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Ministry of Magic
Posted: Dec 15 2010, 05:32 PM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


An asterisk (*) next to a character's name designates a player's main account.
Urgent PMs should be directed to that account.

Lola; Administrator
Barnabas SkeeterMiddle ClassImproper Use of Magic Office Employee
Daniel MalkinUpper Class
Declan WoodLower ClassServant to Etheriums, Asst. to Wesley Cavanaugh
Elsbeth GisellaLower ClassOverseer of Chance l'Amour
Kathleen SimpsonMiddle ClassMagical Bugs Healer
Kita SoraUpper ClassFirst String Japanese Seeker
Violet Ollivander*Middle ClassCharms Professor
Woodrow TurnerMiddle ClassFloo Network Authority Head of Office

Archibald SkeeterMiddle ClassDaily Prophet Reporter
Benjamin TurnerMiddle ClassFirst Year Ravenclaw
Bernard SimpsonMiddle ClassHospital Director
Callum BainesLower ClassObliviator
Cassandra TrelawneyLower ClassDepartment of Mysteries Secretary
Castor AllawayMiddle ClassGryffindor Third Year, Chaser
Catigern WeasleyMiddle ClassFirst String Seeker for the Chudley Canons | Owner of Beautiful Beast Boutique
Cleo WoodLower ClassKitchen Helper
Darcy Potter Upper ClassMinister of Magic
Felicity RileyUpper ClassFounder of Irvingly Infirmary
Georgiana TattingMiddle ClassCo-Owner of Twilfit & Tatting's
Gervaise OllivanderMiddle ClassWandmaker and Co-Owner of Ollivanders'
Gwenda CarmichaelUpper ClassDebutante
Hamish DarrowMiddle ClassAncient Studies Professor; Hufflepuff HoH
Ismene SwiftMiddle ClassFifth Year Hufflepuff
Jack HadleyLower ClassMediwizard Unit Head
Layla WalmsleyUpper ClassEgyptian Spectator | Widow
Lucius LestrangeUpper ClassSpecial Advisor to the Wizengamot
Margaux DeschampsLower ClassFirst String French Seeker
Mirella LestrangeMiddle ClassGoverness
Miriam WebsterLower ClassAuror
Nathaniel GallivanUpper ClassInvestor and Sponsor of the Chudley Cannons
Nikolai SleptovUpper ClassDefense Against the Dark Arts Professor
Odira Browne*Middle ClassSeventh Year Ravenclaw, Head Girl
Olivia PendergastUpper ClassSocialite
Philippe GuilloryUpper ClassSecond String French Chaser | First String Chaser for La Garde Magestique
Rebecca GreyMiddle ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Rufina MulciberUpper Class
Sybil MalloryMiddle Class
Threnody MohrUpper ClassVeela
Tanaka YoshirouUpper ClassFirst String Chaser for Toyohashi Tengu | First String Japanese Chaser
Valerian MacnairUpper ClassPotion and Plants Poisoning Healer

MJ; Moderator
Ashai SutekhMiddle ClassEgyptian First String Chaser
Blanche ChaucerMiddle ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Calliope RileyUpper ClassWife
Edward MohrUpper ClassKeeper for the Appleby Arrows
Elias Grimstone*Middle ClassBroomstick Inventor
Jeremy RohlwingLower ClassMuggle, Casino Security
Kristoffer LestrangeUpper ClassFirst Year Slytherin
Lorna Van PattenLower Class
Luís CaldeiraLower ClassEmployee of Silverwand Cauldrons
Mortimer SkeeterMiddle ClassEmployee, Dept. of Magical Games and Sports
October HastingsMiddle ClassCreature-Induced Injuries Healer
Rupert HamiltonUpper Class
Theodore GallivanUpper ClassFourth Year Ravenclaw, Chaser
Tybalt KirkeMiddle ClassSixth Year Gryffindor, Beater
William PrewettUpper ClassHead of the Department of Magical Transportation

