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 rosier, druella
Druella Rosier2
Posted: May 11 2011, 01:01 AM

played by cora -------------------- 4th year
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childlike - composed - quieted

pure – slytherin – fourth year
she may have been called “ella” once or twice, but she is not really inclined towards anything but her full name.

fourteen - february 12, 1928

ash, stiff, unicorn tail-hair, 11 ¼”

Druella Rosier is aristocratic in manner, which proceeds and dictates her appearance. She is clearly a product of her family, with their characteristic light eyes and hair. Druella resembles her brother distinctly, though her features are softer and more rounded than his, her complexion paler and her eyes set further apart.

Druella is round-faced and full-lipped, soft in feature, but harbouring a childhood roundness still in her cheeks. Her eyebrows are thick, though shapely, set over almond-shaped grey eyes and her skin pale and soft. Her teeth are a little large in her mouth, and she has been instructed repeatedly to keep her lips closed whenever possible to downplay this. Druella’s expression is, on first impression, doll-like: her eyes wide and her lips pink. However, her eyes, are not quite as dull and appeasing as they might appear – narrowing at the corners into attentiveness and giving her a slightly disconcerting look of a deeper maturity than otherwise revealed by her young complexion. Druella is not stupid beneath her poised exterior, she is just rarely called upon to display very much of herself.

Her figure slim and girlish, Druella tends towards a slightly immature taste, when left to her own devices, favouring pale colours, puffed sleeves and light fabrics. She is never garish in her dress, but all the same, her taste – though careful – is not quite as advanced as it should be to match her manners.

Trained in poise and decorum, Druella's posture is always good - her back perpetually straight, and she has a studied sort of grace to her movements, however, the precise quality of her presence leaves her a little stiff, despite this, and slightly out of sync with her surroundings, in a possibly awkward manner.

Druella’s hair is a soft golden colour, long enough to tickle her waist, kept straight, whispy and parted in the centre – in stark contrast to current muggle fashions (of which she is almost entirely unaware). There is something distinctly old-fashioned, not only in Druella’s manner, but in her appearance, which is characterized, as her personality often is, but an unbalanced meeting of maturity and lingering childishness.

Instructed on the importance of presentation since a young age, Druella is vain in an quiet way, taking her time in front of the mirror, brushing out her blonde hair, keeping carefully out of the sun. She is used to assuming that she will be judged by how she appears, and aware that a witch’s accomplishments begin with her ability to maintain herself. Druella’s compliance to this, like all expectations, really, has become habitual, so that it is almost unremarkable on her. She would be surprised deeply if anyone thought she was not perfectly presented, but because she expects it, she gives it little true thought.

katty ukhanova

Druella is known by her surname, if nothing else, and her entitlement. Although her family’s reputation and privilege precedes her, Druella is not known well on a personal level by many of her peers, and by no students outside of her social position. She associates with her brother, primarily, and a small group of her yearmates who are not particularly deeply concerned with her, and spends most of her time in the Slytherin dungeons.

Purist by teaching though not in any intellectual manner, Druella is aloof and dismissive of those beneath her, and so her realm of interaction is somewhat limited. This has never deeply concerned her, as she seems to not be entirely aware of the rest of the school outside her narrow focus. Druella has never been a bully or tease, but is not thought of in great favour by those critical of pureblood families.

To her peers, she is considered generally “correct” though, by way of her compliance to the demands of pureblood young women, she is fairly unobtrusive and, therefore, both unattainable and unobjectionable – for the most part.


Like every other pureblood daughter, Druella Rosier was born with a purpose. Her eventual marriage – the central focus of her existence - is not so much a goal to achieve as to maintain: she was set up for success from birth, and her only task is to exist with enough poise that her future does not fall through and she refrains from disappointing her heritage. She is no stranger to high expectations or to obedience to it. Prior to Hogwarts, her lessons were in deportment, carriage and other accomplishments that would aid her engagement. At all of this, Druella was exceptional not so much by talent but by consistency: her parents’ conditioning of their only daughter was successful from an early age. From an early age, Druella was un-questioning, soft-spoken and precise in her actions.

