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 [Info]Wonbin related Twitter account follow us -_-
Posted by xiaojohn17 - 05-15-11 11:57 - 0 comments
Don't forget to follow us:
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 [Info]Wonbin related fanpages
Posted by xiaojohn17 - 05-13-11 10:43 - 0 comments
WONBIN Related Fanpages Join us here:




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 [Official]Admin/Staff chatbox thread
Posted by xiaojohn17 - 04-23-11 03:00 - 6 comments
As u remember I request you to make emceejhei as admin here.
She will help us in the layout of the forum thanks :0
Please do it as soon as possible
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 [Info]Calendar of this FC for 2011
Posted by xiaojohn17 - 03-3-11 07:35 - 0 comments

January 2, 2011:
Our 5th Monthsary =D

March 1 2011:
37 online on the forum

March 2 2011:
7th Monthsary
Launching of BlueIsland Section

March 4 2011:
200 member of this forum
12 most view in South Korea(YB Video)

March 27 2011:
244 member of this forum
246 subscribers
532 likes in FB

April 2 2011:
Wonbinism International FC will be now OH Wonbin Int'l FC

June 2 2011
Oh Wonbin International FCwill be also know as "The Way Int'l"
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 [Info]Youtube Achievement
Posted by xiaojohn17 - 03-2-11 05:11 - 0 comments
user posted image

user posted image

Update March 2 2011 9:01:22Pm KST TIME

user posted image

Thank u so much to everyone.
Proud to say that we are KOREA's choice to view this video.

WONBINISM INT'L Youtube Account
AS OF MARCH 8 2011:
5:17pm KST
Honors for this video (6)
#67 - Most Discussed (This Week) - South Korea
#19 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Music - South Korea
#50 - Top Favorited (This Week) - South Korea
#22 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Music - South Korea
#39 - Top Rated (This Week) - South Korea
#13 - Top Rated (This Week) - Music - South Korea

OH WONBIN Japanese YB Account

So close...hehe
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 [Info]How to affliate
Posted by xiaojohn17 - 10-25-10 12:55 - 2 comments
user posted image

<a href="http://z7.invisionfree.com/Wonbinism" target="_blank"><img src="http://i54.tinypic.com/213mcl2.gif"></a>

How To Affliate:
Please reply to this topic with

Forum/Blog Name:
Link to your site:
Link to your affiliates icon (88x31):

Thanks for Affiliating!

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Posted by xiaojohn17 - 10-6-10 12:23 - 0 comments


NOTE:Pls try your best to obey this simple guidelines to avoid problems in the future.

user posted image

1. Read, Understand, Follow All Forum Rules
Every forum have respective rules attached and posted in it. Please do read thoroughly and follow each rule so we don't have to warn you.

2. Respect.
Respect every member, staff, guest we have.
This is our family and we have to be polite in all ways.
Please inform any of the admin if you encounter a misunderstanding with your fellow member.We are the one who will take an appropriate action for that.

3. No Spamming
It's important to post a very sense-full and clear reply to avoid misunderstanding of what you mean.

4. No Bashing
To show our respect, Pls do not bash other group or artist.(keep it on your own)We will not tolerate this.
You can give your opinions but make sure you will not sound offensive.

5. No Pornographic Medias.
Pls be reminded that this forum is for any ages and descent.
Pls do not post any malicious or porn image,clips and videos here.

6. One Account Only
You can only have one account.
The other account must delete.

7. Posting Rules
Try not to double post. If you do double post accidentally, please inform us so we can delete the double post. Also, inappropriate sticky caps aren't allowed as well.

8. Credit
Always credit your sources when you post news, etc.To avoid Plagiarism

9.Speak in English
As we all know this will be for other member to understand us.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THAT"S OL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Thank You.
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 [Info]Calendar of this FC for 2010
Posted by xiaojohn17 - 08-25-10 08:57 - 0 comments

Aug 2, 2010:Xiao(admin) insist to Camilla(admin) to continue the idea started on oh wonbin official thread in allkpop to create an International fans club for wonbin

Aug 6 2010:The birth of wonbinism international forum

Aug 21, 2010:Having 296 members in facebook in just 2 weeks of it's creation.

Aug 2010:Creating of twitter account having 20 follower in less than an hour.

Aug 22, 2010:Founding of Wonbinism Philippines

Aug 22, 2010:having 29 members in this forum

September 21 2010: Having 384 members in fb despite of admin(xiao) didn't promote the fans club because of being busy.

September 22 2010: From 10 members (september 21)were zoom to 34 members in Wonbinism Philippines

October 17 2010: First affiliate link of our site @ ftislandph.forumup.com
*419 members in FB(Intl)
*54 members in FB(Phil)
*50 members in Forum

Nov 4 2010: Allkpop announce details of Oh Wonbin comeback

Nov 5 2010: We are currently no. 7 at ranking on FTI Toplist.

Nov 10 2010:
We are currently no. 6 at ranking on FTI Toplist.
448 members in our FB.
90 members in forum
53 followers in twitter
16 subscriber in youtube.

Nov 14 2010: No. 5 ranking on FTI Toplist.

Dec 15 2010:
22 Online in this forum.
79 followers in twitter.
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 {Info]Oh Wonbin Philippines
Posted by xiaojohn17 - 08-22-10 10:26 - 0 comments
I decided to make my local fanbase named Oh Wonbin PH.
To unite those future fans of him, when they started to know Oh Wonbin.
We were now near to be official Affliated to PKCI.

>>>Hope there will be local based oh wonbin fan in your country %3DD.gif
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 [Info]Our official Twitter Account
Posted by Camilaa - 08-21-10 17:16 - 1 comments
In case you didn't know, we have made a twitter account for our fanclub
be sure to follow us at Wonbinismintl ^^

if you want you can also post your twitter accounts here so others can follow you~
mine is forever_pri (:
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