able to mix together and create a poison for Subject 18, which in turn, should stop his nanotechnology from healing him up and therefore, giving you the perfect opportunity to kill him” Trinity explained to the group.

“So, we wait around till this Drake finishes what he has been assigned to do?” Icarus asked back.

Trinity looked to the time before speaking up “Yes, I’m afraid that’s all you can do, however, the good news is that, by now, he should be at his designated location”


It was true, Drake was indeed, at the desired location, wearing a different outfit than his usual one. It was a coat over the top of his shirt along with a pair of pants. He wore his masquerade mask on his face in order to conceal his identity. His mask was just a simple looking one, but with feathers around the edge of it. The mask had been specifically designed for his Canine face, mainly his muzzle area.

He eyed the area around him, taking a mental note of where everything was, and who was around. Some were already engaged in dance, while some were busy chatting away, and even one already passed out on the side from having too much punch to drink.

However, Drake just remained silent as he stepped forward, slowly making his way through the crowds, ignoring the dancers as best as he could, that was, until one grabbed onto his arm and practically pulled him onto the dance floor, much to his annoyance, even saying something to the woman who had done that “Ma’am, I must ask you to cease and desist”

“Oh come now, learn to have a little fun, why don’t you?” the woman asked back and started to dance away with Drake.

Drake in turn, just sighed, rather annoyed as it was, but decided to just play along for the time being, not wanting to make a scene of any sort and attract any sort of unwanted attention either.

In the midst of the dance, when it was time to switch dancing partners, Drake decided to use this opportunity to escape, doing so that as soon as each of his dancing partners had their backs turned for a moment, he stepped away into the crowds.

As Drake had escaped the crowds, he saw his objective, a building labeled as simply “Tricell” to which Drake simply smirked and started to make his way towards the building, however, he stopped in his tracks as he noticed two guards out front and eyed them for a moment before stepping off to the side.

The two guards in question, stood there, both looking to be rather bored, however, one slowly started to tap his foot as he looked to his partner, his whole body moving seconds later as he approached his partner, grabbing him by both of his hands, in a dance fashion as he leaned him down, then back up again, to which the other guard begun to dance along with his partner, unaware to both of them that they were under the influence of Drake’s music, causing the two to start to dance away from the front of the building.

Drake stepped out, still playing on his flute as he eyed the two guards before simply walking past them, grabbing something from one of the guards in the process, a key ring with a single key on it, causing Drake to just smirk as he approached the front of the Tricell building and unlocked the front of the door with the stolen master key, to which he stepped inside.

Once inside said building, Drake put his flute away again and started to make his way towards where the computers were first as he pulled out a flash drive and inserted it into the USB port of the computer he was to work at. However, he already found that the computer required a username and a password, to which he thought for a moment before typing in something he had seen before, a name as the username, however, for the password, he had to give that a little more thought “Tricell…” he begun as he typed that in as a password and to his surprise, it was correct “First rule of passwords, never make it so obvious…” he chuckled to himself as he went to work, grabbing the files he needed from the Tricell database, well, getting copies of the files anyway.

As the files were being copied onto the flash drive, his ears twitched a little bit, as he looked over to a shadow in the distance approaching, followed by a second shadow “More guards…” he spoke with a small sigh to himself “Should’ve guessed it wouldn’t be this easy…” he stood up and decided to greet the guards.

The two guards approached Drake “Might I see your pass?” one guard asked Drake, ignoring the mask that Drake was wearing.

Drake shook his head “I’m afraid that I don’t have a pass…I had lost mine not that long ago…” he spoke rather calmly to the guards.

The other guard, however, noticed that the computer was on and looked to Drake as well “Might we see what it is you’re accessing on that computer over there?”

Drake, again, shook his head “I’m afraid I can’t do that…” he begun as he placed a hand rather slowly onto where his flute was, and in one swift movement, he bought it up, striking one guard across the face with it before turning to the second guard, striking him in the kneecap with his flute, and then turning his attention back to the first guard and struck him across the face once again while the second guard was preoccupied with his busted kneecap. He then grabbed both of their heads and slammed them together, knocking the two guards out cold in the process.

He looked to the nearest room and decided to drag them into it, hiding them in there for the time being before checking to see if the files were finished copying over. As he looked at the computer system, he noticed that they were indeed, finished copying as he pulled out the flash drive, pocketed it and started to make his way towards the back door.

Once outside, he made his way back to his motorcycle, deciding to give Old Mother Hubbard a call in the process “It’s done, I have all the files necessary for the Hydra’s completion, as well as what Trinity had requested, I’ll be there soon enough…” he spoke and hung up moments later, getting onto his motorcycle, starting it up and taking off away from the masquerade ball.

LettuceBacon&Tomato - October 5, 2010 05:39 PM (GMT)
Nice update! The plot thickens. I'm curious what's going to happen with this new data, and look forward to the battle with Subject 18 :yes

Two highlights for me was the image of the guards dancing (they must have been confused :lol) and the password bit. Added it to the TV Tropes page.

MrDrake - January 7, 2011 09:24 AM (GMT)
Finally, the next part is up here, enjoy the little cameo in here too XD


Back at Trinity Facility, Marcus was in a room. The room was fairly sized, enough to house a computer system designed for one thing in particular at the moment, something Marcus had redesigned to complete the task at hand, locating Subject 18.

He begun to search to search through every possible file that was available on Subject 18, communications set up, tapped into some of the cellphone companies radio signals along with satellite images, but so far, he had no luck at all.

Trinity entered the room and looked at the computer screens in front of Marcus “Any luck so far?”

Marcus shook his head slightly “No, I’ve been at it for a few hours now, but I’ve come up with nothing, no voice, no images, no files that would be of any use” however, that was when he trailed off, looking over one of the files, a picture of a church “Hold on, this picture was in Subject 18’s files, a picture of a church…what is it exactly? What significance does it have with Subject 18?”

Trinity eyed the picture of the church some “I’m unsure, but it seems to be one of those older types of churches, something you don’t see much of around anymore, locate it via satellite and see what you come up with, hopefully a location, then come and get me with what information you have” she spoke as she turned and left Marcus to his work, whom started to search all over America in order to find a church that was similar to that as seen in the picture.


Trinity approached Kain “Subject 18, what do you know about him exactly? Cause Marcus, he found a photo of a church in Subject 18’s files, what is that church?” she asked, glancing at the operating table where another Vixen was strapped up.

“I was certain that either you or Marcus would be smart enough to figure it out” Kain spoke as he held a syringe, looking at the syringe for a moment before looking over to the Vixen on the operating table “It’s his home town after all”

Another reptilian scientist had bought in a trolley which had two mechanical arms on it, to which Trinity glanced at them before looking back to Kain again, smirking slightly in the process “He’s going home”

“Precisely” Kain spoke back and jabbed the syringe into the Vixen’s neck, to which Trinity arched an eyebrow, ever so slightly as two other reptilian scientists started to get to work, each holding power tools, saw blades as each were started up.

The Vixen in question was not put under, she was awake for the whole operating process as Trinity looked at her, approaching the Vixen “Let me guess, replacing her arms?” she asked Kain.

Kain nodded back simply “If Subject 18 can use those experimental gloves to his advantage, why not give another experiment a set of mechanical arms instead, giving her the strength required all the time, at all times?” he asked rhetorically.

“Amusing, but one other question, who is this Vixen anyway? I’m just curious” Trinity spoke back, looking back to the Vixen as the saw blades came into contact with her arms, the blades starting to rip through her flesh, as fast as the blades would go, all the while, the Vixen screaming out in agonizing pain.

“Subject 17, I kept her here before Subject 18, but I have not done anything to her as of yet, well, not until now anyway” Kain replied back “But I suppose if you wish to know who she is, her name is Aimee, she used to serve in the armed forces back in the real world, I suppose you could call it, she was one of the best they had…acquiring her was a rather simple task, all I needed was someone on the inside to find out who was the best in their group, but of course, I had to act quickly as well, after all, I don’t want, nor need Hailey suspecting that I have her best friend here as well, we need Hailey to remain at the top of her game after all, her knowing about Aimee here will just distract her”

Trinity nodded back “I understand” she looked back over to Aimee whose arms were removed rather violently and placed upon a nearby table as the mechanical arms were bought over to her, all the while, Aimee was just screaming away “Hailey had mentioned her friend, said that she had gone missing from the armed forces, everyone kept on telling her that she had resigned, I had no idea that you were behind it all, but no matter, Hailey wont know about this regardless, like you, I need her at the top of her game if she and the rest of Terror Squad are going to stop Subject 18”

“Speaking of which” Kain spoke as he motioned for one of his scientists to walk over, to which he handed over a syringe to Kain.

