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It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

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 they left me no choice, tom riddle
Tom Riddle
Posted: Nov 22 2011, 12:33 AM


tom marvolo riddle
fifteen. slytherin. half-blood.
    okay i did a massive and pretty page for tom, but i lost it in an impromptu shut down, so i'm just going to put this up instead and edit later, as most people know who tom is and what he is about.

    outwardly quiet and calmly charming, though it's important to note that he's not flirtatious or overly familiar with people outside his own circle - he comes off as very studious rather than social.

    inwardly petty, vindictive and controlling. doesn't mind his followers doing their own thing as long as they don't embarrass him. charismatic, prone to quiet displays of power to make sure he is being obeyed, etc.
Antonin Dolohov
Posted: Nov 22 2011, 05:37 AM

played by jules -------------------- 4th year
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I'm Jules

I play Antonin Dolohov, who is depicted as the current, if brief, favorite. He's quite intelligent and quite talented at the Dark Arts but totally lacks political or people skills so really poses no threat to Riddle's authority. He'll respect the boy greatly for his knowledge and his outlook and will be pretty much unfailingly loyal unless he ever gets wind that Riddle is holding back knowledge from him.

Also Elaina Greengrass who is on the fringes of his circle because she is best friends with Foras Rosier and close friends with Decimus Mulciber and spends a good deal of time in the Slytherin common room. She'll also be resentful of Tom taking up her only two friend's time and will subtly try to pull Foras away when she can manage it.

LASTLY Jonathon Dawlish who is a fifth year Hufflepuff muggleborn who runs a pretty rough gang of other Huffleboys. He's got something of a bone to pick with most of Walpurgis, (most of Slytherin, most of people who breathe). He likes targetting its members and I imagine this doesn't go over well with Riddle.

There's also Winky Crockett who is in Slytherin, but 7th year and as a girl, Quidditch Captain and not exactly a social butterfly I doubt they have much patience for each other. As long as he doesn't infringe on her team, she won't have a reason to bother with him.

(also Helbert Spleen, school doctor; Vicky Summers, Hufflepuff beater; Euphemia Atlas, slutty Gryffindor if you think of anything for them, let me know)

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William Wagstaff
Posted: Nov 22 2011, 01:05 PM

played by lacy -------------------- 6th year
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Group: Slytherin
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this is pasted from the old tom riddle plotpage, sorry for the laziness

antares lestrange

this is your number one fanboy right here. lestrange is the most zealous of the walpurgis lot and hangs on to every word riddle breathes - he'd probably jump off a cliff if riddle told him to. so yeah! he eventually gives his sons over to the death eaters too.

the thing with antares is that he's really suspicious/distrustful, and doesn't generally gravitate toward leaders. BUT once he's ensnared, he's probably the most loyal guy to have around - which is what i think tom riddle, with all his charm and manipulation, has managed to do. antares is a militant blood purist and also experiment of the dark arts, so those are also strings to pull. at this point, all he wants it riddle's approval right now, so he's very easy to influence. he's also mildly mildly jealous of foras' number one spot, and is constantly trying to undermine rosier so that he can have tom's confidence instead. he is extremely extremely extremely ambitious, very focused, efficient, serious, intent, etc., which makes him pretty useful and is probably how he got into the inner circle in the first place.

he's incredibly close friends with sinclair avery, so when avery eventually gets his comeuppance, there will be much drama to be had. oh, and lastly, lestrange is secretly poor. his father squandered the family fortune, so the projected lestrange wealth is all a farce. riddle is free to discover this and use it to his advantage - though it's not like he needs anything more to control lestrange, LOL.

willy wagstaff

willy is one of the four pranksters alongside shrimp, zonks, and cactus; although he's in slytherin, most of his current friends are in hufflepuff or gryffindor. he's also a con-artist on the site, and is good with slippery stuff like stealing things, picking locks, and sneaking past undetected. LOL, so basically this really shady guy.

sooo we came up with a kind of willy/riddle gang plot, which i will lay out here - but feel free to shoot it down if it's not something you think would work. (:

all of willy's roommates are part of walpurgis, and he's only survived so long by virtue of tiptoeing quietly around the whole lot. but he's part of this group called the pranksters, so it gets increasingly difficult - the breaking point is when cactus (a gryffindor prankster) and avery get into a fight, and cactus insists the pranksters aim for the riddle gang. willy, who has a sense of the danger, refuses; this, along with a series of other disagreements, has willy "leaving" the prankster group.

