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CHIMERA is a riddle-era roleplay.

It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

We are accepting canons and originals.

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 longbottom, antioch
Antioch Longbottom
Posted: Aug 3 2011, 10:50 PM

played by liberty -------------------- 7th year
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Group: Gryffindor
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Antioch Arthur Longbottom

Committed. Helpful. Polite.

Pureblood - Gryffindor – 7th Year
Auntie (from Antioch) Arthur – to his dismay, by his more conniving friends. He insists on being called Arthur and dislikes the name Antioch severely. Artie is used by some, usually those trying to be condescending, but really, it’s just Arthur.

17. Born on February 17, 1925.

Arthur's wand is of cherry, core of ashwinder ash. It is 11 inches long.

Arthur is fairly tall, around 6’0. He’s also quite lanky. Despite his dueling prowess, the man doesn’t have the most muscular structure, any muscle he does have is lean. He has black hair that, when free, is curly, though he slicks it back often when feeling the need to be proper. He is either disheveled or smooth looking, depending on the occasion.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Arthur is known very well as Arthur. He all but refuses to respond to being called Antioch. He is known to be a great dueler and has been president of the dueling club since his 6th year. He's very approachable and anyone is welcome to talk to him about anything or ask for help. He’s quite the gentleman, always polite and courteous to everyone he meets. Some of the school's population finds him incorrigible however, saying his Pureblood status is the only noble thing about him because of his laidback demeanor concerning the proper place for some people (women, muggleborns, etc.). When information of this critique comes to his ears, he is known to laugh before moving on.


Arthur is generally very friendly until he has reason not to be. Being part of a Pureblood family that didn’t care about being elitist, he’s met all sorts of people and has learned that there’s more to judge than just how you look and where you come from. Once you’ve lost his good favor, however, he will not find it apt to ever trust you again and you’d have to do something bloody amazing to reverse that opinion. Regardless, he'll still tolerate those he does not like if just for his image.

If you do find yourself in his good favor, however, you’ll find yourself with a great friend. He’ll try his best for you to achieve happiness, even sacrificing his own if he sees it worth it. He doesn’t do so with an ounce of grandeur and prefers to do any suffering he’s got in silence. Though, usually, he finds himself quite blessed and is very happy with how things are going for him. He’s very grateful for his situation and knows things could be much worse, resulting in a very positive attitude.

Don't think him mothering, though. While he cares very much, he won't go clucking over his friends, telling them what's best. He mimics the general attitude of those he spends time with. He'll get just as wild as they do, or just as serious if the time dictates it, and accept their limits instead of setting his own. Those he spends the most time with are usually outgoing and fun, just as he wishes to be.

He can come off as arrogant sometimes, as he never denies his skill and points out other's faults. However, he only does this in attempt to help others improve and will not deny his faults either. He is honest in that way, though he will lie in situations where he sees no benefit from the truth.

Despite his want to be proper, he deigns some things old-fashioned and doesn't believe in them. It gains him some critique for how easily he allows more than the most qualified participate in dueling club. He's very laidback about such things and will take anything thrown at him that results. Outside opinions matter very little to him, only his family's foremost, and his friends' having any weight in his mind.

He passes all his classes easily, finding himself talented in Defense against the Dark Arts and Charms. He takes classes that are required for someone who aspires to be an auror, but finds himself barely getting by in Potions.

Arthur is part of a neutral Pureblood family, sometimes considered blood-traitors for who they affiliate with, though usually, that fact is ignored for the esteem they’ve gathered due to the family’s success over the years. The old fortune has not been squandered away and the family itself remains pure by coincidence and without a single scandal to colour their cheeks red. Therefore, he’s grown up by those his parents take a fancy to, having to play with his parents’ friends’ children often – much to his delight or chagrin. He’s always kept a smile on his face for their sake. However, he’s learned that just because their parents are respectable, the child is not always the same. Likewise, he’s found friends in the strangest places, like in the kitchens. With no other siblings, he found himself growing very attached to those he'd been friends with as a child.

Even today, he finds himself obligated to be friendly with his parents' friends' children, even if he does not hold a good opinion of them. He tolerates them for his parents' sake, really. His father is a stern man who's always expected the best of him, and he's quite determined to give it. His mother pushes him less, though that may either be because of the fact she is not the most outspoken of her opinions or because she has less of them. It was no surprise when he got his Hogwarts letter, more of just a question of the day. He was sent off, very little trouble, with brand new spell books, a stern word from his father telling him that he'd been in Gryffindor and a meek word of assurance from his mother that all the houses were satisfactory. Regardless, he was sorted into Gryffindor. Arthur has always tried his hardest in his classes, succeeding in getting at least E's in all his O.W.L.'s.

Over the years, he's developed a inner circle of friends who he'd do anything for. Most of the time, they don't ask for much and they all just go gallivanting around, having fun with very little consequences. The only thing he expects from these friends is an equal amount of tolerance towards the general population. He also is very friendly to everyone and holds many acquaintances and very few qualms with anyone. He’s also gained some amount of prestige as a dueler and was made President of the Dueling Club his Sixth Year, much to the dismay of anyone who was hoping that it would become more exclusive after the previous president's graduation. He is taking classes to be an Auror and succeeds in them, more easily in some than others.

His life has really consisted of alternating periods of being relaxed about his situation and being stressed about his situation. He is simultaneously proud of his achievements and not satisfied with them, believing he could be doing so much more. He can usually ignore these feelings in him, pushing off his want to do more for a different time. His parents are usually pleased with him, but a single disappointed word will take him out of his laid back stupor and set him to pushing himself harder once more. These periods of time come and go and those around him must deal with him being a little distant as he strives harder, eventually settling back into feeling fine about things once more.

AGE: 4 years of age.
GENDER: Female.
LIMITS: Nothing comes to mind.
HOW DID YOU FIND US: narcissablack.tumblr.com ; she’s cool, yo


There is a sample of my RP writing in Miriam Strout’s profile.

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Antioch Longbottom
Posted: Aug 5 2011, 11:02 PM

played by liberty -------------------- 7th year
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Group: Gryffindor
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I think this is as finished as I'll ever be! (:
Hope it filled the request alright ...

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Colonel Mustard
Posted: Aug 5 2011, 11:46 PM


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    Congratulations, your character has been accepted into Chimera! If you're a new member, you can now
    1. sign up for the appropriate claims,
    2. introduce yourself to the community,
    3. and, most importantly, make a plot request and start planning your roleplay.
    As always, feel free to ask us any questions on the cbox. Welcome! We're excited to have you.
Additional comments: Great characterization! Arthur is very well-rounded, and your application was enjoyable to read. We're excited to finally have a Longbottom around!

He will be rooming with Percival Pratt, Rudolf Brand, Edmund Johnson, and Magnus MacDonald in his dormitory.
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