Olive; Moderator
Alexandria LestrangeUpper ClassWife
Angus MacFustyUpper ClassDragonkeeper
Antigone BaudelaireUpper ClassFifth Year Slytherin Prefect
Brutus KettleburnLower ClassSixth Year Slytherin Beater
Casper DarrowMiddle ClassAccidental Magic Reversal Squad Member
Ethelyn VaiseyLower ClassNanny to Katherine MacFusty
Eurydice SpencerUpper ClassPhilanthropist
Florian ChevalierUpper ClassFrench Quidditch Team Beater/Captain
Freya AbbottLower ClassDisgrace
Giuliana DanteLower ClassIrvingly Casino Waitress & Courtesan
Hesper GampMiddle Class
Icarus PrinceMiddle ClassHerbology Professor, Slytherin HoH
Letitia SwiftMiddle ClassEtiquette Professor
Marcella WeasleyMiddle Class
Mariana MacnairUpper ClassAssistant Head of Potion and Plant Poisoning
Maud RutledgeMiddle Class
Moira PrewettUpper ClassIvana Memorial Asylum Matron
Morwenna GauntLower ClassLace Maker
Musetta LavelleUpper ClassFrench Spectator
Natalie MortagneLower ClassVampire
November CrouchUpper ClassDebutante
Ozier QebLower ClassEgyptian First String Chaser
Petra SleptovaUpper ClassThird Year Ravenclaw
Pollyanna FawcettLower ClassMaid
Tessa Van PattenLower ClassMadam of Maison de Vénus
Toby FitzgeraldMiddle ClassFriend of an Imaginary Friend
Ursula Black*Upper ClassWife
Vivian TurnerMiddle ClassCrazy Ghostlady

Soph; Moderator
Adasia MohrUpper ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Antonius BrowneMiddle ClassAstronomy Professor, Gryffindor HoH
Ashley TurnbullMiddle ClassAuthor
Beatrice Skye*Upper ClassFourth Year Ravenclaw
Bernard Simpson Jr.Middle ClassFirst String Beater for the Appleby Arrows
Bethan BainesLower Class
Birgit MacFustyUpper ClassWife
Brynn MalfoyUpper ClassFifth Year Slytherin
Cecily GallivanUpper ClassSecond Year Ravenclaw
Delilah SimpsonLower ClassMidwife
Demetria LongbottomUpper ClassDebutante
Eden WebsterLower Class
Ellory PendergastUpper ClassFifth Year Gryffindor Prefect
Etana AsperhandUpper ClassDebutante
Eva SleptovaUpper ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Flora MulciberUpper Class
Ferdinand DenbrightMiddle ClassWizengamot Interrogator
Fortuna LockhartMiddle ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw, Prefect
Garfield MalkinUpper ClassHead of Improper Use of Magic Office
Gideon BrowneMiddle ClassPotion and Plant Poisoning Intern
Idris OakbyUpper Class
Irina SkeeterMiddle ClassDaily Prophet Writer
Jason RohlwingLower ClassIrvingly Citizen
Jasper TattingMiddle Class
Katherina SelwynUpper ClassSocialite
Kenton GallivanUpper ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Laoise SimpsonMiddle ClassFirst Year Slytherin
Marigold ThorneUpper Class
Matilda KrumUpper ClassWife
Meta LestrangeUpper Class
Merrythought GalateaLower ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Murayama KenshinMiddle ClassFirst String Beater for the Japanese Team
Mustafa MubarakMiddle ClassEgyptian Second String Beater
Myles SwiftMiddle ClassThird Year Gryffindor
Noah HatchittMiddle ClassMagical Bugs Healer & Post Office Owner
Nóirín SheehanLower ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Odessa DiggoryMiddle ClassDebutante
Priam LestrangeUpper ClassHead, Dept. of International Magical Co-Op.
Priscilla LestrangeMiddle ClassStudent at an Italian School of Magic
Sadika PashaLower ClassFirst String Chaser for Egyptian Team
Seneca LestrangeUpper Class
Sunny DarrowMiddle Class
Tristan CarmichaelUpper ClassFourth Year Gryffindor, Keeper
Victoria HatchittMiddle ClassFifth Year Ravenclaw
Yarrow MacnairUpper ClassFourth Year Slytherin

