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CHIMERA is a riddle-era roleplay.

It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

We are accepting canons and originals.

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 i boom and i bust, beater, seventh year ravenclaw
Dai Llewellyn
Posted: Feb 5 2012, 10:36 PM

played by ali -------------------- 7th year
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brutus scrimgeour
seventh year, pureblood, ravenclaw

• brutus is the older brother of future minister of magic rufus scrimgeour, and far less preoccupied with the implementation and strict adherence to rules than his younger brother is. unlike his hardworking, nose-to-the-grindstone sibling, brutus is constantly searching for the quickest way to easy street and tends to avoid exerting any more effort or energy into his pursuits than is ever absolutely necessary.

• his sorting had nothing at all to do with his work ethic, and much more to do with his natural intelligence and ambitions. brutus’ sole goal in life is to find a way to maintain a luxurious, hedonistic lifestyle with as little hard work as possible. he will go on to do this by penning various best-sellers about his passions, such as the beaters’ bible. currently he coasts by in his classes with decent – and sometimes impressive – grades, infuriating many of those who actually do put effort into their studies. it certainly doesn’t hurt that he has a knack for managing to get in the good books of certain professors.

• brutus is a very likeable person. he has an innate ability to make most people he talks to truly believe that he is hanging off of every word they say. this coupled with his boyish humour and tendency to let most things roll off his back make him easy to be around. which is all his intention, brutus likes to be liked and exerts more effort into ensuring that he is than most other things. he is not lacking in mischief, but his transgressions from the rules are mostly the sort that can be explained with a roll of the eyes, a shrug of the shoulders and an exasperated boys will be boys.

• despite being extremely passionate about quidditch and following the professional league religiously, brutus doesn’t seem to take his career on the house team any more seriously than he does anything else. unlike his team captain brutus is a staunch believer that quidditch (especially at their level) is just a game, and treats it accordingly. his inability to take practices, or even games, seriously is a constant source of irritation for dangerous, who is incapable of treating it lightly and cannot tolerate brutus constant jokes and fooling around. this provides constant entertainment for kennilworthy whisp, who probably thinks brutus is great.

• it was brutus who first gave dangerous the idea to hurl objects at his players in the corridors to keep them on their toes – of course at the time it had been intended as a joke and the last thing he had been expecting was the other boy to actually do it. during his sixth year brutus took a break from the house team, despite what dangerous had to say about such a ludicrous idea. despite not actually being on the team he was still constantly prepared for having things thrown at him at random intervals, and for good reason to. much like the other ravenclaw beaters who have been under dangerous he has a habit of keeping his beaters’ bat on him at all times.

• though it may be difficult to believe for anyone who has witnessed brutus and dangerous in any quidditch-related context, they do actually get along – when dangerous isn’t pulling his hair out over brutus’ inability to take quidditch as seriously as he does, anyway. outside of quidditch they are fairly similar people and despite everything they do enjoy each other’s company. it is simply difficult to tell for all the back anf forth jokes and frustrations between them. brutus will provide a constant stream of jokes and commentary during practices, but despite this he does genuinely have a great deal of respect for dangerous as a captain, and will have his back later on in the year when hamish macfarlan gets too big for his boots.

• i'm ali, and if you're interested in brutus or have any questions about her at all feel free to im me (aim @ aliikazam). the suggested play-by is harry goodwins, but this is very flexible. there will be so so much interaction for brutus, and i would be over the moon to see him taken.

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