welcome to chimera!

CHIMERA is a riddle-era roleplay.

It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

We are accepting canons and originals.

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 first contest: vote!
Vote for your favorite poem! Refer to the below post to find the poems that correspond with each number.
1 [ 4 ]  [28.57%]
2 [ 2 ]  [14.29%]
3 [ 5 ]  [35.71%]
4 [ 1 ]  [7.14%]
5 [ 2 ]  [14.29%]
6 [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Total Votes: 14
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Colonel Mustard
Posted on Jul 19 2011, 12:53 PM


Group: Admin
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1. Jonathon Dawlish

Betty is a fucking bitch
Has a nose like a goddamned witch
If I could I'd roll her body into a ditch
Kissing her left me with a weird itch


2. Betty Braithwaite

to my dear jon,

there was a man who had something quite small
a broomstick so meek, and most prone to stall
with it he once flew up high into the air
til limp wood gave way - oh what a scare!
down he tumbled, quaffle-reaching with a wheeze
but alas realized that he had no balls to seize

much love and ardor,

3. Percival Pratt

a sonnet for love, death and an anti-weasley

often, in my life, it has come to pass
i have seen some astounding beauty
but nothing yet has the wit or class
of that freckle-faced knave - avery
when i was but a young, irksome boy
i looked upon his mongoose face
and though him i did hellishly annoy
my eyes were blinded by his grace
his hair afire, his body grossly
courted by his skin condition
and yet i looked more closely
and wrapped mine self in my attrition
for, though we fight and scorn and jeer
where his heart is, mine is near

4. Tom Riddle

An ode to a giant snake

Humans and peers I could do without,
Animals hate me with passion.
They all make me want to scream and shout,
Or slay myself in dramatic fashion.
Yet to my delight and my inexplicable glee,
I find I'm no longer alone,
For underneath Hogwarts lies just the friend for me,
A pet that is mine to own.
With large yellow eyes (though I've never seen 'em)
and scales the most beautiful green,
Her voice is the most annoying thing that - ahem...
Well at least she is positively mean.
This dear friend of mine is fifty feet long,
and five feet from bottom to top,
According to the government she's ten kinds of wrong,
They would wish for her breathing to stop.
Keeping her in school is a difficult thing,
It presents a number of risks,
People call her the serpentine king,
But to me she's my basilisk <3

5. Mister Green

there are some who might say you're a dandy
but i would totally take you back to my loveshack
i love you more than i could even love brandy
even if one time you shot me in the foot during a flashback

6. Colonel Mustard

My dear Mister Green,

A haiku justice
Does not do your death stare so

Machine green and mean
Precision dispatching foes
O-ho-ho-ho, hoes
Colonel Mustard
Posted on Jul 24 2011, 12:31 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 988
Member No.: 3
Joined: 16-November 10

Ending in 24 hours!
Colonel Mustard
Posted on Jul 27 2011, 09:04 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 988
Member No.: 3
Joined: 16-November 10

Congratulations to Percy Pratt and his poem! He is the winner of the contest, and will be included in the spotlights this month. Remember to take 30 house points too!

Everyone who participated receives 5 points. Thanks for your lovely poetry!
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