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may 22 - new skin, site is revived, chloe is added to staff, and affiliates are updated!




 peter pan
Peter Pan
Posted: May 30 2010, 12:48 PM

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Group: peter pan
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peter pan

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don't turn out the lights, kiss yourself goodnight
    Age: 19
    Title: n/a
    Birthplace: London, England
    Gender: Masculine
    Film: Peter Pan, of course!

cause there's a killer and he's after you
    Height: 6’ even
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Red
    Build: Narrow, but athletic/lithe
    Unique physical traits:
    Peter is tall and gangly-looking – in fact, he goes about looking slightly underfed the whole time. He is muscular, but he is muscular like a swimmer or, more accurately, a dancer. It doesn’t help that he’s so tall, as it only emphasizes how long, skinny and awkward his limbs are. He jokes that this is because he’s the boy who will never grow up – he’s not meant to look adult, since he’ll never be an adult. Even his face is boyish, making him look younger than he really is. Probably the first thing that people notice about Peter is his hair. It’s bright red, and tends to look as though it has been dragged through several bushes backwards. He just leaves it alone, occasionally running a hand through it, but generally just ensuring that it’s sort of clean. Often enough it’ll be hidden under a hat anyway; he likes hats, particularly his green cap with a feather in it. You can’t go wrong with a feather. His hair is quite versatile, as it can just as easily hang down or be brushed back in a James-Dean style hairdo as it can stand straight up. As a general rule, he just leaves it to do its own thing, although he will try and tame it if the situation demands it. When he’s nervous, he runs his hands though it, unless he’s wearing a hat, in which case he will fiddle with his hat instead. The youth walks with a slight swagger, but he can alter his gait at will. Peter has an American accent, but he can mimic pretty much anyone astonishingly well (which might, on balance, have something to do with the fact that had he stayed at home his accent would have been English – but I digress).

kiss yourself goodnight, tonight
    > moving (that includes running, acrobatics and dancing – pretty much anything that’s fun, really)
    > dancing
    > flying
    > flirting
    > peaches
    > looking good
    > being the leader
    > play-acting
    > being childish/imagining things
    > games
    > hats
    > fooling people
    > telling/hearing jokes
    > irritating easily-irritated people/those who can’t take a joke
    > music
    > beautiful people
    > coin and card tricks
    > the Darlings particularly Wendy
    > kisses
    > being happy
    > animals
    > being in the air
    > accents
    > Tiger Lily
    > being the centre of attention
    > winning
    > being spontaneous
    > swimming
    > antagonising Hook
    > wild stunts
    > being outrageous (and outrageously funny)
    > having brilliant ideas
    > the words “awesome” and “legendary”
    > the Lost Boys
    > too much quiet
    > keeping still for too long
    > adults
    > stuck-up people
    > being sick
    > losing things
    > not being in charge
    > uncomfortable clothing
    > snow
    > being restricted
    > losing
    > Tinkerbell
    > carrots
    > boredom
    > getting stuck in a rut
    > being ignored
    > complacency
    > passivity
    > rejection
    > loneliness
    > unnecessary cruelty
    > pessimists
    > not being in on the joke
    > being laughed at
    > stupidity
    > being trapped
    > being serious about anything
    > getting hurt
    > accepting help
    > showing weakness
    > mosquitoes
    > incompetence
    > being alone
    > the thought of getting old
    > broken things
    > carelessness
    > cowards
    > failure
    > being insulted
    Fears: growing up, death
    Headstrong. Peter likes to do things his way, and doesn’t do well as a follower. If he feels that something should be done in a way other than the way he’s been told to do it, you can bet he’ll do it like that. He often doesn’t think before he acts, and, if he’s in the right mood, can be incredibly disrespectful and irreverent.
    Egotistical. He’s not too intolerable – most of the time – but he does have a large ego and can be self-aggrandizing. He’s not shy to put himself forward as a leader, because he naturally believes he’s the best man for the job. Any job. He hasn’t met a trick he hasn’t been able to master with some time and practise, and that’s given him a supreme confidence in his abilities. Occasionally, he’ll climb up onto someone’s roof, or get onto the top of some skyscraper, and give the world his rooster call, just so that it doesn’t forget him.
    Moody. The youth is still an adolescent, and that means that his moods change with the wind. He can go from being open and the life of the party to being quiet, introspective, and even sullen, in a matter of moments, and it’s impossible to tell what his trigger is. It’s different every time.
    Unwilling to connect. Although he has friends wherever he goes, and lovers too, Peter has a certain distance about him. He refuses to even consider entering into a serious relationship with someone, turning any attempts on the other person’s part into jokes. Maybe it’s part of his belief that he was meant for greater things, or perhaps not, but he tends to keep the world at arm’s length.
    Stubborn. In addition to believing that his way is generally the best way, Peter does not like backing down, which means that he gets into stupid arguments a lot. He refuses to give up and admit that the other person is right even when it’s obvious that they are. He also hates accepting help from anyone, insisting that he can do pretty much everything on his own. When he thinks that his authority is being infringed upon, he’ll go into a sulk and refuse to speak to the person he sees as a usurper, before eventually putting on a display of leadership to reaffirm his position (and reassure himself).
    Impulsive. While generally he can be quite sensible about things, he’s not afraid to go charging after some electrifying idea, and to hell with the consequences. He’s the kind of person who would spend the money meant for a new pair of glasses on flowers for a random beautiful stranger, or buy a book on quantum mechanics because it has an exciting-looking cover. The very best and most obvious example of this spontaneity is his spur of the moment decision to bring a trio of children to Never Never Land with him.
    Personality: How to go about describing Peter Pan?

