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Vampress888 - April 9, 2011 01:48 PM (GMT)

---Deer is being merged with bovine [bison, yak, domesticated bull, etc].
---Canine Model has been modified and Bear model is being redone
---Dragon model, even though it has four legs, is still going to be called “Wyvern”
---Game’s first release [w/ owls] is estimated to be released in March or April

Preview Video
Game Rating: T [13+]
Release Date: Estimation of March or April. If game isn't completed then a character editor might be released.
Official Forum:
DeviantArt Group:
Arokai Livestream:

LiveStream Screenshots
Owl in Game [flight]
Coming soon~ I have to go back and find them
Refinished Canine in Blender 3D
Wyvern In-Game [flight]

Description: Arokai, also known as Aro'Kai, is an artistic multiplayer online roleplaying game (AMORG) being created by a sole programmer (Superfeesh) and a team of talented artists. In Arokai, users will be able to select from several different playable species, who are aligned with different 'Gods' that roam in various places throughout the world. Characters will be unique, colorful, and diverse, and will be able to do a variety of interactions with the world and its inhabitants. Ultimately, Arokai is planned to be an artistic game that encourages creativity.

Playable Characters: There are approximately seven playable species.

Strigiformes [Owls]
Caninae [Dogs, wolves, etc]
Felidae [Lions Tigers]
Ursidae [Bears ((oh my! x_x))]
Artiodactyla [Deer and similar ungulates]
Draco [Dragons]
Gryphus [gryphons (original interpretation of the creature)]

You will be able to customize them with markings (multiple markings on each character too! More than one!) and different colors, as well as “accessories”.


How will I know when the game is finished?
There isn’t going to be an announcement on the game’s release, and it is probably to try and avoid crashing the site where the download is and having people antsy because they can’t access it like with FH.
When the game is released, I will change the title of this topic to Arokai – Discussion [RELEASED!] for one whole week.

You will have to find the download link on your own by searching the game's forum, however. I don't want to be have people flooding into the link to download from here, because there are some things people need to see on the forum.

New! What kind of world is the game based in and what will it look like?
A fantasy world, but leaning towards the 'realistic' end of the fantasy spectrum. The atmosphere of the world is to be generally friendly, colorful, and bright, but some areas may vary. There is a crystal scheme that's prevalent throughout the worlds because of our storyline. The concept team is designing a world map eventually!

A special program called Myrddin is being used to make the terrain for the game. Below is a link to an example of what can be made with the Myrddin program.

Will other animals--such as horses--be in the game?
"For the time being there are no more creatures being added, because even just one is incredibly complex. Each character species uses its own skeleton, has its own unique animations, textures, and specialized code/values."

Will Arokai work for Macs?
No mac ! :C
I cannot get the compiler to work on mac.

You will have to use windows emulation software like WINE or a program like CrossOver to play. ~Superfeesh

Will NPC's be in Game?
Yes. There will be NPCs [Non-playable characters], such as enemies and the lemurs.

Will there be a level system?
So far there isn't an official on it, but there's likely to be something like a "Stat system" instead of a level system. I am currently working on getting official information on this. :3

~Shusuke~ (from WQ)

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