welcome to chimera!

CHIMERA is a riddle-era roleplay.

It is currently October of 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII and Grindelwald's war.

We are accepting canons and originals.

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Which character would you like to host the game?
Araminta Meliflua [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Priscilla Brand [ 1 ]  [7.69%]
Eldred Worple [ 12 ]  [92.31%]
Total Votes: 13
Guests cannot vote 
Colonel Mustard
Posted on May 5 2011, 12:36 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 988
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Joined: 16-November 10

M A F I A 3

the hosts

Vote for who you'd like to host IC mafia this game! With each host comes different styles and possibly different gameplay/roles as well. Choose wisely!

This time we have three lovely ladies:

Araminta Meliflua - Come on, who doesn't want to see the craziness that she could come up with?

Priscilla Brand - "Mafia is simply too bloody, too gory, and thoroughly un-glamorous. Imagine a Mafia that was absolutely beautiful, and frilly, and just GLAMOROUS. Not to mention the fact that I am easily persuaded by flattery. Friend of Rudolf would easily benefit."

Eldred Worple - "I'm the fairest of them all."


That's right! The popular party game taken and converted to forum format. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, here is a brief overview from wikipedia:

Players are secretly assigned roles: either "mafia", who know each other; or "townspeople", who know only the number of mafia amongst them. In the game's "night" phase the mafia covertly 'murder' a townsperson. During the day phase, all of the surviving players debate the identities of the mafia and vote to eliminate a suspect. Play continues until all of the mafia have been eliminated, or until the mafia outnumber the townspeople.

Skills required: Strategic thought, Team play, Social skills, Roleplay

forum gameplay

Forum format is pretty easy to understand!

After everyone signs up, the host will PM a few randomly selected players. These people will be the mafia, and everyone else are civilians. Each night phase, the mafia will collectively decide who to kill; every day phase, everyone votes publicly to try and eliminate the mafia. Deductions are based on observation and strategy (though the first rounds will be dominated by random guessing, most often).

Day and nights phases last 72 hours or until a majority votes for one person. Mafia win when they outnumber civilians, and civilians win when all the mafia are eliminated.


In addition, roles will be assigned randomly via PM to certain players. The style of gameplay varies from host to host, and will be revealed when the poll is over and the game thread is put up.

the players
    1. lacy - antares lestrange
    2. taylor - sinclair avery
    3. nicole - erasmus diggory
    4. amanda - isaac carmichael
    5. ali - decimus mulciber
    6. cora - roberta weasley
    7. oz - alastor gumboil
    8. robert - lolohov
    9. molly - Dorcas Podmore
    10. marieka - virginia peakes
    11. kat - antoinette burke
    12. Jules -Araminta Meliflua
    13. bach - professor binns
sign up

It's a fun social activity! And it's easy to get the hang of once you start. Also, everyone who participates gets 10 house points. What more could you ask for?

Host candidates should sign up to play too, in case they're not the ones selected for this game!

To sign up:

name - character you will be playing as
Vitellary Lovegood
Posted on May 5 2011, 12:45 AM

played by lacy -------------------- 6th year
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Group: Inactive
Posts: 247
Member No.: 100
Joined: 23-February 11

lacy - vitellary lovegood

user posted image user posted image
Sinclair Avery
Posted on May 5 2011, 12:49 AM

played by taylor -------------------- 5th year
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Group: Slytherin
Posts: 206
Member No.: 54
Joined: 26-January 11

sup bitches

taylor - sinclair avery

user posted image
Erasmus Diggory
Posted on May 5 2011, 01:13 AM

played by nicole -------------------- 5th year
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Group: Hufflepuff
Posts: 62
Member No.: 193
Joined: 23-April 11

nicole - erasmus diggory

i'll vote when i get home because my phone is being a little bitch, ok cool

user posted image
Isaac Carmichael
Posted on May 5 2011, 01:18 AM

played by amanda -------------------- 7th year
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Group: Ravenclaw
Posts: 283
Member No.: 108
Joined: 28-February 11

amanda - isaac carmichael

user posted image
Decimus Mulciber
Posted on May 5 2011, 06:06 AM

played by ali -------------------- 6th year
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Group: Slytherin
Posts: 127
Member No.: 198
Joined: 25-April 11

ali - decimus mulciber


user posted image
user posted image
Roberta Weasley
Posted on May 5 2011, 06:32 AM

played by cora -------------------- 7th year
Group Icon

Group: Gryffindor
Posts: 381
Member No.: 91
Joined: 16-February 11

cora - roberta weasley

user posted image
user posted image
Alastor Gumboil
Posted on May 5 2011, 11:48 AM


oz - alastor gumboil
Antonin Dolohov
Posted on May 5 2011, 11:49 AM


robert - lolohov

i'm so unpredictable
Dorcas Podmore
Posted on May 5 2011, 12:32 PM

played by molly -------------------- 7th year
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Group: Inactive
Posts: 265
Member No.: 204
Joined: 3-May 11

molly - Dorcas Podmore

user posted image
Virginia Peakes
Posted on May 5 2011, 01:15 PM


marieka - virginia peakes
Antoinette Burke
Posted on May 5 2011, 01:52 PM

played by kat -------------------- 7th year
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Group: Inactive
Posts: 149
Member No.: 196
Joined: 24-April 11

priscilla's not gonna host. xD

kat - antoinette burke

user posted image
Araminta Meliflua
Posted on May 5 2011, 11:24 PM


looks like eldred is going to host so......
Jules -Araminta Meliflua
Professor Binns
Posted on May 6 2011, 12:04 AM


bach - professor binns
Antares Lestrange
Posted on May 7 2011, 11:23 AM

played by lacy -------------------- 5th year
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Group: Slytherin
Posts: 250
Member No.: 133
Joined: 12-March 11

switching to antares. |:

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