    He’s an eternal child, who looks at the world as his own personal playground and considers life to be one big adventure. It doesn’t matter how ‘childish’ or ‘silly’ something might be, if it looks like fun he’ll give it a shot. Bungee jumping, finger painting, whatever. His life is lived decidedly in the present, and he rarely plans anything. Life is much more fun when it’s spontaneous, don’t you think? His impetuousness often gets him into trouble, but he generally manages to talk himself out of it. Luckily for him, he’s good at getting others to come around to his point of view. He is an amazingly charismatic individual, able to be immediately likeable and attract people’s attention without even thinking about it. It might be because he is always authentically him; like a child, if he’s happy, he is not afraid to show it, and if he’s upset he’ll show that too. He might go quiet, or start shouting and breaking things, but whatever he’s doing – that is an expression of one hundred percent of who he is and what he is feeling right this second.

    Peter is an individual, and he will never compromise this. He’s strong-willed and stubborn, and if he knows something to be right or better he will not stand down. He likes to be in charge and have things done his way, and if he doesn’t get that he will sulk or get angry. Even when he knows that he’s wrong, he’ll continue to fight for his opinion or his idea because, in a way, he doesn’t really know how to back down. Everything has to be to the utmost, to the full, and he can’t turn that off. He’s too filled with the fire of youth to do so. He also has a high opinion of himself, given the fact that so far in life he hasn’t failed seriously at anything and sometimes it just seems to him that all he has to do is want something and somehow, some way, someone will make it happen.

    For all his apparent self-centredness, Peter is a very loyal person. He will stand by his crew, his gang, his Lost Boys, no matter what. He’s also unaccountably brave, pushing through his fears to succeed. Even though he dislikes fighting (except, it must be noted, with Hook, probably because he doesn’t see that as serious at all) he will not hesitate to go after someone if they’re trying to hurt someone else, even if it’s someone he doesn’t even know. He just has a streak of altruism that seems to sit rather uneasily with his reckless, hedonistic self. Even if he is cross with a person at the moment, this side of him will ultimately get the better of his wounded ego. Grudges don’t really last that long for him, because he doesn’t like keeping things inside. If he’s angry, he wants to be able to have one huge blow-out fight and then have it over and done with, kiss and make up – the end. He doesn’t like dragging things out.