meanwhile, the pranksters are proving to be more of a hassle than expected, as their "attacks" are so ridiculous that they're hard to expect and defend against. with this in mind, rosier approaches willy and essentially bribes him into their service. he'll never be anywhere near the inner circle, but he has a usefulness of his own, and could be expected to carry out some lowclass tasks and offer a different tradeset of skills (thieving, spying, etc.)

but willy isn't really cut out for real evil. he'll start having reservations the moment he witnesses something horribly cruel - and it will keep growing silently. at some point, perhaps when one of his former friends' life is threatened, he'll switch back. and uh, i see him possibly getting petrified as a result. drama drama.

betty braithwaite

reporter for the school newspaper, and writes in a distinctly tabloid-like style. her content is based on hyperbolic rumors or completely made-up "scandals", and she writes in a distinctly acerbic style. since tom is intent on maintaining a pristine image, he probably eyes her with no small amount of annoyance. OH and while the chamber of secrets stuff is being covered up by dippet, the journalists take initiative in trying to present information about the events. for all her faults, betty is fairly "brave" (some would call ti reckless) in terms of what she'd write about, and wouldn't be deterred by the possible dangers of covering the chamber of secrets petrifications. she'd pry everywhere and try to get information out, so tom also has that to look forward to.

also got rudolf brand if you can think of anything for them!

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Decimus Mulciber
Posted: Nov 23 2011, 08:53 AM

played by ali -------------------- 6th year
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Group: Slytherin
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hi seymour, i'm ali! this is really lame, because i'm really tired. i also have dai llewellyn (seventh year, muggleborn, ravenclaw quid captain) and lizzie shacklebolt (seventh year, bloodtraitor, gryffindor) if you have any ideas for them!

damocles belby

sixth year ravenclaw, halfblood. damocles is a bit of a potions prodigy and more or less an all around nerd. hes exceptionally intelligent and is genuinely passionate about the ~pursuit of knowledge. his closest friends are a group of very like-minded students and he tends to be quite oblivious to whos who and whats what. damocles is incredibly one-track minded and is highly prone to losing himself in a book or potion, barely surfacing for long enough to eat or sleep until hes done or disrupted. because hes so caught up in his own little world hes embarrassingly uninformed about the wider world.

i'm throwing damocles out there because if tom ever wanted to consult someone about complex potions/potion theory/potion making he would be on that like white on rice, without ever stopping to consider what tom's motives might be no matter what the potion.

decimus mulciber

sixth year slytherin, pureblood. decimus says very little, and is even more intimidating for it. he subscribes to the standard pureblood ideologies and is also a member of walpurgis, but really more on the outer circle than anything. hes pettily sadistic and a bully for it; he enjoys picking on those who he considers weak but is very cautious of getting caught and avoids doing so if it would be running the risk (or at least puts it off for the time being). though decimus is very rarely linked directly to any nastiness these days the general consensus is still that hes not someone to mess with.

decimus isn't really ambitious within riddle's gang. he's mostly there out of his association and respect for foras rosier (riddle's second in command, and decimus' bffl). he's content with his role as the muscle and something of a ~goon, and will gladly do tom's bidding and lurk behind foras being threatening when he's doing so.

catriona mccormack

fourth year hufflepuff, muggleborn. catriona is a bit unconventional for a girl. she was raised by her dad alongside three brothers and lacks any femininity. her friends are a group of ragtag hufflepuff girls who she is ridiculously loyal to, and because of them she has no real interest in going out of her way to befriend anyone else. she isnt quite as mean as she often comes across, but she doesnt think before she speaks and has a knack for stepping on toes and ruffling feathers. cat is a chaser on the hufflepuff team and fanatical about the sport. shes quick to anger, obnoxious, mouthy and prone to getting into fights.

she has a knack for running afoul of slytherins she probably shouldn't. so it wouldn't be a huge stretch of the imagination to have her bothering tom/being obnoxious and mouthy/trying to get a rise out of him.

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Professor Black
Posted: Nov 23 2011, 03:32 PM

played by chase -------------------- astronomy
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Group: Faculty
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Hi seymour!

I have Professor Black, who is probably amongst the people who were taken in by Riddle's charm -- she likes well-mannered people, and well-mannered teenaged boys are probably unheard of, so I don't doubt she favours him a bit, and would do so especially if he was any good in the class.

