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»  Art takes a lot of forms, Private
Harrison Diggory
Posted: Mar 3 2012, 10:03 AM

Middle Class — Employee of the Spirit Division

Group: Inactive
Posts: 13
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Joined: 7-December 11

Harrison didn't often go to London. After wizards were hunt down and kicked out of their homes, it was not safe to go there. He was not even sure whether to bring his wand with him, but he figured that he would need it in order to apparate. Besides, he wanted to make sure he had his wand on him in case someone attacked him. Harry was definitely not the strongest person out there.

He and Maisie would only go to an art gallery and Harry figured that nothing wrong would happen there. He had his cedar wand well hidden in the inner pocket of his coat. Even if he was wearing mostly muggle clothes at home he was not used of wearing coats instead of robes. His only coat was rather comfortable, but Harry stil felt rather ridiculous in it. Muggles cares so much about fashion. Harrison couldn't understand why they had so many clothes when they could simply wear robes.

Truth to be told, Harrison didn't understand art. Their guide was constantly saying about the hidden meaning things in the paintings had. If someone wanted to show love with his painting, why did he painted lemons instead of, let's say, lovers kissing? That was ridiculous, but Harry didn't speak his feelings and thoughts out loud, because they would probably hurt Maisie. She loved art and Harry respected that. After all, she probably had a more unique mind than his.

Their guide stopped in front of a large painting of two figures, a male and a female sitting on the grass. The male figure was holding the hands of the female one and they were looking into each other's eyes. Well, it was the only painting so far that actually had a clear meaning.

" So, where are your paintings, Maisie?" he asked, as he examined the colours in the painting in front of him.

312 words maisie <3 notes
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+Played by Soph+
Maisie Diggory
Posted: Mar 5 2012, 01:20 PM

Middle Class

Group: Inactive
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Member No.: 750
Joined: 10-December 11

It wasn’t often that Maisie got to venture out of Hogsmeade. But her paintings were going to be on display at an art gallery in London, and so she had another chance to go out and see the gallery. Because she was a featured artist, her admission – plus the admission of one other – was completely free of charge. Naturally she chose Harrison to accompany her, as he was the one closest to her since the death of her husband and child, a thought that brought a cloud of depression over Maisie. She tried not to think about her husband and child too much lest she fall into an even deeper depression than she was already in.

She waved the thoughts away as she walked behind their guide at Harrison’s side. She wondered if he was as interested in the art as he seemed to be. It was an acquired taste, art, and she knew that. But he was the only person she could think of to ask to accompany her. She wanted him with her to see her art on display. But she never took him for the artsy type, so she wondered if his interest in the paintings was forced. Something she wasn’t sure how she’d feel about. Perhaps relieved that he would think to feign interest for her. Or perhaps upset that he didn’t see the wonder of art like she did. Either way, she wasn’t sure how she’d feel if his interest was forced. Perhaps the former, she thought.

When he asked where her paintings were, she gave an “oh” of surprise. She’d nearly forgotten that she was a featured artist at the gallery and smiled when she remembered. It was nice to know that your art was lovely enough to be wanted to be showcased at an art gallery, and linking her arm with Harrison’s, she pulled him away from the guide and towards a section of art that was nature oriented. “This one is mine.” She pointed to a picture with a bird perched on a tree limb. You could see a house in the background and children at play, but the piece was focused on the bird, stretching its wings as though prepared to take off. “The piece is called Flight.” She explained, hoping he was as proud of her work as she was. Though she could understand if he wasn’t, she supposed.

She smiled as she looked at her painting. It looked so different here on the art studio’s wall than it did at her home when she had finished painting it. It made her feel like a real artist to have people standing around, looking at her art and commentating on it. So far she’d only heard positive things about her works, and it was definitely giving her the ego boost she needed. She was always afraid that her art didn’t speak to anyone. That it just looked like a picture with no soul. But hearing the kind words of other art lovers was making her feel that perhaps her art did mean something. And she was happy for that. “What do you think?” She asked, looking to Harrison with a smile on her face. Surely he liked it too.


nineteen. artist. ravenclaw. quiet. widow. motherly.
user posted image
about maisie
|Played by Anastasia|
Harrison Diggory
Posted: Mar 7 2012, 11:36 AM

Middle Class — Employee of the Spirit Division

Group: Inactive
Posts: 13
Member No.: 738
Joined: 7-December 11

Maisie's painting was beautiful. Harrison examined the colours and the details of the picture. The bird was well drown and Harrison could see every single detail of his feathers and wings. He couldn't even hope to draw something like that. At least his hand-writing was clear enough to be readible.

" It is so beautiful, Maisie." he commented and his words were honest. He was worried that he would have to lie to Maisie if he didn't like her work, but now when he had seen her work, he loved it. " You put so much life in this painting." he continued as he spotted the small house and the children at the backround. This was a comment the art professor was saying when they were studying paintings at school. Harrison found these classes stupid back then, but now he wished he remembered some of the things their professor told them. Maybe now he could have a conversation about art with Maisie without sounding like a complete fool.

312 words maisie <3 notes: it sucks, sorry >.>
like a stone template by null moon

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