Kain looked at it before handing it over to Trinity “What is this?” she asked him as she looked at it.

“From Old Mother Hubbard, it’s the…cure…to Subject 18’s healing ability, it’s what Drake managed to obtain from his raid of Tricell’s computer data” Kain replied back “Now all that’s left it to find him, am I correct?”

Trinity nodded back to him “Yes, Marcus is working on it as we speak, trying to locate where the church in the picture is located”

“Good” Kain walked over to Aimee as the mechanical arms were being attached to her “Give me an update on the moment Subject 18 is found”

Trinity nodded back to Kain, taking one final glance over to Aimee before turning and heading out of the room. However, outside, Hailey was waiting there, as Trinity looked at her for a moment “What do you want?”

“Marcus has apparently found something that he wants you to see” Hailey replied back, taking a quick glance at the room where Trinity had come from before Trinity snapped her fingers, grabbing Hailey’s attention. Hailey snapped out of it a little “Sorry, was just wondering what was behind there, that’s all”

“It’s none of your concern” Trinity replied back as she started to walk off as Hailey followed her towards where Marcus was.

“But someone was in there, screaming” Hailey spoke back.

“Kain was just busy with his scientific pursuits, that’s all you need to know about what was behind the door” Trinity replied rather sternly as they walked down the hallway, approaching Marcus’ communication room.

“You’ve found something?” Trinity asked him.

Marcus swiveled around in his chair to look at Trinity, just giving off a slight smirk “It didn’t take that long, I was looking at satellite images that were taken from the Californian area, in a small town that’s off the main road area, the population is a mere 400, compared to that of major metropolitan cities and it turns out that church is their only church in the town”

“What’s the name of that town?” Trinity asked, observing the layout of the town rather curiously.

“They call it Topri, strange name, I know, however, it’s not like they actually seem to care for that, it is, after all, off the highway, you know, out of the way, away from civilization, after all, looking into the town’s history, they don’t tend to get too many visitors to the town, then again, they don’t have much, a small little national park of some sort, a town hall, movie theatre, believe it or not, gas station, along with the local bar, other than that, just houses doted around the town as you can see here” Marcus motioned towards the screen which showed the layout of the town in question.

Trinity gave off a small little chuckle “And that’s where you’ll be heading, turns out that Subject 18 could very well be heading home, if you can get there, hopefully before he does, you’ll be able to have a small window of opportunity to get an advantage over him, if not, if he arrives there before you do, finding him could be, just a little more difficult”

“Are you sure about that?” Hailey decided to ask as she was looking at the same layout as Trinity and Marcus were looking at.

“The town maybe small, but one should never judge a book by its cover” Marcus spoke up “We don’t know the full details of this town, I don’t know much about the town, the information there on it is rather…limited, I suppose you could say, so you may never know what dark secrets a town like that might hold”

Trinity went silent for just a moment before she spoke up “Alright, you two, go and get Icarus and Rhino and get them ready, I’ve got to give Kain the update on what’s happening now” she spoke as she turned around and headed off, back to where Kain was.

“Well then, shall we do this?” Marcus smirked some as he reached down and pulled out a laptop, turning it on and started to transfer the data of Topri onto his laptop. The moment he was finished, he got up and headed for the door with Hailey.


Kain was standing over Aimee, whom seemed to be just whimpering away on the operating table she was still strapped to as Trinity entered the room again “You have an update on the situation?” Kain asked without even turning to greet Trinity.

“Yes, Marcus found the town, we have a location and I’m sending them out to intercept Subject 18” Trinity replied back as she stepped forward towards Kain, glancing at Aimee again, then back to Kain again.

“Good” Kain continued to look at Aimee, not even breaking his glance with the Vixen to even look at Trinity “I understand that Marcus will at least be keeping you up to date on the situation once they arrive at the town and the progress that happens with Subject 18?”

“But of course” Trinity looked back to the whimpering Vixen again, looking at the mechanical arms that were attached to her. She stepped forward and ran a finger along one of the arms “An interesting concept you have going on here, I just hope that this one doesn’t decide to turn out like Subject 18 either, be on the run and that we would have to eliminate her as well, she looks like she could have such potential with Dragonstorm”

“Do not fret” Kain pushed Aimee’s head to the side, so that he could get to the back of her head, holding a scalpel before running the blade of it along the back of Aimee’s head “I am taking whichever steps necessary to make sure that she does not take off, to make sure that she remains in her place”

Pulling down the opening he had made, able to reach Aimee’s brain and moved the scalpel into the opening that was made, which caused Trinity to arch an eyebrow somewhat.

“Might I ask, what is the purpose of that?” Trinity decided to enquire about as Kain removed a small portion of Aimee’s brain.

“Destroying a part of her memories, we wouldn’t want her to become curious after all, now do we? It’s more of a liability than anything else, as I said, I’m taking whatever precautions are necessary to keep her here” Kain motioned towards Aimee’s eyes, which were now looking a little lost.

Trinity just chuckled somewhat, watching her eyes just staring into nothingness. Trinity grabbed onto Aimee’s face, moving her head from left to right and chuckled once more “You’ve really outdone yourself this time Kain, I just do hope that nothing does go wrong with her, would be a shame to have to kill her” she then looked to Kain, changing the subject somewhat “I’ll be back shortly, I have to give Hailey and the others the cure”

Kain just nodded back softly as Trinity left the room, to which he looked back to Aimee again, going to work to getting her little opening all patched up again, even if it were rather messy.


Meeting up with the four of them, Trinity spoke to each of them, holding the syringe in her hand, walking back and fourth in front of them “Now, you all understand the situation that is at hand?”

“Yeah, we head to this small town, find Subject 18 and pop a bullet into his head” Icarus spoke up first “Simple, well, except for the healing nano stuff that he’s got”

“Nanotechnology” Marcus corrected Icarus as he looked over to Trinity “Do you have a way around that by any chance?”

Trinity showed the group the syringe “This is the cure, as Kain puts it, given to him from Old Mother Hubbard, what Drake managed to get from Tricell, this should, by all accounts, stop Subject 18’s healing factor that he’s got on him, enough for you lot to get in there and end his life”

“So, let me get this straight, before we can kill him, we’ve got to play doctor and stab him with a needle, which, with a wild guess, should just get rid of his healing factor that he has? Sounds like a long shot if you ask me” Icarus muttered just a little.

“Yeah, except no one’s asking you” Marcus joked back “It’s our only chance in actually hurting Subject 18”

Hailey had been silent throughout it all before she had to ask something herself “But who’s going to be the one to do it? I mean Rhino’s not one to handle a syringe; he could crush it with his own strength without even realizing it”

“I’ll do it” Marcus spoke up again as he grabbed the syringe off Trinity “Just trust me on this one, I didn’t get these muscles for just show” he added on, just smirking ever so slightly before looking over to Trinity.

Trinity nodded back to the four of them “Good, then it’s settled, now, it’s best you get going now, and Marcus, keep me updated on the situation”

“Will do” was all Marcus had said as he motioned for everyone to get into the van. Rhino getting into the back, Icarus into the passenger’s seat with Marcus in the driver’s seat before Hailey got into the passenger’s seat next to Icarus before the van pulled out of the facility and onto the road, heading towards Topri.

MrDrake - January 17, 2011 08:49 AM (GMT)
Sorry for the wait, but here's the next part of the story XD


Upon arriving in the town, it already seemed to be deserted, no one seemed to be around, no one on the streets, something Icarus was rather quick to notice “Huh, this place seems rather lively” he joked as the team exited the van.

“So, where do we start?” Hailey asked as she took a look around, seeing no Subject 18 in sight at the moment.

Marcus looked over to the church in the distance “We’ll start by having Icarus climb to the top of the bell tower, set up position there, that way, he’ll be able to keep an eye on the entire town, myself and Hailey will go to the local pub or something along those lines, try and blend in, while Rhino…he’ll just have to remain on standby for now we don’t need the townsfolk getting freaked out by his presence. Now Icarus, the moment you see Subject 18, tell me and we’ll get the next step of the plan underway, injecting him with the cure, which is when Rhino will step in, give Subject 18 a run for his money”

“And that’s when you’ll strike?” Icarus looked at Rhino for a moment as he patted Marcus on the back some “Well, at least it’s better than the plan I had in mind”

Marcus looked at Icarus for a moment “I’m not even going to ask what plan you had in mind, now get to your post and keep your eyes out for Subject 18” he told him firmly.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re the boss” Icarus spoke back as he holstered his sniper rifle and started to make his way towards the church, just whistling away as he did so.