Ministry of Magic
Posted: Aug 17 2011, 08:22 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


Edmund DervishMiddle ClassCo-Owner of Dervish and Banges

Charlie GilmoreMiddle ClassReporter for the Daily Prophet
Dempsey DanteLower ClassCook at Chance L'Amour
Konnor BroadmoorLower ClassPost Office Manager
Lona CarstairsMiddle ClassSecretary for the Dept. of Magical Creatures
Meriweather MulciberUpper Class Bookworm
Ninian MacFustyUpper ClassDragonkeeper
Odin GreybackMiddle ClassUnspeakable
Vera Rose*Lower ClassManager of Honeyduke's Sweetshop

Elladora BlackUpper ClassResident spinster and dark witch

Abraham Aesalon*Middle ClassAssistant Manager of Hog's Head
Acedia DanteLower ClassLayabout
Amalia MelifluaUpper ClassChaser for Holyhead Harpies
Annaleigh DonovanMiddle ClassWife
Aoife PendergastUpper ClassFormer Gryffindor
Asa GoyleUpper ClassObliviator
Benilda GreengrassUpper ClassSuperior Flint Sister
Cornelia LestrangeUpper ClassSecond Year Hufflepuff
Everard NilsenLower ClassWhore at MdV
Galina DragovaUpper ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Iona TeagueUpper ClassDebutante and Sweets Aficionado
Laima GauntLower ClassSnake Charmer
Lila PearsonMiddle ClassArt Professor
Lucretia FiggUpper ClassWife
Marceline ChevalierUpper ClassOwner of Dominic Maestro's
Silas ScrivenshaftUpper ClassOwner of Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop
Tavish MacFustyUpper ClassDragonhunter
Vertiline FaulknerUpper ClassFormer Hufflepuff

Nicolaus EatonUpper ClassSecond Year Slytherin

Peter CrouchUpper ClassDepartment of Magical Law Enforcement Lawyer

Andren LovegoodUpper ClassFourth Year Hufflepuff Beater
Antonius SkeeterMiddle ClassCursebreaker
Arthur Pettigrew Middle ClassFirst String Chaser for the Kenmare Kestrals
August Echelon-ArnostUpper ClassActivist
Aurelia BrowneMiddle Class Housewife
Cassandra DonovanMiddle ClassDisgruntled Wife
Cassius Lestrange*Upper ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw Seeker
Ellen MarguilesMiddle ClassArgumentative Kidlet
Ezekial AesalonMiddle ClassHog's Head Bartender
Gabe HatchittMiddle ClassAuror-in-Training
Gaius OllivanderMiddle ClassOllivander's Co-Owner
Grace GallagherMiddle ClassCaptain and First String Keeper for the Holyhead Harpies
His Majesty Merlin HuxleyUpper ClassSeventh Year Hufflepuff
James Grey Middle ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Jonathan WebsterMiddle ClassApparition Test Examiner
Lucinda BeauregardMiddle ClassPost Office Employee
Malcolm MacFustyUpper ClassDragonkeeper
Sirius BlackUpper ClassCitizen of Hogsmeade
Sophronia Van HelsingUpper ClassVampire Hunter
Tanaka DaisukeUpper ClassSecond String Japanese Seeker
Ulysses DanteLower ClassCasino Security
Xavier BourasMiddle ClassFirst String French Keeper
Zahrah QinawiMiddle ClassIQA Translator

