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 back when i was very young, ex-chaser, hufflepuff seventh year
Jacob Vance
Posted: Feb 5 2012, 10:08 AM

played by bez -------------------- 7th year
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patrick donahue
hufflepuff | seventh year | muggleborn
    up until the beginning of sixth year, patrick and jake vance were... well, not friends, exactly, but friendly rivals. they began playing quidditch at roughly the same time, both when they were in fifth year, with patrick as a chaser for hufflepuff and jake being moved from reserves and into being a proper beater. being of similarly laddish dispositions, they had no problem with chatting at each other, and even got on pretty well - at least, until the ravenclaw quidditch captain's training techniques resulted in a pretty severe injury for patrick.

    jake has a habit of carting his beater's bat around with him everywhere in order to get practice in wherever he can, and is somewhat notorious for twirling it like a baton, among other reckless things. when his team captain threw something at him for him to hit back, he did indeed manage it - but also smashed his bat full into patrick's face, breaking his jaw. one of patrick's friends made a failed attempt to fix it on the spot with a spell, and though it was properly mended by a healer, it has not quite been the same since. he blames jake (somewhat understandably) very bitterly for this.

    rather vain by nature, he quit quidditch in a slightly melodramatic but mostly worried move, concerned that his face might suffer even more indignities, and often bemoans his ruined career. jealousy goes hand in hand with vanity, and a secondary (though he usually attempts to put it from his mind) reason for quitting quidditch was so he would no longer be compared to rudolf brand and dai llewellyn. quite bitter by nature, he is capable of holding pretty intense grudges for pretty intense periods of time, and tends to shrug off apologies completely.

    though he does have hints of an irish accent to him, and though his name is a pretty firm indicator of his heritage, his parents repatriated to england before he was born, in an attempt to escape the troubles plaguing ireland at the time. this, unfortunately, means that his elder brother and his father, who are both quite young, have been drafted into the war effort; a lot of his bitterness is, in fact, quiet worry about his abroad relatives, and he tends to get snappish quickly when other people mention the war. on top of this, his parents are quite firmly catholic; though he doesn't necessarily believe himself, he carries a good deal of catholic guilt with him.

    despite his numerous faults, patrick isn't a particularly bad person; he's just a little on the self-involved side. he's quite good friends with john homme, another catholic muggleborn with family members in the war, and they are essentially the only two who know anything about each others' religious leanings.
hey there! i'm bez and i play jake. smile.gif i'm not really sure where i want to take their little rivalry/one sided hate fest, but i'd love to discuss it with you! aside from what's outlined here, he's really open to whatever spin you want to put on him. if you have any questions, my aim sn is racisteldred, or i can be pmed here. the suggested pb is ryan koning

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