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 Where to buy Wubai & China Blue CD in US?
Posted by Tammi - 01-7-10 02:53 - 1 comments
Hi, I just moved to New York a few months ago... can anyone tell me where to buy Wubai & China Blue CDs here? The new album is out in asia now and I feel so helpless...
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 wu bais pics
Posted by dawn - 06-22-09 19:26 - 3 comments
first where are you Marla? hope you are doing well, miss seeing posts form you!
any way just read an artical about wu bai's photograhy, nice articalebut i really like he likes real film! heheh etoo funny had this conversation with ...read more
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 Looking for WuBai Fans in Vancouver
Posted by emilyc - 07-3-08 03:59 - 1 comments

I'm looking to get in touch with Wu Bai fans in Vancouver - or anyone who will be attending the concert there this August.

Please do e-mail me, I'd love to hear from you.

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 Official Wu Bai Site down?
Posted by notreve - 11-15-07 16:08 - 2 comments
Hi Marla,

Adam here... firstly, want to thank you for your hospitality when I went over to Taipei in July (I know it's long overdue) but have really been busy with school work... just started university here in Singapore... so really ...read more
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 Happy Birthday
Posted by Lian - 03-5-07 14:48 - 3 comments
Wishing Marla a Happy Birthday...............Also to Dino tongue.gif
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Posted by dawn - 01-25-07 19:55 - 2 comments
so Marla,
No mention of a birthday aprty for Wu Bai, nothing happen?
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 How Can I contact Dino?
Posted by Brad the Mink - 11-8-06 19:44 - 12 comments
Can any of you tell me how I might get in touch withb Dino? I know him from back in California in the late 70's early 80's. I played in a band called L.A. Rocks and he was one of the fellows who lived in and played music in our area as well. ...read more
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 Dino the Chef!
Posted by 500Fan - 08-10-06 11:08 - 2 comments
Three other fans and I had the pleasure of enjoying Dino's excellent pasta dishes Tuesday night. Dino is helping out some friends at a restaurant in San Zhi for a few days, cooking up Italian food while the owners are on holiday in Japan.
...read more
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 Golden Melody Awards
Posted by 500Fan - 06-7-06 16:23 - 0 comments
Woohoo, got the word from Charlene that we have tickets to the Golden Melody Awards on Saturday, June 10. Wu Bai & China Blue are up for quite a few awards, so here's hoping they win big. I'll have a report after the ceremony.

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 you tube
Posted by Guest:mtro - 05-26-06 12:30 - 1 comments

I found several really really interesting video clips on You tube.
But I don't know how to download them.
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