Adella BeauregardMiddle ClassQWC Spectator, America
Angie SinnetUpper ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Baxter KeeneMiddle ClassAssistant Head of Artifacts Incidents
Claudius Lestrange Upper ClassUnspeakable
Cormac DonovanMiddle ClassThree Broomsticks Manager
December DaughertyLower ClassLady's Maid
Eliza FitzgeraldMiddle ClassBudding Musician
Elsie Beauregard*Middle ClassSixth Year Gryffindor
Everett GrimmMiddle ClassBroom Regulatory Control Office Employee
Ferb Echelon-ArnostUpper ClassAccidental Magical Reversal Squad Member
Florence GreeneUpper ClassHousewife
Gemma SimpsonMiddle ClassFourth Year Gryffindor
Hamish MacFustyUpper ClassDragonkeeper
Harvey BeauregardMiddle ClassFifth Year Hufflpuff, Prefect
Jesse HatchittMiddle Class2nd String Beater, Kenmare Kestrels
Kaye HadleyLower ClassChance L'Amour Manager
Leon LupinUpper ClassOwner of Lost & Found
Mason SkeeterMiddle ClassHerbology Professor
Neville TremblayMiddle ClassFrench National Team, 2nd String Beater
Orson FlintUpper ClassArchitect
Osiris AhmadUpper ClassEgyptian National Team 1st String Keeper/Captain
Quincey HoneydukeMiddle ClassOwner, Honeyduke's Sweet Shop
Regan PendergastUpper Class1st Sting Keeper, Puddlemere United
Ruth GrimstoneMiddle ClassOllivander's Wands Employee
Tanaka HitomiUpper ClassQWC Spectator, Japan
Vidia DanteLower ClassWaitress at Irvingly Casino
Wesley CavanaughUpper ClassHead of Dept. of Magical Games & Sports

Alicia DenbrightMiddle ClassTranslator
Andromache PettigrewMiddle ClassGoverness
Arsinoe FayadMiddle ClassEgyptian First String Seeker
Atalanta Pendergast*Upper ClassWife
Catherine BrowneMiddle ClassWife
Charles MacMillanUpper ClassAuror
Charlotte LethabyUpper ClassSixth Year Hufflepuff
Fauna AttwoodUpper ClassFourth Year Ravenclaw
Gawain CarmichaelUpper ClassAssistant Head, Magical Bugs Department
Ivy O'NeillLower ClassHospital Intern
John MacMillanUpper ClassLanded Elite
Leah BeauregardMiddle ClassNone
Louisa LovegoodUpper ClassWife
Lyra DiggoryMiddle ClassDebutante
Maxwell SkeeterMiddle ClassBeings Division of the Ministry of Magic
Miriam TrelawneyLower ClassHealer
Nephele LestrangeUpper ClassNone.
Oswin OakbyUpper ClassAssistant Head, Department of Mysteries
Patrick PrimpernelleMiddle ClassDirector at the Apparition Test Centre
Saoirse WardUpper ClassSocialite
Suzette GuilloryUpper ClassFrench Socialite
Tessa Darr0wMiddle ClassFifth Year Ravenclaw
Veronica GallivanUpper ClassWife

Regilla CockburnUpper ClassDebutante

Maeve O'BrienMiddle ClassChild

Spurius Van Droombeeld Upper ClassEx-Durmstrang Student

Alexander HendersonLower ClassUnemployed
Ludolf Van PattenLower ClassUnemployed

Elisabeth FairfaxUpper ClassOwner of Gladrags Wizard Wear
Georgi AlexandrovMiddle Class6th year Hufflepuff
Josiah RohlwingLower ClassHandyman and Gardener
Reiko MountbattenUpper Class1st year Gryffindor

Ministry of Magic
Posted: Aug 17 2011, 08:22 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


Edgar GravesMiddle ClassCare of Magical Creatures Professor
Yorick WarwickLower ClassMercenary/ Hired Thug/ Body guard