    The fact that he is always the life of the party aside, the young man tends to hold people at arm’s length. He doesn’t like being confined in a serious relationship, and so the minute any person tries to take it beyond simple ‘fun’ he runs for the hills. He’s sort of come to the unconscious conclusion that getting close to people does not pay - it only serves to hurt people. When he’s in one of his quieter moods, he does want to be taken seriously, and he always wants to be respected – it’s just he is scared of a real relationship. He feels like he doesn’t know what to do or say, which is not a comfortable state of mind for someone who loves to talk and generally swaggers around with bullet-proof confidence.

    All in all, Peter Pan is an enigmatic, fun-loving, irreverent, irresponsible boy.
    Family: He doesn’t know whom his family are, and doesn’t want to know. As far as he’s concerned, the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell are his family.
    The story of Peter’s birth and very early life is one mostly lost to the fog of history. When he was very small, some fairies came across him in his pram while his parents were otherwise occupied and stole him away to be their playmate. Sadly for Peter, when he returned home, he looked through the window and saw his parents with a new baby, and concluded that they had forgotten and replaced him. Thus he returned to Never Never Land with the fairies, and has lived there ever since. He knows the island like the back of his hand, all of its nooks and crannies, and was taken care of by an Indian squaw until he decided he was old enough to take care of himself. Never Never Land being a place where the imagination is king, Peter stopped aging at around this time, when he was old enough to have concluded that this was the best age to be.

    Peter’s oldest and closest friend and companion is Tinkerbell the fairy. Although often he treats her as being just another part of his tribe, perhaps one step up from the Lost Boys, and their stubborn personalities clash often, their friendship is deep and enduring. He’s fairly oblivious to Tink’s feelings sometimes, but not more than he’s ordinarily oblivious to the feelings of anyone except himself. They are definitely, non-negotiably best friends, though, and he would do pretty much anything for her. He may appear to have a laissez-faire attitude towards their friendship, but it is close to his heart. He can be childish and silly about it, but deep down he knows he couldn’t possibly do without Tink. She’s his fairy other half, and some people speculate that it is the years in her company and prolonged exposure to her that has resulted in his ability to fly without requiring assistance from fairy dust or some such.

    Time has a certain static quality in Never Never Land – although it appears to pass, and days melt into years and years into decades, no one grows old there; in fact, most people are just the age they were when they arrived, Captain Hook and his crew being a perfect example of this. Peter was there when Captain Hook arrived, and it wasn’t long before he discovered the deeply amusing past time of annoying him. It was during one of their early fights that Peter, an expert swordsman, cut off Hook’s hand and fed it to the resident crocodile. Luckily for Hook, along with its newfound taste for pirate captain the crocodile also developed a warning tick, thanks to the watch which he swallowed with Hook’s hand. Peter’s antagonism with Hook is an epic rivalry, and it has over the years come to the point where it is doubtful whether either of them would know what to do with themselves if someone won conclusively and they fought no longer. Peter can’t remember how he came up with the infamous codfish jibe, but it remains an enduring favourite nonetheless.

    Over the years, young boys like himself drifted into Never Never Land just as Peter had, and at some point he had the bright idea of forming them into a gang of sorts, with himself at the helm, naturally. That served the double purpose of establishing right away just who was in charge and giving him another way to while away the lazy days. He treats his Lost Boys almost as he would younger brothers, delighting in ordering them around and having them look up to him. Despite the fact that he can often take advantage of them, he also teaches them things – how to use their catties and slings, for example. He enjoys being in charge and telling others what to do. They are also his favourite adventure companions, although he can just as easily make fun for himself on his own. They look up to him with something akin to hero-worship, and he does take his duties to them seriously most of the time.