I think Gilbert Weasley is the only other I have who would interact with him much, and I would love to believe that Gilbert is the reason Riddle decided to become Voldemort and purge the world of blood traitors wink.gif He is in his year, and they are so unbearably opposite that I can imagine him trying his outward facade at every turn, so I think they should have a project together in some class or other wink.gif

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Ivor Dillonsby
Posted: Nov 24 2011, 07:43 AM

played by pip -------------------- 6th year
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Group: Ravenclaw
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hey seymour! it's awesome to have a tom riddle. i have a whole bunch of characters, so... here goes. (:

halfblood fifth year hufflepuff.
she's also a fifth year prefect, so they've probably done rounds together. she's rather prejudiced against slytherins and likes ordering people around, so she tends to give rather unfair detentions, especially to people who are all snobby about blood status. tom may be great and charming, but if he's challenged her on detentions, i'm sure she doesn't like him.

pureblood sixth year slytherin.
yeaaaaaah, yaxley. uh, he's in the inner circle of the knights of walpurgis (which he things is a stupid name), even if he's the one guy who doesn't sneer (too much) at the lesser classes or curse them for shits and giggles. he has a basic grasp of occlumency and uses that to lie even more that he already does, yay! he's weirdly good at the imperius curse. he's not ~super fanatical about blood status, since, merlin, someone has to take out the trash and it's not going to be him. he just has absolutely zero shame whatsoever and has a wide web of contacts around hogwarts and even in the ministry of magic, thanks to his dad and his willingness to write disgustingly insincere letters to people he's rubbed elbows with. he hates, though, that tom went with foras for second in command over him and has an undying grudge against rosier for that reason. he is available for shenanigans, obviously.

muggleborn fifth year gryffindor.
lol. okay. so, um, arnold is basically the antithesis of tom and happens to be best friends with one of tom's roommates, alastor gumboil.whenever he drops alastor off at the slytherin dungeons, he always likes to try to stick his head in and wave. he believes that everyone is really nice, once you get to know them, and is just incredibly naive about the wizarding world in general. he's going to be february's basilisk victim! so, idk if you want it to be random happenstance that he gets caught or if he's done something inadvertently to offend tom, whichever way is quite honestly fine with me. i figure it might have something to do with his friendship with alastor, but february is a long ways away so there's plenty of time to discuss that.

muggleborn fourth year hufflepuff.
okay, nate is very unlikely to cross paths with tom. he's a reckless beater on the hufflepuff quidditch team. anyway, what he thinks of as bravery is actually just loyalty that extends into staying idiotically attached to his friends, so if any of the other huffleboys tangle with the knights of walpurgis, nate will probably be involved, even if it's just patching people up after they get cursed.

pureblood sixth year slytherin.
um, walburga is the queen of everything and if she found out that tom wasn't a pureblood, she would absolutely have a panic attack. i don't think any of the blacks are involved in the knights of walpurgis (although it does strike her as pretty weird that it's almost named after her...? what?) um. she probably thinks that tom and his friends are being silly boys, since obviously nothing is important that doesn't involve the blacks, and neither her brothers (alphard and cygnus) nor her second cousin/fiance (orion, lol) are involved in it. therefore, it's not important. she'll respect his ideas about blood purity, though, especially the whole "exterminate it if it's not pure" thing, if word about that gets around. idk, i feel like tom and walburga could have um very interesting interactions, if you're ever interested in putting up with a slightly crazy, spoiled, imperious sixteen-year-old girl who acts like she's the queen of the goddamned world.

halfblood seventh year ravenclaw.
janus is also pretty unlikely to tangle with tom. he's kind of a jackass and aloof and totally ready to get the hell out of hogwarts and go off into the world and be a curse-breaker and never have to deal with other hogwarts students ever again, haha. uh, they might cross paths in the library from time to time, since janus's speciality is defensive magic and he hangs out in the restricted section, reading about dark magic and nasty offensive spells and trying to figure out how to block/undo them.

pureblood sixth year ravenclaw.
well, ivor eventually ends up getting recruited to be a "spy" for the riddle gang, so apparently he must end up on tom's radar somehow. whether or not this is through other people or tom himself, i'm down either way? anyway he's the school expert (after professors, of course) on the history of magic and ancient runes and other ~liberal arts-y (wizarding equivalent) stuff and super jealous of all his friends who are constantly making discoveries and doing science and stuff. so... either ivor and tom can know each other vaguely or meet later or whatever! i leave the ball in your court.