Adorabelle MacDougalMiddle ClassFirst Year Ravenclaw
Alexei VolkovUpper ClassRussian Liaison & Asylum Owner
Bennet PotterUpper ClassOwner of Whizzhard Books
Cailean BeckettMiddle ClassSecond String Beater for Britain
Caradog WeasleyMiddle ClassCoroner for the Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement
Catherine KyddMiddle ClassHousewife
Cecilia ChaucerMiddle ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Dolly LeighLower ClassThird Year Gryffindor
Dylan BainesLower ClassPotioneer and Creature-Induced Injuries Intern
Eleora EtheriumUpper ClassFreelance Daily Prophet Writer
Elizabeth TurnbullMiddle ClassOwner of Rosa Lee Teabag
Emmett BeauregardMiddle ClassFourth Year Syltherin, Seeker
Ernest MulciberUpper ClassUnspeakable
Esme EndicottMiddle Class
Fan Zhi LinMiddle ClassOllivander's Employee (Journeyman Wandmaker)
Faustus PrewettUpper ClassHead of the Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement
Gertrude FitzgeraldMiddle ClassHousewife
Gretchen LestrangeUpper Class
Harper Hatchitt*Middle ClassPersonal Assistant to T. Pettigrew
Hope TurnerMiddle ClassLady's Companion
Isolde MalfoyUpper ClassHousewife
Justice LongbottomUpper ClassFirst String Keeper for the Chudley Cannons
Kayline PrewettUpper ClassSecond Year Gryffindor
Leslie EntwhistleMiddle ClassOwner of Entwhistle Bakery and Pastry Shoppe
Margot de la FontaineUpper ClassDebutante & Heiress
Munir NurUpper ClassFirst String Beater for Egypt
Newton FiggUpper ClassMagical Law Enforcement Clerk
Niall DonovanMiddle ClassHit Wizard
Orestes LestrangeUpper ClassChief Warlock of the Wizengamot
Ozias LovegoodUpper ClassOwl Emporium Owner
Phineas BlackUpper ClassHeadmaster of Hogwarts
Prosperus LockhartMiddle ClassWizengamot Interrogator
Pruedence BrowneMiddle Class
Rasmus MohrUpper ClassThird Year Ravenclaw
Rosalind PendergastUpper ClassSixth Year Slytherin, Prefect
Sarah MarloweUpper ClassProprietress
Takenaka YoshiMiddle ClassSecond String Keeper for Japan
Tatiana LestrangeUpper ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Thistle ShackleboltLower ClassWaitress at Chance L'Amour, Herbalist
Tuesday HatchittMiddle ClassHousewife
Torquil MacFustyUpper ClassDragonhunter
Virgil BlishwickUpper ClassHead, Dept. of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
William RutledgeMiddle ClassHistory of Magic Professor, Ravenclaw HoH
Zephaniah NorwoodLower ClassKnight Bus Conductor

Demetri Yuri DraginoffUpper ClassFourth year, Slytherin House

Gwenivier PendragonMiddle ClassFourth Year Slytherin

Delphina SlughornMiddle ClassThird Year, Slytherin
Laurel TidmarshMiddle ClassSecretary, Department of Magical Games & Sports

Abigail MacFustyUpper Class
Augustus BrowneMiddle ClassOwner of a shoe boutique
Callista KettleburnLower Class
Clarissa Lockhart*Middle ClassWife
Elda LestrangeUpper ClassHousewife
Felix PrewettUpper ClassDaily Prophet Reporter
Fflur HopkinsLower ClassFourth Year Slytherin
Frauke ZimmermannUpper ClassDebutante
Gareth PetersMiddle ClassIrvingly Liaison
Gloria AureliaLower ClassCook at Chance L'Amour
Godfrey TattingMiddle ClassThe sensible twin
Harriet IlkinLower ClassIrvingly Citizen
Henry FitzgeraldMiddle ClassSecond Year Gryffindor
Joseph SimpsonMiddle ClassFifth Year Ravenclaw
Kentigern MacFustyUpper ClassDragonkeeper
Kevin TrailorMiddle ClassSecond String Chaser, Chudley Canons
Lenox MarocUpper ClassMagical Law Enforcement Intern
Lilly SandsUpper ClassDebutante
Louise DanielsLower ClassProstitute
Lugus CardewMiddle ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Magdalena KrumUpper ClassChild
Marissa GreeneUpper ClassThird Year Ravenclaw
Mathilda PrinceMiddle ClassFourth Year Slytherin
Moira FaulknerUpper ClassSpinster
Mordecai GreengrassUpper ClassUnknown seer
Muireann SheehanLower ClassThird Year Gryffindor
Nadège ChallisMidde ClassFortescue's Ward
Nadia VolkovaUpper Class
Noelle SelwynUpper ClassDebutante
Octavian LestrangeUpper ClassChild
Portia BlishwickUpper ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Sebastian BeauregardMiddle ClassSixth Year Gryffindor
Thomas BlottsMiddle ClassBachelor and heir
Rosie LeighLower ClassHousemaid to the Simpson Household
Stella BorginMiddle Class
Stellan Vinter Middle ClassAncient Runes Professor
Terell MalfoyUpper ClassHead of Department of Mysteries
Trey GampMidde ClassHead of Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Tsukino KentaMiddle ClassJapanese First String Chaser
Vinzent MulciberUpper ClassHealer-in-charge, Creature-Induced Injuries
Wakahisa KazueMiddle ClassJapanese Spectator

