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CHIMERA is a riddle-era roleplay.

It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

We are accepting canons and originals.

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 blood runneth thicker, brother, sister
Eleanor Baddock
Posted: Mar 7 2012, 03:26 PM

played by meg -------------------- 7th year
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Edward is ambitious, industrious and absurdly serious for a boy his age. He doesn't take anything lightly.
Though he tries to contain his enthusiasm, he gets very passionate about things.
He's very intelligent like the rest of his siblings, and makes a habit of hoarding knowledge.
He debates like a pitbull, and can't stomach people who are WRONG around him.
He prefers knowing something than questioning things, to the point of dogmatism.
Still, if convinced he'll switch dogmas. If he listens long enough to change his mind that is.
On that note, he was raised to be a purist, and is one. Dogmatically. Whether he's mean about it is your choice.
He can't stand stupid people in a way that's very, very elitist.
He's quite idealistic about how the world ought to be, and very chivalrous.
His view of women as delicate things is very healthily tempered by his sisters. He respects women much more than most traditional pureblood boys.
He's a person who either fails miserably or succeeds stunningly. He doesn't give up.
He's not used to failing, despite (or perhaps because of) his tendency to go balls to the wall.
Between Alex dying and watching his father fall into a depression he's been forced to grow up very quickly.
He's not ready for it, and he knows it. This overwhelms and frustrates him intensely.

PS. You can change his name, though a traditional name is preferable. You can change his play-by as long as he stays brunette, blue eyed, and baby faced. His age has to stay the same, and I'd like him to stay a Slytherin. His personality is pretty fluid, but he has to be intelligent and very overwhelmed by present circumstances. He also has to be a purist. Eleanor found her brother's diaries which are going to force her to change her stance on blood purity sooner than later, and there will be lovely sibling drama when this happens.

Is the only kid with their father's blonde hair. She is her mother's pet like whoa.
She's smart, but she doesn't value it the same way her siblings do.
Still, where she feels she's talented she inspects it as intellectually as the others might.
Is a bit spoiled and lazy. Given to believing that she deserves whatever she wants
Not bad-natured though, and if she has to work to get what she wants, she will.
Is a mean purist. Like, takes after her mother in cruelty towards muggleborns.
Doesn't target muggleborns indiscriminately, but the ones she feels have disrespected her.
Has had to be subtle about it, since Alex and Eleanor at least discouraged such antics.
Very gifted as far as dueling magic goes. Makes no apologies or attempts to hide this fact.
Has a way of anticipating people. Is usually a few steps ahead of people.
On the quiet side in general, though not a wallflower. She values her privacy the same way Eleanor does.
An excellent friend. Actually loves people in a very genuine way, and would never abandon them.
She knows she's pretty, and unlike her sister is a bit of a romantic. She's hoping to choose her own husband.
Doesn't really do things she doesn't want to. Probably would break an engagement she was unhappy with.

PS. You can change her name at will, as long as it stays traditional-ish. You can change her pb as long as she stays blue eyed and babyfaced. She doesn't have to be blonde, but that would be nice. Her personality is fluid. You can make her one year older if you really want.
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