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welcome to London

Welcome to London!

The Capitol of England, And The Largest, Most Populous, Metropolitan Area of Britain.

There are many things to do in the beautiful city of London, like ride The London Eye, take a stroll down London Bridge, or visit one of the many other national treasures that await you in the many different districts of the city.

There are plenty of bright faces here in London to aquaint with. London is a community known for bring well educated, unique, and proper..

..but alas! Not everybody in London is who they say they are. Not everybody in beautiful London can be your friend.

It is up to you to decide who you surround yourself with, and to decide what choices to make during your stay in the United Kingdom.

Will you make your mark?

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 Donnelly, Branwen
Branwen Donnelly
Posted: Aug 2 2010, 09:49 AM


Group: Member
Posts: 4
Member No.: 8
Joined: 2-August 10

, branwen rae donnelly.

user posted image

"Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I get my back into my living... I don't need to fight, To prove I'm right, I don't need to be forgiven."

, burned your way in, under my skin .
when i wasnít looking
    ` your name. Kii
    ` your age. 21
    ` years of experience. ~8
    ` contact. PM
    ` how did you find us?. Caution
    ` other characters. None
, itís so easy to talk about me.
when Iím not around to say
    ` full name. Branwen Rae Donnelly
    ` nicknames. Branwen, Bran, Rae, Donnelly, Donny, Don
    ` gender. Female
    ` age & birthday. 23 (January 22)
    ` sexual orientation. Homosexual
, cut me then blame me for bleeding.
wonít see me begging and pleading
    ` height & weight. 5'4" & 123 lbs.
    ` body type. Small frame, lean, obviously not an athlete
    ` hair color & style. Dark brown & cut in long layers with swooping bangs, slightly curly, and usually kind of messy looking
    ` tattoos & peircings. Cherry Blossoms on upper left arm & ears (two in each lobe, one in left cartillage), right nostril, and navel
    ` face claim. Becky Lou Filip
, just because weíre face to face.
doesnít mean weíre eye to eye
    ` likes. Drawing, painting, photography, making her own comic strips or comic books, making her own clothes or accessories, music, animals, children, milk chocolate, cereal, coffee and cappuccino, fruits and veggies, red Starburts, and of course her family
    ` dislikes. Evil or bad people, discrimination, most insects, pugs because they slobber or snot too much, blueberries, greasy foods, eating meat because she's a vegetarian, and dark chocolate even though she does love milk chocolate
    ` strengths. Art, adapting, open-mindedness, and loyalty
    ` weaknesses. Insecurity, OCD, gullible, and codependant
    ` hope & plans for the future. Create her own graphic novel that will be an international hit, find the right woman to love, start a family, and finally come out to her parents
    ` fears. Most insects, heights, crowded places, dying at a young age, her parents not accepting her sexuality, and losing the ones she cares about the most
    ` random facts. She has known she was into girls since she was little, but didn't have her first lesbian relationship until she was a freshman in college; she has to have a daily fix of coffee or cappuccino; she loves the colors green, blue, and pink, in that order; she has a pet rat named Casper; and she always has a bunch of red Starburts on/with her
    ` overall personality. Branwen is eccentric, unique, and a joker. She can be kind of out there at times, but she does try to make the best out of every situation. She likes to make others smile and laugh, which is why Branwen tends to joke around or occasionally pull pranks on people. Yes, many people feel that Branwen has weird beliefs, but that's just because she believe in reincarnation and, at times, likes to share stories of her past lives. She'll tell you, though, that she finds the people that don't believe to be the weird ones.

    Some also describe Branwen as a child at heart. She will admit that, like a child in some ways, she can be very stubborn. Once she gets a thought or theory in her head, it takes the world to change Branwen's mind. However, Branwen does stick up for those that she loves, herself, and what she believes is right. Branwen is also sort of a ditz sometimes. Although she likes to think she's a rather intelligent girl, Branwen does have her "blonde" moments. Her friends even tell her that she really should just dye her hair blonde already, but Branwen just rolls her eyes at them and tells them that she loves them too.

    Branwen can be a little insecure and gullible at times, too. She's become insecure over her lifetime because of her strict and religious parents. Because of them, Branwen has always been scared to come out of the closet, she has usually felt as though she was not good enough compared to her older sister, despite the fact that she is a very talented artist and is likely to make it big oneday because of her graphic novels. As far as the gullibility, it goes some what hand-in-hand with Branwen's slight ditziness, but she has started to get better at telling when people are messing with her or if they're serious.