HoneyLower ClassHomeless
Judy HatchittMiddle ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Katherine MacFustyUpper ClassChild
Leopold TrelawneyLower ClassSeventh Year Gryffindor, Prefect, Chaser, Quidditch Captain
Loretta BrowneMiddle ClassFifth Year Hufflepuff, Prefect
Sorcha MacFustyUpper Class

Ministry of Magic
Posted: Feb 11 2012, 11:13 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


Audrey ReedMiddle Class Hufflepuff
Ayumi Hamilton*Upper ClassHead of Japanese Relations for Browning Trade Company
Blair RoseLower ClassHog's Head Manager and Thief
Christiana RossiMiddle ClassPersonal Assistant to Mr. Angelotti
Cornelia BootMiddle Class Potion and Plant Poisoning Healer
Daphne PrimpernelleMiddle ClassPotioneer
Dawn McClivertLower ClassFifth Year Gryffindor
Devon EtterLower ClassOwner of the Hog's Head
Dominique BellandLower ClassFirst String French Chaser
Emilie de JarjayesUpper ClassSecond String French Keeper
Eulalie PotterUpper ClassWife
Evangeline AsperhandUpper ClassSeventh Year Ravenclaw
Fiona PrewettUpper ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Joanne HerbertMiddle ClassSpell Damage Healer-in-Charge
Lucille CallaghanUpper ClassWife and Mother
Mariah MohrUpper ClassFifth Year Ravenclaw, Prefect
Marie HatchittMiddle ClassWife
Maxine WoodLower ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
May RookwoodUpper ClassProfessional Reputation Ruiner
Morgan IlkinLower Class Nurse at Irvingly Infirmary
Rose MarguilesMiddle ClassChildren's Book Author
Saoirse SheehanLower ClassSixth Year Gryffindor
Shirakawa HiroshiMiddle ClassFirst String Japanese Beater
Siobhan SheehanLower Class
Tamsin SkeeterMiddle ClassFourth Year Hufflepuff
Valerie GilmoreMiddle ClassQuidditch Player

Lawrence WestholmeUpper Class

Aislin BeckettLower ClassIllustrator
Annabelle BonesUpper ClassMagical Bugs Healer
Anwen CarstairsMiddle ClassFirst Year
Avery DanteLower ClassDealer at the Casino
Diana LethabyUpper ClassSocialite
Drusilla BexleyMiddle ClassGoverness
Helena MacMillanUpper ClassSocialite and author
Kimura GentaMiddle ClassJapanese International Chaser
Margaret O'Neill*Lower ClassLady's Maid to Atalanta Pendergast
Martha SkeeterMiddle ClassHousewife and mother
Masud ElalaLower ClassEgyptian International Beater
Minnie PendergastUpper ClassDebutante
Morwenna SkeeterMiddle ClassHead of Beasts Division
Pamela FrancisLower ClassProstitute
Penelope DarrowMiddle ClassFourth Year Slytherin
Philip CalendarMiddle ClassManager of Beautiful Beasts Boutique
Reuben PendergastUpper ClassWizengamot Interrogator
Rudolph BangesMiddle ClassHeir to half of Dervish and Banges
Sebastian LestrangeMiddle ClassUnspeakable
Velda DietrichMiddle ClassHogwarts Librarian