    Peter often flies down to London to listen to stories from other children’s nurseries, and on one such occasion he became detached from his shadow, pesky thing that it is. He accidentally woke the girl whose stories about, well, himself he adored so much while trying to catch it, and allowed her to sew it back on for him. Impulsively, he invited Wendy (for that was her name) and her two brothers, John and Michael, to come to Never Never Land with him when he learned that she was due to grow up very soon. He could think of just about nothing worse than growing up – to him it represents the death of imagination and fun. He decided that Wendy could be his surrogate mother-figure and tell him and his Lost Boys stories in Never Never Land, but when she expressed a desire to return home he felt betrayed and began to sulk, holing himself up in his headquarters while Wendy, her brothers and the Lost Boys walked right into a trap set by Hook, aided by a jealous Tinkerbell. Peter narrowly avoided being blown up, saved at the last moment by Tink, and then heard from her how his friends needed his help to escape Hook. Despite his sulk, he hurried to the pirate ship just in time to stop Wendy from falling into the sea. He fought Hook and freed his friends before magnanimously taking the Darlings back to their family in London on Hook’s ship, with Tinkerbell’s help.

cause there's a killer and he's after you
    Name/Alias: Kaz
    Other Characters: n/a
    Role play sample:

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Quincy bellowed, his dark eyes narrowing. Now, usually, this kind of thing would be quite out of the question for the laidback, mild-mannered youth, but these were special circumstances. Special circumstances, in fact, in which someone extremely foolish had just made a comment about his height. Most people would think that five foot eleven was a perfectly good height to be, but most people hadn’t had the old not-quite-six-feet chestnut thrown at them ever since they had had their growth spurt. Admittedly, Q was the mellowest person in the world, so it seemed odd that he would take offence at anything, but this was not just anything. Repeated often enough, an insult like that can penetrate even the most distracted of minds – even Q’s mind. It was thus that the usually placid youth came violently to life when someone so much as mentioned his height.

The unfortunate soul who had unwittingly gotten themselves into this mess stammered something about him being pretty tall, and then took flight at the venomous look he got in return. "Come back here!" Quincy called after him. How was he supposed to teach people about being respectful of other people’s rights (in this case, the right to be short and not have this fact waved about under his nose like a red flag under the nose of a bull) if they ran away from him? He launched himself into a giraffe-like run, all knees and elbows. He didn’t put the effort other people did into being streamlined, or even coordinated, when he ran, not considering that particularly important. It didn’t help that his general pace was a meandering stroll, so when he did actually run his legs weren’t sure what they were doing.

As ridiculous as the mental picture of Q galloping through the hallways of Grimm’s might seem, it wasn’t: the look on his face was far from ridiculous. Very few people had been unfortunate enough to see Quincy being angry, and right now he was furious. His usually vague expression was taut with fury, his dark eyes flashing a warning to anyone foolish enough to get in his way. Rounding a corner too quickly, he skidded and crashed into one of the laundry chutes, his momentum tipping him up and over into it. He slid down for some time, patiently waiting for the ride to be over as if this was his general mode of transportation instead of an unfortunate development. He landed in a heap of sheets and surfaced, revving his anger back into high gear. Clambering out of the bin, he looked around for someone to shout at, given that his quarry was long disappeared by now. There was no one around – nothing, in fact, but a bag of shoes people had sent to be washed, lying by the doorway that led outside.

Grabbing the bag of what he saw as handy ammunition, the youth charged outside, looking for someone at whom he could vent his anger. Until it ran its course, it wouldn’t leave him, and he didn’t want to walk around being angry for any longer than he had to, of course. That he could have such logical thoughts while still being enraged is testament to the resilience of his thought processes. Spotting a likely target some way ahead, Q put down his bag and opened it, quite surprised to see shoes in there instead of, say, oddly-shaped rocks. No matter: the shoes would do the same job, and they might just be slightly more aerodynamic than rocks. Hefting someone’s Nike trainer in his hand he took brief aim and sent it sailing through the air with startling accuracy, considering who was doing the throwing.

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Posted: May 30 2010, 05:50 PM

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