Marcus looked at Rhino “Best you stay out of sight until we find Subject 18” he looked towards the gas station “Stay behind there until we contact you”

Rhino just snorted a little and walked off without a word as usual towards the back of the gas station as Marcus looked to Hailey.

“Come on, time to go blend in with the locals” Marcus told Hailey as he headed off towards the local bar, to which Hailey followed him.


He opened the door to the church and stepped inside “Huh, haven’t been to a church in a long time” Icarus muttered to himself lightly “Not since that time a while ago…” he added on, seeming to just smirk to himself lightly as he headed to the back of the church.

Opening the door to the bell tower, he let off a groan “Stairs? You have got to be kidding me” stepping on one of the steps, it creaked “This is going to be the death of me” he rolled his eyes some as he started to make his way up the stairs and towards the top of the tower.


Back in the local bar, Marcus took a look around for a moment and motioned to an empty seat “Over there, why don’t you take a seat and try and get someone talking, get information on Subject 18 while I try and get some answers from the bartender there” he motioned to the bartender in question.

Hailey, however, had not been paying attention at that point, her gaze set upon another person in the bar, another female, well, not complete attention “Uh yeah, talk to people, Subject 18” was all Hailey had said.

Marcus looked over at who Hailey was looking at “Same thing still applies, however, just make sure you get the answers we need first before you go ahead and start flirting” he told her rather firmly.

Hailey seemed to just pout somewhat afterwards “Aww, you always have to ruin the fun, don’t you?” she spoke, even giggling somewhat in the process too “Don’t worry, I know why we’re here anyway, talk to people, find out about Subject 18, I know, I know” she added on with a little smile before slipping off to go and speak with the female she had eyed.

Marcus, on the other hand, walked over to the bar, taking a seat on one of the barstools as he looked to the bartender, eyeing him for just a moment before speaking “A drink, if you will bartender”

“What kind?” he asked back, a gruff voice, after all, he was an alligator, whom eyed Marcus back rather cautiously.

“Surprise me” Marcus spoke, watching the bartender’s movements as he also spoke up about Subject 18 “What do you know about a grizzly bear?”

The bartender gave off a small chuckle “A grizzly bear? You’ll have to be more specific than that, we have a few of them around here as it is, you have a name for this grizzly bear you’re wondering about?” he started to then mix up a drink for Marcus as he continued to speak to the African American man “I do need details after all”

Marcus could tell that this was going to be tougher than what he had first anticipated, especially in regards to what information he had on Subject 18 himself.


Hailey on the other hand, had taken a seat at the same table as the girl she was eyeing earlier on, but yet, she said nothing at first, just looking at her.

The female spoke up in order to break the awkward silence that was happening between the two of them “Can I help you?” she asked her, taking a sip of the drink she had at her table.

“Actually, yeah, you can, I’m suppose to be asking you about some information, it’s on a local around here, about someone that had probably, recently, gone missing from this town, he’s a grizzly bear, but uh, I don’t have a name or anything like that” Hailey replied back.

The female arched an eyebrow at her slightly “Are you a cop?”

“A cop?” Hailey had to think for a second, if she should lie about it or not “Uh…yes?”

The female continued to eye Hailey still “Then where’s your badge? Show me your badge to prove it”

“I uh, left it back, in my uh, squad car? Yeah, that’s it” Hailey spoke with a small little nervous laugh, giving off a small smile in the process, to cover up the lie to the best of her ability.

The female continued to eye her, giving off a small little chuckle of her own “You know something, you’re not a very good liar, you’re far too nervous for one, and please, don’t say you’re a trainee or any of the crap, cause you’re not, trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of coppers, who are you, really, and please, for the sake of both of us, no lies”

Hailey took a deep breath for a second “I was that obvious huh?” she groaned a little “I’m Hailey, I’m just here with a few friends of mine, and well, we’re trying to find another, I suppose you could call him a friend of ours, that’s all”

“And that’s that grizzly bear fellow right? Well sorry, I can’t help you out” the female replied back.

“How come?” Hailey asked plainly.

“Cause, I’m not from around here, I’m just passing through is all” the female spoke, taking another sip of her drink “By the way, to get the rest of the formalities out of the way, call me Melody”

Hailey looked at her for a moment “Melody? That’s a pretty name”

Melody just smiled lightly “I know, I get that quite a lot believe it or not” she replied back, taking another sip of her drink “But again, as I’ve said, I’m sorry I can’t help you out with your grizzly friend of yours”

“Yeah, I know” Hailey was already, no longer really paying attention to what Melody had just said and was just looking at the other female, looking her up and down.

“You’re not paying attention to a word I’m even saying, are you, Hailey?” Melody asked back, looking at how close Hailey was to her, even giving off a small sigh in the process.

“Hmm?” Hailey asked, giving Melody a simple smile as she looked up at her.

Melody just looked at Hailey for another, long and hard second before speaking up to her “Listen, if you wanted to ask me out on a date or something like that, just ask, there is no need to act all, awkward about it” although, she paused for a moment “Let me take a wild guess and say that you’ve never asked anyone out on a date before? Not even kissed someone?”

Hailey snapped out of it as she answered Melody’s question “Well, not really…no, sorry for being…awkward about it” she added in with a small nervous sounding laugh again, yet, her eyes did divert back to Melody’s chest again.

“Eyes up here honey” Melody spoke firmly, looking to Hailey as she watched the female staring at her chest still, as she gave off a groan of annoyance, placing two of her fingers to her temples. She could tell that Hailey wasn’t going to snap out of it anytime soon. Taking a quick look around, the only other people she noticed that were in the bar were Marcus and the bartender, no one else, and even them two were busy talking to each other as she looked back to Hailey once again.

As Melody was a simple human girl with long, red hair, and a simple outfit, wearing a shirt and a skirt, she took a small sigh again and started to slowly lift her shirt up “If you want to keep on staring at them, that’s your choice, so here’s a small sneak preview at what you’ve been staring at for the past minute” and by that point, she lifted it up high enough to show off her bikini top that she was wearing underneath.

Sure, Hailey was looking a little disappointed, but yet, at the same time, was looking rather happy as her face lit up after having frowned slightly, which only caused Melody to chuckle again slightly as she looked to Hailey.

“Disappointed? Sorry, but that’s all you’re going to see at the moment” Melody took a deep breath, still looking at Hailey as she left her shirt alone for a moment, just leaving it to sit there, at least to keep Hailey happy at the moment “Besides, if done right on your part, you may just be lucky enough to see more” she added on, trailing a finger along Hailey’s shoulder and around her neck somewhat.

“Oh, well, I um, I uh…” Hailey had to think with her thoughts already racing, not being able to concentrate with Melody’s actions as well as her exposed bikini top.

Melody just smirked, ever so lightly at Hailey as she pulled her shirt back down, giving of another slight chuckle of hers, reaching for her drink and taking another small sip from it before placing it back down softly.


The bartender motioned over to where Melody and Hailey were sitting as he asked Marcus a question “She with you?” he asked, motioning towards Hailey in particular.

Marcus took a look over “The Vixen? Yes” he eyed Melody for a moment “I take it she’s a local though?”

“Who Melody?” the bartender shook his head “Afraid not, I only know her as she does visit this bar often, so if your friend over there is trying to get some information out of Melody, she wont get much from her”

Marcus, however, just smiled lightly to himself “I doubt she’s worried about that anymore” he sighed, just a little bit “But I suppose until our friend show up, she can have her fun for the time being” however, that’s when he stopped as his cell phone received an incoming call “Excuse me” he spoke as he answered his phone.


“Marcus” Trinity’s voice spoke on the other end of the phone as she was in front of Marcus’ computer system that he had set up in order to track down Subject 18 “I’ve got some information that would be of use to you, would help finding Subject 18 that much more easier, ask around if they know of a person called Lars Ulter”

“Lars Ulter?” Marcus gave off a light chuckle “Sounds like our friend there is Dutch, or some sort of foreign name like that. Any family?”

“No, I was unable to find any sort of information on any living family relatives…only dead ones” Trinity replied back “Do call me up once you do get somewhere with this investigation” she paused for a second “You have a working plan on taking down Subject 18?”

“In a way, what I have right now is get Rhino to wear him down, then I’ll stab him with the needle while Icarus gives sniper cover…and Hailey, well, I’ll call her if I need the assistance, but I should be able to handle Subject 18 with Rhino’s help” Marcus told her.

“That sounds like a sound plan for the time being, considering what little information you have on you at the time being” Trinity spoke again.

