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CHIMERA is a riddle-era roleplay.

It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

We are accepting canons and originals.

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 left a ringing in my ear, sixth year hufflepuff girl
Otis Bagman
Posted: Jan 11 2012, 01:44 AM

played by taylor -------------------- 6th year
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margot droope
sixth year, hufflepuff, halfblood

[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 440px; text-align: justify">
margot, much like otis, was born into adversity. unlike him though, she seems to be doing a very good job of rising above it. it's common knowledge that her parents are divorced, something of a taboo among her classmates, and the rumor is that her muggle father is an unruly drunk. this, though she'd rather die than admit it to most, is quite true; while not abusive, he is jobless and aimless, and spends much more time at the bar than making an effort to know his children. margot has two older siblings, a sister in ravenclaw and a muggle brother who is off to fight the war this year. <br><br>

noticeably overweight, she is teased for it a bit by her more cruel peers. her self-esteem does suffer for it, but she is rather widely liked. that said, she does not put undue effort into her appearance; she is often disheveled, and has been cited more than once for rolling up her skirt. despite her doubts, she comes off as fairly confident - more than most, she doesn't seem to care what people think of her.<br><br>

a member of art club since her first year, she is not a profoundly talented artist, but she is an enthusiastic one. she's quite creative and enjoys drawing as a hobby, and it is one that fills a fair portion of her spare time. as hardworking as any hufflepuff should be though, she works at her studies in an effort to pull herself out of the poverty she was born into; she may not be naturally academically inclined and probably does not speak in an educated manner, but she is quite determined. she will earn a school award next year, and it's up to the player what that is for.

having more moxie than most girls, she does not much fear confrontation. physical fighting is beyond her for the moment, if only for the fear of expulsion, but she does not usually shy from expressing an opinion. while not well-read or well-spoken, she does have a sort of cleverness to her - she's skilled with cutting remarks, even if they are not as artfully worded as they could be. she can be exceedingly stubborn, and rarely admits when she's wrong. overall, she can be rather contradictory and is something of a hypocrite.

while she might not have given otis bagman the time of day previous to this year, the two have begun talking a bit more recently. often bumping into each other when sneaking out to smoke, they will form a bond over their respective pasts, and likely will become confidantes to one another. they'll begin and off-and-on relationship, though he's also probably going to have things going with catriona mccormack at times - this will probably be a point of friction. <br><br>

it's possible that margot wants to change otis, and it's also possible that she is drawn to his roughness - could be both, but it's obviously up to you. in the future, i'd like to see her as the mother of otto and ludo, but that's obviously not something we have to worry about. the relationship is definitely not all sunshine though, and they'll probably end up fighting like cats and dogs - more after their teenage days, but a bit presently too.

if you're interested in her, feel free to IM me at taylgrrr or PM me. the suggested pb is adele -- please contact me if you don't want to use her. super excited, so please consider this!


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Posted: Jan 25 2012, 01:06 PM


ajsklfsdklj omg. can i have this? this would be perfect. <3
John Homme
Posted: Jan 25 2012, 02:22 PM

played by taylor -------------------- 7th year
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i'd be delighted if you took her uppp <3 im me if you want to chat/have any questions

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Carling Whisp
Posted: Feb 5 2012, 10:15 PM

played by dutchie -------------------- 4th year
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i think i'll throw my hat in the ring for this one, too, actually. can't help myself wink.gif

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Mister Green
Posted: Feb 11 2012, 01:00 AM


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