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CHIMERA is a riddle-era roleplay.

It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

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 sneak up without a trace, open
Damocles Belby
Posted: Feb 10 2012, 06:35 AM

played by ali -------------------- 6th year
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Group: Ravenclaw
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Somehow, despite both Grugwyn and Ivor being members of the Gobstones club (and despite both Grugwyn and Ivor signing up for the tournament), Damocles had managed to forget to sign up to participate in the tournament being held. If he were being honest, he wasn’t quite sure how it had happened – it had certainly been spoken of enough times amongst them to warrant him knowing about it – but by some lapse of memory he had simply plum forgotten to scribble his name on the sign-up sheet.

Not that this seemed to bother him greatly by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps it was a stroke of luck, actually. Despite his best intentions to show up to the tournament on time and watch his friends, cheering them on if that was what happened at Gobstones tournaments (he couldn’t be sure, he had never bothered to show up to any in the past, having been a very flaky member of the club indeed), he only arrived in time to catch the tail-end of Ivor’s first match. Were he participating in the tournament it would have been likely that some poor kid would have still been waiting to get the first round underway.

Lingering behind his friend’s shoulder just long enough to realise that they weren’t speaking any language he could recognise – though that took longer than, perhaps, it should have – he began to drift between the matches. Hands deep in his pockets, he looked rather odd as he wandered aimlessly around the room, although that could have been mostly attributed to his eyebrows which were patchy and barely there following a potions mishap only days earlier.

Coming up on someone else who seemed about as swept up in the games as he – that is to say, not at all – it didn’t cross his mind for even a second that he may have snuck up on them, “Were you playing before?”

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Carling Whisp
Posted: Feb 24 2012, 11:44 AM

played by dutchie -------------------- 4th year
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Group: Hufflepuff
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Gobstones seemed hopelessly boring to Carling. It had been exciting, at first, when she'd been watching Kenny play earlier, but once she quickly realized that she had no idea how to play the game, her interest had dropped significantly. She'd stayed to watch the rest of the match out of sisterly support, cheering Kenny on and shouting his name and clapping at - hopefully - the appropriate times, but when he'd finished Priscilla Brand had quickly moved in, and so Carling had wondered off.

No other matches had been particularly eye catching to Carling, and though she'd popped in to check on Grant's game and also Dai's, she hadn't stayed very long to watch at either. For the most part, she'd been wandering aimlessly about the room, helping herself to refreshments whenever she found herself by the table and clapping enthusiastically whenever there was a surge of applause from some part of the room.

But over all, Carling was bored, and though Damocles sneaking up on her had surprised her, made her jump a step forward and spin around to face him, she was glad for someone to talk to. "Oh, uhm, no, I wasn't," she answered after a moment, pausing to let the color fade slightly from her cheeks. "I don't really know how to play. Did you do a round?"

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