“Indeed, it is still a working plan; things will change as need be”

“Good, just make sure that Subject 18 dies in the end, I think the power he’s received from those stolen gloves has gone to his head, as we do not need a loose cannon running around loose, especially one that’s still connected to Dragonstorm…you have your orders on what to do with him, keep me updated as the situation develops” and without another word, she hung up on him.


Marcus looked to the bartender for a moment “Lars, our friend’s name is Lars Ulter, do you know of him here?”

“Lars Ulter? My, I have not heard that name in some time, not since he had disappeared from here last month” the bartender spoke back, smiling to himself all the while.

“So, you do know of him…tell me what you know about him, on where we might be able to find him that is, if he were to show up here again” Marcus answered back.

“The church, as I recall, he did like to hang out at the church, even though it’s getting rather old, and knowing our luck, it’ll probably end up collapsing sooner or later, but why he hangs out at the church, you’ve got me on that one, he tends to keep more to himself than anything else” the bartender answered Marcus back.

Marcus grinned a little to himself as he got up from his seat “Thank you, that’s all the information I require” he spoke as he turned around and approached Melody and Hailey, looking to Melody for a moment “Sorry, but I require Hailey” he looked to Hailey.

“Let me guess, it’s to do with that Lars fella you’re trying to find?” Melody interjected, seeing to just give off a small laugh “You did hear the bartender, you probably won’t find him here, I mean, he hasn’t been seen in this town in over a month, and you just believe that he’s going to just rear his ugly head in this town?”

And that’s when Marcus’ walkie talkie had gone off, to which Marcus answered it “Tell me you see him Icarus”


“Oh, that all depends really, I do see someone, he’s big, ugly, probably smells and he looks pissed off, and it’s not Rhino this time” Icarus told Marcus back as he watched the figure approaching through his sniper scope.

It was indeed Subject 18, which the bartender was right about, he was heading for the church, which Icarus already noticed “Give me an order, should I shoot him now?” and waited for an answer before retaliating.

He pulled the trigger, firing it at Subject 18’s head before reloading as fast as he can and firing another shot “For the love of God, why wont you die!?” he grumbled, firing one last shot into Subject 18’s head before realizing that this tactic was already failing.

Headshots seemed to have no effect on Subject 18, it was almost as it he were shrugging it off, yet, Icarus continued to track Subject 18 through his sniper scope, watching as he continued to move forward “Oh boy, this isn’t going to go well” he fired another shot at the bear, but again, no effect, not even slowing him down at all.

And there was that sound, the doors swinging open, as if someone had kicked them open as Subject 18 walked into the church, rather casually as he took a look around “I know you’re here…” he sung to himself some, taking a glance around before his eyes trailed towards the stairs, leading up to the bell tower, flexing his fists somewhat as well.

Subject 18 placed a foot onto one of the steps and it seemed to break, yet, he just ignored it as he started to make his way up the stairs, a few of the stairs breaking along the way as he stepped onto them.

Icarus was about to make his way back down the stairs when he heard the footsteps and very lightly, just gulped somewhat. All he knew was at the moment; he was trapped in the bell tower, with no way out and Subject 18 climbing the stairs.

The moment Subject 18 had reached the top of the stairs and had seen Icarus, he smirked, wasting no time at all as he lunged at the raccoon. At first, he missed him, but swung his fists a second time and grabbed Icarus by the throat, lifting him up off the ground.

Even as he was being choked, Icarus managed to make one of his jokes in regards to the bullet wounds on Subject 18’s head that were almost healed “You know, I may not be no doctor, but by all accounts, you should, technically, be dead by all those gunshots to the head”

Subject 18 just laughed at that “Yeah, funny thing that isn’t it? It’s like, I’m an immortal or something eh? And you know what the real funny thing is? My first act as an immortal is to kill you; so might I ask what your lasts words are loser?”

LettuceBacon&Tomato - January 18, 2011 06:03 AM (GMT)
Nice! and the final battle with Subject 18 commences!

Can't wait for the next part to see how it turns out!

MrDrake - January 21, 2011 04:32 AM (GMT)
Second to last part. Was suppose to be the last part, but it was dragging on a bit, so thought it would be best to cut it up into two parts. Last part should be up sometime next week XD


Icarus struggled in Subject 18’s grip; yet, he noticed the ground, the floorboards, starting to crack as he placed his hands onto Subject 18’s hand, waiting for the right moment to make a move of his own.

“I’ll ask this, once more, any last words before I snap your neck like a twig?” Subject 18 asked, his eyes narrowed at Icarus.

“Yeah, I’ve got some last words for you, you’re ugly, and not to mention…fat as well, and I doubt it’s the fur that’s making you look fat” Icarus spoke as the floorboards underneath Subject 18 started to give way “Oh, and have you ever though about using a breath mint? Cause your breath stinks”

And that’s when the floorboards finally gave way, to which Subject 18 let go of Icarus as he fell through the floorboards, yet, grabbed onto the edge, hanging from it with one hand. Subject 18 glanced down at the stairs, then back to Icarus and smirked to him before simply letting go, falling towards the stairs, only to crash through them as well as the next set, all the way down to the ground floor again.

Icarus looked over, through the hole, looking down to where Subject 18 had fallen to “Man, so glad that wasn’t me” was all he could say as he grabbed his walkie talkie off the ground in order to get into contact with Marcus once again.


As Marcus walked away from both Hailey and Melody, he heard Icarus’ voice on the other end of the walkie talkie “You have an update on the situation?”

“Oh, you bet your pretty little face I do, which reminds me, sniper fire, it doesn’t slow down our grizzly friend, just pisses him off even more, not to mention that this tower, I think it’s coming down” Icarus’ voice was heard on the other end.

Marcus laughed “What makes you say that?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s me, maybe I’ve gone crazy, or perhaps it’s the fact that Subject 18, as we speak, is punching the side of the tower, inside the church, to the point in making this tower shake” Icarus replied back, somewhat sarcastically.

Marcus then sighed a little “Best you get out of there isn’t it?”

“Oh, I would love to, really, I mean, I wouldn’t want to become a flattened raccoon after all, but there is a slight problem with that, the stairs are out of service” Icarus replied back again as the tower continued to shake, even more violently “So, please, do me a favor…and get me out of here!”

Marcus, again had to sigh as he looked over to Hailey “Come, we’ve got trouble” he looked to Melody for a second “And leave your girlfriend behind, she’ll just get in the way”

Hailey looked over to Marcus as she watched him walk off before looking to Melody “Sorry, but I uh, I have to go”

Melody just smiled somewhat “Very well then” she paused for a moment, leaning over and giving Hailey a kiss, right on the lips before pulling away “Call me”

Hailey, for just a moment, looked rather love struck at the kiss she had received before snapping out of it and giving a little nod “Yeah, I will” she spoke, giving off a giggle as she rushed off after Marcus.

However, Melody just sat there, smiling to herself as she took another sip of her drink “She wont call me…they never do…” was all she had said to herself, yet, she still smiled to herself regardless, just pleased she could meet someone like Hailey as she would put it.


“What happened?” Hailey decided to ask Marcus as she caught up to him.

“It’s Icarus, he’s run into a little snag, he’s trapped on the bell tower of the church, so I need you to go and find Rhino and get his ass over to the church” Marcus spoke back.

“What about you?”

“I’m going to keep our friend a little busy” Marcus tossed the syringe over to Hailey “Keep that safe, do not let it break, if it does, we would screw our chances in killing Subject 18”

Hailey caught the syringe and nodded back to Marcus before she took off in order to go and find Rhino while Marcus continued to make his way towards the church, reaching into his pocket to which he pulled out a gun and loaded it up.


Upon entering the church, Marcus already heard a banging noise close by, his eyes diverting over to where the noise was coming from before starting to approach it. He saw him, Subject 18, and he was doing just as what Icarus had told him.

Without a word, Marcus aimed his gun at Subject 18 “I would stop that if I were you”

Subject 18 did indeed, stop, only to look over to Marcus “Or else what? You’ll shoot me? Hate to break it to you, but that’s already been tried from your looser friend up there, four or five shots to the head and look at me, I’m still standing, so go on, shoot me, I dare you to try, otherwise, back off”

Marcus only chuckled back slightly, gun still aimed at Subject 18 “It’s rather low of you to do that, trying to bring down the tower instead of fighting Icarus head on, let me guess, you’re loosing your touch…Lars?”

“Lars? Oh boy, I have not heard that name in, what? Over a month’s worth of time” Subject 18 started to smirk, looking Marcus over for a second before his smirk grew wider still “You know something, now that I think of it, I never did get the chance to fight you in a good old hand to hand fight, I mean come on, you’re a big black guy, who looks like they might be able to give me a good fight, so what do you say, a fight between us two?”