Eli Swan *Lower ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Harrison PrimpernelleMiddle ClassSixth Year Slytherin, Quidditch Captain, Chaser
Ixion SwiftMiddle ClassCoach of English Quidditch World Cup Team
Magnus LockhartMiddle ClassFirst String Beater, Chudley Cannons
Mina MalkinUpper ClassHousewife
Oliver FitzgeraldMiddle ClassMusic Professor
Samuel Echelon-ArnostMiddle ClassSeeker for Appleby Arrows
Thom PettigrewUpper ClassHead of Quality Quidditch; Sponsor of Puddlemere United
Zachariah KyddMiddle ClassAmerican Foreign Affairs Department

Emélie AnansiUpper ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw

Aidan CallaghanUpper ClassOwner of a Precious Metal/Gemstone Trading Company
Kelsey GallagherMiddle ClassFirst String Beater for Kenmare Kestrals
Leander FortescueMiddle ClassHealer in Charge of Artifact Incidents
James MacFustyUpper ClassDragonkeeper
Michael GrangerMiddle ClassOwner of a Woodworking Shop
Stefano AngelottiUpper ClassSpectator of Italy
Thompson SkeeterMiddle ClassFifth Year Ravenclaw

Carlton AureliaLower ClassEmployee at Beautiful Beast Boutique
Gilroy MacFustyUpper ClassProfessional Beater for Puddlemere United
Iris MacRoyMiddle ClassDebutante
Milly MurdochLower ClassGoverness/Con(wo)man

Adamina FlamelUpper ClassDebutante
Catherine SaDiablo*Lower ClassWife
Charlotte BeauregardMiddle ClassFirst Year Ravenclaw
Fraser GallagherMiddle ClassMisuse of Muggle Artifacts Office Investigator
Georgiana FlintUpper ClassWife
Genevieve GrangerMiddle ClassWife
Imogen Van HelsingLower ClassDaily Prophet Photographer
Josiah HatchittMiddle ClassFourth Year Hufflepuff, Keeper
Marianne BurdonMiddle ClassPotion & Plant Poisoning Summer Intern
Morgana RileyUpper ClassN/A
Viola PrinceMiddle ClassWhizzhard Books Employee
William PendergastUpper ClassN/A

Elijah-Thomas BurkeUpper ClassSixth Year Slytherin, Asst. at Borgin and Burkes
Florence QuinMiddle ClassHogwarts Letter Waver/Hider
Haruto SatoMiddle ClassJapanese - Second String Beater
Oliver Detheridge*Lower ClassSecond Year Ravenclaw

Cymbeline DippetUpper ClassArmando Dippet's Personal Assistant
Joyce Gilmore*Middle ClassPotion and Plant Poisoning Healer
Sheridan LynchLower ClassUnemployed

Abigail AshwoodLower ClassFourth Year Gryffindor
Archibald AshwoodLower ClassSixth Year Gryffindor
Arthur AshwoodLower ClassApothecary Employee

Ella Prewett* Upper ClassHousewife
Erin O'SheaLower ClassProstitute

Alanna AureliaLower ClassCasino Waitress
Dolly WoodLower ClassScullery Maid
Ella CarringtonUpper ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Emily GallivanUpper Class
Euan TurnbullUpper ClassSpectator -- Bulgaria
Franklin TurpinUpper ClassAsst. Head of Dpt. Control & Reg. of Mag. Creatures
Ishida KohakuMiddle ClassFirst String Seeker for Japan
Lillah FalkenrathLower ClassPrima Donna of de Montfault Theatre
Ramsay DarrowMiddle ClassMagical Bugs Healer in Charge
Tisiphone GoyleUpper ClassWife
Valeria Lestrange*Upper ClassDebutante

Ministry of Magic
Posted: Feb 11 2012, 11:13 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