    Lastly, she can be a rather codependant girl. It's not something that she really notices in herself, but Branwen does usually put others above herself and will usually do whatever is needed to make someone else happy. Branwen likes the feeling of being needed and likes to take care of others, which leads to her becoming codependant. However, once it is pointed out to her, she usually tries to change what she does so that things will be better for herself, and not just everyone else.

, whoís calling names and pointing fingers.
takes one to know one, itís age before beauty
    ` hometown. London
    ` parents. Grant Alan Donnelly & Abigail Ella Donnelly
    ` siblings. Artemis Leigh Donnelly
    ` other family. None
    ` pets. Casper, her albino rat
    ` history. Branwen was born and raised in London. She was one of the two daughter of the Spencer parents that owned a line of hotels and resorts in the Chicago area, and she lived a pretty easy life because of it. However, things were still difficult for Branwen when she was growing up because she was raised by strict and religious parents. Branwen was usually compared to her older sister, and her family never really exdpected much to amount of her because she didn't seem to care about anything in school, aside from her art classes. Little did they know, though, that art was going to be Branwen's future.

    After graduation from her high school, Branwen went on to university to major in Sequential Art with a double minor in Graphic Art and Photography. It was there that Branwen started dating her first girlfriend, who would later break Branwen's heart. After two years of dating, Branwen's girlfriend broke up with her for a man, which totally shocked Branwen. She had believed that her lover was just like her, but it had turned out that the girl was merely experimenting. The next two years in university, Branwen remained single, and constantly had to explain to her family why she was not dating any nice guys, why she wasn't getting ready to settle down, and other such silliness. Branwen wished that she was able to just come out to her parents, especially since her sister already knew about her sexual orientation, but she was just too scared.

    After four years of living in a dorm at the university, Branwen was ready to go out and live on her own. With the money that she had saved up from her part-time job while attending university, Branwen got her own studio flat in London. Immediately after moving in, she started selling comic strips to local newspapers to get an income. On the side, Branwen started her own line of graphic novels, or comic books as some may call them, but she still has yet to get them published outside of the London area. She hopes that her graphic novels will one day make it big and international, but because of her insecurities, she is doubting herself.

, you donít know what youíre talking about.
itís time somebody called you out
    ` did you read the rules?

    ` roleplay sample.
It had been a long day at work, and Jessica was ready to just get home and relax. She wasn't in the mood to go out, as all of her friends were trying to get her to do that Friday night. But, she had a feeling that she was probably going to give in, as she always did. Sighing to herself, Jessica opened the door to her apartment and stepped in. The first thing on her mind was to take a long, warm bubble bath. So, she went straight to her bathroom to start the water up for the tub. After pouring in some bubble bath soap and making sure that the temperature of the water was to her liking, Jessica went to get undressed in her bedroom. She had just finished undressing when she saw that she had a message awaiting her on her answering machine. Yes, it was kind of weird to have a house phone with an answering machine these days, but that was only used by Jessica for certain people she did not want to be able to contact her when she was out and about.

Jessica stopped infront of the machine, not caring that she was naked since she lived in the small apartment by herself. Not even thinking of who may have called her, she pressed the button to replay the message. However, the only thing she heard in the message was a scratchy voice of what may have been an old man claiming that he was going to find her and make her his. Yes, this did creep her out. Jessica had never heard a message like that before, though. Usually, the messages on her machine were from bill collectors, someone from work, or just someone random that would eventually try calling her on her cell phone. As a result, she was sure that it was just someone pulling a prank, and deleted the message. She rolled her eyes a bit at the thought of the "prank" as she turned to continue on her way to the bathroom to take her soothing and relaxing bath.

The poor woman, though, was unaware that it was not a prank after all. She had no idea that the man that had left the message was someone that she knew vaguely from work, and that he was in fact mentally ill. She wouldn't have ever even guessed it from seeing the man around, on a day to day basis. He never seemed to be such a mentally ill individual to her, and that was why she had never imagined that he would ever do such a thing. Even more, Jessica did not know that the man knew everything about her. He had both of her phone numbers- her home phone and her cell phone, he knew where she lived, knew her schedule like the back of his hand, and even knew her likes and dislikes. She was not aware of the fact that she had her own personal stalker and worshipper, but she would soon wish that she had known all of it before she was stuck in the situation that she wound up in before her death... Now, it was too late for her. The ball had started rolling, and she would soon realize what was going on. Jessica would soon have to do whatever it took to stay alive...

This post has been edited by UTS Admin on Aug 2 2010, 01:22 PM


user posted image
UTS Admin
Posted: Aug 2 2010, 11:13 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 24
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-July 10

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