Marcus paused for a moment and put his gun away “You read my mind…this should be fun”

“Oh, you bet it will be, cause this fight, it’s gonna be rated R for your pleasure, for violence, language and possibly even some nudity” Subject 18 replied back, flexing his fists some.

“Yeah, dude, no one wants to see your junk, especially me” Icarus added in from the top of the stairs still.

“Quiet, don’t make me come up there!” Subject 18 called out to Icarus before looking to Marcus and smirking “So, you ready?” however, without allowing Marcus to even answer back, Subject 18 charged, swinging a fist at Marcus followed by his other fist as his first one missed Marcus, yet, the second one came into contact with his stomach before kicking Marcus backwards some.

Marcus slid back to a halt and ducked from another swing of Subject 18’s fists before he returned an attack as he swung a fist at Subject 18, slamming it into his lower jaw before ducking again from another swing of Subject 18’s fists as he punched the bear in the face two more times.

“Oh come on, is this the best you can do? That mechanical freak of yours, he puts up a better fight than this” Subject 18 laughed as he struck Marcus right across the face before grabbing him by the throat and rushed forward, slamming him into a few of the seats in the church. Seconds later, he had reached the front of the church and slammed Marcus’ head down onto the church pew before letting him go, stepping back, only to watch Marcus get back up again “What!? You’re still alive after that!? You’re just a human being!”

Marcus laughed and spat some blood onto the ground, looking to Subject 18 “What’s wrong? Disappointed that I’m not dead?”

“Not at all, although it’s just weird, I mean let’s face it, sooner or later, you have to die, you’re not immortal after all” Subject 18 spoke back, cricking his neck.

“Neither are you Lars” Marcus told Subject 18 rather bluntly.

Subject 18 narrowed his eyes at Marcus slightly “I’m more immortal than you could ever hope to be, I mean look at me, it’s like I’m a God or something” he spoke, showing off the gloves that were fused to his arms, metallic parts rushing up his arms, seeming to have fused with his whole body.

“You shouldn’t compare yourself to God” Marcus told Subject 18 as he reached towards the church pew and grabbed a small statue of Jesus.

“Oh, I don’t, I would say that I’m that much more better than he could ever hope to be” Subject 18 added in with a laugh before he realized what Marcus was doing, but was a tad too late to stop it.

Marcus had attacked Subject 18, using the statue of Jesus to strike him across the face with it.

Subject 18 stumbled back slightly, however, before Marcus could strike him with it a second time, Subject 18 grabbed it in his hands and crushed it with ease “Shame too, cause that statue, it was nice” he spoke and head butted Marcus.


As Subject 18 and Marcus were fighting, Hailey was trying to find Rhino. She had looked almost everywhere in the general area, but had no luck at all. The only place left to search was behind the gas station.

She looked behind there, and sure enough, there was Rhino, who seemed to be conversing with a little girl, a young bear cub. Well, he wasn’t talking; the bear cub was doing all the talking, as if she were making friends with Rhino.

Rhino was just looking at her as she continued to just chat away. One minute she was talking about one thing, and the next minute, about something else completely irrelevant.

Hailey approached them and looked to Rhino for a second before looking the little girl “Sorry little girl, but I need my friend back”

The bear cub looked to Hailey, putting her fists onto her hips “I am not called, little girl, I have a name, and it’s Bianca” she looked to Rhino for a second “And no, you can’t take him, we’re having a very heated discussion”

“Star Wars and SpongeBob isn’t really anything to have a heated discussion about” Hailey replied back to Bianca before looking to Rhino “Look, I’m just going to get straight to the point, Subject 18’s here, he’s at the church”

And that’s what made Rhino move, the sound of Subject 18’s name as he stepped past Bianca and started to make his way to the church as Hailey followed suit. However, that didn’t stop Bianca from following them.

Hailey looked back to her and sighed “Little girl, it’s not safe to follow us, you should head back to your parents”

“My name is Bianca!” Bianca corrected Hailey with a huff as well.

“Bianca, sorry, but it’s just not safe for you to stay around us, you could get hurt” Hailey told Bianca back as she stopped to talk to Bianca for a second “So, please, go and find your parents” she spoke, giving her a smile before rushing off after Rhino who had walked ahead of them.


Soon enough, Rhino had walked into the church followed by Hailey, which Subject 18 noticed, turning around and punching Marcus in the face before addressing both Rhino and Hailey “Greetings losers!”

Rhino just snorted a little as he eyed Subject 18 while Hailey followed her eyes, not saying a word to Subject 18.

“What? No “Hello James, how are you?” just the silent treatment? Wow, tough crowd” Subject 18 laughed some as he stepped forward, completely ignoring Marcus, as he picked up on of the large seats in the church, grinning in the process before chucking it at them.

Rhino snorted again and stepped forward, swinging his fist to bring it down, actually managing to break the seat in half so that it failed to hit either him or Hailey.

“Oh, for the love of…” Subject 18 spoke, looking a little irritated.

“He threw a bench at me…who throws a bench at someone!?” was all Hailey could say.

“Sorry luv, that was suppose to hit you, but bolts for brains there, made sure that failed” Subject 18 flexed his fists in the process “So looks like I’m going to have to resort to another good old beat down, I mean hey, I managed round one against Mr. Metal there, so why not go for two, hmm?”

Rhino, once again, snorted and charged forward at Subject 18, swinging a fist at him in order to keep him a little preoccupied before slamming his body into Subject 18’s body and pushing him back a fair amount, right up against the walls of the church.

He grabbed onto Subject 18’s head and slammed it multiple times up against the wall, only to have Subject 18 laugh the entire time.

“Now this is more like it!” Subject 18 called out as he launched both his feet off the ground and slammed them into Rhino’s chest “Down boy” he smirked as he watched Rhino stumble back some while he cricked his neck.

Rhino, once again, just charged again at Subject 18, but this time, as he slammed into Subject 18, he managed to know him right through the wall and out into the open before the two of them started to exchange blows.


As the two of them were fighting, Marcus approached Hailey and looked at her for a moment “Alright, while Rhino’s keeping Lars busy, we need to get a good plan together on how to inject him with the cure”

“I knew it, you had no plan to begin with” Icarus called out from his spot still up in the bell tower.

Marcus sighed somewhat as he walked over to the bell tower and looked up to where Icarus was “Do you want some help getting down or not? If so, just jump”

“And what? You’ll catch me?” Icarus joked some before giving in and simply jumped down the hole, hoping that Marcus would keep his word and catch him.

And Marcus did indeed, keep his word and managed to catch Icarus, right in his arms, which caused Icarus to say something after a second or so of awkward silence “Wow, this has the word gay, written all over it” and that’s what cause Marcus to simply drop Icarus onto the ground.

Icarus groaned for a moment as he got back up, his eyes narrowed at Marcus for a second before noticing a third person in the room “Quick question, who’s the little girl?”

Hailey looked over and groaned herself, noticing who Icarus was talking about “Bianca, what are you doing here? I told you to go and find your parents”

Bianca folded her arms, pouting some to Hailey as she spoke to her “Yeah, I know, but I had to see if Rhino was going to be okay, cause the way he just walked off, it sounded like he was in trouble, and I just had to come…he’s my friend after all, and friends look out for each other”

“Wait, you’re a friend of Rhino? Huh, didn’t even know Rhino had any friends in the first place” Icarus joked, yet, Bianca did not pleased one bit.

“You can joke about it all you want, but he is my friend, and I am not leaving until I know that he’s going to be okay” Bianca replied back with a huff as well.

“Fine, just try not to get in the way, we can’t afford to let you get hurt” Marcus told Bianca before turning his attention back to Hailey and Icarus “Listen, I do have an idea on how we can inject Lars with the cure…” he begun as Bianca interrupted.

“Lars? I know a Lars!” Bianca called out “He’s a bear, like myself, and no, he’s not my uncle, or father, or anything like that” she told them firmly.

“Listen, no offence kid, but unless you have something important to say, something that would help us, just be quiet, stop talking” Icarus told Bianca “Your voice is already annoying enough as it is…” he added on with a mumble.

“I heard that” Bianca told Icarus and simply punched him in the groin.

“Oh come on…why, why would you do that? Attacking a man in his…man parts…” Icarus spoke, falling to his knees in pain from the attack to his groin, which caused Hailey to giggle somewhat, patting Bianca on the head a little.

“Good thing you’re not a man, now is it?” Marcus added on, narrowing his eyes towards Icarus for a second before addressing Bianca “Alright Bianca, do you, or do you not, have any important information on Lars, that we might be able to use to our advantage?”

