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July 1883

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»  No Hope In Hell, Open
Luís Caldeira
Posted: Apr 11 2012, 03:37 AM

Lower Class — Employee of Silverwand Cauldrons
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Group: Hogsmeade
Posts: 99
Member No.: 287
Joined: 26-April 11

    Luís was feeling decidedly cynical about this job fair; he looked it, too. A nearly-thirty-year-old, skulking round a fair distance from all the stalls, his face swinging between glum and murderous as he looked disinterestedly from one thing to another. Of course, it was as good an opportunity as any to comprehend what other jobs he could be doing out there... though yes, he already had himself a stinking job. Not that it helped him much; forcing him to spend his days in a dusty old cauldron shop and making him have to rely on thievery for some actual wages was about all he could say for it. On the other hand, at least the shop was more sheltered than the slums in winter, and never as busy as the most upscale and grander shops, so he didn't have to often interact with damn customers.

    So, he didn't really want to admit to himself - or anyone, for that matter - that he was contemplating a change... mostly because who in Merlin's name would take him on? No one, that answer was pretty clear. He only just put in enough effort to save his skin from a firing when he needed to, better places certainly weren't going to give him a chance. And if he, a scruffy, dirty, dark-haired slum rat wandered up to the Ministry (with only a year of Hogwarts education to his name), was he going to be chased away with the laughter ringing in his ears?
    Luís was pretty sure he didn't want to find out, but he approached nevertheless.

    ... Besides, if it all went to hell here today, at least it'd be a good crowd pickpocketing opportunity for him.

    OOC: Open to anyone who would a) like to give him a chance at anything, or b) is perfectly willing to taunt him for his uselessness for everything they have...

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