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Professor Merrythought
Posted: Nov 24 2011, 08:14 AM

played by emily -------------------- DADA
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HIYA Seymour!! XD

I'm Emily and HIIIIIII. I've got three babies here soooo...you can pick and decide which ones you want to have fun with (if all or one or whateverrrrrr)

Lucy Agrippa: 6th, Ravenclaw, Pureblood, 16, shy, bookworm, studious. She's from an old school pureblood family and she's a bookworm like none other. She wants to do something with her life and make her family proud. Sooooo she wouldn't HATE Riddle unless he did something to her or something like that. They sort of run in different circles but if they ever met I'm pretty sure they could be civil and nice??? Maybe??

Dominic Maestro: 6th, Hufflepuff, Halfblood, 17, musical talented, awkward. His world revolves around music and that's about it. He doesn't get much else and he doesn't really....communicate well outside of his songs. He tries to be nice or helpful and it comes out condescending and rude. Soooo let's hope Tom and Dom don't meet up cause I'm thinking they wouldn't get along...AT all.

Professor Merrythought: old, DADA professor, jolly, former Slytherin. ZOMG they need to DO STUFF!! She wants everyone to do well, she's friendly and outgoing and experience AND the DADA professor. She's SEEN stuff but will never expect Tom or anything that is about to happen in the future. Nope nope...old age is hitting her and she doesn't know it you know??

Soooo thoughts??

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Eileen Prince
Posted: Nov 24 2011, 12:14 PM

played by cora -------------------- 5th year
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hi seymour! also pasting some old plotting - but so excited you're here! welcome

roberta weasley

roberta is a seventh year gryffindor and obviously a blood traitor by birth. i don't really imagine they'd have a lot of interaction directly. roberta would find him nice and polite and probably not be terribly interested in him. she doesn't go out of her way to bother slytherins. bobbie's not quiet or reserved, but she tends to prefer avoiding starting fusses. so yeah, possibly not a lot of long-term interaction.

eileen prince

eileen is in tom's year, but isn't part of his "crowd" by any means. eileen's family is pureblood but they're businessmen rather than aristocrats after being bankrupted some generations ago. she isn't directly objectionable to the purists she shares her house with, but tends to exist more on the outskirts of the inner circles.
she's fairly withdrawn and assumes that people don't want to pay attention to her.
mostly she comes off as externally fairly boring if not provoked. she doesn't have any of tom's charm at all.

idk, they'd definitely have reason to interact now and then given the house and year similarity, and though he's not of great name,she would probably have the sense not to be purposefully rude to him- though she can be sharp without thinking sometimes. LOL and she's also the very devoted president of the gobstones team, and probably gives him pamphlets inviting him to meetings now and then, or leaves them around the common room for everyone to find, bc that is her single hobby.

lisette scamander

lisette is a seventh year ravenclaw. she is a fairly reserved girl who tends to keep close to her small group of artistic friends. she's a half blood, but not terribly loud about that sort of politics. she goes about with a small group of artistic friends and has primarily artistic interests. she would probably think tom was quite charming and sweet, for a younger boy. she's really mostly interested in creative people, but also to clever ones.
i'm guessing not much prolonged either.

druella rosier

younger sister of foras, and a very well bred pureblood daughter. she's engaged to cygnus black and most of her attention goes to staying in a position that won't disrupt her eventual marriage to him. druella is generally quiet, as she's been taught to be, but she engages with people in her social circle, politely. she tends to be so accomplished/unobjectionable that she ends up slightly forgettable, by way of her own adherence. i'm not sure exactly what her interaction with tom would be, but they certainly know of each other/end up having their paths cross. druella would be extremely polite to him, if addressed, as she generally is.

gwendolyn morgan

sixth year hufflepuff prefect & chaser. gwen fills up all her time between duties and practices with various eclectic clubs (gardening, choir, charms etc). she's from a non-pureblood wizarding family and grew up in hogsmeade. her father's a fairly important ministry official who expects her to follow in his footsteps, so she works extremely hard at school to keep up with his expectations (even though her true passion is for quidditch). she's very good at time management, and likes schedules and systems. she would certainly know tom and i think respect him. i can seem them getting on rather nicely, actually. gwen is quite a nice girl, herself, though she can be outspoken with people who don't share her values.

gwen takes prefecting very seriously, and is not an easy prefect to get around.
they could possibly patrol together sometimes, or something?

mildred carpented

newly arrived school nurse, who served in the resistance against grindewald as a medi witch, and lost her left arm to it. mildred is a pretty steady person, who gets on well particularly with her patients. she is strongly opposed to purists, but wouldn't link that to tom, so she would probably think he was very nice and polite.

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