Bianca had to think, but only for a moment’s time “Well, I do remember that he used to work at the local power plant, you know, like some sort of…electrician, I think he was suppose to do maintenance on it or something like that”

“Can you be more specific?” Icarus asked, rolling his eyes at the girl.

“I’m only eight years old!” Bianca retaliated back with a groan and a huff “I go to school; I don’t have the time to keep tabs on everyone around town!”

Marcus looked to Bianca for a moment “Then the power plant is where we’re going to have to go, lure Lars there”

“I’m going with you too” Bianca argued as she kept her arms folded.

“Listen, little girl, we don’t have time to play babysitter, so do us a big favor, mainly myself, and go a crawl back into whatever dark hole you had come from, alright?” Icarus groaned. It was rather obvious that he didn’t really like Bianca one bit.

Bianca narrowed her eyes at Icarus before striking him a second time, punching him, right in the groin.

“Oh come on…will you give a guy a break?” Icarus winced in pain, falling to his knees as he grabbed his crotch in pain.

Marcus looked to Icarus and then to Bianca as he addressed the two of them “Icarus, stop pestering the kid, Bianca, stop punching Icarus in the groin, if you want to hurt him, kick him in the shins” he then looked to Hailey for a moment “Alright, the four of us will be heading to the power station, Bianca, if you wish to come with us, fine, just stay close, would hate for anything to happen to you” he gave her a quick little smile before he started to walk off with Hailey and Bianca following him, where Icarus wasn’t too far behind, still trying to recover from the attack from Bianca.


Rhino and Subject 18, in the meantime, continued to go at it, with neither showing any signs of weakening as the two of them had locked fists, their fingers intertwined with the other’s.

Subject 18 simply smirked at Rhino, who in turn, snorted back as Rhino head butted Subject 18 in the head, causing him to stumble back slightly. Yet, he just continued to smirk away at Rhino “You know, for a bunch of nuts and bolts, you aint too bad at fighting, pity you don’t talk all that much, if at all”

The two weren’t too far from the power station either, yet, neither of them even realized it, they were too focused on their fighting to even realize it. Rhino in turn, knocked Subject 18 back a little more and was ready to charge at him again.

Subject 18 slid backwards and looked at Rhino, still smirking all the while “Come on then big boy, bring it on” he spoke as he watched as Rhino charged at him. Yet, he just waited for the right moment, to which once Rhino got close enough, he clamped his hands together into one big fist and swung it upwards, striking Rhino in the jaw and causing the mechanical being to stumble backwards as Subject 18 swung again, bring them down onto Rhino before pulling them apart and striking Rhino across the face.

“You see, there’s a difference between you and I. I for one have this extraordinary healing ability, which in turn means that I simply, cannot die, not by the hands on yourself, nor by your band of merry little freaks, while you, being the big, ugly, mechanical freak that you are, can still die, one way, or another, you, my good sir, are not immortal” Subject 18 laughed as he swung his fists at Rhino again, causing him to stumble back even more.

As Rhino stumbled back, he looked out of the corner of his eye to see Marcus, Hailey, Icarus and Bianca rushing past. He looked ahead to their destination and noticed the power station not far from where they were.

He looked to Subject 18 for a second before rushing forward; however, instead of attacking Subject 18, he rushed right past him and started to run towards the power station, his footsteps actually shaking the immediate area around him where he stepped.

Subject 18 groaned, annoyed that he was now ignored as he turned around rather quickly to see where Rhino was going in such a rush. He looked ahead and saw it, the power station and simply smirked “Ah, home sweet home…this ought to be fun” he chuckled as he rushed off after Rhino, all the while just smirking.

MrDrake - January 22, 2011 10:28 AM (GMT)
And now, here's the final part of my story. So enjoy XD


As Marcus and the others arrived at the power station first, he looked at the group “Alright, Icarus, I want to you to take Bianca up to one of the towers with you and keep her safe, Hailey, I’ll need the cure off you now, then, I’ll need you to head into the main power control room and find out what the general output of the power station is and turn it up, but don’t overload it”

“What about you?” Hailey asked Marcus as she handed over the syringe.

“I’m going to give Rhino a hand; it’s time to put an end to all this nonsense. The power has gone to Lars’ head, affecting how he thinks, which in turn, is starting to cause him to believe that he is God himself…if that’s the case, then time to strip this God of his powers and turn him mortal again” Marcus replied back as he nodded to the group before turning around and headed off deeper into the power station.

Hailey too, took off to find the main power room of the area, which left Icarus alone with Bianca. The two exchanged looks for just a moment as Icarus sighed, he really did not like this one bit “Alright, come on girl, this way, you want to hang with us, then you’d better do as your told” he told Bianca as he walked off towards the tallest tower there was.

Bianca rushed off after Icarus as she glared at him slightly as she walked beside him towards the tower. She looked ahead to the tower in question “Question, why a tower?”

“Because, it has a high vantage point, besides, I am a sniper after all, high spots like that tower up ahead, is what I thrive off” Icarus answered her rather proudly.

“Yeah, but what happens if someone gets in close to you and, I don’t know, attacks you?” Bianca then decided to ask Icarus.

Icarus looked at her for a moment “That’s not important right now, all that matters is getting to that tower at the moment and wait for Marcus’ orders, so please, stop talking” he grumbled as he continued to walk on with Bianca following him still.


Rhino came to a halt within the power plant, in a small area, big enough to make a small arena for fighting, but that was about it. He turned around quickly to see Subject 18 standing there at the edge of the improvised arena.

Subject 18 took a quick look around at their surroundings and simply smirked to Rhino “Electricity, you know, that and metal don’t really mix all that well, so can you guess what? I’m going to light you up like a Christmas tree” he laughed as he stepped forward, just as arcs of lightning started to surge out from the nearby conductors.

Rhino snorted back at Subject 18 as he just stood there, his eyes following Subject 18, watching him, waiting for the first move he was going to make this time around.

Subject 18 clenched his fists a little bit as he continued to smirk at Rhino before he started to quicken his pace until he was in a running pace, pulling his right fist back before swinging it at Rhino.

Rhino swung his own fist at Subject 18 as the two of them connected for a moment before the two of them pulled back as Subject 18 repeated the process with his left fist, only for the same thing to happen.

The two of them continued to exchange blows, their fists continuing to connect with each other, yet, all the while, Subject 18 was just grinning and gave off a laugh “Oh, you’re getting better, that’s good, at least it’ll keep me interested and on my toes”

Rhino just snorted back at Subject 18 as he broke through the bear’s defenses, striking him in the stomach first, then across the face, pushing him back all the while before grabbing Subject 18 by the head and slamming him into one of the nearby generators, at least twice before holding his head against it as electricity started to surge through his body and over Rhino’s mechanical body.

“Oh, now that’s smart…” Subject 18 gritted as he clenched up his closest fist and swung it as hard as he could, striking Rhino across the face, which in turn, caused Rhino to let go of Subject 18, long enough to be struck a second time across the face.

Rhino seemed to roar slightly in some pain, yet, in the end, he just seemed to ignore it as he stumbled back for a second, shaking it off as he eyed Subject 18 again, watching as the bear pulled himself away from the sparking generator that was just surging with electricity.

“Now, that was rather…shocking, wasn’t it?” Subject 18 laughed “Sorry, could not resist that”

“It was a terrible pun regardless, I should know” another voice spoke up and into the arena, he stepped as well.

Subject 18 looked over and saw Marcus “Let me guess, you too want to have another go at trying to defeat me? Very well then, more fun for me” he smirked, looking between Marcus and Rhino “And this really is going to be fun, two against one”

Marcus just narrowed his eyes at Subject 18 “Sorry Lars, but this is going to be the end of your little immortal run, time to strip you of your powers, and you should know, once you become mortal again, it’s going to be game over for you”

Subject 18 took a deep breath in before exhaling in a sigh “We shall see about that” he narrowed his eyes at Marcus in particular, clenching his fists once again and without another word, rushed forward towards Marcus, swinging his fists at him.

Marcus bought up his arms to block the incoming attack from Subject 18 as he returned the favor, punching Subject 18, at least twice in the face before Subject 18 was tackled away by Rhino.

Rhino grabbed Subject 18 by his jaw somewhat and slammed his head into the ground and seconds later, with just enough force, kicked Subject 18 in the side, causing him to fly a few feet away.

Subject 18, however, quickly stumbled to his feet, punching the ground in the process and simply smirked. To him, this was just all fun and games, although he was still taking it a bit more seriously than before, taking Marcus’ threat into consideration. He eyed Marcus for a moment, then looked over to Rhino “Time to divide and conquer” he muttered to himself as he dashed at Rhino, swinging his fists multiple times at Rhino, causing the mechanical being to step back.