There is something distinctly old-fashioned about how Druella presents herself, as well as notably practiced. Her parents were strict but distant and her up-brining far from emotive, leaving Druella particularly under-stated in her own displays of emotion. Kindly one might say she is emotionally subtle; though that implies a deeper understanding of her feelings than Druella can boast. She has simply not been raised to value expressions of emotion, and learned –by her parents’ and brother’s example – to “appear” rather than “be”, at least on the surface. Introspection, or self-expression is certainly not her strong-point.

Druella is, by way of her teaching, extremely regulated. This is second-nature to her, and though manifests as studied and precise, does not take a great effort on her part. She is quick to dampen curiosity and employs an imperious, aloof manner to dissuade unwanted attention, keeping her circle of influence and interaction limited without much second thought. Druella was taught to think of compliance, not change, and often acts to avert it without truly understanding that she is intending to.

There is a distinct consistent quality to Druella’s existence. Most of her other pursuits pale by the side of her engagement and future marriage – and that expectation has never varied in its importance, leaving none of the changes in her life feeling greatly substantial. Druella’s quiet good manners and careful aloof carriage are un-varying and conditioned to be natural (despite their precision). As long as she continues to comply to what is expected of her, she need make very little other effort, as far as she can tell, which leaves her somewhat listless and drifting, merely passing the years before she moves from daughter to wife.

Taught from early on to keep her thoughts, and often words, to herself, Druella is of a quiet, though not entirely gentle, sort. She has learned to sit quietly, and present according to what is expected of her. Her speech is formal and a little childish, and she has never been encouraged to be out-spoken, though she can make conversation of a formal manner when it is required of her. Despite her demurring to her place as daughter and female, in the greatehmmr society, Druella has been made very aware of her position of privilege, and has a quiet sense of pride that places her above the majority of her fellow students. Though not outwardly cruel herself, Druella, employs a cool, inaccessible manner to those she is told – or knows – are outside of her appropriate circle of interaction.

Used to her role and expectation remaining unchanging, Druella is accustomed to great privilege at the same time as being used to the subleties of her actions (as long as they are correct) being somewhat inconsequential. She is both surprised by and curious about people who show her direct interest, though often her up-bringing teaches her not to give new curiosities too much attention.

Druella’s accomplishments are ladylike, but her interests for the most part are childish . While her appearance – in manner as well as physically – is controlled by necessity, her inner thoughts and interests have never been of great interest to anyone, as far as she can tell, and are therefore have not particularly progressed and are a little young for her age. She plays with dolls, when alone, and likes to draw – though her style is decidedly childlike, rather than artistic. She prefers soft colours, particularly pinks and blues, and her taste is not particularly advanced or mature. This is in quite stark contrast to her old fashioned and precise manner in company, when her controlled and deferential manner can make her appear composed beyond her years. There is something about Druella that makes her seem very caught between the very grown up and the childish. Her situation does not demand she reconcile these two states, and so she has not necessarily bothered to think it a problem.

Druella is used to obedience and doing what is expected to her. However, increasingly as she gets older, she is increasingly prone to a quiet sort of uncalculated defiance. In general, Druella is predictable to a fault, adhering to her parents’ wishes and teachings. Now and then, however, she will fail to show up to an appointment, or answer a letter, or purposefully misplace something of importance. These might be unremarkable failings in another individual, but as Druella is otherwise so un-failing, they stick out rather alarmingly to those keeping track of her.

Druella was not raised to consider “rebellion” and certainly does not entertain fantasies of doing so. Her defiances then are of an almost more subconscious sort – although she acts out on purpose, she is not entirely capable of understanding why she does so, and certainly incapable of articulating it. Druella is not greatly introspective, and not well-versed in emotion, so in moments of resentment or powerlessness, she finds herself acting out without entirely being able to justify why it is. Certainly, although these actions are usually directed at her parents – and most often her brother – she is not consciously aware of resentment she feels towards them.

By the time Druella Rosier was born, her parents already had their heir and were not displeased to find themselves with a daughter for their second child. A daughter could marry well and strengthen the family name that Foras would inherit. And so, the pale-haired, round-faced girl took her place and, from almost that moment forward, found it un-changing. Druella’s upbringing was strict and controlled, her purpose articulated clearly to her, along with her privilege. She was instructed in accomplishments and refinement and taught to defer to expectation. Her parents were distant but stern figures in her life, not encouraging of great displays of affection for either of their children.

