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It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

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 QUINTET, the musically inclined
Mister Green
Posted: Oct 2 2011, 07:32 AM


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the quintet

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Two years ago, Dominic Maestro took to giving private voice lessons to a fellow student. One thing led to another, and despite Dominic's best efforts to contain it, a small musical group grew from between the cracks. But, of course, he enjoys hearing about how talented he is, and the idea was quick to grow on him. Since then, they have been meeting at least once a week to practice, every week. A significant amount of the sheet music handed to them is penned personally by Dominic, and they have been asked before to play for school events (usually not all together at once, because their sound it nowhere near full).

maestro, dominic --- the composer
    He's a sixth year Hufflepuff, and precocious, to say the least - that is to say, as far as music is concerned. He is the undisputed head of the group. Often referred to as a prodigy, he is an extremely skilled player and composer. And he knows it.

    As previously stated, much of the music is written by Dominic. This said, he has high expectations for how it is to be represented, and gets testy when he feels it is not done justice. Few musicians have the horror honour of playing, as an ensemble, for the very person whose composed the sheet music before them. But this group is the lucky ones.

    Despite being the leader of their group, he is not a very good teacher. He can be biting and condescending but everyone in the group, for their own reasons, have been able to forgive him this and look past it. Errr, for the most part.

    Known to interject humour into practice, mostly in the form of complicated musical theory jokes or, more commonly, belittling jokes specific to the instruments that his group plays. Did you hear about the viola that was in tune? Yeah, me neither.

    Already harbours a soft spot for Celestina Warbeck, which will soon blossom into a full-fledged infatuation. Of course, given that he can hardly express feelings much less complex than love, it is entirely likely that she will remain, for a long time, oblivious. And when she does figure it out (or is told in a most bumbling and awkward way), seeing as he normally comes off an insensitive git to everyone, this will probably not be the most appealing of propositions. Even if it is rather endearing. Sweet, even.
warbeck, celestina --- the songbird
    She's a seventh year Hufflepuff, and the reason behind the whole group. She was noticed two years ago as a talented singer; when Dominic offered her voice lessons, it appeared that she did not comprehend the word private. She mentioned it to a friend of hers (one who has since graduated) and, as is easily predicted at Hogwarts, the word had spread within a week.

    Later to become a wildly popular singer, topping the charts with singles such as You Stole My Cauldron, But You Can't Have My Heart and Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love. From titles like these, it can be deduced that she is - er, rather cheesy. Of course, this penchant for song naming is not exclusive to her adult life: she has also tried her hand at naming a few of Dominic's pieces.

    A big time romantic. She fancies the thought of a knight in shining armor to come and sweep her off her feet, and has probably spent a long time planning her "dream wedding" already. Though she'd never admit it, the idea of two men fighting over her is incredibly appealing; but, of course, it is her obligation as a lady to implore them not to.

    Rather pretty, but not drop-dead gorgeous. She is not particularly academically gifted, nor does she play Quidditch. Generally, her biggest talent is her voice and an apparent charm that she's cast over two members of the quintet. And, though she certainly has her fine attributes, this whole situation will probably leave more of Hogwarts asking just why she is so adamantly fought over.
whittle, hadrian --- the contrived
    A fourth year Hufflepuff. He is well on his way to Prefecture next year. He was the second to join the group, boldly coming up to Dominic in the corridor as a second year and asking if he'd like to hear him play. Of course, this all makes a bit more sense when you consider his instrument: the cornet (that's like a trumpet, y'all).

    Aside from music, he is also very passionate about Herbology. Later in life, he actually becomes a respected Herbologist and goes on to pen Magical Water Plants of the Highland Lochs, a well-written book about the plants native to the area about which he grew up. He has a heavy Scottish accent, which Rupert finds quite annoying.

    Respects Dominic's talents and opinions a great deal more than anyone else seems to and, and as a result, tries much harder to please him than anyone else. He's always piping up in practice or questioning him in the corridors. However, Dominic can be critical and dismissive, just on the basis that he's trying too hard. The boy is apparently oblivious to the problem, which seems to be the fact that Dominic does not like his attention to be openly sought.

    Spends a great deal of his time practicing. Is proficient in the playing of several different brass instruments. Perhaps has a small interest in composing, though he does not have Dominic's unsettling natural talent for it. Also, being the youngest in the group, he was often seen stacking chairs or gathering stands - that is, until the fifth member came along.
brookstanton, rupert --- the percussionist
    A sixth year Hufflepuff, a Quidditch player and a fresh pledge recruit to the Coalition. Also known as "Axebanger". The newest member of the group by far, the rest having joined two years previous, and certainly received the worst. Though Dominic will be opposed to letting him join, he will predictably give way at Celestina's request.

    Comes off as a generally nice guy, is handsome and rather popular. He's got a reasonably good sense of humour, and is normally able to take a joke. He is not particularly interested in academics, and would instead focus on girls, Quidditch, booze and parties. Despite his Muggle heritage, he takes Muggle Studies at NEWT level, one example of his habit of slacking.

    Having absolutely no musical background or interest, he joined the group to get closer to (and probably to impress) Celestina. Whether he is sincere in his efforts is up to the player, but it is entirely possible that it's just a conquest that has gotten out of hand, egged on by Dominic's attitude. Because of a lack of experience, he has been placed on various percussions, which mostly amounts to hitting the triangle three times throughout an entire piece; it's clear that Dominic does this on purpose.

    Will develop a strong mutual dislike with Dominic Maestro. Because the latter is not the violent type, most of his expressions of this emotion will take the form of degrading jokes in his direction during rehearsals. While he is not as quick-witted or sharp-tongued as Maestro, he will probably win in the end (that is, not considering the possibility that Celestina will tell them both to go to hell). These insults and arguments will not go ignored and unaddressed forever though, and things will eventually hit a hilarious boiling point.
twycross, wilkie --- oh sorry, have i forgotten someone?
    A sixth year Ravenclaw, and the only member who is not in Hufflepuff. He was the fourth member to join the group. Instead of marching up to him in the corridor, he had appeared out of nowhere (as he has a habit of doing), with a case tucked under his arm and a shy expression. This, of course, intrigued Dominic into a listen; the rest is history.

    He is a genuinely nice guy. In fact, he is often walked on because of this. People have a habit of forgetting that he's there, because he is so quiet and - well, he's easy to ignore or walk on, anyway. He's a good listener, kindhearted and intuitive. He rarely complains, and always follows through on promises. Probably the most reliable of the quartet.

    Most likely, he is a pretty good student, being a Ravenclaw. In any case, he goes on to teach Apparition classes, and preach about the Three D's to no end.

    He's a very skilled Viola player, something that Dominic would likely inform you is a novel quality. In any case, perhaps because of his quiet and modest nature, Dominic has little trouble recognizing a great talent in him. As a result, he's become something of a protoge. This attention sparks a great deal of jealousy from Hadrian.

    But really, let's be honest, he's also something of a best friend to Dominic as well. Not only is he able to stand his company, but he also apparently enjoys it. He's always there, anyway, whether Dominic appears to notice it or not. He's extremely considerate to his friend, though the other rarely extends the same courtesy. Despite Dominic's seeming inability to show that he values their friendship, Twycross seems to understand that he does, and leaves it at that.
Posted: Feb 10 2012, 06:59 PM


i am hopefully going to snag celestina <3
Colonel Mustard
Posted: Feb 10 2012, 07:07 PM


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awesome! look forward to it <3
Professor Kettleburn
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 07:40 PM

played by ari -------------------- care of magical creatures
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i want to give celestina warbeck a try!

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