welcome to chimera!

CHIMERA is a riddle-era roleplay.

It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

We are accepting canons and originals.

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Eileen Prince
Posted: Apr 15 2012, 06:43 PM

played by cora -------------------- 5th year
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Group: Slytherin
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i'm madly busy until the 19th trying to pass my exams so sorry not to be a more active contributer to this conversation, but i wanted to agree with ali & liberty on the plotting issue.
i think that having plot pages more fluid and less strict as far as format and length etc makes plotting easier and more accessible to members old and new. i really like and support the sort of plotting we have on chime. i like the idea of character pages for thread trackers though a lot, and we could make it more of a 'thing' so that everyone does one for sure.

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Ivor Dillonsby
Posted: Apr 15 2012, 07:38 PM

played by pip -------------------- 6th year
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Group: Ravenclaw
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Joined: 2-October 11

maybe half the activity check could be an updated thread tracker, combined with the whole ~random threads thing?

or maybe there could be house points for keeping it up to date? idk.

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Damocles Belby
Posted: Apr 15 2012, 09:26 PM

played by ali -------------------- 6th year
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Group: Ravenclaw
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um just throwing it out there, i am SO excited, negl

also, i am always down with anything that promotes house points, but that might be a little difficult to police? unless we had a set date to have character pages updated by each month, or something? which could maybe work? idk, thinking.

i think as long as most of us led by example by setting up a character page and keeping it reasonably up-to date most new members would follow suit.

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Colonel Mustard
Posted: Apr 16 2012, 05:46 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 16-November 10

OK HERE WE GO GUYS: http://catalyst.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=idx

it's still very much in the works, but there's a to-do list setup already and also a character claim thread. the latter you should all post in to reserve your characters (if you want to keep them)!

feel free to register right now with a character you know you will play, for the ease of posting. ALSO CHECK OUT THE PROFILE FOR ACCOUNTS, IT'S BITCHING.

plus there will be an arcade as soon as i set it up adjfkdfjkd so excited
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