As Rhino stepped back far enough, Subject 18 swung another fist, this time, hard enough to knock Rhino backwards into the generator behind him. Subject 18 punched the generator, revealing a gaping hole in it as he reached in, gabbing the wires inside before pulling them out enough to wrap it around Rhino’s neck as he held him there.

As he tied up the wires around Rhino’s neck and moving back, he looked over to Marcus as Rhino sounded like he was roaring out in immense pain from the electricity that was surging through his mechanical body.

Subject 18 smirked back over to Marcus “Now that your big buddy over there is a little…preoccupied with electrical maintenance and what have you, we can now focus on just the two of us”

Marcus narrowed his eyes at Subject 18 “This has gone far enough Lars, and it’s time to put an end to this, once and for all”

Subject 18 flexed his fists a little bit, ignoring Rhino’s roars of pain as he just eyed Marcus down “Well, if you think you can stop me, why don’t you come over here and prove it?” he smirked, still feeling confident in his immortality before he dashed towards Marcus, swinging his fists at him.

Marcus had to act quickly as he ducked and dodged each of Subject 18’s attacks, trying to find an opening in his assault to be able to inject him with the cure, but so far, he found no opening big enough amongst Subject 18’s onslaught of attacks.


Hailey had arrived on the scene of the attack, after having done what Marcus had asked her to do. She looked over to Subject 18 and Marcus fighting each other before she looked over to Rhino struggling in the wires of the generator, which caused Hailey to rush over, but there was a problem she noticed as she got to Rhino, she had no idea how she was going to free him.


In turn, Icarus was up on the tower with Bianca, with him looking through his sniper scope, at first trying to find them. However, once he found them, he immediately noticed the situation had taken a wrong turn “Oh boy, that’s not a good sign” was all he could say.

“What’s wrong?” Bianca decided to ask him as she rested his arms on the safety railing.

“It’s Rhino, he’s in a little bit of a pickle” Icarus replied back as he aimed his sniper rifle “But not for long”

“Don’t shoot him!” Bianca called out to Icarus.

“Kid, I’m not going to shoot him, if I was going to shoot anyone, it would be out grizzly friend down there, so relax” Icarus replied back, rolling his eyes in the process before pulling the trigger.


Back down in the arena, the sniper bullet struck the generator, which Hailey noticed what it had done, having struck the wiring in the process, enough to free Rhino from his electrical prison as Hailey smiled some “Thanks Icarus” she muttered to herself as she looked over to Subject 18 as Rhino tried to stand still, but was finding it a little difficult.

Subject 18 looked over and seemed to be a bit irritated to see Rhino free as he swung his fist at Marcus, knocking him back as he turned his attention to Rhino “Now that was not fair at all” however, he turned his attention to Hailey instead, and dashed towards her.

Hailey had her hand on her gun, ready to shoot Subject 18 as he started to get closer, only to have Rhino intercept and grabbed onto Subject 18’s fists, holding him there.

Marcus saw this as a golden opportunity to inject Subject 18 with the cure; rushing towards the grizzly bear “Sorry Lars…” he spoke as he wrapped his free arm around Subject 18’s throat “But we’ve had enough of this bullshit” he added in and stabbed Subject 18 in the neck with the syringe, injecting the liquid into him before the two of them then let go of him.

Subject 18 stepped back a little bit as he pulled the syringe “That was your master plan? That was just pathetic” he spoke, dropping the syringe onto the ground, looking to the group in question “But enough games, as you would put it…it’s time to end this” and without another word, he dashed forward towards Marcus.

Yet, as he dashed forward, a shot rang out, causing Subject 18 to stop in his tracks, feeling the back of himself, just under his neck area. He had just been shot and as he bough his fingers around, he noticed the blood and narrowed his eyes at Marcus “Okay, what the hell did you just inject me with? Cause something just isn’t right now”

“It’s simple Lars, I did tell you that I was going to strip you of your immortality after all, now you’ll know what it’s going to be like, just like everyone else, what it’s like to be mortal once again” Marcus in turn, smirked towards Subject 18 “It’s the end of the road for you”

Subject 18 was feeling the weight of the bullet lodged in his body, yet, he just ignored that little fact as he clenched his fists “If that’s the case, then I’m taking you losers down with me” and with that, he dashed forward again, swinging his fists at Marcus.

Hailey in turn, pulled out her gun and aimed it in the direction of Subject 18, yet, the bear was moving a little too quickly for Hailey to get a good shot in on him without risking Marcus’ life “Rhino, you feeling up to taking on Lars?”

Rhino just seemed to nod back as he took a few steps forward towards Marcus and Subject 18, to which he grabbed the preoccupied bear by the back of the head and pulling him backwards, lifting up a foot and slamming it into the back of Subject 18’s back.

As Subject 18 cringed in pain, he prepared himself for the next move as Rhino slammed him down onto the ground on his back. Yet, as Rhino went to kick him, Subject 18 swung his fists at Rhino’s incoming foot, stopping himself from being kicked as he got back up to his feet with a swing of his fists to Rhino’s jaw.

Another shot rang out as Subject 18 was once again shot, this time, right in the back of the head, yet, that still did not slow down the grizzly bear. Even as his healing abilities were stopped from the cure, he still managed to suck it up and take on the pain.

He turned to the closest generator available and ripped off one of the conductors on top of it, even though he received a surge of electricity through his body in the process, which did not seem to worry him. Seconds later, he threw it in direction of where the bullets were coming from, even as a third bullet struck him in the chest.


As Icarus had fired the third shot, he saw what was coming at him and jumped back some as the conductor struck the tower he and Bianca were on, shaking it rather violently.

As the tower shook, it had caught Bianca off guard as she fell over the railing with a scream, yet, she grabbed onto the railing again, hanging on for dear life.

“Little girl!” Icarus called out to Bianca as he saw her fall, rushing over to her aid, reaching over the railing and trying to reach for her “Quick! Grab my hand!”

Bianca tried to reach up to him, but fell short of grabbing onto his hand “I can’t!”

Icarus had to think quickly on what to do and got an idea and gabbed his sniper rifle, holding it by the butt of it and reaching over the railing again “Grab onto the barrel of it!”

Bianca wasn’t so sure about it at first, hesitating on going it “But, it’s a…gun…”

“Trust me, it’s either grabbing onto this, or, falling to your doom, and I don’t think you want to fall off” Icarus told Bianca as he inched it a bit more closely to her.

Bianca hesitated for just a moment more, before grabbing the barrel of the sniper rifle with one hand as she let go of the railing and grabbed the barrel with her other hand.

Icarus in turn, braced himself with both hands on the butt of the rifle and both feet firmly on the ground before starting to slowly take steps back in order to pull Bianca back up “Do not let go kid…” he grunted as he continued to move back far enough for Bianca to grab the top of the railing and her feet back on the ground.

Icarus dropped his sniper rifle as he rushed towards Bianca and helped her over the railing and back onto solid ground again, well, at least there was something now under Bianca’s feet, which caused her to sigh heavily “You okay kid?”

Bianca nodded back “Yeah, but can we not do that again? That was…scary”

Icarus gave off a bit of a laugh “Yeah, you and me both kid, you and me both”


Subject 18 cricked his neck as he looked to the three of them “Now that your friend is out of the game, it’s time to take out the trash” he laughed as he flexed his fists before tightening them and swinging at Marcus.

Marcus ducked underneath and swung his fists back at Subject 18, managing to strike him in the jaw before being punched in the chest by Subject 18, then across the face by him. Marcus had to move back to recover from the attacks as Rhino decided to step in, immediately swinging his own fists at Subject 18.

However, even as Subject 18 managed to knock them aside, two more pairs of fists swung at Subject 18, striking him right across the face. Rhino was just that much more faster than Subject 18, watching as Subject 18 stumbled back some as he continued the onslaught on the grizzly bear.

“Time for a bit of déjà vu Lars” Marcus told Subject 18, giving Rhino a nod.

Rhino did not nod back and just went ahead with it regardless, grabbing Subject 18 by the head and slamming him into the generator, causing Subject 18 to now yell out in extreme pain from the electricity surging through his body, to which Rhino let go of him and stepped back.

Subject 18 continued to feel the electricity surge throughout his body as he slowly started to pull himself away from the generator.

“He’s determined, I’ll give him that” Marcus spoke as he watched Subject 18 still moving.