Andre DuvalUpper ClassFirst String Chaser for France
Bensen AureliaLower ClassManager/Woodworker at Granger's Furniture
Brielle SaundersMiddle ClassHousewife
Cadence NightingaleLower ClassNone
Lynette Maroc*Upper ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Fifi VaiseyLower ClassHigh Street Streaker/Unemployed
Maximillian BrowneMiddle ClassNone
Rhett AveryUpper ClassAssistant Head of Creature-Induced Injuries
Vivien BlakeLower ClassWaitress at Chance L'Amour

Alice LovegoodUpper ClassOwner of The Three Broomsticks
Anne PetersonMiddle ClassPotioneer
Constance HatchittMiddle ClassSecond String Seeker of the Holyhead Harpies
Elena GreybackMiddle ClassDancer
Faye LyonMiddle ClassFirst String Chaser for the French National Team
Mae CallahanUpper ClassFamily Slut
Magdelena CollinsMiddle ClassWife
Patience RutledgeMiddle ClassEmployee at Whitley's Clothing

Josephine WilkenLower ClassBaker

Astor "Cam" ChurchUpper ClassFailed Animagus

Ambrose GreengrassUpper ClassSenior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic
Amélie La VilléeUpper ClassFrench Spectator
Charlotte EverhartUpper ClassSixth Year Gryffindor
Cora FeatherbottomMiddle ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Juliette Aurelia*Lower ClassNurse at Irvingly Infirmary
Mercutio DarrowMiddle ClassAuror-in-Training
Orion BlackthorneLower ClassHogwarts Groundskeeper
Titus PiotrovskiMiddle ClassFirst String Beater for the Kenmare Kestrels
Walter PendergastUpper ClassFifth Year Gryffindor

Alexander Dyson GraysonMiddle ClassAuror

Katy FarthingLower ClassFirst Year Gryffindor

Ministry of Magic
Posted: Nov 2 2012, 11:18 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


→ JUST POST THE CODE. It will not look like the examples until it's plugged into the first post, but by making sure you follow the instructions here you can make sure it comes out right.
LIMEGREEN: Your OOC name, written normally; e.g. Emily.
BLUE: The url to your application, not your account. Check the end of your url; it should end in showtopic= and a number. If there is anything after the number (&hl= for example) remove it.
RED: Your character's name, first and last only, with normal capitalization; e.g. Eleora Asperhand.
MAGENTA: Replace the blank (___) with your character's class and leave the word class alone; e.g. ___ Class becomes Upper Class.
ORANGE: Your character's occupation or house and year, written out; e.g. Seventh Year Slytherin, not 7th Year Slytherin or 7th Year, Slytherin.
→ IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE OR NEED HELP, feel free to PM Lynn (Eli Swan) to ask for any aid you need.

For a New Member:

<div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:12px; letter-spacing:5px;">Name</div>
<div><table width="100%">
<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="Character Application Link">Character Name</a></td><td width="14%">___ Class</td><td width="52%">Occupation or Year and House</td></tr>
    <div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:12px; letter-spacing:5px;">Emily</div>
    <div><table width="100%">
    <tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Eleora Asperhand</a></td><td width="14%">Upper Class</td><td width="52%">Seventh Year Slytherin</td></tr>

This will give us something that looks like this once it's plugged into the code.

Eleora AsperhandUpper ClassSeventh Year Slytherin

For a New Character:

Please be sure to include your OOC name in the post, as well as which account you should be contacted on if this is your second account.

<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="Character Application Link">Character Name</a></td><td width="14%">___ Class</td><td width="52%">Occupation or Year and House</td></tr>
    <tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Miranda Bytheway</a></td><td width="14%">Lower Class</td><td width="52%">Waitress and Silent Owner of Rosa Lee Teabag</td></tr>
This will give us something that looks like this once it has been plugged into your table.

Miranda BythewayLower ClassWaitress and Silent Owner of Rosa Lee Teabag

To Edit an Existing Character:

You have two options if you need to update an existing character. Either you can post saying what changed for your character, or you can resubmit the character using the form.

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