Druella was not an unhappy child, but neither was she distinctly blissful. She did not partake in many of her brother’s pursuits, but knew him as a reliable and protective companion. Whether she was exceptionally clever was not of particular concern to her parents, but she learned quickly – as she was expected to – to sit prettily and cause little disturbance to the household. From early on, Druella desired attention, though, like most other aspects of her personality, the desire was subdued. She found she drew most focus from her mother and father if she performed correctly, and so was quietly appeasing and attentive to what was expected from her. Attention that she gained from failing to comply, or doing so clumsily, of course, was far less pleasant and Druella learned fast not to tempt it.

There has not been a great deal of variation in Druella’s life, at least as she experiences it. When Foras went to Hogwarts, her years became a little quieter. Although she spent time in the company of other pureblooded children – to whom she was introduced and left with at formal affairs or at arranged dates, Druella’s closest companions, besides her brother, were her dolls, to whom she was greatly attentive, sometimes with more focused vanity than she applied to herself. Because her parents were unengaged with her recreation, and as her brother was no longer there to encourage any other sorts of play, Druella did not grow out of her dolls, or other toys or, in many ways, her childish pursuits all together.

Her upbringing did not encourage Druella to be greatly intellectual, however, going to Hogwarts was not unobjectionable to her. Her instructions upon departing for the school were to “remember herself” and her standing, instructions that Druella never had great difficulty with. The rest of her pursuits were of lesser interest to her family, and, although never exceptional, Druella’s academic career commenced without difficulty.

Sorted into Slytherin like her brother, Druella was given the appropriate respect from her housemates, although she would not have expected anything else. Being constantly around other children - and particularly those who were different than her – was a little jarring for Druella, but this did not last especially long as her circle of interaction closed rather quickly around the select few appropriate of her attention, and the rest of school life fell both beyond and beneath her. She was adopted into a small group of her year and housemates, of which she was not the most dominant member by any measure. Druella managed her social life very formally and not quite with urgency. She somehow a little forgettable, despite her good name, to her friends. This would have bothered Druella more had she had greater stakes in her social advancement. As it was, the companionship contented her, and, though she enjoyed attention, a slight lack of it was not terribly surprising to her. Her need for distinct attention would not manifest until slightly later in her time at school.

It was the summer after Druella’s first year that her betrothal to Cygnus Black was finalized. The match had been in progress for some time, and the negotiations finalized with considerable celebration. Druella sat next to Cygnus at the dinner in their honour; he refrained from addressing her and, taught to speak when spoken to, Druella passed the evening in relative silence before being whisked to bed. From their relationship changed very little. Cygnus and herself associated with the same group of friends, but interacted rarely on a personal level. Her engagement secured, Druella was set to the delicate task of maintaining her prospects, which she did with quiet accomplishment.

Her years at school were not greatly differentiated. Although Foras encouraged her to succeed in her studies, and although she took his opinions respectfully, she had difficultly applying herself for extended periods of time, aware that practical magic was not the area in which she was required to excel. Druella was an expert at knowing what was expected at her and paying little heed to the rest. She was rarely bothered by muggle borns or such undesirable things, as they lasted very little time in her awareness. She remained inaccessible, aloof and, privately, rather child-like. In recent years, the repetitiveness of her existence has only just begun to strike her, and though she is not quite self-aware enough to object to this, she finds herself reacting to it, now and then, in a rather un-becoming fashion, without quite being able to articulate or even understand the cause.

AGE: twenty
GENDER: female
LIMITS: we’ll be okay
HOW DID YOU FIND US: bullied my way here





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Mister Green
Posted: May 12 2011, 01:01 AM


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    Congratulations, your character has been accepted into Chimera! If you're a new member, you can now
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    As always, feel free to ask us any questions on the cbox. Welcome! We're excited to have you.
Additional comments: As always, a beautiful character and very consistent to the request. I love how detailed you are. Thanks for making another lovely girl for Chime. <3

She will be rooming with Ada Parkinson and Prudence Crabbe in her dormitory.
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