Hailey watched him carefully “Three bullets, one to the back of the head in particular and twice being shocked by watts of electricity, by all accounts, he should be dead, or at least dying by now”

Subject 18 had soon enough, pulled himself away from the generator, giving off a weaker laugh, but a laugh nonetheless as some blood poured out from his mouth as he did so “Seriously, is that the best…you can do to me?” he spoke, a bit weakened as he stood up straight, wiping the blood from his mouth.

Marcus reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife and walked over to Subject 18, pointing the knife at him “As Hailey would put it, by all accounts, you should be dead”

“Like I said, you just can’t kill me” Subject 18 chuckled and swung his fists at Marcus this time.

Marcus moved aside, just barely to avoid him and swung the knife across Subject 18’s arm followed by a quick few jabs to the stomach with the knife before stepping past him and stabbing him in the back with the knife.

Subject 18 gave off a quick roar of pain as he turned quickly enough after being stabbed in the back and slammed the side of his fist right against Marcus’ face.

Hailey looked at Subject 18 still “It’s like he just refuses to accept death…” she spoke, gun in hand as she watched Subject 18 focus his attention on her as she quickly aimed her gun and fire two shots at his chest.

However, that too did not seem to stop Subject 18 as he still seemed to rush forward towards Hailey, which in turn, caused her to fire two more shots, one at each of his kneecaps in order to disable him.

Sure, that made him weaker in the knees, but he still wanted to move forward “Come on luv, why don’t we just sort this out like civilized beings?”

“Please, don’t call me luv, it just sounds creepy coming from you” Hailey spoke as she shuddered some.


Icarus and Bianca had decided to leave the tower they were positioned on and were making their way back towards the rest of the group “I just hope they’re all still alive” Icarus muttered to himself some.

“You think Rhino will be okay?” Bianca decided to ask Icarus.

Icarus has to think for a moment before nodding to her “Yeah, I doubt he’ll be able to go down that easily”


Rhino grabbed Subject 18 from behind, his arm around Subject 18’s throat as if he was trying to now strangle him. Yet, Subject 18 was still fighting back as he moved his head upwards and slammed it against Rhino’s jaw before turning and swinging his fist at him.

Rhino grabbed onto the incoming fist and pulled Subject 18 in closer and kneed him in the stomach before backhanding him across the face.

Marcus took this chance to move in with his knife again and swung it at Subject 18 to try and strike him, but most of the time he missed until he managed to strike Subject 18, slicing his throat open before jamming it into his throat, pushing it upwards as he kicked Subject 18 backwards.

As Subject 18 stumbled backwards and fell back down to his knees again, he just chuckled still, more blood pouring out from his mouth as he laughed. He grabbed onto the knife jammed into his jaw and pulled it out, still chuckling away as he did so, holding onto the knife “Death will never get me…I will still live…for all eternity…”

And that was when Icarus and Bianca arrived in the arena. Bianca wanted to rush ahead to over to where Rhino was, only to have Icarus place a hand on her shoulder in order to stop her, shaking his head a little bit “No, it’s not safe to do so just yet” he whispered to her.

Bianca pouted for a moment, but just nodded back to Icarus as she waited with him, but yet, eyed Rhino in particular, smiling to him.

Subject 18 looked over to Icarus and eyed Bianca “Well…what a pretty little girl you have there…” he twirled the knife around in his hand and tossed it in the direction of the two of them.

Bianca screamed, only to have Icarus move in front of her and the knife strike him in the left arm in order to protect Bianca. He gave her a smile and patted her on the head as he winced in pain from the knife in his arm before grabbing the knife in his arm and pulling it out.

Rhino had indeed seen that, and that did not make him very happy at all as he charged at Subject 18, striking him across the face multiple times before grabbing him by the head and snorted as he attempted to break Subject 18’s neck.

Bianca shook her head a little “No…don’t do it Rhino…” she spoke quietly before screaming it out “No!”

Rhino stopped at Bianca’s request, looking over to her as he loosened his grip on Subject 18’s head, yet, he heard Subject 18 chuckle rather lowly.

“What’s the matter…freak? Don’t have the balls…to kill me now? Gone…soft…have we?” Subject 18 chuckled as he looked to Rhino “Go on, kill me…show her the…kind of monster…you really are…”

However, Rhino did not oblige with Subject 18’s request and instead, let go of Subject 18 and stepped back some, snorting at him before turning and walking over to where Bianca was.

Bianca rushed out from Icarus’ side and over to Rhino as Rhino knelt down to give Bianca a hug. However, that only caused Subject 18 to give off another lowly chuckle “I knew it…you just couldn’t do it…you’ve gone soft…”

“He may have, but I haven’t” Marcus spoke as he aimed his gun at Subject 18’s head and fired a few shots into his head.

Subject 18 stopped chuckling by that point, yet, he was still breathing, but only lightly as he remained on his knees “I see…a bright light…” he managed to speak.

“Then do us a favor Lars…and go into it” Marcus spoke, firing one more shot into Subject 18’s head.

Subject 18’s breathing had slowed right down as he fell forward onto the ground. His breathing slowing down before it finally stopped. Subject 18 had finally decided to accept death.

“So, what do we do about the body?” Hailey decided to ask.

Marcus wasn’t too sure on what to do with Subject 18’s body and decided to make a phone call.


Trinity answered the call and listened to Marcus’ explanation as she smirked to herself lightly “So, he’s finally dead, good, get rid of the body, but make sure to bring the gloves back here”

She paused as she listened to him again “If they are bound to his arms, then it would be best to just cut off his hands, all we need are the gloves, and if his hands come with them, then so be it…the gloves are going to be destroyed here regardless, I just do not wish for anyone else to find those gloves and use them for their own purpose and games”


“Understood” Marcus spoke as he hung up and turned his attention back to the others “We get rid of the body and take the gloves with us” he spoke as he motioned for Rhino to come over.

Rhino looked at Subject 18’s body for a moment before crouching down and started to pull at one of the gloves. It was still fused to Subject 18’s flesh, but that didn’t stop Rhino as he continued to pull it, the flesh starting to rip away off the bone before the glove was removed, revealing only bone and muscle left on the hand as Rhino did the same to the other glove.

“Icarus, help me with the body while Rhino, you and Hailey head back to the van and meet us there” Marcus looked to Bianca “And take her with you, we’ll sort you out next” he told Bianca before grabbing one part of the body while Icarus grabbed the other part and started to move the body away.


Back at the van, Rhino, Hailey and Bianca waited for Icarus and Marcus to return, to which they did “So, where did you burry the body?” Hailey decided to ask.

“The local cemetery, away from the rest of the gravestones…wouldn’t want anyone digging up his body again after all” Marcus replied back as his attention turned to Bianca “Now, Bianca, I’m sorry to have to say this, but we can no longer look after you, we have to get going now, and you can’t come with us”

Bianca just pouted after that as she looked to Marcus “Yeah, but…” she begun.

“No buts, you should really go and find your parents, I’m certain that they’re worried sick about where you have been these last few hours” Marcus told her sternly.

Bianca really didn’t want to have to leave, but yet, she also knew that Marcus was right as she took a deep breath and sighed herself “Yeah, I suppose so…” she spoke rather sadly as she turned and hugged Rhino before she walked off, away from the van, stopping outside the gas station and she looked to them.

Icarus and Hailey got into the van first with Marcus jumping into the driver’s seat. Rhino in turn, was the last to get into the van as he waved over at Bianca before getting into the van.

Bianca waved back to the group as she watched the van drive off; sighing to herself again as she sniffled some “I’ll miss you Rhino…”

Serris - January 24, 2011 02:29 AM (GMT)
MAN! Grade A high octane awesome!

I mean it! The final battle is something that any Hollywood screenwriter would be proud of!

MrDrake - January 24, 2011 03:21 AM (GMT)
Why thank you, I am glad you loved it in the end ^^

And I also noticed a mistake too at the very start how I said it takes place after Aimee had escaped. I admit I made a mistake now as Aiee does show up in the story, so it's more of the same time sort of thing XD

But yeah, wanted the final battle to be awesome, and I am glad you liked it as well :D

LettuceBacon&Tomato - January 24, 2011 06:02 AM (GMT)
The final battle was awesome! Rhino, Marcus, and Icarus all got some pretty awesome moments during that fight, and I think Subject 18 is one of the toughest characters in Darwin's Soldiers. All in all, great job with this story, and can't wait to read more of Zero Hour!

MrDrake - January 24, 2011 06:35 AM (GMT)
Thanks. I mean, I know that Icarus isn't one for hand to hand combat and all, but yet, I was still able to get some action into him and all one way or another XD

But just glad that you like it regardless ^^

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